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LOS GATOS, CALIF.--( / ) June 21, 2018 -- Tigo®, pioneer of the Smart Modular Flex MLPE platform, today announced that it has been granted its most important and industry strategic hardware patent applying to the smart technology used in its flexible module-level power electronics (Flex MLPE) within solar junction boxes. Tigo’s connection box with reliable and inexpensive contacts for solar modules is now patented to enable the use of multiple types of passive and active covers for different functionalities in the junction box. To learn more, Tigo will be displaying its Flex MLPE during Intersolar Munich 2018 from June 20th - 22nd with multiple OEM and distribution partners.

U.S. Patent 9,991,843 is Tigo’s 56th patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with 23 patents still pending. The Flex MLPE‘s contacts within the junction box allow for high current, exposure to extreme elements, and interchangeable covers. Tigo’s other patents relate to reduced field buildup, enhanced efficiency power supply, module-level monitoring, Rapid Shutdown, solar optimization, string combing, and more.

“This patent - combined with our others - is further evidence of Tigo’s determination to dominate in the MLPE industry with competitive solar optimization, monitoring, and safety capabilities,” says Danny Eizips, VP of Hardware at Tigo. “This latest one puts Tigo and all our partners in a strategic position to lead in cost-effective integrated and retrofit/add-on solutions.”

Tigo has positioned itself with a first-to-market advantage to bring MLPE to its existing tier 1 partners with module and inverter manufacturers that include the biggest brands in the industry. To learn more, Tigo will display the TS4 covers of its Flex MLPE Platform during Intersolar Munich 2018 from June 20th - 22nd with multiple partners including SMA (Booth B3.210), BayWa (Booth A3.179-180), IBC Solar (Booth A3.579-680), JA Solar (A2.480), Krannich (A3.390-480), Luxor (A1.190), and more.

About Tigo Energy, Inc.

Tigo is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semiconductors, power electronics, and solar energy, the Tigo team developed the first-generation Smart Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry. Tigo's vision is to leverage integrated and retrofitted Flex MLPE (module-level power electronics) and communications technology to drive the cost of solar electricity down. By partnering with tier 1 module and inverter manufacturers in the industry, Tigo is able to focus on its key innovation with the smartest TS4 modular platform and leverage the broader ecosystem. Tigo has operations in the USA, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Japan, China, Australia and the Middle East. Learn more at

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TOKYO--( 아이엠토렌트 / ) June 30, 2014 -- MSCI Inc. () (NYSE:MSCI), a leading provider 아이엠토렌트 of investment decision support 유리의방 요시마루미에코 tools worldwide, announced today that it has completed a research TyRLlRN TOKYO--(for Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF, ) that examines 아이엠토렌트 한송이움짤 uses of factor-based 유리의방 watch indexes in large institutional portfolios and evaluates passive implementation of factor strategies alongside traditional passive and active mandates.

“We are happy to have been recognized by some of the world’s largest asset owners, including GPIF and Norway’s Ministry of Finance (), for our expertise in factor 아이엠토렌트 찢어진청바지명품 indexes,” said 아이엠토렌트 베스트초이스 Baer Pettit, Managing Director and Global Head of MSCI’s index business. “The study commissioned by GPIF reveals that passive factor strategies, which are made possible through newly developed factor 도마교동맞고 “We유리의방 딸친구 and active management are not mutually exclusive. As a result, sophisticated institutional investors may increasingly make an independent allocation to passive factor 유리의방 나나넷 investments, in parallel to their existing 유리의방 여자야상싼곳 active and passive mandates.”

Chin Ping Chia, 유리의방 소라스포 Head of Index Applied Research for MSCI in Asia Pacific, added, “As factor-based 유리의방 investing becomes more 염창동풀팟홀덤 Chinamong institutional investors, there is a growing need to understand how 용지면홀덤대회 Chincan be best integrated into the existing 여자누드 Chinprocess. In this research we studied the historical performance of investable factor indexes 유리의방 7mmtv and observed that 아이엠토렌트 passive factor strategies can be implemented as a potential ‘third bucket’ alongside the traditional active and passive allocations.”

For the purposes of the research, MSCI created a series of factor indexes designed for large-scale asset owners 아이엠토렌트 19번가 and managers, for whom investability is a critical consideration. These indexes reweighted all the constituents of a market cap index based on six 유리의방 19Red systematic factors 실시간야동 ForValue, Low Size, Low Volatility, High Yield, Quality and Momentum. MSCI also analyzed various multi-factor 아이엠토렌트 indexes to show the different historical performance characteristics of different combinations.

In April, GPIF announced that it had selected the MSCI Japan Index () 유리의방 아이비식물 for a core Japanese 아이엠토렌트 equity passive fund. The MSCI Japan Small Cap Index () was also selected for one of the index-based strategies in GPIF’s domestic equity program. Additionally, GPIF has announced that it intends 뉴아넷 Inintroduce a factor allocation in addition 먹튀보안관 Inits 유리의방 existing 임사랑 Inand passive mandates.

Equity factor 유리의방 올링 investing was pioneered in the 1970s based on research, 스피드 Equityand analytics created by Barra - today an MSCI company. In 아이엠토렌트 소지섭비비안 recent years, MSCI 아이엠토렌트 레드19 has developed a 아이엠토렌트 철수네 range of 야동박스 Equitythat provide institutional investors with a basis 유리의방 이태임움짤 for implementing a transparent and efficient passive approach to seeking the excess returns historically obtained over long time horizons through 유리의방 신민아몸매 active factor investing. In 2008, MSCI introduced the industry’s first Minimum Volatility Index. More than USD 90 billion in assets are benchmarked to MSCI Factor Indexes[1].

[1] As of March 31, 2014, 유리의방 딸잡고 아이엠토렌트 딸잡고 according 유리의방 핑클성유리 to eVestment, Lipper 유리의방 말보로 and NowGoal [1]아이엠토렌트 모두의밤

모모세유리나 About유리의방 hot MSCI 아이엠토렌트

MSCI Inc. is a leading provider 건빵티비 MSCIinvestment decision support tools to investors globally, including asset managers, 유리의방 s.e.s banks, hedge funds 아이엠토렌트 핑클소속사 and pension funds. MSCI products and services 유리의방 S티비 건빵티비 MSCIindexes, portfolio risk and performance analytics, and ESG data and research.

The company’s flagship product offerings are: the MSCI indexes with over USD 9 trillion estimated to be benchmarked 건빵티비 The유리의방 정소민반전몸매 them on a worldwide 아이엠토렌트 일본누드모델 TheBarra multi-asset class factor models, portfolio risk and performance analytics; RiskMetrics multi-asset class market and credit risk analytics; IPD real 유리의방 박민영이민호데이트사진 estate information, indexes and analytics; MSCI ESG (environmental, social and governance) Research screening, analysis and 유리의방 품번기 ratings; and FEA valuation models and risk management software for the energy and commodities markets. MSCI is headquartered in New York, with research and commercial offices around the world.

[1] 유리의방 지노야 [1]of March 31, 2014, as reported 유리의방 박한별세븐유출사진 아이엠토렌트 박한별세븐유출사진 in June 2014 by 유리의방 박민영키 eVestment, Lipper and 아이엠토렌트 일탈근친 Bloomberg.

For further SV글로디시 For유리의방 비추천야동사이트 on MSCI, 유리의방 토토넷 아이엠토렌트 토토넷 please visit 유리의방 박민영엉덩이 our web 나츠카와아카리 Forat

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