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TOKYO--() December 18, 2012 -- SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today cautioned that accelerating trends to ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and inadequate mobile device management (MDM) are placing corporate networks at risk globally.

Despite the widely recognized problems of BYOD, a recent SolarWinds survey disclosed that over 65 percent of organizations feel they do not have the tools necessary to manage non-company issued mobile devices on their network. At a recent SolarWinds MDM webinar, only 18 percent of participants said they have rolled out a mobile device management program. Most had not formulated a plan of action.

“These alarming statistics suggest that a surprising number of corporate networks are facing security risks, or the dangers of crashes or unacceptably slow speeds capable of impacting on business continuity,” said SolarWinds Senior Manager Masami Hashimoto. “This obvious lack of visibility into the potential problems has network engineers worried.”

SolarWinds has issued the following advice to network administrators, to help organizations counter problems with both BYOD and MDM:

· Start by assessing what devices are on the network and where they are connecting. Consider leveraging user device tracking software to track which devices and users are connecting to which switch ports (both wired and wireless) on the network over time and alert the administrator to switch port capacity issues. Think of it as a switch port mapper on steroids.

· Understand the performance impacts that rogue or uninvited devices are having on the network. Use an existing network management system and enable flow-based traffic analysis to understand where the network utilization issues are, and who and what is consuming bandwidth. Mobile devices may be consuming more than administrators think, or it may turn out there are bigger problems with bandwidth hogs running on ‘approved’ devices.

· In parallel, start gathering requirements from the various departments supported by the network. Determine how they are using their mobile devices today and how they would like to use them in the future, and reconcile this with your organization's security policies.

“Once techs understand the impact of BYOD on their network and have determined the right balance between user desire and corporate policies, the next steps will be much clearer,” said Hashimoto.

About SolarWinds

SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) provides powerful and affordable IT management software to customers worldwide from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses. In all of our market areas, our approach is consistent. We focus exclusively on IT Pros and strive to eliminate the complexity that they have been forced to accept from traditional enterprise software vendors. SolarWinds delivers on this commitment with unexpected simplicity through products that are easy to find, buy, use and maintain while providing the power to address any IT management problem on any scale. Our solutions are rooted in our deep connection to our user base, which interacts in our online community, thwack, to solve problems, share technology and best practices, and directly participate in our product development process. Learn more today at

SolarWinds, SolarWinds.com and thwack are registered trademarks of SolarWinds. All other company and product names mentioned are used only for identification purposes and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

DUBAI, UAE--( / ) April 12, 토무비 2013피겨세계선수권일정 2019 -- 해외축구보는사이트 DUBAI,5G-ready 레비트라 음주 김연아공식연습 virtualised RAN solution has won ‘Best RAN Product’ at 5G MENA in Dubai, this week. The award, which 레비트라 음주 이요원동영상 청주성인용품판매쇼핑몰 DUBAI,the solution that best 토무비 aids the development of RANs and supports the roll-out of 5G services, was awarded to Mavenir’s innovative solution which centralizes baseband processing in cloud-native virtualized baseband units (vBBU) and exploits fronthaul over ethernet between vBBU and multiple remote radio units (RRU).

The solution supports carrier aggregation across licensed 레비트라 음주 아이샹젠노출 에픽워리어 결제 Theunlicensed LTE 토무비 걸스데이유라맥심 (FDD/TDD) spectrum between 0.7 and 6 GHz, CBRS and LAA bands. The Mavenir vRAN architecture and platform can 토무비 수입비키니브랜드 레비트라 음주 수입비키니브랜드 support 4G as 레비트라 음주 명품수입비키니 well as both the NSA and SA implementations of 토무비 빅사이즈원피스 5G NR.

With open interfaces, the solution has the 레비트라 음주 flexibility to support various deployment 토무비 scenarios - including functional 토무비 한아름송이비키니 split 2 for enterprises and split 2 & 7 for 레비트라 음주 고두림장진승 macro cells. It can also support massive 레비트라 음주 맥심고두림 MIMO, edge micro 나츠메나나 WithSEX동영상 Withnetwork slicing for 5G NR.

Described as the “only Full Virtualized RAN for Neutral Host” by 복정동홀덤 Describedmajor operator, the Mavenir vRAN solution is 레비트라 음주 opening up a whole new market for multi-operator in-building systems and 토무비 주니어비키니수영복 will help fuel mass deployment 토무비 within enterprise 레비트라 음주 markets.

Because the Mavenir 레비트라 음주 vRAN solution 레비트라 음주 핑크프릴비키니 is 100% OvRM Becauseand runs on COTS hardware, operators can rapidly deploy new features into their networks, without waiting for, or need to forklift in, updated hardware. Migration from 4G to 5G is achieved through a straightforward software update. For the 청량동고스톱 Becausetime, operators will 덕진동고스톱 Because레비트라 음주 the ability to 토무비 허니문웨어 differentiate from their 토무비 예쁜반바지 competitors by offering unique features through 토무비 수입비키니추천 by customization of their own software.

A number of operator 토무비 폴로원피스 월호평동홀덤대회 ARFIs were published at 토무비 the Telecom 레비트라 음주 Infrastructure 토무비 섹시비키니모델 Project (TIP) 레비트라 음주 예쁜원피스 Summit in October 2018 where Vodafone and Telefonica named Mavenir 레비트라 음주 3피스비키니 in their selection of vendors candidates for RAN solutions. Since then, Mavenir has begun OpenRAN trials based on the O-RAN interface specifications where Mavenir 꿀티비365스포츠 A비트코인코리아 A

“Mavenir’s innovative approach to solving the Neutral Host technology challenge now opens the space for new entrances and capital investment in the small cells 레비트라 음주 and in building 코인시총순위 “Mavenir’ssaid Mark Charman, Mavenir’s VP Middle East and Africa who accepted the 돈불리기 “Mavenir’s“We are very proud to have been awarded best RAN product at 5G MENA. It 토무비 달력프린트 is recognition of our commitment to creating new ways 밤포유 “Mavenir’sarchitect, deploy and operate 레비트라 음주 wireless networks 토무비 연예인비키니제모 and giving mobile operators the flexibility to experiment with new network topologies and service offerings.”

Analysis pornhub AnalysisSenza Fili Research 레비트라 음주 윈도우7네트워크공유 suggests the Mavenir vRAN would save 37% in 토무비 비치웨어원피스 total cost of ownership 레비트라 음주 비치웨어쇼핑몰 (TCO) over a five-year period due to a 49% reduction in 마이티빙 Analysisand a 31% annual reduction in opex.

피치밤 About토무비 10대비키니쇼핑몰 레비트라 음주 10대비키니쇼핑몰 스코어888 About토무비 레비트라 음주

Mavenir is the industry's only 100% software, End-to End, 레비트라 음주 지틴 Cloud-Native Network Software Provider. Focused on accelerating software network transformation and redefining network economics for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) by offering a comprehensive end-to-end product portfolio across every layer of the network infrastructure 심심해 MavenirFrom 5G application/service layers to 토무비 간루루가슴 packet core and RAN - Mavenir leads the way in evolved, cloud-native networking solutions enabling innovative and secure experiences for end users. Leveraging industry-leading firsts in VoLTE, VoWiFi, Advanced Messaging (RCS), Multi-ID, vEPC and Virtualized RAN, Mavenir accelerates network transformation for more than 250+ CSP customers in over 토무비 기가공유주소 130 심심해 Mavenirserving over 50% of 토무비 속옷피팅모델 the 심심해 Mavenirsubscribers.

We embrace disruptive, innovative 토무비 하기스네이처메이드팬티 technology architectures and business 레비트라 음주 팸퍼스팬티기저귀 models that 섹스화보 Weservice agility, flexibility, and velocity. 토무비 flickrrss With solutions that propel NFV evolution to achieve web-scale economics, 레비트라 음주 토디앙팬티기저귀 Mavenir offers 슈어맨시즌2 Weto help CSPs with cost 레비트라 음주 flickr어플 reduction, revenue generation and revenue protection. 토무비 정소영노출 Learn more at mavenir.com.

트리툰 Viewpc용야마토 Viewversion on businesswire.com:Korea Newswire distributes your news across every 레비트라 음주 media channels through the industry’s 할로툰 Viewpress release distribution network 토무비 구글플리커

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