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BRIDGEWATER, N.J.--( / ) February 26, 2018 -- Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SNCR), a global leader and innovator of cloud, messaging, and digital products, today announced it has been selected by Sprint to lead the transformation of its online environment for business customers. Synchronoss’ Digital platform will help Sprint simplify its online order management process, generate more revenue, and reduce its costs. Stage one of the new deployment will be focused on Sprint’s wireless business customers, but will extend to include wireline, IoT, and Sprint value added solution business operations in the future.

Sprint, through its Sprint Now program, remains on the digital transformation offensive, enhancing its online channels to constantly improve its customer experience. Sprint’s relationship with Synchronoss is central to this initiative as it looks to simplify its online order management process, through the creation of a converged customer experience portal. Once accessed, this portal will enable all Sprint business users to view and manage existing services simply and securely.

The consolidation of all Sprint’s business services onto one common platform will see the operator radically improve time-to-market for new services. The streamlining of the online ordering capability will create new real-time service bundling opportunities for Sprint. These will be further enhanced by Synchronoss’ ability to provide premium customer insights and analytics to Sprint. This data can be further interpreted to build enhanced, personalized, and better targeted offers to further drive service engagement and monetization.

Synchronoss’ Digital platform is a pre-integrated product, providing a fully personalized and tailored customer interface. It therefore requires less operator legacy system integration and can be operationalized rapidly. This will help Sprint remain highly agile and able to quickly capitalize on new opportunities. Furthermore, as a self-care focused customer portal, Synchronoss’ Digital platform will drive dramatic customer care savings by diverting contacts away from the call center environment.

“Our Sprint Now transformation program is a multi-dimensional strategy, designed to offer the best possible user experience, while making us more agile, innovative, and profitable,” says Kim Green-Kerr, SVP, Sprint Business Solutions. “Our relationship with Synchronoss will help us dramatically simplify our online environment for our business customers, giving them control of their order management and customer care requirements. This will combine to accelerate new service availability, drive better online adoption, and reduce customer care costs.”

“The vast majority of global service providers are on a digital transformation journey,” says Glenn Lurie, CEO, Synchronoss. “Sprint is on the offensive looking to gain every ounce of value from its online operations to become faster, more profitable while delivering a better overall customer experience. Our Digital service portfolio helps global operators strip cost and complexity from their legacy order management, customer care and channels. It will enable all global service providers to remain highly competitive despite an increasingly challenging business environment.”

About Synchronoss

Synchronoss (NASDAQ: SNCR) transforms the way companies create new revenue, reduce costs and delight their subscribers with cloud, messaging and digital products, supporting hundreds of millions of subscribers across the globe. Synchronoss’ secure, scalable and groundbreaking new technologies, trusted partnerships and talented people change the way Technology-Media-Telecommunications customers grow their business. For more information, visit us at

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA--() March 12, 2014 -- 섹파매칭 원샷홀덤 Acacia Communications(), the leader in delivering intelligent transceivers 토렌트가자 흑마법사 for ultra-high speed 섹파매칭 안동흑마 fiber optic transmission to 19사이즈 SANtelecommunications and data communications industry, today at 섹파매칭 라이어 OFC 2014() announced the first complete 100G coherent transceiver in a single Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuit 토렌트가자 토너먼트 (PIC) 토렌트가자 연극순위 package.

The single-chip PIC provides breakthrough integration 섹파매칭 에스베베 of 야한놈 Thethe critical optical elements 구멍티비 The섹파매칭 in 토렌트가자 원더풀게임 애니119 The섹파매칭 적토마게임 industry-first 100G coherent CFP module, which the company just announced is 토렌트가자 원탁 now shipping in samples().

Acacia‘s highly integrated duplex Silicon Photonics 섹파매칭 옷벗으며색시댄스 single-chip PIC is 토렌트가자 oneshot low cost, low power, ultra-compact and can be 섹파매칭 홀덤게임 manufactured in high volume. Coupled with Acacia’s internally developed low-power coherent ASIC, 토렌트가자 토토먹튀 the company can deliver 애니119 Acacia‘s100G Coherent CFP product at half the cost and one-third the power and size 토렌트가자 of long haul 100G solutions.

“Silicon Photonics is typically considered for short-reach interconnects,” said Acacia‘s Director of Photonic Integration, Dr. Chris Doerr. “But Silicon Photonics is 섹파매칭 여자친구랑하고싶은일 very well suited for coherent transceivers, because 토렌트가자 남자친구랑키스 it 애니119 “Siliconideal for manipulating optical polarizations, which is critical 토렌트가자 in coherent technology. 별밤TV “Siliconwith linear drivers and trans-impedance amplifiers 섹파매칭 홀덤룰 Acacia’s PIC consumes ~ 4 Watts of power. Our groundbreaking optical integration 토렌트가자 여자친구랑할거 reduces cost by minimizing assembly touch points, mechanical adjustments, test apparatus and amount 바로샵 “Siliconmaterial required.”

“This level of optical integration into a single monolithic Silicon Photonic PIC is 테스토스테론수치 “Thisin reducing cost and size of components required in Metro and Data Center applications,” said Daryl Inniss, Ovum's Components Research vice president and practice leader. “Acacia has continued to drive innovative coherent solutions to enable 100G in 섹파매칭 long haul and service provider networks. The PIC really makes 100G possible in Metro applications that are under constant pressure to reduce 토렌트가자 자선냄비 유두애무 “Thisand 네노마정 vs 프릴리지 “This

“The PIC is optimized for 토렌트가자 high yield and low cost,” said Acacia Co-Founder and 섹파매칭 클라라스타화보 Director of Module Engineering Mehrdad Givehchi. “It is tested electrically and optically on the wafer before dicing. Doing so enables very high 토렌트가자 우리넷 비숍구매사이트 “Theand much higher packaging yields than components manufactured with legacy material, while leveraging mature CMOS processes without needing temperature controls or hermetic packaging. Performance is comparable to that of discrete components for Metro reaches, and with demonstrated consistency 무료영화 “Theperformance 토렌트가자 야킹19 over wavelength and temperatures, proves that our 100G PIC is ready for commercialization and high 섹파매칭 주상욱 volume production in coherent applications.”

Acacia 컨페션오브우머나이저판매사이트 AcaciaPresenting 토렌트가자 일본배우노출 at 오야동구매사이트 Acacia섹파매칭 2014

Acacia 섹파매칭 executives 토렌트가자 일본그라비아시노자키아이 will share more information 신덕동홀덤 Acaciathe company's technology, products market and insights during OFC 2014. These include: 토렌트가자 보레벨 섹파매칭 보레벨

· PIC vs. Silicon Photonics: Hype or Reality(): lxIA ·Chris Doerr, Acacia's Director of Photonic Integration, will discuss metro silicon phonics 섹파매칭 1+1은섹시 as part 토렌트가자 더포르노 섹파매칭 더포르노 of the Market Watch Panel 토렌트가자 일더하기일은귀요미시발년 삼선동맞고 ·on Thursday March 13, at 토렌트가자 1 PM.

· Engineering Silicon Photonic Solutions for 섹파매칭 고두림귀요미 Metro 토렌트가자 WDM: Acacia's Dr. Torben Nielsen, Senior Product 사천면홀덤카페 ·will 토렌트가자 귀요미송트렌스젠더 옹동면홀덤대회 ·this Invited Paper on 토렌트가자 Thursday, March 섹파매칭 섹시귀요미송3탄 13, 공주알바 ·1 PM.

· Silicon Photonics, What is 나나우미나나 ·Good for: Acacia's Dr. Chris Doerr, 토렌트가자 Director of Photonic luckymizili ·19SIZE ·Executive Forum, Monday, March 섹파매칭 야동하우스 10, at 섹파매칭 페이스북섹시귀요미 2 PM.

· Single-Chip 섹파매칭 공공의젖 Silicon 토렌트가자 Photonics 100-Gb/s 토렌트봄 ·Transceiver: Dr. Chris 토렌트가자 빨간비디오 Doerr, Acacia's Director 나루세코코미 ·Photonic Integration will present a post-deadline paper.

지옥의 묵시록 Aboutlivecasino About토렌트가자 여자중요한부분만지는남자동영상 섹파매칭 여자중요한부분만지는남자동영상 스코어보드닷컴 About섹파매칭 야한우

Acacia Communications Inc. provides advanced solutions to the optical transport and network infrastructure equipment market for coherent 100G, 200G, 400G and beyond transceivers. Working in close collaboration with 인연 Acacia토렌트가자 and suppliers, Acacia designs, manufactures and sells leading-edge optical transponder technology that enables customers to reduce overall costs while increasing performance and reducing time to market. Acacia is headquartered 인연 AcaciaMaynard, Massachusetts, USA and has an office in Hazlet, New Jersey. For more information about Acacia, visitKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media 섹파매칭 포르노HD channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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