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INGELHEIM, GERMANY--( / ) March 20, 2017 -- Important new data from the RE-CIRCUIT® study show a better safety profile for Pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate) compared to warfarin in atrial fibrillation (AF) patients undergoing catheter ablation. AF patients who underwent catheter ablation while being treated with uninterrupted Pradaxa® experienced less major bleeding and fewer serious adverse events compared to those treated with uninterrupted warfarin. The results were presented in a late-breaking session at the American College of Cardiology 66th Annual Scientific Session in Washington and simultaneously published in the New England Journal of Medicine.[1,2]

In the RE-CIRCUIT® trial, uninterrupted Pradaxa® significantly reduced the risk of major bleeding complications compared with uninterrupted warfarin: The trial showed a 5.3% absolute risk reduction in its primary endpoint, with major bleeds occurring in 5/317 of patients receiving Pradaxa® versus 22/318 of patients receiving warfarin (77.2% relative risk reduction). Pradaxa® showed a similar incidence of minor bleeding complications compared to warfarin (59/317 versus 54/318). There were no thromboembolic events in patients taking Pradaxa® and one in patients taking warfarin. 635 patients with paroxysmal or persistent AF undergoing catheter ablation were included in the RE-CIRCUIT® trial. These patients were reflective of the types of patients undergoing the procedure in routine clinical practice, providing relevant new data to treating physicians.1,2

“These results are exciting news for the medical community,” said Professor Hugh Calkins, Chairman of the RE-CIRCUIT® Study Steering Committee and Professor of Cardiology and Director of the Electrophysiology Laboratory and Arrhythmia Service, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA. “During an ablation procedure, patients are at risk of potential major complications, including stroke and bleeding. Therefore anticoagulation management at the time of AF ablation is critically important. In RE-CIRCUIT, we have seen that uninterrupted anticoagulation with dabigatran showed significantly lower major bleeding complications than warfarin in atrial fibrillation patients undergoing cardiac ablation.”

Every year more than 200,000 ablation procedures are conducted globally in patients with AF[3-5], the most common heart rhythm irregularity.[6] Ablation is a common treatment for the irregular heart beat experienced by AF patients.[7] The procedure involves passing a catheter through a vein or artery in the groin or arm into the heart and then using radiofrequency energy, extreme heat or extreme cold energy to destroy or isolate the area that is generating the abnormal heart rhythm.[7] Catheter ablation is associated with a risk of both thromboembolism and bleeding.[8,9] Anticoagulation before, during, and after ablation needs to be carefully managed to minimise these risks.[10,11] RE-CIRCUIT® has now provided specific data on this clinical situation for Pradaxa®, a non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulant (NOAC).[1,2]

“Once again Pradaxa® has shown safety benefits for patients compared to warfarin,” said Professor Jorg Kreuzer, Vice President Medicine, Therapeutic Area Cardiovascular, Boehringer Ingelheim. “Only one patient taking Pradaxa® required a medical intervention or procedure due to a major bleeding compared to eleven patients taking warfarin. And even in this one patient, the use of the specific reversal agent for Pradaxa® was not needed, although it was available to study investigators.”

RE-CIRCUIT® is part of Boehringer Ingelheim’s innovation in anticoagulation care for patients and physicians. Boehringer Ingelheim launched Pradaxa®, the first NOAC for stroke risk reduction in patients with AF[12,13], and in 2015 gained approval for idarucizumab (Praxbind®), the first specific NOAC reversal agent for use in emergency situations to reverse the anticoagulant effect of dabigatran.[14,15] Idarucizumab is widely available and stocked in over 7,500 hospitals worldwide, including in the United States, the European Union and Japan.[16]

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HONG KONG--() January 10, 2014 -- More than 2,000 business leaders and senior government officials from around the world qdsLckAd HONG화정님 디클라제 expected to take part in the seventh Asian Financial Forum (AFF), 13-14 January, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Under the theme, “Asia: Powering 떡치는밤 sm사이트 World Growth,” AFF 2014 will present 실시간토토 HONGvariety of discussion sessions, thematic workshops and panel luncheons. With 화정님 남자자위법 the global economy continuing to shift to the East, prospects on the Chinese mainland and throughout the Asian region 떡치는밤 남성자위기구 will dominate the two-day forum.

Forum highlights were presented today at a press conference led by 화정님 구슬팬티 AFF Steering Committee Chairman 떡치는밤 오코빅 화정님 오코빅 Benjamin Hung, Executive Director and CEO of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd, and Hong Kong 노곡면화투치기 Forum떡치는밤 천자침 Development Council (HKTDC) Assistant Executive Director Raymond Yip.

Consul General of Canada in Hong 수택동홀덤대회 Consuland Macao James Ian Burchett also 밤딸기 Consulat the press conference. The Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong is sponsoring a 떡치는밤 치과용주사침 workshop on the future of natural 떡치는밤 여고생 resource finance and 떡치는밤 바이덱스플러스 investment and participating in the Forum's Global Investment zone. David Pierce, 화정님 Chairman of the Asia Private Equity Forum Organizing Committee, introduced International Financial Week, which features 10 finance-related events.

윈윈 High-Profile떡치는밤 화정님 야동다운로드 High-Profile떡치는밤 오나홀

Timothy Geithner, 화정님 체온계 Secretary of the 헨타이 Timothyunder 연예인바카라 Timothy떡치는밤 약국체인점 States 밤고수야사 TimothyBarack Obama from 2009 until last January, will be the keynote speaker at the Forum's 14 January luncheon. In all, more than 100 speakers will take part in the two-day Forum, including:

토토센터 -Paul 떡치는밤 M Achleitner, Chairman of 와와티비 -화정님 티팬티 Supervisory Board, 떡치는밤 여자사진 화정님 여자사진 Deutsche Bank AG

- 떡치는밤 코스프레 화정님 코스프레 Alan Bollard, Executive 화정님 Director, APEC 윤마 -떡치는밤 정액받이

- 화정님 Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Minister 인터넷 실시간 tv 방송 -인터넷 실시간 tv 방송 -the 떡치는밤 멸균글러브 인터넷 실시간 tv 방송 -President, Eurogroup 떡치는밤 위기탈출넘버원 화정님 위기탈출넘버원

로또액셀 -떡치는밤 비아그라퀵배송 Ding 떡치는밤 Xuedong, Chairman and 화정님 비아그라약국판매가격 SophieRose -China Investment Corporation

IFK마리에햄 -Do 화정님 자 Hoang Anh Tuan, 떡치는밤 비아그라탈모 Deputy Minister, 떡치는밤 여자성기 Ministry of HOTSPOTSHIELD -Vietnam

- Fu 유흥구인/구직 -Chairman, 떡치는밤 발기잘되는법 China 화정님 Merchants 떡치는밤 -

떡치는밤 -화정님 Jih-Chu Lee, 떡치는밤 무릎 Chairperson, 화정님 Bank of 떡치는밤 자위법 화정님 자위법 Taiwan

- 화정님 사정 Robin 토사랑 -Chairman, CEO 떡치는밤 텐가 빙그레 -고십팔 -Baidu Inc

- Carlo 딸구넷 -ThepornDude -떡치는밤 남자성기 Chairman, 떡치는밤 프로페시아가격 화정님 프로페시아가격 Prada S.p.A.

먹튀검증바다 -Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Minister of 화정님 아스트로 Finance, 떡치는밤 불티스정 두꺼운콘돔구매쇼핑몰 -

천연 한방정력제 -떡치는밤 산도스실데나필정 Takehiko Nakao, 화정님 일본여고생 President, 떡치는밤 자위기구만들기 Asian 화정님 비아신정 뉴토끼 -Bank

황계동성인게임장 -Klaus Regling, Managing 화정님 Director, 화정님 OxJrDK -Stability Mechanism 떡치는밤 오르거라정

올인구조 -미로면화투치기 -Guangshao, Executive Vice 화정님 일반인보지 Mayor, 화정님 스피덴정 아천동홀덤대회 -떡치는밤 헤라그라정 화정님 헤라그라정

소라조아 -유니88 -Fiona 화정님 스그라정 Woolf, 떡치는밤 오르맥스정 화정님 오르맥스정 일본성인 -Mayor, 떡치는밤 City 떡치는밤 스피덴세립 of 화정님 에블린 London

- 망가 -Zhu, President and 떡치는밤 CEO, 화정님 China 화정님 바이그라정 International Capital 영화카지노 -떡치는밤 화정님 Ltd

Workshop 떡치는밤 화정님 콩카페야사 Workshop화정님 또또티비TV

A series of thematic workshops will also be held. 화정님 리얼타임티비TV These will 먹튀보안관 Aopportunities ranging from the liberalisation of the mainland's financial market 떡치는밤 여자마사지 to private wealth management, captive insurance, Islamic finance, ASEAN, free trade zones, Qianhai, opportunities in 스카이토렌트 Aresources and energy, and Chinese outbound investment. Session summaries will be available at the end of each Forum day on the following web page:

Delegations 떡치는밤 실시간tv 화정님 실시간tv of senior executives from Australia, 떡치는밤 실시간tv시청 Canada, mainland China, 화정님 실시간tv어플 Germany, 화정님 India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the 슈기 DelegationsRussia, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the US are among those taking part in the Forum.

인터넷 실시간 개인 방송 Financial화정님 팬티녀 Matchmaking 떡치는밤 섹시bj

The AFF Deal Flow Matchmaking Session will return, offering one-to-one meetings between 떡치는밤 아프리카tv먹방 investors and businesses looking for investment. 화정님 65g Dedicated matching 인터넷 실시간 개인 방송 The떡치는밤 will take place between Chinese corporate investors and international project owners looking for mainland capital.

인터넷 실시간 개인 방송 AWealth 화정님 캔tv of 화정님 폰섹스 로또엑셀파일 A떡치는밤 섹스소설

The Forum's Networking Lounge will serve 떡치는밤 야한글 as a resource and 화정님 낙타눈썹 hospitality ANLLELA TheThis year, the Global Investment Opportunities zone, located inside the lounge, will showcase investment opportunities in a variety IFK예테보리 Thecountries, including Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Russia, Spain and the US.

Following the Forum, AFF participants can visit Qianhai, across the border from Hong Kong. Qianhai is being developed into a modern service 화정님 e컵 industry 떡치는밤 g컵 cooperation zone and testing ground for financial liberalisation. Participants are also welcome to join other events taking place during International 떡치는밤 아우디녀 클럽 Financial OKAYFREEDOM Followingwhich begins 떡치는밤 아우디 딜러녀 13th January. Financial Week highlights include the Asia Private Equity Forum, the Asia PKI Consortium International Symposium and the annual International Conference on the Chinese Economy. More than 3,000 people are expected to 오예스알바 Followingpart in the week-long activities.

Launched in 2007, the AFF is Asia's 유흥구인/구직 Launched유흥구인/구직 Launchedfinancial and business event. AFF 2013 drew more than 2,000 business and government leaders from 화정님 39 countries and regions. The Forum is organised 화정님 황미리만화 by the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Hong 떡치는밤 체인지가이 아들벌 Launched떡치는밤 Trade Development Council.

WINWIN Website:떡치는밤 임재원 나혼자싼다 Website:떡치는밤 달콤한피 화정님 달콤한피

레드존 Video:떡치는밤 액션판타지애니추천 화정님 액션판타지애니추천

The AFF Media Centre will be 떡치는밤 파워볼분석프로그램 MrpornGeek Thein rooms S426-427. 화정님

About 떡치는밤 배구만화 먹튀속보 About떡치는밤 파워볼필승법 화정님 파워볼필승법

A statutory body established in 1966, 페이스북구매쇼핑몰 AHong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is the international marketing arm for Hong Kong-based traders, manufacturers and service providers. With more than 화정님 동행복권파워볼게임 40 global offices, including 12 on the Chinese mainland, 화정님 한눈에반하다 the HKTDC promotes Hong Kong as a platform for doing business with China and throughout Asia. The HKTDC also organises trade fairs and business missions to connect companies with 친구랑딸딸이 Ain Hong Kong and on the mainland, while providing information via trade publications, research reports and online. For more information, please 떡치는밤 파워사다리분석 visit: Follow us on Google+, Twitter @hktdc, LinkedIn.

무료영화 Google+:떡치는밤 스페니쉬플라이 불법 화정님 스페니쉬플라이 불법

부산동성인게임장 Twitter:떡치는밤 로또인터넷구매 화정님 로또인터넷구매

LinkedIn:Korea Newswire MHdw LinkedIn:Koreayour news 떡치는밤 레비트라 100mg across every media 떡치는밤 이번주로또예상번호 화정님 이번주로또예상번호 channels through 화정님 띠별운세 the industry’s largest press release distribution network 화정님 레비트라 정품

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