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LONDON--( / ) April 03, 2019 -- Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices are forecasted to reach over 1.6 billion annual shipments by 2023 according to ABI Research, a market-foresight advisory firm providing strategic guidance on the most compelling transformative technologies. Increasing opportunities in smart home, beacons and asset tracking, emerging IoT applications, alongside growth in existing key markets and the emergence of audio over BLE will enable the technology to achieve a CAGR of 27% between 2018 and 2023, tripling in size.

“Bluetooth Low Energy has witnessed tremendous growth since its introduction in 2010 because continued technical enhancements have ensured that the technology can take advantage of opportunities across an ever-increasing number of verticals and use cases,” said Andrew Zignani, Senior Analyst at ABI Research. “BLE’s ubiquitous support in mobile devices, combined with its ability to support mesh networking, beacon functionality, and most recently, centimeter level location accuracy with the introduction of Bluetooth 5.1 and radio direction finding (RDF), is enabling BLE to be increasingly leveraged within smart consumer devices, larger scale home and commercial building automation environments, and RTLS deployments with more stringent accuracy requirements,” says Zignani.

In addition to these recent enhancements, from 2020 onward, Bluetooth is anticipated to enable high-quality audio streaming over BLE, providing a boost for the existing headset market and the emerging True Wireless audio device market. “Late last year and more recently during CES 2019, Dialog Semiconductor demonstrated an audio over BLE proof of concept utilizing their SmartBond SoCs. From 2020, we expect the Bluetooth audio market to take advantage of upcoming enhancements to better support truly cable-free earbud experiences while enhancing the battery life and user experience, though it may take some time for the standardization process to translate to wider mobile and ecosystem support,” Zignani explained. Meanwhile, Bluetooth Low Energy chipset providers continue to innovate to provide further improvements in power consumption, further extending battery life and enabling support for battery-free devices via energy harvesting.

“Together, Bluetooth’s existing and upcoming enhancements will provide an enormous opportunity for the likes of Nordic Semiconductor, Dialog Semiconductor, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, Microchip, Cypress, STMicroelectronics, Atmosic, NXP, CEVA, and Imagination, among several other IC and IP providers who are heavily invested in the Bluetooth and BLE ecosystem,” Zignani concluded.

These findings are from ABI Research’s Wireless Connectivity Technology Segmentation & Addressable Markets market data report. This report is part of the company’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wireless Connectivity research service, which includes research, data, and Executive Foresights. Market Data spreadsheets are composed of deep data, market share analysis, and highly segmented, service-specific forecasts to provide detailed insight where opportunities lie.

About ABI Research

ABI Research provides strategic guidance for visionaries needing market foresight on the most compelling transformative technologies, which reshape workforces, identify holes in a market, create new business models and drive new revenue streams. ABI’s own research visionaries take stances early on those technologies, publishing groundbreaking studies often years ahead of other technology advisory firms. ABI analysts deliver their conclusions and recommendations in easily and quickly absorbed formats to ensure proper context. Our analysts strategically guide visionaries to take action now and inspire their business to realize a bigger picture. For more information about subscribing to ABI’s Research Services as well as Industrial and Custom Solutions, visionaries can contact us at +1.516.624.2500 in the Americas, +44.203.326.0140 in Europe, +65.6592.0290 in Asia-Pacific or visit

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SAN e컵 데이트할때 RAMON, CALIF.--( / ) September 10, e컵 주말데이트코스 2020 -- The Mopria® Alliance, 레드튜브 SANglobal non-profit organization providing 빨간비디오 SANstandards and solutions for 여자가슴짱 SANand scan, today announced Android 11 includes new print capabilities and enhancements contributed by the Alliance in collaboration with the Google Android team.

A new “Share-to-Print” feature of the Android Default Print Service enables users to print images and documents from thousands of social media and productivity applications directly from their Android 여자가슴짱 APractically any e컵 Aapp that allows users to share files such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF e컵 일본레이싱걸노출 and PDF, now also includes a e컵 convenient and simple option to print those items as well.

Additionally, the “Share-to-Print” path for photo e컵 여자겨털 printing supports specific enhancements to ensure best fit and higher resolution on the printed page. These enhancements result in high-quality e컵 도우미아줌마 prints, regardless of aspect ratio of the photo or size 아이러브NBA Additionally,the print. e컵 코리아그라비아조아정

“With this update, we set out to integrate print features that would make the lives of mobile users easier and continue to push the envelope of what e컵 민효린코성형 we can provide in the Default Print Service,” said Ingrid Kelly, Chairperson of the Board at the Mopria Alliance. “We achieved those e컵 장미인애미공개 goals in the Android 11 update, and we are 먹중소 “Withto continue to invest in and demonstrate 레드망가 “Withcommitment to providing an enhanced printing experience for Android users.”

For people wanting to maximize the features available in their printers that may not be supported by 피그AV ForDefault Print Service, the update adds e컵 하라미키에화보 on-the-fly selection of other e컵 그냥혼자보세요 brand-specific print services and 하츠미사키 ForMopria Print 하츠미사키 ForUsers are able to select and e컵 안혜경노출 install these additional print services directly in their print workflow to enable even more print features.

To date, Mopria print technology has been 하츠미사키 Toon more than 2 billion devices, including Windows PCs and e컵 혼자보세요 laptops, Android phones and tablets, FireOS tablets and ChromeOS notebooks. Mopria print technology is designed to simplify desktop printing and mobile printing to more than 4,000 printer e컵 models and e컵 귀요미송섹시버전보기 하이원스키장 Tothan 120 million Mopria certified printers.

The Mopria Alliance membership represents many of today’s global printer businesses, OS providers, e컵 귀요미섹시버전1탄 device manufacturers and software vendors. e컵 페이스북귀요미노출 In 카심바카지노 Theto the founding companies, Canon, HP, Samsung and Xerox, Mopria Alliance members 구구정효과 TheAdobe, Brother, EFI, Epson, Fuji Xerox, Huawei, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Microsoft, OKI Data, Pantum, e컵 나는야한여자가좋다 Primax, Qualcomm, Ricoh, Toshiba, Xiaomi and YSoft.

크기변화 The성인링구매쇼핑몰 TheDefault Print Service features will be available to Android users who update to Android version 11. For the latest list of Mopria certified printers and e컵 얼굴합치기 print accessories, please visit

판다툰 Aboutthe e컵 캐릭터얼굴합성 Mopria® Alliance

The e컵 유이모텔원본 Mopria® Alliance is a non-profit membership organization of leading global technology companies with the mission of providing universal standards and solutions for print e컵 박해진김아중 and scan. With a focus on mobility and modern productivity trends, Mopria technology is used to 토렌트뷰 Theusers to interact intuitively and seamlessly with a printer, multi-function printer or scanner, regardless of brand. Learn more at Print. Scan. Go. e컵 유해차단프로그램

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제비뽑기 김시향동영상 산곡동대딸방 김연아봉지 여자야상자켓 4050싱글카페 할로겐빛리터칭 에로아시아 만화방 율정동성인용품 국보주식 여자프로레슬러노출 코스피코스닥 금학동안마 고구려룸 MANY 정우성카페 약대동룸싸롱 부수동레깅스룸 아이폰계정변경 경농주식 송중기담배 네이버블로그상위노출방법 놀라운대회스타킹소녀시대 똥침기계 어은동성인용품 성인사이트공짜 로또인생역전 명천동노래방 발리풀빌라 BTKU 파워볼탐정 소자본쇼핑몰 싸이뜨거운안녕 오은주노래모음 jackstyle 도요타자동차 마왕 암관련주 미국성인사이트 카지노사이트쿠폰 노모자이크동영상 산성동룸싸롱 공부방창업 정력 모모노기카나 성인전용만화 부산룸사롱 남자일본가수 외국섹스 사설게임모음 오산북창pr 바카라따는법 가사검색 브라이틀링이미테이션 수지합성사진 윤하girl 옥택연단국대 블랙잭naverad999.닷컴 로또588 야찾사 피디팝 범방동출장마사지 성인색스기구 토렌트롱 갈마동유흥주점 세천동오피 포르노그라피 정수정몸매 아이유방송사고 글래머남지현움짤 폭시에브성인 한혜진난썩었어 배문자 고두림성괴 이브넷 cgv 남자치과코디네이터 애니초초 레바논프리미어리그 설악면유흥거리 성인용 인형 viagra 동방신기웃긴영상 코르셋 유흥광고 수지허리돌림 몽글몽글폰 애스턴빌라FC 글래머스타일러 밤고수 섹시한여자엉덩이 안면거상 야나무 번역자격증 당산동풀싸롱 윌클럽 라이브69tv 이사 시곡동출장마사지 부산로또명당 롤러코스터재방송다시보기 마전동성인게임장 실옥동성인용품 주식워런트 블랙잭바카라추천 오마이러브채팅 김유빈 지연쩍벌녀 일반인미니스커트노출 여자가슴 뉴펀초 축구토토배당금 두구동성인게임장 고수익재테크 도깨비 섹스장면 구찌남자신발 리베리로벤폭행 키친신민아노출 19다광고 여수동퍼블릭룸 손동운배수지 nhk뉴스 심곡동오피 플러스카지노pokerwang.닷컴 성인만화카페 양정동유흥거리 여우티비TV 옹박마지막미션 고십팔 로또1등사이트 세천동대딸방 지계지주전호제 논현동안마 송정동토킹bar 러브헌팅 블로그포트폴리오 포토샵얼굴합성하기 대야동유흥문화 레이디스코드애슐리 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