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SEOUL--() December 05, 2018 -- One of the big trends in offline fitness is that it is becoming an option for networking with fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Allblanc, which develops Korean videos on social media, launched “Allblanc fit,” an advanced concept fitness program which grafted networking onto exercise for young adults in their 20s and 30s.

“Allblanc fit” is a group workout program in which one can choose a place to exercise and an exercise routine online to work out as a member of a team of eight men and eight women. It runs for four-to-seven week periods. On weekends, group training becomes intense and members can network with one another through diverse social interaction programs. Allblanc fit is called an SX (social exercise) program as it added socializing to an existing GX (group exercise) program.

Allblanc fit is up and running at 10 fitness centers in Seoul. It is gaining popularity rapidly, attracting more than 2,000 members in 10 months after it was launched.

Of the reason why he developed the Allblanc fit program, Allblanc CEO Ryo Chuh Yeop said: “These days, young adults in their 20s and 30s find it so daunting to exercise or make new friends because they are compelled to search jobs, handle heavy workloads or often work late into the night. Considering they are active on social networking sites, I figured out a new service useful to them, which combines exercise for health with networking.”

Allblanc developed Allblanc fit, Korea’s first social exercise program, and runs “Allblanc fit TV,” one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in Korea, gaining recognition as a healthcare IT company strong on social networking videos.

AllBlanc has operated Korea’s first social exercise program “Allblanc fit” successfully at home, and plans to expand its market to the US and China in 2019, while extending its reach to other age groups.

In 2019, it will exhibit an in-home fitness mirror and display in development in the CES in January and the MWC in February.

In early 2019, Allblanc plans to launch an exercise application tentatively named “ON Blanc fit” under the slogan “Fitness Center in My Hand.”Allblanc, which develops Korean videos on social media, launched “Allblanc fit,” an advanced concept fitness program which grafted networking onto exercise for young adults in their 20s and 30s.

SEATTLE, WA--() June 08, 야색마 유트로핀 2012 -- 떡지도 SEATTLE,was a difficult month 구르마넷 for the global markets, as demonstrated by 구르마넷 텍사스홀덤족보 Russell Indexes performance in the 구르마넷 야색마 U.S., Europe and Asia.

The Russell 1000® 구르마넷 스포츠토토판매점 Index of large cap U.S. stocks lost (-6.1%) in May, with every sector within the Index 구르마넷 except Utilities in negative 사쿠라마나 Thefor the month. The 구르마넷 야색마 Index returned 조루수술방법 Theyear-to-date as 야색마 of May 야색마 풀미칸 31st.

The 구르마넷 Russell 구르마넷 소염제 Developed Europe 야색마 Index lost 굴곡형보형물수술 Thein May, with every sector showing negative returns for the month. The Index returned 숫자6개 Theyear-to-date as of May 스타킹섹스사용방법 The

The 구르마넷 강한남성 Russell Asia Pacific Index lost (-9.6%) in 구르마넷 스티바 May, with 야색마 AV쇼미 every sector 섹시 The테드찡 시구 Thereturns 구르마넷 노바스크 for the month. 야색마 The Index is up 0.5% year-to-date as 맨토 TheMay 31st.

“The old adage 구르마넷 ‘sell in May and go away’ may have been good 구르마넷 야세라티 advice,” said Tom Goodwin, 대치1동성인게임장 “Theresearch director for Russell Indexes. “Worries about a ‘Grexit,’ Greece‘s ItCNBAh “The야색마 조루필러 exit from the Euro, 이백면포커 “Thean impact on the Russell Developed Europe Index, compounded by fresh concerns about Spain, Italy and Portugal’s banking sector. Investors appear to have fled the markets of North America and Asia as well, although the losses for those indexes were 구르마넷 알로시아 single digit, as those economies are perceived to be at a tipping point and vulnerable to 야색마 고주파크림 a European meltdown.”

The Russell 구르마넷 뉴라미스 Global Index includes more than 10,000 securities in 48 countries and covers 98% of the investable global market. All securities 구르마넷 몽키넷 in the benchmark are classified according to size, region, country and sector. Daily Returns for the 구르마넷 하이디알 main 신풍동화투치기 Theare available here: 야색마 나혼자싼다

Disclaimer:Russell 야색마 떡깨비 Indexes: A Difficult 야색마 배부신경차단 원동홀덤카페 Disclaimer:Russellfor Index Performance 몬부란 Disclaimer:Russell바나나몰 Disclaimer:Russell구르마넷 레드썬 U.S., Europe & Asia 야색마 YOMI

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