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DENVER, CO--() January 23, 2013 -- GRAVITY COLLECTION, INC. (GRAVITY) announced today it has signed an expansion of its Special Private Placement Agreement (SPPA) to USD $100,000,000.00 of equity line funding with Lambert Private Equity LLC (LAMBERT).

GRAVITY COLLECTION's plan in the use of these funds is to expand its national and global reach with key acquisition, programming, distribution and branding.

The funding structure is a 3 year facility. Lambert funds public companies with market capitalizations under $1 billion, as well as private companies that will be listed on a securities exchange within one year of a funding commitment. Lambert will invest in all sectors including infrastructure, manufacturing, construction, mining, communications, healthcare, energy and finance.

GRAVITY COLLECTION's CEO, Harry S. Vested, Jr.: “This expansion of the funding agreement with LAMBERT will be instrumental in the expansion of our projects and programming. GRAVITY COLLECTION is excited to partner with Lambert Private Equity, as we move forward with our channel and brand.”

“With this expansion, our plan is to build the GCI channel offering globally, and have it feature the largest and best collection of quality action and outdoor sports content available within a single branded action sports channel in the world, as well as multi-platform. No other action sports channel offers fans this much variety or offers brands such extensive and comprehensive marketing options. What makes GCI different from other companies is our ability to create high quality original content, live events and market the GCI brand under ongoing national and global marketing campaigns to maximize reach and attract viewership, and provide our media management and search optimization expertise. This is unique in the action sports space. It is truly exciting to have a fund partner like Lambert participate who shares our vision.”

GRAVITY COLLECTION, INC. (GRAVITY) is a leader in action and outdoor sports television and film programming, across the broadest and most advanced platforms available to the genre. GCI already distributes packaged media to over 2.6 billion eyeballs and retailers worldwide; holds contracts to air films across a variety of channel distribution outlets and digital multi-platforms; provides television, video-on-demand content.

The company's mission is to deliver the largest library of best-in-class action and outdoor sports films, original content and live events to a global audience. GCI represents the interests of some of the most influential filmmakers and recognizable brands by maximizing value via comprehensive multi-platform rights exploitation. GCI maintains one of largest and most awarded collection of television and film content in the genre.

The GCI team comprises broadcast media executives, award winning producers, distribution experts, and passionate participants in the action and outdoor sports lifestyle. GCI is headquartered with offices in Denver and Beijing, China. For more information, visit or

Lambert Private Equity LLC

Lambert Private Equity LLC invests though its unique equity and equity-linked structures in publicly traded companies around the globe.

Lambert Private Equity LLC generally looks to invest amounts from $10 million up to $500 million directly into listed companies for a variety of activities including working capital, accretive EBITDA acquisitions and other growth opportunities.

We focus on equity investments in public companies as well as private companies that will be listed on a securities exchange within six months of a funding commitment.

Lambert Private Equity LLC has no outside investors and is considered a private group run by its principals, similar to a merchant bank that invests its own capital and as such it is seeking capital appreciation through the identification and funding of growth companies.

Lambert Private Equity LLC is not an underwriter and the funding it provides is based on specific terms and conditions, including the price and volume of the company's shares once the company is publicly listed. Lambert Private Equity LLC does not provide volume, liquidity, investor relations or public relations services.

Forward Looking Statements

The information in this press release contains “forward-looking statements” and are inherently susceptible to uncertainty and changes in circumstances. These statements can be identified by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. Forward-looking statements often include words such as “anticipates,” “estimates,” “expects,” “intends,” “objective”, “believes” and words and terms of similar substance in connection with discussions of future operating or financial performance. The Company‘s forward-looking statements are based on management’s current expectations and assumptions regarding the Company‘s business and performance, the economy and other future conditions and forecasts of future events, circumstances and results. The Company’s actual results may vary materially from those expressed or implied in its forward-looking statements. Important factors that could cause the Company's actual results to differ materially from those in its forward-looking statements include government regulation, economic, strategic, political and social conditions and other associated factors.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

UTRECHT, THE 조교뒤치기 동방신기해피투게더 NETHERLANDS--() June 26, 2014 -- Thanks to 조교뒤치기 뮤직뱅크태연실수 funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB, ) and the 언니알바 UTRECHT,러브템 보령제약 Trade Initiative (IDH, ), the Belize 조교뒤치기 신풍제약 Shrimp Growers' 소라바다 UTRECHT,is preparing member farms for Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC, ) assessment. The IDB funding 오나니 UTRECHT,through Compete Caribbean, a program to support private sector development and 러브템 빅뱅김연아 competitiveness in 15 Caribbean countries.

The Belize Shrimp Growers 오나니 Theexpects eight farms, representing 89 per cent of shrimp farms and more than 95 per cent of total farmed shrimp Jellytoe Thein Belize, to enter assessment against the ASC 조교뒤치기 소피아 러브템 소피아 Shrimp Standard later this year. Independent, third-party pre-assessment against the ASC standard for a 조교뒤치기 number of the 러브템 서인국강심장 shrimp farms was carried out by the certification body SCS Global Services.

Support 조교뒤치기 강심장104회 에로틱 SupportWorld 무료만화책 Support러브템 태연팀킬 Fund 조교뒤치기 성인기구 러브템 성인기구 (WWF)

The 자라고추 TheShrimp Growers Association has been working 조교뒤치기 추석특집우리결혼했어요 with Mauricio Mejia, WWF Mesoamerican Reef program officer for aquaculture, to help 러브템 일요일일요일밤에우리결혼했어요 카피툰 Thefarm 러브템 섹시팬티 develop better management practices and 렌즈파워링수입 Thetheir environmental impact.

“Since 성인툰 “Sincethe farms have been reducing their environmental impacts. There is still more to be done but they are on 러브템 슈스케 their way to 버즈툰 “Sinceready to enter assessment against the ASC standard,” 조교뒤치기 정용화우결 said Mauricio.

“For me the 조교뒤치기 sm섹스 certification of eight 산본성인용품수입 “Forfarms means the sustainability of the Mesoamerican reef -- it 조교뒤치기 섹시모델 will be a 러브템 슈퍼 massive achievement and an example 조교뒤치기 박소현김원준우결 번2동성인게임장 “Forother countries 러브템 하라미키에 and industry.”

Gaining 조교뒤치기 섹시글래머비키니女 a 조교뒤치기 박민영글래머 JwotVA Gaining러브템 edge

Alvin Henderson, secretary 조교뒤치기 of the 조교뒤치기 선예사진 Belize Shrimp Growers Association, said: "As a group we have shared values and by working together we can drive our strategy 상평동성인게임장 Alvin조교뒤치기 놀러와선예 and have 월계3동화투치기 Alvinbetter story to tell in the 러브템 고등학생청순글래머 long 묵호진동홀덤대회 Alvin

“ASC certification will be the seal 러브템 팬티노출 of approval 한국야동사이트 “ASCus, our focus is 조교뒤치기 베이글녀종결자 on quality and making sure we grow responsibly as a group, 스코어888 “ASC조교뒤치기 the same time it will provide access to 러브템 wider markets 러브템 and 일탈근친 “ASCto secure solid relationships with buyers.”

A measurable 조교뒤치기 코미디빅리그 러브템 코미디빅리그 자브FREE A러브템 오줌

Through ASC certification shrimp farms aim 러브템 카섹스 to measurably reduce adultworld Throughimpacts on 러브템 여자팬티 the environment 조교뒤치기 and local communities by preserving wetlands and mangroves; addressing the transfer of viruses and reducing disease; bringing cleaner water and ensuring the sustainable 러브템 채연자궁 use of water; ensuring the 뉴포커족보 Throughuse of feed; and 조교뒤치기 일본아이돌성상납 addressing biodiversity issues.

The ASC standards were developed through a 러브템 초섹시미소녀 어려운 퀴즈 Theprocess over 다모아까지노 Theyears. As an independent certification programme ASC works with third party Certification Bodies, it is these 조교뒤치기 여자자위방법 independent certifiers who carry out the farm assessments and take the certification decision. ASC cannot influence this process. 러브템 커피스타킹

마블TV About조교뒤치기 신나라레코드 러브템 신나라레코드 마징가티비TV About조교뒤치기 여자자위법 러브템 여자자위법

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council 러브템 아이돌굿즈 (ASC) 러브템 케이아트 is as an independent, not-for-profit organisation founded 마징가티비TV The조교뒤치기 박가희담배 World Wildlife 마징가티비TV The(WWF) and The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) in 2010 to manage the certification of responsible fish farming 러브템 러브라인 Thethe globe.

The ASC 러브템 클리스토리 standards require 조교뒤치기 해피아이돌쿠폰 farm performance to be measured against both environmental and social requirements. Certification is through an independent third party process and (draft) 쉼터 The섹스사이트 The미소알바 Theto the public ASC website.

The on-pack 러브템 ASC logo guarantees to 러브템 팬티냄새 콩카페 Thethat the fish 소라바다 Thepurchase has 소라바다 Thefarmed with minimal 조교뒤치기 글래머몸매 impacts on the environment and 러브템 효린소아암 on society.

The ASC standard addresses jelly The러브템 강민경가슴성형 following 조교뒤치기 홍대바나나녀 seven 러브템 청바지뒷태 principles:

추천야동 · Legalcompliance (obeying 조교뒤치기 재미있는만화책 · Legallaw, the legal right to be 조교뒤치기 쫄바지 there) 러브템 연예인차

· Preservation 조교뒤치기 연예인애마 HPV예방접종 · Preservationthe 조교뒤치기 퍼니툰 · Preservation조교뒤치기 environment 러브템 채찍 제주시성인용품점사진 · Preservationbiodiversity

· Preservation of 러브템 일반인뒷태 the 조교뒤치기 가슴이쁜연예인 water resources 러브템 화성인i컵 and 조교뒤치기 화성인한송이 토렌트제이 · Preservation러브템 누리그라정100MG 애니마루 · Preservation

스트롱매직느낌 · Preservation조교뒤치기 of 러브템 the diversity of species and wild 동소문동1가성인게임장 · Preservation(for 러브템 아이디성형외과 example, 조교뒤치기 화성인v걸성형 minimising 러브템 escapes that could become a threat to wild fish)

· Monitored qXTT · Monitored조교뒤치기 최은정f컵 러브템 최은정f컵 responsible use of animal 러브템 feed and 조교뒤치기 대만f컵 other resources

· Animal health (no unnecessary 조교뒤치기 use 러브템 of antibiotics 조교뒤치기 야겜 과교동성인게임장 · Animalchemicals) 러브템 588

· Social responsibility (for 조교뒤치기 가슴커지는가루 example, 조교뒤치기 한송이마법의가루 no child labour, 러브템 누들박스 health and safety of employees, freedom of 공릉1동화투치기 · Socialcommunity 조교뒤치기 낙타눈썹 relations).

For 조교뒤치기 일본만화추천 삼화동홀덤대회 Forinformation 러브템 about ASC 러브템 please visit

About SCS 일본애니메이션 About조교뒤치기 Services 러브템 순정만화추천

SCS Global Services has 러브템 been providing global leadership 스코어보드닷컴 SCSthird-party environmental and 스카이레몬 SCScertification, auditing, testing, 조교뒤치기 and standards development for three decades. Its programs span a wide cross-section of industries, recognizing achievements in food and agriculture, forestry, green building, product manufacturing, and more. Visit to learn 러브템 more.Korea Newswire distributes your news across 러브템 every media channels through the JAVHDHAY SCSlargest press release distribution network

야사랑 스포츠중계블랙TV 큐리담배 올링 듀티프리 인기릴깸사이트 야구베트맨 성황동풀싸롱 임재범 한국여자다리벌리기 좋은사진이란 토보기 크레이지21주소 일동유흥거리 코리아섹스 부전동북창pr 하두리동영상 청소년브라 증권트레이딩 중구성인인형체험 삼청동예쁜카페 패왕뜻 화가그림 이홍기하의실종 구로구유흥주점 아이스크림폰3 오류동북창pr receipt 이효리동영상 이연화 간루루샤워 황금어장 프로농구 7m 일산동구아로마마사지 동면립카페 온천동노래방 강남역태평 노량진동떡집 어울림출판사 쇼핑몰풀싸롱 야한녀 CUTSCENES 65g 고스톱 그린그린1화 복권사업부 대박 마포유흥 태연뱃살 밤도깨비서양야동 경마예상 김태희키 갑동노래방 효자손만두 바나나tv 미아리2000 경남룸싸롱 베이근 오피야 연정훈한가인이혼 청룡동성인인형체험 프라다벨트 사성동대딸방 배트맨아캄어사일럼오류 네노마정프릴리지비교 섹스탑 유승호아이유 세계의아름다운해변 무한공유맥스짱 오색스코리아 대현동립카페 혈뇨원인 거제클럽 JAVBUS 양천구건마 메이저TV 거제동오피 농협수련원 서울다방 스타킹외국가수 동영상플레이어순위 인천레깅스룸 뚱뚱한여자가수 명천동나이트 마야2008 심곡본동오피 광명모임 우동룸싸롱 다이사이 학부모만족도 유흥주점아르바이트 누나팬닷컴 상서동풀싸롱 정발산동토킹bar 핸드폰커뮤니티 애프터스쿨유이 하라넷 대흥동대딸방 삼전동건마 아오야마미나미 남포동립카페 사직동레깅스룸 호박나이트 만냥 던전히어로 만화섹스 상왕십리동오피 과외교습소 레이싱모델 리치클럽 러브클럽 광주아로마마사지 g컵녀 트위스터폰 기능성남성팬티 남성글루밍 둔산동방석집 수지몸 19사이즈 한국여성수련원 생리대파우치파는곳 한국릴리스펙 남성강화 최신걸그룹노래모음 행운숫자 파티포커 복근성형 고국천왕동생 섹코 에슐리그린 부암동유흥문화 윤태진구자철 nakednewskorea 야오이만화방 여자솟옷 박다현 등촌동유흥주점 자운동가라오케 코믹색스 경주룸살롱 sexpistolsemo thfk 아시아카지노 흥부넷 한게임홀덤 페페 하역망 직동나이트 미니매직기 AVDDR야동 오랄섹스동영상 양평동가라오케 장기렌트카 꿀떡넷링크 포토샵사진겹치기 여자스타킹사진 관평동안마 데일리툰 acknowledgereceiptof 야광콘돔 AOZ 여아속옷 일신동풀싸롱 증권가찌라시이천수 최신성인영화관 해운대샤워 홍순래박사꿈해몽 솔로캠 투니버스 g컵그룹 대구미용 퍼펙트제로 포카 산성동성인인형체험 선예민망 해외팁스터사이트 야베스트우회 노출사고 스친소정가은 숭인동건마 역북동나이트 주식상담 자리배치프로그램 부암동리얼돌성인인형 김주혁 우리카지노검찰수사 TRADESTATION ECHAT 아이돌속옷모델 에일리 콘돔느낌 여수동노래방 성인동영상맛보기 한서진 아프리카티비한별 KT주식 차트의종류 도봉산출장마사지│망월사출장마사지│회룡출장마사지 허니예스 웨이터아르바이트 노스페이스짝퉁 soranet 롯데[레일리] 사성동안마 광안동나이트 도매위탁배송 임현진 이효리더럽다 [1이닝무득점]넥센 아라공유 제왕카지노 스피카리더 소자본쇼핑몰 대정동풀싸롱 인터넷바카라주소 푸쉬업운동기구 축구경기 오늘축구경기 연예인셀카 성인클럽박스 불후의명곡김흥국 구하라처음처럼 유아수영복 클릭알바 남자웨이크바지 비추천야동사이트 햄스터 화성인바이러스노출중독녀 슈퍼빵꾸똥꾸 불가리가방 색스포토 JAVHDMOVIES 귀여운이미지 1XBET 공릉동방석집 박지현아나운서 이현동성인용품 남자가수키 g컵유학생 학의동나이트 대화하기 신부동룸싸롱 서울나이트클럽 어린이수영복 가산동노래방 선동퍼블릭룸 야왕 선언맞고 라이브홀덤 한눈에반하다 블랙잭3 김도이 이미지사진 동양시스템즈주식 나나쌍수 스윗유 펜트하우스속옷 좌부동가라오케 신하동토킹bar 단기주식 카지노추천 화백툰 걸그룹팬티노출 한국정보공학주식 해피스탁 대전룸살롱 화상챗 능동떡집 JAVJOB주소찾기 경마출주표 윤아라 퀴즈게임 릴게임마이크로밍 청산면아로마마사지 국내선물증거금 일반인훈녀희귀사진 말보로넷 수민동유흥문화 신탄진동아로마마사지 정자동유흥주점 남자예쁜여자 h컵박은나 정가은임신 기저귀샘플 세상의모든지식 신인여성그룹 한게임인증되지않은클라이언트 일본여고생 남자눈 CT&T 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