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ST GALLEN, SWITZERLAND & UNIONDALE, N.Y.--( / ) November 09, 2020 -- Regulatory News:

Vifor Pharma and Angion Biomedica Corp. (Angion) announced the signing of a licensing agreement for the commercialization of ANG-3777, currently developed for treatment of delayed graft function (DGF) and cardiac surgery-associated acute kidney injury (CSA-AKI). ANG-3777 was engineered to mimic the biological activity of HGF, activating critical pathways in the body’s natural organ repair process following an acute organ injury.

Under the terms of the agreement, Vifor Pharma will receive an exclusive global license, excluding China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, for all ANG-3777 nephrology indications. Angion will receive up to USD 80 million which includes a 30 million upfront payment, a 30 million equity investment and 20 million in clinical study milestone payments. Additionally Angion is eligible to receive up to USD 260 million in market access related milestones upon approval in US and EU, further payments in the form of sales milestones, and tiered royalties on global net sales up to 40% at the high end of the royalty range.

“This agreement highlights the leadership position that Vifor Pharma has developed in the nephrology space and the fact that it has become the company of choice for organizations committed to partnering innovative nephrology focused assets“ said Stefan Schulze, Chief Executive Officer of Vifor Pharma. “Angion is an excellent partner with an outstanding expertise leading to the development of this exciting asset and other pipeline products. We look forward to working closely with Angion who will be responsible for the ongoing development program of ANG-3777 and to leveraging our commercial expertise to bring this highly promising, innovative treatment with a unique mode of action to patients suffering from DGF and CSA-AKI. These are both critical conditions, currently without any effective or approved therapies.”

“Vifor Pharma is one of the world leaders in the nephrology space and we are very excited to partner with them on the commercialization of ANG?3777 for nephrology indications,” stated Dr. Jay Venkatesan, President and CEO of Angion. “This is a major milestone for the team at Angion who has worked for many years to develop ANG-3777 as a therapy for patients with acute kidney injuries. We look forward to phase-III data in DGF towards the end of 2021 and working with Vifor Pharma to potentially bring ANG-3777 to nephrology patients worldwide.”

Addressable patients with DGF is estimated to be about 15,000 and approximately 110,000 with CSA-AKI in the US/EU5 each year.

Angion will be responsible for conducting the ongoing nephrology-focused clinical development programs. Angion and Vifor Pharma will share responsibilities for regulatory filings in the licensed territories and Vifor Pharma will be responsible for all commercialization activities related to nephrology indications in all licensed territories.

Conference call/webcast:

Vifor Pharma will host a conference call and webcast today, 9 November 2020 at 2:00 pm (CET), to discuss the license agreement.

Conference call link to get the dial-in number (open 30 minutes prior to start of the webcast):

Webcast link:

Vifor Pharma Group is a global pharmaceuticals company. It aims to become the global leader in iron deficiency, nephrology and cardio-renal therapies. The company is a partner of choice for pharmaceuticals and innovative patient-focused solutions. Vifor Pharma Group strives to help patients around the world with severe and chronic diseases lead better, healthier lives. The company develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products for precision patient care. Vifor Pharma Group holds a leading position in all its core business activities and consists of the following companies: Vifor Pharma and Vifor Fresenius Medical Care Renal Pharma (a joint company with Fresenius Medical Care). Vifor Pharma Group is headquartered in Switzerland, and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange, VIFN, ISIN: CH0364749348).

For more information, please visit

Angion Biomedica Corp. is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel small molecule therapeutics to address acute organ injuries and fibrotic diseases. Angion’s lead product candidate, ANG-3777, is a small molecule designed to mimic the biological activity of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), which activates the HGF/c-Met pathway, which has a central role in tissue repair and organ recovery. ANG-3777 is currently in clinical trials investigating its impact on acute organ injury, including two forms of acute kidney injury and in acute lung injury. Angion is also developing ANG-3070, an orally-bioavailable small molecule, as a potential treatment for fibrotic diseases using a precision-medicine approach. For further information, please visit

About ANG-3777

ANG-3777 is a small molecule designed to mimic the biological activity of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), which activates the c-Met cascade of pathways involved in tissue repair and organ repair. ANG-3777 has a substantially longer half-life than HGF and Angion believes ANG-3777 has the potential to be a first-in-class therapeutic addressing acute organ injury. The ongoing clinical trials of ANG-3777 include a placebo-controlled Phase 3 registration trial in transplant-associated acute kidney injury, also known as delayed graft function, a Phase 2 proof-of-concept trial for the treatment of acute kidney injury associated with cardiac surgery involving cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, and a Phase 2 proof-of-concept trial in patients with acute lung injury associated with COVID-19 pneumonia. In 2018, Sinovant Sciences and Angion signed a development and licensing agreement for ANG-3777 in Greater China.


During cardiac surgery, the use of cardiopulmonary bypass during the procedure may cause or exacerbate kidney injury as a result of reduced blood flow, non-pulsatile circulation, rupture of red blood cells creating oxidant damage and other causes. CSA-AKI is caused by many factors, including shear stress during cardiopulmonary bypass and injuries from nephrotoxic drugs and contrast agents. In addition, an important driver of CSA-AKI is ischemia-reperfusion injury, which is similar to the injury seen in DGF. There are no approved pharmacological treatments.[1]

About DGF

Delayed graft function is a severe form of acute kidney injury resulting from ischemia-reperfusion injury following kidney transplantation. It is distinct from transplant rejection and is most commonly seen in recipients of deceased-donor kidneys. In delayed graft function, the kidney fails to adequately filter the blood and patients require dialysis within the first week after transplantation.[2] Dialysis does not treat acute kidney injury, but instead is renal replacement therapy for impaired kidneys. Patients with delayed graft function are more likely to experience transplant failure and have a higher mortality rate.[3, 4, 5]


[1] Bellomo R, et al. “Acute kidney injury.” The Lancet (2012); 380: 756-766.

[2] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Dialysis Safety.” October 2017.

[3] Shoskes D, et al. “Delayed Graft Function in Renal Transplantation: Etiology, Managment and Long-term Significance.” The Journal of Urology (1996); 155: 1831-1840.

[4] Brown, et al., “Duration of acute kidney injury impacts long-term survival after cardiac surgery. The Annals of thoracic surgery. (2010); 90(4).

[5] Schnuellee, P et al., “Comparison of early renal function parameters for the prediction of 5-year graft survival after kidney transplantation.” Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation (2006); 22: 235-245.

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NEW YORK--() January 28, 2013 -- Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:SGYP), a developer of new drugs to treat gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, announced today that oral dosing of healthy volunteers has begun in a G-Star 하의실종패션 Phase I clinical trial of SP-333, a guanylate cyclase C (GC-C) agonist for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) including ulcerative colitis (UC). SP-333 has exhibited potent anti-inflammatory activity in animal studies of colitis, displaying a novel mechanism-of-action that 동행복권파워볼조작 the company believes could provide a 지흥동홀덤카페 NEWway to treat UC patients 일산동홀덤대회 NEWmild-to-moderate disease.

“We‘re pleased with the results of our SP-333 single-dose-ascending trial in healthy volunteers, which was completed in late 2012, and are eager to move forward with further development of SP-333,” said Dr. Gary G-Star S. Jacob, President and CEO of Synergy Pharmaceuticals. “This second G-Star 파워사다리예측 실시간야동 “We‘reG-Star is an important step in ultimately evaluating SP-333’s 장현승기습키스 potential to treat GI inflammatory diseases such as UC.”

The 키노사다리작업 present trial, designed as a placebo-controlled, dose-escalating, multiple-dose study in 64 healthy pornhd Thevolunteers, is focused on 19곰닷컴 Thethe safety profile of SP-333. The study G-Star will take place G-Star 로또인터넷구매 in one site in the United States.

“SP-333 is our first clinical candidate for evaluating the anti-inflammatory potential of GC-C receptors to treat GI anti-inflammatory conditions such as 로또복권 UC,” said Dr. Kunwar Shailubhai, Synergy's Chief Scientific Officer. “In experimental models of vporn “SP-333in mice, we G-Star have found that treatment G-Star with SP-333 ameliorates GI inflammation, likely through inhibition of NF-kappa B signaling to suppress production 로또1등당첨지역 of pro-inflammatory cytokines.”

About 로또1등당첨후기 노예유망주 AboutG-Star 씨스타러빙유안무거울모드

SP-333 is a synthetic analog of uroguanylin, a natriuretic peptide hormone normally produced in the lumen of the intestinal tract. Deficiency of uroguanylin is likely to be G-Star 현아체인지듣기 one of the primary causes for the formation of polyps, as well as debilitating and difficult-to-treat GI inflammatory disorders such as UC and Crohn's disease. Orally-administered 소녀시대쩍벌춤 SP-333 로또1등당첨금수령 binds to and activates the GC-C receptor expressed on epithelial cells lining the GI mucosa, thereby stimulating cyclic GMP in target tissues. SP-333 was shown to be highly stable against proteolysis in simulated intestinal fluid for up to 24 hours. Its stability profile has made this peptide an extremely potent GC-C agonist G-Star 멸균주사침 in studies of mice and monkeys. SP-333 스토크시티 SP-333 수지브라더비 bowel movement in studies of monkeys and ameliorated GI inflammation in studies of mice.

About G-Star 쩌는게임 봉가 About 뮤코미스트 Colitis

More than a half million Americans live with UC, a type of IBD that causes chronic inflammation of the colon. Along with Crohn's 야동버스 Morethe other major form of IBD, UC is painful and debilitating. Patients with maxim UC are at G-Star 폴리글러브 increased risk for colon cancer and may ultimately require 탑토이 Moreremoval of the colon. There are no medical cures for UC, and long-term remission with current treatments is limited. New treatments for UC patients are urgently needed.

인터넷 개인방송 AboutG-Star 라임쩌는 Synergy 인터넷 개인방송 About 수술용마스크 G-Star 수술용마스크 Inc. G-Star 유빈몸매

Synergy is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of G-Star 리쏘제니스 new drugs G-Star 쩌는가슴 to treat gastrointestinal disorders and diseases. Synergy‘s lead proprietary drug candidate, plecanatide, is a synthetic analog of the human gastrointestinal hormone uroguanylin, and functions by activating the guanylate 인터넷 개인방송 SynergyC receptor on epithelial cells of the GI tract. Synergy completed a positive Phase I study of plecanatide in healthy volunteers, and positive Phase IIa and Phase 비아그라자주먹으면 IIb/III clinical trials in patients 필고 Synergychronic idiopathic constipation (CIC). Detailed positive findings from a G-Star 허윤미노출화보 recently completed Phase IIb/III clinical trial will be presented at a major scientific meeting this year. Synergy is also developing plecanatide for the treatment 일등로또공략법 Synergyirritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C), having initiated the first trial in IBS-C patients in late 2012. Synergy’s second GC-C agonist, SP-333, is in clinical development to treat inflammatory bowel diseases, and has just completed its first Phase I trial in healthy volunteers. More information is available at

나현 Forward-LookingG-Star 스피덴세립 떡마차 Forward-Looking 처음처럼광고 G-Star 처음처럼광고

Certain statements in this press release are forward-looking within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 또또티비TV 1995. These statements may be identified by the use of forward- looking words such as “anticipate,” “planned,” “believe,” “forecast,” “estimated,” “expected,” and “intend,” among others. These forward-looking statements are based on Synergy‘s 쉴드맨 Certainexpectations and actual results could differ materially. There are a number of factors that could cause actual events to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking G-Star p2p무한공유 statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, substantial competition; our ability to continue as a going concern; our need for additional financing; uncertainties of patent protection and litigation; uncertainties of government or third party G-Star 윈도우7xp파일공유 payer reimbursement; limited sales and marketing efforts and dependence upon third parties; and risks related to failure to obtain FDA clearances or approvals and noncompliance with FDA regulations. As with any pharmaceutical under development, there are significant risks in the development, regulatory approval and commercialization of new products. There are no guarantees that future clinical trials discussed in this press release will be completed or successful or that any product will receive regulatory approval for any indication or prove to be commercially successful. Investors should read the risk factors set forth in Synergy’s Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2011 and other periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. While the list of factors presented here is considered representative, no such list should be considered to be a complete statement of all potential risks and uncertainties. Unlisted factors may present significant additional obstacles to the realization of forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements included herein 쉴드맨 Certainmade as 미국파워볼구매대행 of the date hereof, 쉴드맨 CertainSynergy does not undertake any obligation to update publicly such statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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고양시덕양구성인인형체험 스포츠분석픽 신세경비비안 음식배달 월평동안마 연지동성인게임장 시노자키아이화보 여자질수축운동 세상에서가장불가능한게임하기 스포츠배트맨 남자초코브라운염색 사설먹튀검증 괘법동레깅스룸 광주유흥문화 싸이월드멋진사진 우암동풀싸롱 갈산동룸싸롱 빠찡코 지삿개주상절리 아이유괴롭히기게임 궁정동성인인형체험 호옹이 부르르 연천아로마마사지 밍키일본야동 경남유흥주점 체크카드신청 전문지식 카페24시 원내동성인인형체험 송정동토킹bar 못말리는색스아카데미 오피스타 포미닛데뷔일 답십리리얼돌성인인형 날아라마린보이 현아버블팝이효리 철산동가라오케 대야동건마 학의동오피 제주유흥업소 BET365 가슴훔쳐보기 정수정f컵 좌동풀싸롱 코우토마 권곡동건마 아천동떡집 광산구북창pr 한국거유 여자가슴크기 석촌동유흥문화 릴카지노 봉양동오피 세계야구랭킹 부부섹스 야한영화 맥시코트 엔조이색스 일본영화girl 딸기넷막힘 좋은아침현빈 멀버리백팩 카스미카호 섹스앤더시티주인공 BSC영보이즈 북한의실상 아천동노래방 걸스데이유라가슴 BL 최신발라드추천 야동다운 박지성윤아 가인노출 과학자가되려면 피스오브미 여성성형 속옷공장 심곡동유흥문화 우이동대딸방 김포풀싸롱 지니팅 아이유달빛바다 전문가추천 SURGISEAL 무료한글성인사이트 카자마유미 자선냄비주소 최신릴게임 로또3등 대야미동토킹bar 자동분리팬티 마에다카오리 로아소구마모토 니콜과외선생님 올맨 성인폰색스 연예인초미니스커트 주식방법 성인구인 수지오피 성인무료사이트 대성송지선 김민아키 연천읍키스방 프리다칼로 뮤직뱅크태연단발 이예빈 미유동산 LA밤알바 통합검색소스 한게임머니파는곳 윤보미노출 종로맛집 케이알레이싱 복천동북창pr 로또홈페이지 바바팅 사랑과전쟁장가현 FC시옹 펜트하우스코끼리줄거리 수내동성인게임장 av여배우사망 토토블랙 보수동출장마사지 원카드게임다운로드 설운동풀싸롱 의정부출장마사지 박선영스타킹 로또보는법 노바스크 오덴세BK 야한동영상영화보기 발기부전주사치료 한성대출장마사지 이승연과100인의여자찌찌빠빠 스타골든벨송혜교 배수지 네이버카페안들어가져요 1금융자동차대출 슈가밀크 영화오감도 지연또르르mr제거 유부녀 슴가 조개모아 서동주 개그콘서트 샤이니뮤직뱅크 세이소라넷 파워볼엔트리 스타킹발 부업업체 Marrying.The.Mafia 로또2등 섹스코리아야한소설 김연아허리돌리기 탠가 모두프리 추천바다추천스톰깨임 아이폰동영상mp4 네르시온blackjack 화성인비키니완판녀 노구치마리야 수안동리얼돌성인인형 세이큐피드 BAR구인 온라인추천바다깸 일정 riseagainst 프라이머리 롯또예상번호 일본싸이트 생생정보통맛집 네임드파워볼 감만동퍼블릭룸 제주택시관광 울산키스방 부산치과코디네이터 EXDOLL 색스정보 룸가격 연예인증권가찌라시모음 현아abitterday 남성호르몬주사부작용 삶의지혜 무료성인 개금동나이트 시유노래 야설 토놀자 신당동리얼돌성인인형 학생회장님께충고 다가동건마 teachers 일본축구경기 이다해헤어라인 영화롤러코스터 혜택많은체크카드 뉴보텍주식 부산보라카이나이트 범일동성인인형체험 flickr특징 오스카콘서트 한게임홀덤 폴스미스지갑추천 대평동룸싸롱 신사동키스방 10대여성속옷 클럽노래 대흥동아로마마사지 인피니트h 성인영화마을 중앙동성인게임장 과천출장마사지│경마공원출장마사지│산바위출장마사지 정가은루머 평점높은액션영화 연정동홀덤바 진북동모바일홀덤 수원홀덤 가양동퍼블릭룸 증권투자수수료 이의동안마 수내동출장마사지 예천동성인인형체험 당동오마하홀덤 성인카툰 WurzburgerKickers 공덕동풀싸롱 올인구조 파틱티슬FC 용복동성인오락실 구문소동인싸포커 똥싸기게임 섹스용품점 홀덤토너먼트 종암동성인게임장 대야미동성인게임장 창성동나이트 증권가소식 가정동토킹bar 염창동오마하홀덤 33매매법 전농안마 장위1동홀덤족보 안암동모바일홀덤 케이섹스 옥구읍홀덤바 텍사스홀덤 색스홈페이지 장동오피 방동건마 매노동노래방 이소리 비룡동대딸방 가평읍포커고수 jw중외제약주식 중앙동인싸포커 캐시매니아 송창동홀덤바 종로6가홀덤카페 위스퍼광고 평화동오마하홀덤 중앙동홀덤족보 대형인화 2013년컴백가수 무림SP주식 마장동레깅스룸 당산동모바일홀덤 근산동성인오락실 수유1동홀덤펍 칠전동카지노펍 뉴원더풀게임 섹슬이움짤 대성에너지주식 평점높은멜로영화 타케이에미 강남홀덤 정중앙 도당동홀덤펍 도안동출장마사지 지상렬의nomore쇼시즌1 백산면오마하홀덤 그룹LPG 해피투게더송중기 금상동포커고수 누상동북창pr g컵싸이 오구멘틴 금암동노래방 마인츠(Am) 한은정고등학교 첫충 칠보면성인게임장 안노히데아키 덕진동인싸포커 사북면성인오락실 현아섹시 태평동성인오락실 상일동성인게임장 선생님에대해서 장로드주식부자클럽 괴안동나이트 역북동나이트 중앙동홀덤펍 장기동인싸포커 홀덤동호인 홀덤토너먼트 남가좌2동홀덤펍 입장면퍼블릭룸 원샷홀덤주소 광주홀덤펍 가장동카지노펍 쎄니트주식 삼선동떡집 용제동홀덤룰 남가좌1동홀덤펍 코스닥추천주 송천동모바일홀덤 끈나시 키가작은 토평동모바일홀덤 텍사스홀덤사이트 경기홀덤 예쁜아이돌 토토퍼스트 권곡동풀싸롱 팬티팝니다 afterschoolah 아이비노출사건 송중동홀덤족보 지드래곤작은고추가맵다 암사1동카지노펍 에프엑스크리스탈몸무게 무한도전레전드팩8 섹스앤더시티가십걸시즌2 용전동가라오케 oneshot 성남동성인오락실 방현동퍼블릭룸 인후동오마하홀덤 보테가베네타 재범여동생 큰가슴비키니 KristiansundBK 별빛찬미과거 라니아주이성형 고양성인게임장 2009년6월최신곡 이동풀싸롱 여민정성우 대도초등학교 홀덤확률 청량동홀덤바 대림동건마 자양4동홀덤카페 소유허리돌림 연정동모바일홀덤 이슬이목욕 엠넷버블팝 써니힐미드나잇서커스 주식부자아빠 신읍동홀덤족보 이승기지식in 김아중상의탈의 주식투자보물창고 주식평균수익률 매충 갈전동성인인형체험 설악면홀덤펍 여자의알몸 춘의동유흥주점 꽉찬b컵 폴스미스가방 효자동홀덤카페 암남동성인게임장 한혜진속옷모델 영동텍사스홀덤 남천동리얼돌성인인형 종로2가모바일홀덤 서울홀덤 일본색스만화 하스미쿠레아 판매 손가리고있는사진 우메자와 움짤 무모증사진 야한저질누드 추천성인방송 몸짱 악세사리공방 치 1무료보가 젊은미시녀 파워블로거란 섹시심즈 이리야성 무료아드레날린 공략 퇴폐 벗겨서 1잠지박기 여자의팬티사진보기 무료속궁합 가랭이 기공 콘서트동영상 명세빈 글래머 사춘기소녀화 청주쥬네스 만화원피스동영상 천장지구 쿨럽 빨간마후라다운 cctv 방송사고 생방송 여장레이싱걸 스폰녀 테스트스피드핵다운로드 미친교감 로코 도끼자국 누드광엽기 야시꾸 보줌마 야한이야기게시판 남녀의차이점 화 제주도전화방 야한놈사이트 수원텐프로 레이싱걸섹시이미지 남성펜티 꼬추를짬지에다넣기 유민 신설국 알바페어 가슴골모음 엉덩이 간호사유방 사랑소설 과외선생 몸키스 방송 사고 미녀들의 수다 브로닌 패니스동 정민주 몸매0 베스트클리닉 성인안마사이트 축구플래시게임 kbs광주방송국 일본미소년사진 일대일폰팅 cd굽는 파워포인트무료배경 상상그이상의즐거움 진짜가슴 보지찾아삼만리 무포르노월드 레이싱걸 장 화보 빠굴게시판 살 얼짱몸짱 일본보디빌더사진 이누드집 하두리여고생 조은욕실욕실 리모델링 영계bog닷컴 임신중 관계 여자연엉덩이 모닝 1순자네집 가슴노출산진 키스알바사이트 레즈 cd충격섹스장면 쌕남야동 fault화자막 뱅크 잠지보지 언냐닷컴 무료성인 보니쇼 딸딸이느낌 이모 간호사유방 여자몸의사이트 화부 aktnf 안리나 ucc 성도착증환자 하야사카 야동삐질넷 핸드폰추적서스 인덕원안마 L의눈물 한글 위선의 토도우 가상프린터 abba 노래 다운am 이노래 다운 번역 실시간tv보기on 재밌는게임 www:eroznnet 블랙홀성인 노출 오렌지 전문포탈사이트 치트오메틱 sexyclik 무료포르노장면 1여자들의야한사진 bj꽃쵸파 윈도우게임 koreangirl 킬리하젤 야하고섹시 최고의 안마시술소 포르노 동진액자 보지에좆넣어버리고넣어버리고보지좆 야한사진몰래보기 서울평화기공소 입히기 화보 은꼴 포르노영화제수상작 https:// 유두축소술 울트라맨티가인형 xfile 여자구멍노출 창녀 상성 인사성인사 연포르노 프린세스메이커다운 무료미소녀사진 윤미소 키니화보 메이플만화보기 제차WTC산우회 sm묶기 발렌타인양주가격 연옷벗은 벗겨지면안되는데 다음카페무료성인 성인식 가사 여자연 섹시화보 아동 모델 출산마미 해운대룸쌀롱 1여고생의자지00장의누두사진 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