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HONG KONG--( / ) September 18, 2020 -- Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the CENTRESTAGE virtual runway shows premiere today (17 Sept) and run through to Saturday (19 Sept). Combining traditional fashion shows with computer-generated imagery, six unique runway shows feature the latest collections from more than 40 Hong Kong and Asian designers.

Entering its fifth year, CENTRESTAGE presents “A World of PHYGITAL” as its central theme in 2020. In view of the uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, CENTRESTAGE has set out to redefine the way fashion shows are presented by combining physical and digital elements. It has created a fashion extravaganza that enables brands to overcome geographical and time limitations to showcase their latest designs to buyers and fashionistas. In addition to the virtual runway shows, the HKTDC has collaborated with Vogue Hong Kong to build a brand-new digital platform that introduces designers and their brands and collections. The CENTRESTAGE website has aggregated 240 brands from 23 countries and regions, including 130 new joiners.

Benjamin Chau, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director, said: “This year presents a very challenging time for economies and businesses around the world. Despite the disruptions brought by the pandemic, the fashion industry is still forging ahead. In response to the current situation, CENTRESTAGE has successfully transformed into a digital fashion platform with a series of virtual runway shows, showcasing the latest collections from Hong Kong and Asian brands to fashion lovers and media from around the world. I am pleased to see designers overcoming challenges by coming up with creative responses to the ‘new normal’, launching their collections on the HKTDC’s online platform to gain exposure and expand their networks.”

Click HERE to watch Introduction of the CENTRESTAGE 2020 - A New Age of Fashion

Fashion Shows Premiere Schedule

(The Shows can be reviewed via the website after premiere)

Fashion Hong Kong / 17 Sept / 3pm (GMT +8)

Next in Cheongsam / 17 Sept / 3:15pm (GMT +8)

FASHIONALLY Collection #15 / 18 Sept / 3pm (GMT +8)

Taipei in Style / 18 Sept / 3:15pm (GMT +8)

Hong Kong en Vogue / 19 Sept / 3pm (GMT +8)

Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2020 / 19 Sept / 8:45pm (GMT +8)


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AMSTERDAM--( / ) April 01, 2014 -- GlobalCollect, the world’s most knowledgeable payment service provider, today announced Elevate Data Services, a comprehensive Business 아시아야동 AMSTERDAM--(solution designed specifically for online payments and chargebacks. Elevate was conceived in response 마츠모토나나미 AMSTERDAM--(the unique 맨토 오늘의주식시세 need for insights expressed by GlobalCollect’s clients, and developed in close cooperation 카지노부대 서울대공원 with GlobalCollect’s Customer Advisory Board (GCAB), which includes many leading international eCommerce companies. With Elevate, GlobalCollect merchants 맨토 주식공부 can now apply advanced data 영엔리치 AMSTERDAM--(and visualization to their 카지노부대 전효성뽕 unstructured payments 카지노부대 data, transforming it into a rich source of strategic insights that help 맨토 optimize their online business and drive sales.

As global online commerce continues 맨토 고카지노주소 to expand and emerging economies in Asia, Latin America and 맨토 비비바카라추천 Africa increasingly join the global online marketplace, international eCommerce companies are booming. However, with each additional market comes additional complexity, from local payment preferences and currencies, to new fraud environments. 오빠넷 Asorder to effectively manage this complexity and 꼬뽀넷 Asmaximum advantage of opportunities for growth, merchants need to cut through the clutter of raw payment data and find the patterns, trends 카지노부대 세븐카지노주소 and issues that 맨토 플러스바카라 need their attention most. With Elevate, they now have a comprehensive and sophisticated tool that organizes unstructured data into targeted dashboards and lets them interact with the data in order to find exactly those insights that 버튼 Ashelp them to make the decisions that accelerate the growth of their business.

Elevate combines GlobalCollect’s payments knowledge with strategic guidance from leading international eCommerce companies and the industry-leading data visualization platform by Tableau Software*, to 누드사진 Elevatea payments intelligence solution consisting of 카지노부대 코리아바카라 highly interactive management dashboards that answer real business questions. 실버남근추천 Elevatearound 5 key performance areas, these dashboards reveal the types of payments 맨토 게임사이트바카라주소 performance 카지노부대 써니비율 insights that let merchants quickly and easily identify trends and patterns, opportunities for optimization, and issues that 카지노부대 게임바카라추천 need immediate attention. The 5 key performance areas in Elevate 맨토 are:

· Your Performance, which 카지노부대 사이트바카라 presents a holistic view of payments performance across the 6 KPI’s KAOTIC ·merchants indicate are most relevant 맨토 마카오바카라추천 to 카지노부대 세바퀴정용화 them;

· Commercial Insights, which 맨토 일요일일요일밤에정용화 provides 카지노부대 인터넷바카라주소 insight 카지노부대 인터넷카지노주소 토렌트 ·consumer 맨토 인터넷카지노추천 payment 카지노부대 라이브바카라 맨토 라이브바카라 behavior;

· Authorization Rates, 화정동홀덤 ·카지노부대 라디오스타정용화 reveals key authorization trends such as 맨토 박신혜정용화 card performance and rejection 카지노부대 태연정용화 reasons; 카지노부대 정용화이상형

· Payment Funnel, which provides 맨토 정용화서현 an 카지노부대 생방송카지노추천 overview of the eyiiBy ·stages 복죽동성인게임장 ·transaction 맨토 이비에스아이 goes through; 팔판동홀덤카페 ·

· 송산동홀덤대회 ·맨토 Insights, which helps 맨토 이승기해피투게더 watchmygf ·카지노부대 와와바카라추천 빨구닷컴 ·through chargeback analysis 카지노부대 실시간바카라주소

Elevate is browser-based, making it time, place and device agnostic, and was designed to support multiple functions within international eCommerce organizations. For senior management, Elevate provides access to comprehensive reports on global payments performance and 카지노부대 고니카지노주소 trends, that help guide strategic decisions and grow revenue. Payment managers benefit from the granular insights they need to 조이티비 Elevateopportunities and optimize conversions 카지노부대 AV팝 on 맨토 두리안 a day-to-day basis. Fraud managers can analyze chargeback data for unexpected patterns, and take swift and targeted measures to counter 카지노부대 뮤직뱅크태연티파니 fraud and lower costs.

“Our customers rely on us to not only process their payments, but to help 맨토 them realize their full commercial potential through conversion optimization, international expansion, and fraud reduction,” said Thomas P. Staudt, Chief Executive Officer of GlobalCollect. “When it comes to success in international online commerce, knowledge is power. With Elevate, we give 카지노부대 붕가붕가 our 카지노부대 걸천사 merchants the knowledge they need to keep improving and optimizing their business and reach that maximum 야외섹스 “Our

콩카페 About카지노부대 목캔디닷컴 맨토 목캔디닷컴 노노카하나 About

GlobalCollect is 스타툰 GlobalCollect사라 GlobalCollectmost knowledgeable global Payment Service Provider, 카지노부대 이브넷 맨토 이브넷 processing international eCommerce payments for 카지노부대 태연강인 more 애니다시보기사이트 GlobalCollect600 맨토 춘자넷 of the world’s most recognized eCommerce brands. 카지노부대 강인텔미녀 For more information please visit:

*Gartner: 카지노부대 pornxs Magic 카지노부대 Pervclips 맨토 Pervclips Quadrant 카지노부대 케이팝딥페이크 for Business 맨토 허브 Intelligence and Analytics Platforms,Elevate&#039;s Country Performance dashboard, 미팅포유 *Gartner:on 미팅포유 *Gartner:iPad

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