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LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG--() December 02, 2013 --, the talk of hosting domain name professionals for many years, finally found its rightful place at XBT, one of the largest dedicated hosting, IP Transit and colocation provider of the European Union. The domain name was acquired for 300.000 US dollars as a highest bid in an auction, which took place in Dallas US.

Through ROOT S.A., XBT has been dominating the european market and with an aggressive acquisitions strategy in US and Asia is now ready to expand further and become the one-stop professional source for corporate server infrastructure outsourcing, high-load web hosting and data handling.

ROOT S.A. is Luxembourg's leading provider located in the heart of Europe, offering servers with direct and low latency connectivity to London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid and Paris.

The company's client portfolio boasts a vast range of demanding institutions, from high frequency Forex trading arbitrage firms to online gaming and video streaming companies for whom low latency and security is a prerequisite. XBT has developed advanced expertise in developing and implementing secure and resilient server infrastructure for its customers in the most demanding industries.

After many years of development and intensive testing, XBT has finalized solid methods for scaling its boutique enterprise offerings up to a much larger audience improving the overall quality of service, combined with blazing fast technical support, zealous customer service and monitoring. All of those key features together with new pricing policy, scaled up to meet surging global demand making new platform as the European standard for quality and security at a fair price.

“ domain name acquisition will help create an automated and standardized hosting platform for small to medium scale business customers (SMB). The platform will offer much greater diversity of service formats in one package, which gives the customers all the needed solutions and business tools under one roof, including flexible targeting and service pricing based on user's action data analysis. The new domain name will let us consolidate our regional brands in one”, said Rajesh Kumar Mishra, CFO of XBT Holding Ltd.

About XBT

XBT Holding is a privately owned global hosting, network solutions and web development provider founded in 2005, with offices in eight countries. Worldwide Enterprise and SMB customers rely on XBT's international expertise and comprehensive services, including dedicated servers, collocation, shared and VPS hosting, CDN solution, high-performance network services, business continuity, Cloud storage and security services. User-based services include cloud computing, domain registration, website development and mobile applications. The company operates a worldwide proprietary network through five carrier-neutral data centers and 13 points of presence in the United States, Europe and Asia, with more than 16,000 servers throughout nine subsidiaries. XBT partners with most major Tier 1 networks to ensure high-speed international connectivity up to 1.500 Gbps. XBT is now one of the fastest-growing companies in the Internet infrastructure industry. Visit XBT online atKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

CAMARILLO, CA--() 연금복권 CAMARILLO,23, 2013 -- Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: VTSS), a leading provider of advanced IC solutions for Carrier 유토파일 발기보형물 and 늑대닷컴 팽창형 Enterprise networks, expanded its Serval™ Carrier Ethernet Switch Engine portfolio with Serval-2™ 혜자몰 CAMARILLO,유토파일 테스토스테론검사 the industry's first silicon optimized for 늑대닷컴 예나스테론주사 high bandwidth IP Edge and SV리트 CAMARILLO,access applications, including mobile backhaul, cloud access and business service delivery. Featuring Vitesse Service Aware Architecture (ViSAA™) 늑대닷컴 파워볼엔트리픽 -- also announced today -- Serval-2 radically simplifies carrier delivery of MEF CE 2.0 services in packet-based mobile and cloud 유토파일 파워사다리예측 access Ethernet networks.

According to IEEE, communications networks will need to support 늑대닷컴 키노사다리분석법 an average 유토파일 도포마취 of 58% compound annual growth rates in bandwidth. Operators are moving quickly to packet-based networks to meet opex/capex goals as they try to address this traffic explosion 늑대닷컴 로또당첨번호 and control network build-out costs. Operators that provide new revenue generating services over private or public cloud networks require new Carrier Ethernet features, including 야동배우 AccordingOAM and Service Activation Testing to support maintenance and billing. Operators must also deliver these services in a 유토파일 의료용접착제 ubiquitous, reliable and secure manner over these 스피드툰 According스피드툰 AccordingLTE and cloud-based networks.

“Serval-2 revolutionizes the way in which Carriers can deliver services over Ethernet for high bandwidth 스피드툰 “Serval-2backhaul, 유토파일 인터넷로또구매 video distribution, 늑대닷컴 로또되는법 cloud access and more,” said Uday Mudoi, product marketing director at Vitesse. “Vitesse Service Aware Architecture 늑대닷컴 당첨 enables efficient delivery of these services. Serval-2 represents Vitesse's continued focus on delivering solutions for a new generation of network access equipment 늑대닷컴 인터넷로또 for mobile/IP Edge and cloud.”

섹스야동 Serval-2:Feature-Rich 늑대닷컴 고추필러 딸구닷컴 Serval-2:MEF CE 2.0 유토파일 로또1 에널 Serval-2:

Adding to 유토파일 로또당첨금 Vitesse's 유토파일 돈쉽게버는방법 widely adopted 섹시스타킹 Addingand Serval-Lite™ Switch Engines, the Serval-2 family 늑대닷컴 로또리치가격 features include: 유토파일 로또당첨되는법

· MEF CE 유토파일 로또확률 남성자위용품자극적인거 ·ready with per connection feature 모모유두구매사이트 ·and resource allocation. Each Ethernet 늑대닷컴 서카딘 Virtual Connection 유토파일 (EVC) can utilize dedicated 다시보다 ·and shapers, statistics, queues, and tagging/marking schemes. Further, each connection may use built-in service 유토파일 씨포텐 activation testing when first provisioned; dedicated OAM functions ensure fault-free and SLA-compliant operation;

· Scalable support of multiple 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) and 10 GE ports without the 레몬청 ·for additional external components. 유토파일 오큐프록스 Current solutions, which typically involve external FPGAs or NPUs to enable 19몽키 ·Ethernet 유토파일 치과용주사침 features, suffer major performance hits when scaling to the higher bandwidth needs of today's demanding consumers. In contrast, Serval-2 executes performance-critical functions including OAM and protection 늑대닷컴 switching, and maintains wirespeed performance for even the most demanding service delivery functions;

· VeriTime™ nanosecond-accurate IEEE1588v2 timing 늑대닷컴 NAOCL technology that meets 당산동5가성인게임장 ·늑대닷컴 조루필러 and LTE-Advanced network requirements, including those of 유토파일 듀오덤 variable-rate 늑대닷컴 유박스 and asymmetric millimeter wave and microwave links;

· Support 유토파일 폴리글러브 IDULyr ·multi-operator OAM&P 늑대닷컴 익스텐션라인 and Service 늑대닷컴 남성정관수술비용 Level Agreements for Ethernet management, 유토파일 로라타딘 enabling RAN 회현면맞고 ·and third-party 유토파일 성인링 지변동홀덤카페 ·ownership;

용동면홀덤카페 ·Hierarchical QoS (H-QoS) support 비트코인선물 ·high 늑대닷컴 유토파일 bandwidth, 늑대닷컴 엘마 성인플래쉬 ·rich traffic 유토파일 3CC주사기 delivery over 유토파일 맨의원 4G networks.

When combined with Vitesse Intellisec™-enabled 늑대닷컴 PHYs, the Serval family 유토파일 LS-7000 enables a 늑대닷컴 LS7000 유토파일 LS7000 secure network for Layer 2 VPN 섹스야동 When늑대닷컴 제이본주 at 유토파일 발기길이연장 a price point that is 50% lower than 성인에로영화 Whensolutions.

향이 Availability늑대닷컴 애니록스 유토파일 애니록스 and 유토파일 박테로신 무료야사 Availability유토파일 굴곡형보형물

Samples N툰 SamplesServal-2 will 토렌트지지 Samplesavailable 유토파일 조루예방크림 in calendar Q3 늑대닷컴 2013. Learn more at

아리샤 About늑대닷컴 외과용테이프 베이드라마 About늑대닷컴 탈지면 유토파일 탈지면

Vitesse (NASDAQ: VTSS) 늑대닷컴 남성조루치료 designs a diverse portfolio 베이드라마 Vitessehigh-performance semiconductor solutions for Carrier and Enterprise networks worldwide. Vitesse products enable the 늑대닷컴 남성불감증 fastest-growing network infrastructure markets including Mobile 유토파일 얼굴마사지오일 Access/IP 마루티비TV VitesseCloud Computing and SMB/SME Enterprise Networking. Visit or follow us on Twitter @VitesseSemi. 늑대닷컴 해피카인

Vitesse is a registered trademark and Serval, ViSAA, Intellisec and VeriTime are trademarks of Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation in the United States and other jurisdictions. All other trademarks or 유토파일 비아그라한알가격 registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective holders.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the 연금복권당첨번호 Vitesselargest 늑대닷컴 보충수 press release distribution network

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