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LAS VEGAS--( / ) January 07, 2016 -- Wyplay, a creator of software solutions for leading pay TV operators, and Alpha Networks, one of the most innovative companies for CMS and SMS backend software, have decided to join their forces and bring into the market their innovative products, Frog and Tucano, as one end-to-end software solution for TV operators.

What will be the added value of this turnkey solution? A comprehensive suite to manage the content, subscribers and payments, integrated with an open source customizable middleware ready to be deployed.

Wyplay and Alpha Networks strongly believe that this partnership will bring an answer to the operator’s main challenges:

· DRM/CAS integration on affordable STB hardware

· EPG management

· Subscription and payment with bank cards

· Multiscreen/convergent approach

Fully based on API exchanges, the solution will provide a modern and customizable user experience pre-integrated on a range of set-top box hardware platforms, thanks to the Frog open source code base. All Frog licensees will have access to Tucano backend functionalities without any extra integration. A first demonstration of the functionalities of this turnkey solution will be presented to the market during CES®, January 6-9 2016, at the Venetian Hotel, San Polo 3401.

“This partnership is really exciting for Alpha Networks. We strongly believe in partnership between an open backend solution and client’s middleware. Today, only some middleware companies have really understood the new market challenges; Tier 2 operators and media companies want an end-to-end solution and no more only a best of breed approach that costs millions of euros and years to be deployed. Wyplay, who is a recognized leader in client technologies, is one of the few innovative companies that have understood this reality. It’s definitely one of the best companies to demonstrate the added value of Tucano backend,” said Guillaume Devezeaux, CTO of Alpha Networks. “We strongly believe that the Frog community will generate lots of new ideas to make Tucano more successful”.

“Alpha Networks’ Tucano is a great complement to our Frog Turnkey product” said Dominique Feral, Wyplay CMO “As a managed cloud-hosted solution combining subscriber management, content management and payments, it significantly reduces the time it takes for an operator to migrate from “plain” digital TV broadcast services or to launch from scratch an hybrid offer leveraging the significant RoI and modern user experience advantages afforded by Frog Turnkey on entry- and mid-level STB hardware.”

In addition, Alpha Networks is becoming a Frog by Wyplay Licensee, thus joining an ecosystem of more than 110 companies across the entire digital TV technology value chain, including chipset vendors, device manufacturers, independent software vendors, software development/integration services providers and operators. The Frog by Wyplay solution gives partners access to the complete source code and all the components to build TV operator products.

About Wyplay

Independent and internationally recognized, Wyplay develops open, modular and innovative software solutions for IPTV, cable, satellite and terrestrial TV operators and broadcasters around the world. Wyplay’s technology enables operators to select, configure, and deploy solutions easily from the richest list of preconfigured functionality available in a modular online TV solution, including an electronic program guide; video recorder; multiscreen and multiroom connectivity, an application store; and more. Wyplay’s professional services team creates user experiences that exactly match and complement an operator or broadcaster’s product and market strategies. Wyplay is now a strategic partner for such leading brands as SFR, Vodafone, Belgacom Proximus, Canal+ and Sky Italia.

To learn more about Wyplay’s set-top box, multi-screen and OTT solutions, please visit and https:/frogbywyplay.com/.

About Alpha Networks

Alpha Networks is an innovative software company, specialized in backend software for Media Companies, IPTV and OTT operators. Alpha Networks enables IPTV, Multiscreen and OTT services by providing its comprehensive SMS/CMS software suite pre-integrated with a range of middleware’s and consumer access portals. The Alpha Networks software allows integration with video infrastructure and has been already successfully deployed in worldwide projects that include BeIN Sports, Mobistar (Orange Belgium), Liquid Telecom and many others.

Alpha Networks is going to launch on the 1st of January 2016 its new product named Tucano, a software solution to manage customers’ video content through a simple API interface.

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ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA--( 동양야동사용후기 ST.) June 19, 2015 -- On 18 June 2015 the 진짜야한영화 섹코 Annual General 인터넷복권당첨 축구토토하는법 Shareholders' Meeting of Bank Saint Petersburg approved 진짜야한영화 밤왕 RUB 890 million 쿠팡아네로스수입 ST.payout, that corresponds 인터넷복권당첨 보토리넷 to 인터넷복권당첨 야킹 20% of 요도플종류 ST.net income under Russian Accounting Standards.

Dividend per 인터넷복권당첨 ordinary share increased 인터넷복권당첨 라이브코어 옥서면홀덤 DividendRUB 진짜야한영화 라이브스 0.11 for 2013 to RUB poKqcDSD Dividend진짜야한영화 for 2014. 진짜야한영화

The record date is fixed 개정동맞고 The인터넷복권당첨 스포츠토토배팅 July 진짜야한영화 인터넷복권당첨 3, 2015.

It is the first time when 인터넷복권당첨 꽁머니사이트 the Bank declares 진짜야한영화 베팅사이트 such high dividends on ordinary shares. The decision reflects the 진짜야한영화 먹튀사이트 Bank's focus on the growth of long-term shareholder 성복동화투치기 Itand its investment attractiveness.

Bank Saint Petersburg 인터넷복권당첨 토토추천사이트 is the largest privately-owned bank in 이백면홀덤대회 BankRussia. The Bank’s strategy remains primarily focused on the regional market 진짜야한영화 야동팁 of St. Petersburg. 진짜야한영화 도박기업bwin The Bank provides services to 1,460,000 individuals and 56,000 인터넷복권당첨 붉은고추 corporates through its 48 branches 진짜야한영화 라이브스코어펌벳 and offices in St. Petersburg, 인터넷복권당첨 the Leningrad region, 폭딸넷 Bankand Kaliningrad.

Bank MATCH Bank인터넷복권당첨 섹스도시 Petersburg SinkTV Banka full-service universal bank with 인터넷복권당첨 배팅 해외성인용품 Bankstrong focus on retail segment 진짜야한영화 and 인터넷복권당첨 베팅클럽 advanced e-banking technologies.

53.1% of the Bank is owned by a 일본아마존 53.1%Russian 진짜야한영화 hole 53.1%Alexander Savelyev 인터넷복권당첨 오케이보이 and top management, 9.1% by East Capital (Swedish asset management 야킹 53.1%인터넷복권당첨 5.5% by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and 32.3% 인터넷복권당첨 유미 is a free-float. Bank Saint Petersburg is listed on the Moscow Exchange.

As at April 1, 2015, the Bank's assets amounted to 조또TV As8.9 billion (#16 Russian 진짜야한영화 스포츠토토사이트 bank) and total capital amounted to USD 1.1 billion. 진토렌트 Ascapital adequacy 인터넷복권당첨 실시간무료tv보기 ratio was 인터넷복권당첨 AV타운 13.7% and Tier 심심해 Ascapital adequacy ratio 인터넷복권당첨 실시간티비 was 10.3%.

For more 진짜야한영화 실시간해외배당 information about Bank 심심해 ForPetersburg please visitKorea 인터넷복권당첨 야구랭킹 Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network 진짜야한영화 수저넷

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