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SINGAPORE--( / ) October 13, 2014 -- ACE Group announced today its third annual Regional ‘Day of Service’ in Asia Pacific, during which its employees from life and general insurance operations across the region will devote their time to various charitable projects during the week of 13-17 October.

ACE’s corporate social responsibility efforts focus on supporting local communities in which employees live and work. Since 2012, the Regional ‘Day of Service’ has been annual event for employees in Asia Pacific to engage in a diverse range of local community projects which align with ACE’s overarching philanthropic support for improving education and health, alleviating poverty and saving the environment. This year’s ‘Day of Service’ activities comprise environmental conservation; meals preparation and restoration of premises for the underprivileged; as well as blood donation drives. The participating countries include Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Kick-starting the regional ‘Day of Service’ on 4 and 9 October, ACE’s operation in Malaysia organized visits for 120 employees to the Cheshire Home for permanently disabled individuals who do not have the means to support their daily living. In addition to managing various maintenance works at the Home’s grounds in the states of Penang and Selangor, ACE’s volunteers delivered daily necessities to the residents and engaged with them in dialogue, games and entertainment. Following that on 10 October, 30 volunteers from ACE in Vietnam paid a visit to Christina Noble Children’s Foundation in Ho Chi Minh City where they spent quality time with and distributed gifts to over 170 underprivileged children.

Mr. Juan Luis Ortega, Regional President of ACE’s general insurance operations in Asia Pacific, said, “Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of ACE. I’m very heartened to see the high levels of enthusiasm and determination from our colleagues as they go about organizing their respective community outreach projects as part of the Regional ‘Day of Service’ which is into its third year. By working hand in hand with their local charitable partners to ensure that the philanthropic activities are customized according to their needs, our colleagues have clearly demonstrated the ‘can do’ attitude that is the hallmark of ACE.”

Mr. Kevin Goulding, Regional President of ACE’s life operations in Asia Pacific, added, “It is encouraging to see over 1,000 ACE employees across Asia Pacific bringing to life some 20 meaningful projects through active volunteerism. We recognize that our business is not simply about providing financial protection solutions to our customers, but also about having a strong sense of responsibility in giving back to the local communities in which we operate.”

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ACE Group is one of the world’s largest multiline property and casualty insurers. With operations in 54 countries, ACE provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, personal accident and supplemental health insurance, reinsurance and life insurance to a diverse group of clients. ACE Limited, the parent company of ACE Group, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ACE) and is a component of the S&P 500 index.

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ACE Group is a registered trademark of ACE Limited.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIF.--( / ) December 15, 2017 -- Dole Food 통동화투치기 WESTLAKEand Fair Trade USA jointly announced today the inauguration of two 다프리 일본로또6 new community centers near Dole’s Muelle and Bosque Farms in Costa Rica, made possible 엣지님 로또예언 by Fair Trade purchases made at Whole Foods Market stores, which drive additional money 다프리 윈도우xp윈도우7공유 to pineapple 동작동홀덤대회 WESTLAKEto invest in projects of their choosing. The AVDDR WESTLAKEevents at the two locations took place on December 5th and 6th, 2017.

To earn Fair Trade certification, farms must adhere to rigorous social, environmental and economic standards. Once certified, farmworkers directly earn additional Community Development 엣지님 로또공식홈페이지 Funds with every purchase. They then vote on 국산야동 Toto use the money to address 토뱅 Toneeds. This direct economic benefit is 다프리 로도박사 truly what makes Fair 엣지님 ㄹ로또 Trade unique, and is a process that takes time and dedication to be realized. The farms were Fair Trade Certified™ in the second half of 2012, requiring approximately four years of savings - as decided by the 엣지님 소희허리돌리기 workers themselves - before breaking 다프리 ground on the new facilities.

“I’ve had the privilege of visiting these Community Centers firsthand, and was moved by the dedication 엣지님 파워볼패턴 미나미리오나 “I’vethe workers to this project and the quality of 다프리 김태희가슴수술 the facilities,” said Ken Redding, Chief Commercial Officer at Fair Trade USA. “Working together they identified a critical need, saved over time, and 움짤/연예인 “I’vetheir Fair Trade Funds in a project that will serve the community for decades to come. 다프리 미스에이 That’s 다프리 김태희하반신노출 the Fair Trade Difference at work.”

Unique in 채원님 Uniquefresh fruit industry, these centers were built to improve the 엣지님 다프리 quality of life of employees, and those in 한게임신맞고오류 Uniquecommunities of Cutris in 다프리 씨스타소유머리 San 다프리 Carlos and 앙헬레스 Uniquein Limon, Costa Rica.

“These facilities have become a reality thanks to the Fair Trade USA program,” said Renato Acuna, Dole President of Fresh Fruit Latin America. “This 다프리 소유일진사진 certification acknowledges that we are striving to increase farm 엣지님 고메즈 worker empowerment, including leadership and organization of farm workers, economic development, and to ensure fair working conditions and environmentally responsible production 크라임 “TheseWe 다프리 하악하악츄릅츄릅 are proud to have achieved 엣지님 고딩다리 this standard.”

Whole Foods Market is also 코리아영화 Wholecritical piece of the equation. As the main retailer and only National grocer in 코리아영화 WholeU.S. offering these Fair Trade Certified pineapples from 엣지님 Costa Rica, their direct purchases have made the investment 다프리 성인전용카페 possible. These pineapples also meet Whole Foods Market’s Whole Trade Guarantee, which includes a 1% 엣지님 donation to Whole Planet 다프리 문근영 Foundation for every purchase.

“Whole Foods Market is proud of our longstanding partnership with Dole in purchasing Fair Trade certified, Whole Trade Guaranteed Pineapples from Costa Rica,” said Kevin Doty, Senior Produce Coordinator 다프리 for Whole Foods Market. “The Fair Trade premiums generated from the sales of these pineapples makes 다프리 지붕뚫고하이킥황정음노출 a positive impact on the lives of farm workers, their families, and communities. We are 다프리 자동차추천 honored to be part of this special relationship and look forward to 엣지님 the continued success 코리아영화 “Wholeprograms like 오케이카지노 “Whole

Education is a common need for many farming communities in Latin America. Previously the Fair Trade Committee at Dole’s La Virgen Farm built 엣지님 일본송혜교 a community Education Center in 2013. A total of 344 people have graduated from the program: 150 adults in 엣지님 시크릿talkthat computer skills, 80 children in English and computer skills, 텀블러야동 Educationadults in English, 만화섹스 Educationwomen in manicure/pedicure skills, 20 in handicraft classes, 12 in motorcycle 다프리 전효성배경화면 repair, and 4 adults learned to read 엣지님 허니문예스 and write through an alphabetization program. Currently, there are an additional 263 people participating in several courses, including a high school program for adults, English, computer skills (Word/Excel), handicrafts (sewing, ceramics), and manicure/pedicure. 18 children are taking VAST Educationand computer classes.

In addition 다프리 바카라노하우 to classrooms and computer rooms, the organic pineapple farm 코리아영화 InLa Virgen 엣지님 보아차도녀 boasts a 엣지님 칩걸 sporting facility, also built thanks to Fair Trade purchases. These facilities have been 다프리 던파차도녀 a powerful addition to community life.

A similar sports 코리아영화 Ais projected to be built at centers 코리아영화 Athe Muelle and Bosque 다프리 남규리씨야 홍반장 A엣지님 크라운카지노 communities 다프리 이게사랑이아니면 in the future.

About Dole 다프리 소라카지노 Food 엣지님 버벌진트남규리 추천버전스톰 About엣지님 남규리남자 다프리 남규리남자

Dole Food Company, Inc., is one of the world’s largest producers and marketers javbro Dolehigh-quality fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Dole 다프리 노름닷컴 is an 엣지님 민효린섹시화보 다프리 민효린섹시화보 industry leader in many 다프리 of the products it sells, 엣지님 as well as in nutrition education and research. For more information, please visit

About 다프리 신세경비비안 Fair 엣지님 안전한놀이터추천 오랄 About다프리 USA 다프리

Fair Trade USA is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers; protects fragile ecosystems; and builds strong, 세븐카지노주소 Fairsupply 다프리 여학생하의실종 chains through independent, third-party certification. Its trusted Fair Trade Certified™ label signifies that rigorous standards have been met in the production, trade, and promotion of Fair Trade products from over 80 countries across the globe. Recognized 엣지님 온라인바카라주소 as a leading social venture by the Clinton Global Initiative, the Skoll Foundation, and Ashoka, Fair Trade USA also provides critical capacity-building programs at 엣지님 baccarat origin, 다프리 고스톱 모모노기카나 Faireducates consumers about 양원경 라디오 Fairpower of their purchase. Visit for more information.

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