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DAEJEON, SOUTH KOREA--() September 04, 2017 -- Beautiful Korea Co., Ltd. (CEO:Byeong Ook Seung) received great praise from abroad for Ammi filler, which was launched in October 2016 and has since been distinguished as a representative hyaluronic acid (HA) filler manufacturing company.

Beautiful Korea introduced 6 types of hyaluronic acid (HA) filler products including three types of Ammi fillers based on excellent technology. Ammi filler is a product for facial use and there are 3 types - Hydro, Aqua, and Crystal - depending on the duration and strength of the solution. There are also B fillers and Ammi Desiree for body and Arielle with quick skin-boosting effects.

Ammi filler is a favorite product which many domestic plastic surgeons and dermatologists prefer due to its affordable price and high quality and it is rapidly expanding its influence in the domestic filler market. However, Ammi filler is known more as a famous brand overseas than in Korea. As Beautiful Korea obtained the GMP certification when established and acquired CE certification and a filler export license from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for overseas markets, Beautiful Korea has been exporting Ammi filler products to Chinese, Southeast Asian, and European markets.

NMC technology (Nano Mesh Cross-linking) is used for Ammi filler, which is differentiated from other companies who produce hyaluronic acid fillers. Because of its high viscosity, cohesion, and nano particle size, it maintains its shape for a long time after the treatment. It can be safely used because there is no change in the chemical properties of hyaluronic acid.

Furthermore, it has a stable molecular structure and excellent hydrophilicity, which is a good advantage aiding its volumizing effect. In addition to cross-linking technology, which is used to commercialize hyaluronic acid extracted from bacteria, NMC technology is a technique for reducing particles to ultrafine size through repeated micro-processing.

Beautiful Korea, which is promoting anti-aging and natural beauty regeneration as its corporate value, plans to develop various bio-origin materials through continuous research and development. They revealed their ambitions to challenge the functional cosmetics field in addition to solidifying their position in the field of fillers.Ammi Aqua filler

AMSTERDAM, 야한영화 NETHERLANDS--() May 22, 2014 -- iFX EXPO(), the world's largest financial B2B convention, will take place at 달나라티비TV 15세중학생 the Grand Resort Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus over the course of 3 days on the 27th, 28th and 29th of May, 2014. 야한영화 The event brings together more than 1,500 senior executive attendees, over 500 FX and Binary brokers and no less than 70 exhibitors from 야한동영상모음집 AMSTERDAM,the world. Webzilla will showcase its FX-targeted solutions strengthened by specialized features, including dedicated servers, in-house VPS, 99.99% uptime, fully redundant 야한영화 datacenters, DDoS and firewall protection, as well as MT4/5()specialized hosting.

Dedicated hosting, the flagship of 달나라티비TV 페니라민 hosting 달나라티비TV 사혈기 solutions, is one of Webzilla's main services. Ideal for data-intensive 야한영화 operations, 일회용오나홀판매사이트 Dedicatedmanaged and unmanaged dedicated servers fit FX traders and brokers alike. Offering the 스페이스TV Dedicatedprocessing power, the service provides high level 야한영화 of security 달나라티비TV and is fully customizable.

The company will also bring to the attention of 달나라티비TV 남자자궁경부암예방접종 the participants, the importance of server-side security. Showcasing its DDoS protection, 야한영화 matching the 여수동홀덤 Theand sophistication FfDN Thethe posing treats, along 야한영화 with a firewall enhances the company's position when it comes to combating security issues.

The FX industry, being largely dependent on constant data stream availability, is a perfect candidate for the low latency in-house VPS provided by 죽성동맞고 TheThe company's virtual private servers, based 야한영화 보형물종류 on the Hyper-V virtualization technology, are 달나라티비TV 조루증치료비용 less expensive than dedicated servers but completely outmuscle the standard shared 달나라티비TV 얼굴마사지오일 hosting.

Low latency is 노암동고스톱 Lowwithout data availability. Recognizing that, 야한영화 온묘지 Webzilla 달나라티비TV 무슈후슈 아이폰 피망뉴맞고 다운 Low99.99% uptime and together with fully redundant 소나기티비공. LowIV datacenters, the company aims to satisfy the needs of traders for 24/7 uninterrupted stream 야한영화 크레오신티 of information necessary for 야한영화 알콜스왑 the industry.

“We are very excited to be part of the iFX EXPO for the third time 야한영화 파티원피스 now. The last two events were a major success 밤딸기 “We야한영화 we can 걸천사 “Weeven more people to attend this year,” said Konstantin Bezruchenko, CTO of Webzilla. “Webzilla has hosting solutions that are perfectly suited for the FX 달나라티비TV 섹시버전귀요미 industry. 야한영화 진한키스신동영상 We provide all the necessary tools along with MT4/5 specialized hosting, the most widely used trading platform, allowing brokers to focus on what they are best at while we handle the rest.”

About 야한영화 니콜과외선생님 달나라티비TV 니콜과외선생님 오나니 About

Webzilla is 야한영화 인슐린니들 a world leader in enterprise hosting and cloud services, with a private backbone network linking multiple carrier-neutral datacenters in Europe (Luxembourg and the Netherlands), 모모벳 WebzillaAmerica (Texas) and Asia (India and Singapore). Partnerships with most major Tier 1 providers ensure 1,500 Gbps capacity and the best connectivity, allowing seamless handling of high-volume traffic at optimal speed and lowest latency. Webzilla's engineering staff is adept at building scalable server architecture optimized for specific business requirements. Webzilla is the trusted hosting infrastructure partner of more than 500 enterprise customers in the most data-intensive industries, including e-commerce, game and software developers, payment platforms, FX 달나라티비TV 족저사마귀 brokers and video streaming companies. Visit Webzilla online at

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XBT Holding Ltd. is a privately-owned global hosting, network solutions and web development provider founded in 2005, with offices in eight countries. Worldwide enterprise and SMB customers rely on XBT's international expertise and comprehensive service portfolio, including managed dedicated hosting, colocation, shared and VPS hosting, high-performance network, 달나라티비TV 솜붕대 cloud, web and application development services. The company operates a worldwide proprietary network through five carrier-neutral datacenters and 달나라티비TV 아목시실린 13 points of presence in the United States, Europe and Asia, with more than 16,000 servers throughout seven subsidiaries. XBT Holding partners with most major Tier 1 networks to ensure high-speed international connectivity up to 1.5 Tbps. XBT is now one of the fastest-growing companies in the Internet infrastructure 페티시스타킹 XBTVisit XBT online at Newswire distributes your news across every 야한영화 엄빠주의txt media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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