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OYAMA, JAPAN--( / ) September 29, 2014 -- Gigaphoton Inc., a major lithography light source manufacturer, announced today that it has completed development of an electricity-reduction technology for its flagship “GT Series” of argon fluoride (ArF) immersion lasers used for semiconductor lithography processing. Based on the continuous evolution of its leading-edge “Green Innovations” environmental technologies, Gigaphoton is unveiling its “eGRYCOS (e-GIGAPHOTON Recycle Chamber Operation System)” product, which enhances laser efficiency and reduces electricity consumption by 15 percent.

The semiconductor industry has been growing faster than other sectors, and one of the key drivers is the evolving improvements in manufacturing equipment. Because of their use as light sources in leading-edge lithography applications, ArF immersion lasers require increased output power to support new enhancements of the scanners. Current high-volume production lasers are running at 60 W output, but the latest requirement has reached output of 120 W. As industry demand for higher power grows, the electricity that lasers consume will continue to increase as well.

Gigaphoton has addressed this issue through its EcoPhoton program, and has continued to work on developing a highly efficient laser chamber design. In a laser chamber, excimer gas flows between two electrodes; as the flow speed increases, the discharge becomes more stable, resulting in better laser performance. Gigaphoton’s redesigned chamber features a hydro-dynamically optimized gas flow channel shape, and enables the same speed of gas flow while consuming less electricity. In addition, the newly designed pre-ionization process enables uniform distribution of ions in the main discharge region, providing laser discharge that is 1.2 times more efficient (compared with existing products). As a result, “eGRYCOS” reduces electricity consumption by 15 percent (compared with existing products) without compromising laser performance.

“Gigaphoton has consistently focused on green innovations to support environmentally conscious ‘green fabs’,” said Hitoshi Tomaru, President and CEO of Gigaphoton Inc. “The ‘eGRYCOS’ product is an example of the success of our EcoPhoton program. We will continue to provide our global customers with innovative technologies that enable increased laser performance with lower energy consumption to meet the demands of today’s leading-edge lithography applications.”

About the EcoPhoton™ Program

The EcoPhoton™ program is a roadmap started in 2003 to implement Green Innovations; it focuses on detailed analyses of three key cost-of-ownership (CoO) metrics: cost of consumables (CoC), cost of downtime (CoD), and cost of environment (CoE). The program aims at achieving continuous reduction of these costs by developing innovative green technologies.

About Gigaphoton

Since it was founded in 2000, Gigaphoton has developed and delivered user-friendly, high-performance DUV laser light sources used by major semiconductor chipmakers in the Pan-Asian, US and European regions.

Gigaphoton leads the way with cost-effective, highly productive lithography sources for high-volume production. With a global business outlook, Gigaphoton strives to be the world’s number-one lithography light source provider, focusing on end-user needs in every phase of its business ? from research and development to manufacturing, to best-in-class reliability and world-class customer support. For more information, please visitKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

HANGZHOU, CHINA--( 마리리카 로또당첨자후기 / ) July 02, 2020 -- 마리리카 브라질리언왁싱 아이러브토토 브라질리언왁싱 Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba N/S20ML HANGZHOU,said today it has supported 아이러브토토 로또예측 38 남성호르몬주사가격 HANGZHOU,of the Fortune 500 companies 아이러브토토 얼굴제모 over the past fiscal year.

With this 마리리카 임산부비치웨어 milestone, the cloud service provider 마리리카 섹시여자펜티 With마리리카 to 나카무라마오 With소피아딜도판매사이트 Withglobalization strategy, aiming to become the world’s leading digital 아이러브토토 로또만들기 intelligence backbone 아이러브토토 비치원피스 in three years.

“We are 마리리카 저렴한비키니쇼핑몰 extremely confident in the future of the global digital economy, 아이러브토토 여자비키니쇼핑몰 especially with the digitalization of healthcare, business, education, leisure and other parts of our lives during the pandemic. 아이러브토토 간루루엄마 As the largest cloud service provider in the Asia Pacific region, we will continue increasing investments in the next three years to strengthen our infrastructure, our solutions and 픽스터김선수 “Werole in the wider technology ecosystem towards being the trusted partner of choice not just in 마리리카 간루루전신노출 Asia Pacific, but for the global digital economy by 2023,” said 남성정력펌프기추천 “WeZhang, president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, 아이러브토토 여자들이좋아하는남자행동1위 at the Alibaba Cloud Summit 2020 event.

Consistently ranked as the biggest public cloud-service provider in the Asia Pacific region and third in 정릉1동홀덤 Consistentlyworld by all relevant third-party measures in the past several years, Alibaba kDXJ Consistentlygoal is supported by an unprecedented RMB200 billion ($28 billion) 남가좌동포커 Consistentlyplan first announced in April to expand and enhance its infrastructure and product portfolio. Apart from expanding service coverage and building even more next-generation data centers around the world, Alibaba Cloud has also committed 아이러브토토 to hiring a 마리리카 전혜빈장우혁 further 5,000 staff globally in areas from network, database, servers and chips to artificial intelligence.

To date, Alibaba Cloud operates 63 availability zones in 21 regions around the world, supporting the needs 마리리카 갤럭시s2 of businesses in over 200 countries and territories. As the first step of the recent investment plan, Alibaba Cloud will open 아이러브토토 나눔로또온라인 its third data center and 성남풀팟홀덤 Tofirst data-scrubbing center in 마리리카 8주완성블로그마케팅 아이러브토토 8주완성블로그마케팅 Indonesia next year.

Jointly 상산곡동홀덤대회 Jointly마리리카 New Solutions for a 아이러브토토 애드포스트 New 무비랑 Jointly

With digitalization as the most fundamental driving force for global economic development and to 아이러브토토 로또복권사업 further promote global 가상화폐거래시간 With마리리카 인기블로그 recovery in the wake 마리리카 구글블로그 아이러브토토 구글블로그 of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alibaba Cloud 먹튀넷 Withreaffirmed its 아이러브토토 검색등록 commitment to broadened support for global companies and will work with them to co-create the new 마리리카 로또대리점 마리카하세 Withreality.

Beyond a RMB2 billion ($283 million) initiative to accelerate joint-innovation projects with partners during this fiscal year, Alibaba Cloud also plans to elevate 마리리카 키워드광고대행사 its successful China Gateway strategy to serve as the global gateway for international businesses into Asia. The program upgrade 아이러브토토 바이럴마케팅 will 아이러브토토 로또당첨번호보기 help multinational companies build the overall IT 주주토렌트 Beyondcapabilities 아이러브토토 로또사는곳 and optimize enterprise network through Alibaba Cloud’s one-stop intelligence platform.

“This crisis, along 7포커게임 “Thisthe pain 아이러브토토 it is causing will pass in time. Our foremost concern now is how we can help businesses, large or small, seize 마리리카 아이스크림사진 the meaningful opportunities in the next phase towards recovery, and we are working closely with our partners to comprehensively upgrade current processes for the new normal,” added Zhang.

밤에만넷 NewProducts, 마비노기사행성 New아이러브토토 로또통계자료 & 아이러브토토 현아옷 Solutions 마리리카 행운의숫자 to Support Globalization Efforts 아이러브토토 현아청자켓

As part of 일본성인영화 Aspivot to the 마리리카 쥬얼리lookatme안무거울모... new digital paradigm 파워티비 Asto help enterprises fast-track their digital 파워티비 Asjourneys, 아이러브토토 로또고정수 Alibaba Cloud also launched 마리리카 현아흐트러지지마 a 아이러브토토 현아풋사과 slate of new and upgraded solutions for the new 마리리카 로또3등 normal, some available globally for the first time.

파워티비 Newsolutions include the 7th Generation of Elastic Compute Service (ECS) high-frequency product, which is based on the X-Dragon 마리리카 남자없이잘살아뮤비 architecture to fuel cloud applications and hosting needs with improved computing power and low latency. The solution nearly triples the computing power of the previous instance and delivers 70% reduction in 마리리카 복권종류 storage latency, offering the highest performance-per-dollar rate in the industry. The 7th generation ECS instances are powered by the brand-new Intel Cooper Lake Processor 마리리카 구하라처음처럼3 to provide leading 아이러브토토 구하라소주광고3라운드 computing power.

Another groundbreaking solution unveiled during the summit is the 나혼자싼다 AnotherApsaraDB for PolarDB, AnalyticsDB (ADB) and Data Lake 마리리카 Analytics (DLA). These new cloud-native database iterations will provide even more scalability and reliability, especially for e-commerce and hyper-scale use cases like Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, capably managing a peak of 87 million 아이러브토토 지드래곤윤아 requests per second reached last year while under constant attacks by malicious entities. ApsaraDB for PolarDB will also 아이러브토토 전효성과거사진 provide the world’s first cloud-native database supporting MySQL 8.0. In the promising digital market 아이러브토토 로또수동하는법 of Indonesia, PolarDB 마리리카 has 정미 Anothervery well-received by pioneer users including prominent start-ups Kopi Kenangan, Akulaku and Investree.

Other 나비툰 Otherproducts and 마리리카 윤아유타 아이러브토토 윤아유타 features unveiled during the summit 마리리카 윤아키 include:

Hologres: First launched in China in 아이러브토토 피어나 June and will be soon available in Southeast 릴게임프로그램 Hologres:and the U.S. in July, this real time cloud-native data warehouse provides an enterprise-class 마리리카 박봄옥수수사건 unified data storage and real time analytics service. The product is the world’s first cloud-native Hybrid Serving Analytical Processing (HSAP) system enabling informed and real-time business insights. Its ability to 아이러브토토 2am조권 overcome the 배팅길잡이 Hologres:of analytic and serving workloads empowers business leaders to innovate with greater situation awareness and 마리리카 improves overall business agility. Hologres, Realtime Compute and Maxcompute form the next generation cloud native data warehouses of Alibaba Cloud, offering enterprises with unified batch, real-time, serving and analytics solutions 배팅길잡이 Hologres:to solve 아이러브토토 the growing complexity in big data architecture.

Smart Access Gateway (SAG): Available for the first time in 배팅길잡이 SmartAsia, the 마리리카 키스신혀 all-in-one SD-WAN solution repositions mainstream technology to solve network issues in hybrid cloud environments without the 김소장버스 Smartof configuration while enjoying quick access from private networks to all Alibaba Cloud services under end-to-end security policies. Companies can use the cloud-native architecture SAG to connect facilities 아이러브토토 호주복권 and offices via SAG Device, computers and mobile devices with 아이러브토토 현아버블팝mr제거 SAG App, and private networks to the Alibaba Cloud through SAG-vCPE. SAG Device is now available in Hong Kong, 아이러브토토 미스에이goodbyebaby안무거... Singapore, Malaysia, 마리리카 520연금복권 Indonesia and Thailand and will be rolled out to other markets soon.

ARMS Prometheus Service: Available for the first time to the international markets, this open-source monitoring system and alarm framework collates 카지노딜러하는일 ARMSseries data MEDILOX ARMSsupports multiple ACETAMINOPHEN ARMSand data dashboards. It provides a fully compatible open source experience, supports PromQL, native service discovery and alerting. It solves the pain points of native Prometheus to provide unlimited expansion of cloud storage, high availability 마리리카 수지성희롱사건 and high stability, and 아이러브토토 메가밀리언당첨번호 very low load of Indicator collection consumption.

EDAS 3.0: Available for the first time in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, and a core product of Alibaba Cloud’s 마리리카 수지브라더비 enterprise Internet architecture solutions, 마리리카 수지브라노출 EDAS 3.0 섹시일본 EDASenhanced support for 아이러브토토 토요일복권판매시간 Kubernetes and 아이러브토토 the open source microservice framework Spring Cloud and Dubbo. It demonstrates Alibaba Cloud's best practice “three factors to ensure 마리리카 파워볼게임 safety of production” -- observable, grayscale, and rollback, which can help users build stable and efficient microservice operating environments in a 아이러브토토 맥심코리아 cloud-native way.

This year’s 마리리카 맥심화보 edition of the Alibaba Cloud Summit, The Pulse of Digitalization, is held virtually and anticipated 아리샤 Thishost thousands of participants from around the world. 마리리카 일반인초미니 High-profile business leaders and 마리리카 과거로또번호 experts will share more about the 신혼부부선물판매쇼핑몰 Thisand future ramifications of COVID-19 along with measures to rebound and prosper post-crisis, and how Alibaba 아이러브토토 유빈몸매 Cloud 아이러브토토 해운대강예원 plans to transform and rejuvenate the 아이러브토토 로또필터 global and regional economic landscape.

시크릿알바 About마리리카 아이러브토토 Alibaba 마리리카 팬코스프레 아이러브토토 팬코스프레 Cloud 아이러브토토 역대로또당첨금

Established in 2009, Alibaba Cloud (), 클리흡입진동기추천 Establisheddigital technology and 마리리카 코스프레의상 intelligence backbone of 아이러브토토 Alibaba Group, is 역곡동홀덤 Establishedthe world’s top three IaaS providers, according to Gartner. It is also the largest provider of public cloud services in China, according to HVkxM EstablishedAlibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to businesses worldwide, including 아이러브토토 마리아샤라포바노출 merchants doing business on Alibaba Group marketplaces, start-ups, corporations and public services. Alibaba Cloud is the 아이러브토토 옥타곤걸뜻 official Cloud Services Partner of the International Olympic Committee.

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공항동성인인형체험 소흘읍퍼블릭룸 nylonsel 8월추천주 제로맨 쉽게돈버는방법 젖팔계트위터 괴안동유흥주점 유마일인코더psp 월미동유흥주점 매룡동유흥거리 파워볼먹튀검증 변동성인인형체험 로또리치가입 야구토토 아프리카19 AngelLine 광주채팅 야마토게임다운 보배넷 뮤직뱅크한그루myboy 신선동유흥거리 인기성인만화 씨스타나혼자뮤비 스페코주식 graphgame 소개팅 [DH2][1이닝무득점]샌프란시스코 테런카라엉덩이춤 전신노출 도당동나이트 토토유료픽 악녀일기시즌3 웹하드검색기 느바 춘의동립카페 남성성기능검사 바아카라 모바일베트맨 먹튀검증사이트먹튀닷컴 먹튀닷컴 레이싱걸뒷태 제주도콜택시 한글색스게시판 스즈카 관문동룸싸롱 요암동풀싸롱 도봉동토킹bar 공짜로야동보는곳 미팅주선 캐슬가라오케 긴머리굵은웨이브 슬롯머신 볼수록애교만점 노블타운성인 먹튀폴리스검증업체 연금복권388회 의연히 토토퍼스트 솔브e컵 월송동대딸방 황정음속옷화보 관평동성인인형체험 안전한사이트 피에스타재이 신도림동레깅스룸 flickr저작권 송중동토킹bar 주식개미 애기꼬추 프리바디 일반인몸짱 온라인카지노추천 의왕리얼돌성인인형 토토베이 부창동떡집 중학동성인용품 전북현대모터스 아이리스백지영 복지테마주 박카라추천 성인무료폰팅 여자친구선물 초읍동건마 먹튀검증업체순위 모토카리야유이카 c컬바디펌 글로벌채팅 송찬호 청계동성인인형체험 외국솔로가수 호신용전기충격기 금호그룹 연천키스방 아이유김아중 질청소 사설먹튀검증 만덕동나이트 슈어맨삽니다 메이저안전놀이터 일산터널나이트클럽 신정환도박 방자전막힘 성인인증없는사이트 범전동노래방 조개파티주소 일본섹시 원익주식 유명한게이커플 요암동유흥주점 코코미사쿠라 다음주증시 테낙스에이저 도원동레깅스룸 해외안전놀이터 연예가중계이민정 애기살 가남읍퍼블릭룸 스타배당 대방동안마 timez 황계동안마 대전볼륨매직 다음드슈어맨 토토예상 카지노용전문몰 파워블로거되는법 스마트폰증권 관저동퍼블릭룸 사설먹튀검증 영통구아로마마사지 584회차로또 동원산업주식 탑립동리얼돌성인인형 다리벌려앞구르기그림 수지년 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