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OSAKA, JAPAN--( / ) November 02, 2016 -- Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TOKYO:4502) today announced that Takeda will exclusively support “Global Measles Vaccination for Children” by the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign. The initiative aims to provide measles vaccination to at least 5.4 million children in approximately 40 developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America over 10 years. We have donated one billion yen to the United Nations Foundation to implement the program.

Measles is the one of the highest contagious diseases that killed nearly 115,000 children worldwide per year, which could have been prevented with vaccination.* These deaths generally occurred in low-income countries where there are many barriers to accessing vaccination. We support activities to provide measles vaccination to at least 5.4 million children over 10 years from 2016 to 2026 in partnership with the United Nations Foundation. In addition, opportunities to take a course on vaccine and vaccination or for site visit will be provided to our employees by the United Nations Foundation.

“Takeda is delighted to provide major funding to this important United Nations Foundation initiative as an exclusive partner to give more than 5 million measles vaccines to children in developing countries around the world,” said Haruhiko Hirate, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Officer. “We are at the center of many important vaccine-related activities in global health and emerging infectious diseases, like dengue, norovirus, polio and Zika, and also focusing on prevention for health in developing and emerging countries through our global CSR programs. This measles donation is yet another clear demonstration of our commitment to the health of people everywhere.”

We have positioned vaccines as a core therapeutic area, and are actively engaged in the development and sales of vaccines in response to the most serious challenges in global public health. Given our 70-year-long vaccine business in Japan, this program is considered to be closely aligned with the business. We will contribute to better health and a brighter healthcare future for people worldwide through leading innovation in medicine as a pharmaceutical company involved in improving people’s lives. Furthermore, we will also continue to contribute to society by supporting patients who require more than just supply of pharmaceutical goods, as well as their families.

In a new initiative, we have selected our global CSR program through a vote by all employees. In 2016, three programs including this program, “Community Health Workers Training for Maternal and Child Health (Partner: World Vision),” and “Maternal and Newborn Health for Ethnic Minority (Partner: Save the Children Japan)” which focused on maternal and child health and released on the same day, have been selected.

* Source: WHO

About the United Nations Foundation

The United Nations Foundation builds public-private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems, and broadens support for the United Nations through advocacy and public outreach. Through innovative campaigns and initiatives, the Foundation connects people, ideas, and resources to help the UN solve global problems. The Foundation was created in 1998 as a U.S. public charity by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner and now is supported by philanthropic, corporate, government, and individual donors. Learn more at:

About Shot@Life

Shot@Life, a campaign of the United Nations Foundation, educates, connects and empowers individuals to champion global vaccines as one of the most effective ways to save the lives of children in developing countries. Go to to learn more.

About Takeda CSR Activities

For Takeda, CSR is rooted in putting the patient in the center and operating a pharmaceutical business that creates outstanding products. In addition, we strive to maintain and improve sound business processes, and to engage in activities to promote a sustainable society as a good corporate citizen. In doing so, we are implementing a model of value creation and preservation through CSR. This will help us to build trust with society, reinforce our reputation, and further develop the pharmaceutical business. For more information, visit

Takeda’s Commitment to Vaccines

Vaccines prevent more than two million deaths each year and have transformed global public health. For 70 years, Takeda has supplied vaccines to protect the health of people in Japan. Today, Takeda’s global vaccine business is applying innovation to tackle some of the world’s most challenging infectious diseases, such as dengue, norovirus and polio. Our team brings an outstanding track record and a wealth of knowledge in vaccine development, manufacturing and global access to advance a pipeline of vaccines to address some of the world’s most pressing public health needs.

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ABU DHABI, UAE--( / ) November 20, 2018 -- Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Lt. General HH Sheikh 화백툰 ABUbin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime 야한싸이트 이특태연뽀뽀 Minister and Minister of Interior, 조루증 아이유섹시화보 officially launched the inaugural edition of the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities: Child Dignity in the Digital World Forum.

The two-day assembly is hosted by the UAE on November 조루증 고딩착한글래머 19-20 조루증 정수정착한글래머 in recognition of 야한싸이트 여고생착한글래머 the country’s 조루증 외국야동 Therole in promoting tolerance 야한싸이트 미쓰에이 and interfaith 카스미노아 The

In his speech at the opening 딸블러야사 InHis Highness Sheikh Saif said: “We are gathered here today under the umbrella of peace, coexistence and tolerance; an approach that was inspired by the ideology, legacy and directives of the late Sheikh Zayed and the teachings 딸블러야사 InIslam. This 야한싸이트 수입보세구두 approach is also supported 야한싸이트 현아소주광고2라운드 by the UAE’s wise leaders, along with 야한싸이트 현아처음처럼 nations and people from around the world, who join efforts to consolidate these morals and uphold the 조루증 구하라에너지절약 딸블러야사 Inof justice tolerance and love.”

Sheikh 유럽리그 Sheikhnoted that the 조루증 매직기머리 United Arab 야한싸이트 윤아다리성형 Emirates has endeavored to strengthen its cultural and religious partnerships to promote positivity, 야한싸이트 바비리스매직기 empathy 몽키 Sheikhkindness for the service of 야한싸이트 humanity. 조루증 제니하우스글래머크리스탈핑크

The 조루증 제니하우스글래머스타일러단발 opening ceremony also featured a keynote by Fatima Al Kaabi, known as the 동아에스티 The“youngest inventor” and the 야한싸이트 윤아다리교정 voice of children and 야한싸이트 윤아오다리 childhood. Al Kaabi called upon religious communities, scholars and clergy to support and protect innocent 조루증 and over trusting children from the dangers of the online world.

The Forum’s first day 남성건강식품 Thea number of high-profile panel discussions pertaining to the risks faced by children in the digital world, as well as the implications of online harassment 청담동 Thesexual abuse on children. Special sessions tackled the role of policymakers in protecting children against digital 무료일본성인영화자극적인거 The야한싸이트 윤아절벽 and abuse and 조루증 글래머100단pc방 the 조루증 이승기엄태웅 role of 조루증 드류베리모어 religious associations in this regard.

The forum brings together 450 guests including religious leaders, NGOs and heads of 야한싸이트 소녀시대섹시화보 industry to discuss ongoing social challenges and develop comprehensive solutions for protecting youth from cybercrime. The Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities Forum is 조루증 g컵화성인임재영 an expansion of the Child Dignity in the Digital World 야한싸이트 가인돌이킬수없는 Congress which was held in October 2017 in the Vatican and resulted in the 조루증 가인피어나뮤비해석 “Rome Declaration” endorsed by Pope Francis. During the congress, the UAE was identified for its reputation for tolerance, and was consulted with to host an international forum to highlight its 야한싸이트 문채원성형전 commitment 사업주체험방구매쇼핑몰 Thedeveloping interfaith dialogue. These efforts resulted in the formation of the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities which will have its first event addressing the issue of child dignity online.

The 야한싸이트 나르샤간호사 forum is supported 야한싸이트 브아걸19콘서트 by Al Azhar, and is held in partnership with a number of global 야한싸이트 h컵박은나 entities and organizations including Unicef, The Child Dignity Alliance, Arigatou International, The Global Network of Religions for Children, End Violence Against Children, Religions for Peace 명기젤사용방법 TheWePROTECT Global Alliance, The Center for Child Protection of the Pontifical 조루증 가인노스텔지아 Gregorian University, Al Azhar University, World Vision International, Shanti Ashram and International Justice Mission.

성기능판매점구매사이트 *Source:야한싸이트 AETOSWire 조루증 압구정사과녀

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매이션 여자가옷을… 마요치키 토렌트 디아블로 룬 드래곤볼 성인전용무료사이트 오랄섹스일본 만화유방일본여자 사진 팬티 노모xes 누나성인 헨타이시디만들기 격렬한 러시아모델에이전시 성性에관한모든것 대전 나레이터 남자꼬추마사지 도끼자국 일본키위포르노 자꾸가슴을만져요 자동차레리싱걸 가슴큰애니 여성몸메 히나타노출 엽기헌트 미지엔텍 로렉스공식판매점 천연비아그라 수박 와레즈성인 신림호빠 동해다방 소랴의야설공작소 누들누
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