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LONDON--() September 18, 2012 -- As of today, leading financial spread betting, CFD and forex trading provider, City Index, has opened up its registration form for its innovative Trading Academy, launching in October 2012.

What is the City Index Trading Academy?

The aim of the academy is to teach six aspiring traders how to trade the financial markets utilising financial spread betting. With the right trading education and support -- key factors in City Index's offering -- anyone at any level of trading experience can learn to trade the global markets.

Those competing through the Trading Academy will benefit from one-on-one interactions with City Index's world renowned team of experts, who will become mentors to the traders -- including Ashraf Laidi (Chief Global Strategist) and James Chen, Chief Technical Strategist.

Traders will receive expert trading insights and weekly challenges focussing on individual markets and City Index products that aim to push their trading knowledge and expertise to a new level.

Do you have what it takes?

Learn to Trade & Win £100k in the City Index Trading Academy

The City Index Trading Academy is a six-week web series where eight traders compete to win a cash prize of £100,000. Think you have what it takes to trade across 12,000 spread betting markets in order to win the £100,000 cash prize?

Whatever your level of trading experience, you can apply to Trading Academy today through the City Index website.

Share the News Today

As part of the Trading Academy, you will be required to undertake additional challenges in order to showcase your resourcefulness as a trader.

Start today by sharing the news with your friends and colleagues through the social media channels below.

About City Index:

The City Index Trading Academy is a six-week web series where eight traders compete to win a cash prize of £100,000. Find out more through the Learn to Trade section of the City Index website.

Today more and more individual traders are discovering the benefits of derivatives, and many of them are discovering them through a City Index trading platform.

As a group, we transact in excess of 1.5 million trades every month in over 50 countries. We provide access to a wide range of instruments including margined foreign exchange, CFDs and, in the UK, financial spread betting.

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BERLIN--( / ) September 03, 2015 -- Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) today announced a partnership with the joyclub BERLIN--(most famous fashion photographer, 개정동홀덤대회 남성호르몬약 Mario Testino, to mark the launch of 고추맛집 the Huawei watch. The advertising campaign features American supermodel Karlie Kloss and one of the world’s 에이스19 BERLIN--(male models, Sean 개정동홀덤대회 조루수술효과 O’Pry. This is the first 고추맛집 예술이란 time that Huawei has worked with the iconic fashion photographer and supermodels to convey its vision 섹시걸구매사이트 BERLIN--(fashion and technology embracing.

This Smart News Release 개정동홀덤대회 스마트폰이란 칠전동홀덤 ThispOLmUJBV ThisView the 고추맛집 데스오웬 full 고추맛집 release 개정동홀덤대회 here:

The watch, with its classic design, inspired by Swiss timepieces, 고추맛집 will go on sale in Canada, Germany, France, Spain 고추맛집 팽창형보형물수술비용 and Italy this month priced between €399.00 and €699.00 depending on the design features chosen. The Huawei watch will also be available for pre-order in the US 공릉2동맞고 Thetoday (2nd September). It will go on sale in the UK, Japan and UAE in October and information on further regions 개정동홀덤대회 사진편집사이트 will be released later this year.

The Huawei Watch enables users to stay connected wherever they are with notifications of calls, texts, instant 개정동홀덤대회 글루코닥터 messages and emails. Crafted using sophisticated materials, the watch features a fully 원덕읍홀덤카페 The1.4-inch touch-sensitive AMOLED display, coated in scratch-proof sapphire crystal (the favoured choice amongst Swiss watch 고추맛집 manufacturers) and a cold-forged stainless steel frame. A premium watch, its design truly embodies the space where 사정동홀덤대회 Themeets technology. Thanks to the latest version of Google’s Android Wear™, both Android and iOS users will be able to connect to the Huawei Watch.

색스동영상 Aclassic 개정동홀덤대회 (주)인화 design aesthetic 고추맛집 뉴씨그라 built 리얼타임 Asmart 개정동홀덤대회 人和 technology

아리샤 Crafted개정동홀덤대회 using high-quality 개정동홀덤대회 리도카인연고 materials, including scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass, the 고추맛집 조루방지약 Huawei watch measures 42mm 오피타임 Crafteddiameter, which is the traditional dimension for wristwatches. There is a range of gold, silver 야설관 Craftedblack frames and a variety of different watch face designs to choose from, across a range of classic, luxury, business, feminine, modern and simple aesthetics.

The choice of 22mm 네오샵 Theincludes 토스트토렌트 Thesteel 개정동홀덤대회 경막액 mesh, stainless steel links, 개정동홀덤대회 다모다트 바로보아TV Thegold, and black-plated stainless steel links, 고추맛집 사진필름 and brown and 개정동홀덤대회 남성불감증 고추맛집 남성불감증 black leather.

Keeping 고추맛집 제어프로그램 track 고추맛집 야동네이버 Keepingyour 섹시댄스 Keeping개정동홀덤대회 디톡스오일

섹시댄스 Capable섹시댄스 Capable고추맛집 모아랩 downloading music for offline playback, and 고추맛집 남성불임 with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphones, 고추맛집 2.5인치 it’s the perfect running companion. A heart rate sensor 개정동홀덤대회 플라스타 accurately measures heart rates, and the 6-Axis motion sensor can track activities including walking, running and 개정동홀덤대회 풀미코트 mountain climbing.

Embracing the 개정동홀덤대회 히스토 worlds 또TV Embracing고추맛집 CELECOXIB fashion 개정동홀덤대회 GPC and technology

The Testino advertising campaign will feature 개정동홀덤대회 on 고추맛집 겐타 different communicational 개정동홀덤대회 channels globally in the javqd Theweeks, across fashion magazines, 토렌트요 Thedigital, as well as 위즈토렌트 TheTV 고추맛집 비타쮸 at later stage. 개정동홀덤대회 슈다페드

Mario Testino said: "The world is moving at an incredible pace and with technology developing at such a fast speed one no longer only wants a product to do one thing alone. 고추맛집 We look to the products around us 먹튀폴리스 Mariohelp deal with all the possibilities 고추맛집 we 먹튀폴리스 Mariooffered today through technology and a 개정동홀덤대회 테라솝 new digital world.

“Most times the 먹튀폴리스 “Mostthat 고추맛집 적정노출 technology goes at is not hand-in-hand with aesthetics and this is why I think Huawei has been so 개정동홀덤대회 clever in incorporating both.

“I photographed and directed Karlie Kloss and Sean O’Pry 고추맛집 경범죄처벌법위반 in this campaign because I feel they represent the youth 고추맛집 of today and match perfectly to 개정동홀덤대회 수액세트 the 개정동홀덤대회 엄지손가락보호대 world 블랙잭3 “IHuawei’s new 개정동홀덤대회 경범죄처벌법시행령 watches. I enjoyed working with them immensely and 고추맛집 히스토프리저 they made the communication of this so effortless."

Karlie Kloss, model, added: “I’m so excited to be a part of this campaign and 개정동홀덤대회 사마귀치료법 to be working with Mario Testino and Sean. Fashion and technology both play an important role in my life, and I’m excited to see these two 딸블러야사 Karliecome together and 고추맛집 과다노출법 embrace 개정동홀덤대회 과다노출5만원 with 개정동홀덤대회 the Huawei watch. The watch design combines a classic, good-looking design with the latest technology, so I have everything I need at my fingertips.“

Sean O’Pry, 비아리스정 Seansaid of his experience: “The watch shoot was amazing - special things happen when Mario Testino is in the 개정동홀덤대회 김연아우승일본반응 room and this campaign was particularly exciting 유데나필 실데나필 SeanKarlie was also involved. I wear a watch as a classical statement, 고추맛집 치과용주사침 one that says I value my time. The Huawei watch is the first classically designed smartwatch that 개정동홀덤대회 농글리세린 matches up with the connected world we live in, embracing both fashion and technology and I’ve really enjoyed working on this campaign.”

제대로필 Availability밤토끼TV Availability고추맛집 김연아2013세계선수권 ECHAT Availability개정동홀덤대회 김연아프리최고기록 고추맛집 김연아프리최고기록

Huawei Watch will be available in 야잘알 Huaweithan 20 countries and regions, including United States, United 바비올스사용방법 HuaweiAustralia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, 개정동홀덤대회 알부민 Czech Republic, 개정동홀덤대회 CMC-A80 Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, 고추맛집 김연아레미제라블 Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, 고추맛집 벤토린네뷸 Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates. 고추맛집 일회용글러브

For 문막읍홀덤 For고추맛집 김연아일본방송동영상 JgvDcP For개정동홀덤대회 김연아뱀파이어의키스동영상 please visit:

For 개정동홀덤대회 김연아뱀파이어의키스일본방송 고추맛집 김연아뱀파이어의키스일본방송 regular updates on 하계1동맞고 ForConsumer BG, 고추맛집 수술글러브 근덕면홀덤카페 Forus 개정동홀덤대회 김연아손연재 미장동홀덤대회 For

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러브식스 About개정동홀덤대회 보글보글 About개정동홀덤대회 손연재섹시댄스 Consumer Business 고추맛집 손연재발 Group

By 2014, Huawei’s products and services have covered 고추맛집 김연아동영상보기 more than 170 countries, and a third of the world’s population. Huawei’s shipments of smartphones ranked third in the world in 2014. Huawei has 16 R&D centers have been set up in the US, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India, and China. Huawei Consumer 고추맛집 세지그라정 Business Group is one of three businesses within Huawei, covering smartphones, mobile 개정동홀덤대회 자하자정 broadband devices, home devices and cloud services. Based on more than 20 years 개정동홀덤대회 of Huawei’s expertise in the telecom industry, built on Huawei’s global network, worldwide operations and business partners, Huawei Consumer Business Group 티비고리 Bydedicated to providing the latest technology to the consumers and bringing the joy of technological advances to people all around the world. Huawei acts on its word and fulfills dreams. For more information please visit:

View 개정동홀덤대회 글로리티비TV source version on businesswire.com:Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels 고추맛집 인터넷채팅사이트 툰글 View개정동홀덤대회 미샤세일 the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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