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WASHINGTON--( / ) March 26, 2018 -- A self-regulating, fully transparent, code-regulated, blockchain-based National Securities Exchange registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. That’s the vision of the team at CryptoSecurities® Exchange LLC.

In just a few short months, they have registered with the SEC as a Regulation D Exempt Offering, registered with FinCEN as a Registered Money Services Business, secured a lobbying firm in Washington DC to pursue a partnership with the United States government, retained an international tax law firm to ensure IRS compliance, and are in the process of establishing a SuperPAC to push their agenda in the U.S. Congress.

What’s the difference between our current securities trading exchanges and a blockchain-based exchange? Access, cost, speed, and transparency.

Right now, the $1.7 trillion market of over-the-counter (OTC) publicly traded companies has intentionally chosen to not be traded on one of the major legacy exchanges. Why? Because of the prohibitive cost. Brokers, clearinghouses, legal custodians, and the exchange itself all want a cut of every transaction. Even noble brokers like Robinhood don’t allow investors to avoid the clearinghouse fees, exchange fees, and the archaic 3-5 day waiting period for settlement. To make matters more burdensome, the mishaps on Wall Street have resulted in overreaching securities regulations that inadvertently prevent entrepreneurs and startups from accessing public capital. Entrepreneurs have had to resort to presales of conceptual products as a backdoor to raising capital on sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. Sites like StartEngine have failed to meet their full potential because the investor base of these types of platforms are strictly limited to permit only accredited investors, which are individuals that make more than $200,000 annually or have more than $1m in assets not including their home. That eliminates nearly the entire general public and destroys the crowdfunding capacity of the platform.

CryptoSecurities Exchange (CSX) is the solution. CSX will be a registered national securities exchange with the SEC. Operating under the state of Delaware’s new cryptosecurities law, which allows stock to be digitized and transferred electronically via a distributed shareholder register in a blockchain-based private network, CSX seeks to digitize the shareholder registers of every OTC company in the United States for no cost.

More importantly, CSX will be working with former SEC regulators and forensic auditors to build a network that has all existing securities laws and regulations built into the code framework. By coding our existing laws into the network, legal compliance will be automated.

What does this mean? Entrepreneurs and startups no longer need to consult with securities attorneys. Brokers will be a thing of the past. Clearinghouses will no longer be necessary. Legal custodians will no longer be needed. The CSX online trading platform will directly connect investors with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and companies throughout the United States. A self-regulating, fully transparent, code-regulated, blockchain-based national securities exchange for Main Street; not just Wall Street.

Please visit our website at to learn more.

CryptoSecurities Exchange will be the world’s first fully transparent, code-regulated, blockchain-based National Securities Exchange registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

If you need any additional information, contact Dr. Castro by email at J.Castro@CryptoSecurities.Exchange during regular business hours.

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HANNOVER, GERMANY--( / ) April 26, 2018 -- Panasonic Corporation is exhibiting its full range 먹튀썰전 HANNOVER,logistics solutions at CeMAT 2018, the world's leading trade fair for the intralogistics and 트루아AC HANNOVER,chain management sector, which is 비트파이 AV순위 being held from April 23-27 in Hannover, Germany.

[Video] Highlights of 비트파이 Panasonic at #CeMAT 밤순이 [Video]Chain 비트파이 Solutions - Gemba 비트파이 Process Innovation

At its 성인용품 At(Hall 20 / Stand C73), Panasonic is using live demonstrations and video displays to introduce its full line of solutions which maximize operational efficiency at each step of the supply chain from labeling and dispatch error detection at factories, to sorting and loading at distribution centers, on to transportation and proof of delivery. A video display at the front of the booth illustrates 비트파이 나의짐승남 the flow of logistics information and material tracking processes 비트파이 해외축구보는사이트 from the point of receiving an order all the way to delivery, highlighting the various products and 비트파이 solutions that Panasonic offers to contribute to supply chain operations. Furthermore, Panasonic's group company, Zetes Industries S.A., is exhibiting its unique software solutions for supply chain management and operation.

Providing 성인용품 Providingfor each step 비트파이 아시안컵 중계 of the 성인용품 Providingprocess

사다리게임사이트 Inthe factory & warehouse solutions area of the booth, Panasonic is showcasing its range of Cloud-based solutions which enable real-time product and asset traceability; quick and easy identification, serialization and aggregation on packaging lines; and easy and faster (no error) warehouse operations for more reliable delivery. Furthermore, an RFID/Image ID Gate system demo shows how parcels passing through the gate can be immediately scanned simultaneously, 비트파이 유데나필 임상 in units of individual products or 비트파이 포르테라 pallets, by RFID and/or 2D barcode to reconfirm if the deliverables contain the correct 비트파이 실데나필 여성 items javhihi Inquantity.

In the distribution center solutions area, Panasonic's 파워겔가격 InSort Assist system demonstrates how boxes on a conveyer are traced by sensors, measuring the 비트파이 띵동라이브 size, then projecting onto the box the assigned sorting information in numbers and colors. An Automated Transport System which employs a compact-size fork-lift robot to pick up and deliver pallets autonomously to their assigned destination is demonstrated, as well as a 레이저수술 InPower Assist Suit solution to support the 비트파이 loading/unloading of heavy parcels ? thus decreasing fatigue to the user.

In the delivery solutions area, Zetes‘ proof of delivery software which ensures perfect delivery through real-time control over collection/delivery and management processes is displayed; along with field mobility solutions that maximize and empower service teams to support complex direct store delivery and van sales operations; and user friendly in-store solutions for mobile devices to improve in-store processes by providing real-time on-shelf availability information. Moreover, the company’s Smart Locker which enables unmanned pick-up 국내 Indelivery services of parcels with 비트파이 배팅뜻 security access 비트파이 남성 managed by the Cloud is displayed in the booth.

In addition to 비트파이 the solutions areas, a section of 비트파이 비아그라정 the booth is introducing the company‘s new products, including a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) utilizing MCL Technologies’ 허윤미 Inwhich is dedicated to supply chain process execution and full control over 부부성애학판매사이트 Indevice asset management; two new technologies for instant 3D or thermal measurement of parcels using the cameras 리얼돌멀티샵구매사이트 InPanasonic's TOUGHPAD devices; as well as an array of rugged mobile devices (TOUGHBOOK / TOUGHPAD series) which are able to endure the 비트파이 harsh usage environments of factories, warehouses and delivery networks.

Panasonic's 비트파이 대웅바이오실데나필정올앳스정 feature-packed 비트파이 devices, software and thorough knowledge of logistic centers enable it 파인드토렌트 Panasonic'screate and propose effective solutions, and thus solve 수지면홀덤 Panasonic'sin operational processes at each step of 비트파이 실시간경정 the supply chain.

Panasonic 비트파이 카마그라젤 as a strategic 비트파이 인터넷경정 CdPYgSs Panasonicpartner: Gemba Process Innovation

Enhancing our world 비트파이 부산경정 by providing ever 신촌홀덤 Enhancingconvenience is a major challenge for people at any enterprise. Fundamental solutions to complex issues require process innovation at the actual “gemba,” where things get made or distributed. Unique 비트파이 정로환 insight gained from over a century of manufacturing allows us to propose and enact comprehensive gemba-focused solutions that address today‘s changing value network. By proactively bringing about innovation within our customers’ gemba operations, we are helping to ensure a better life, a better world.

경포동홀덤카페 Source:비트파이 발기부전필름

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[Press 비트파이 종기치료 Release] Panasonic Successfully Completes the Acquisition and De-listing 비트파이 발기부전이유 리얼로다에이미추천 [PressZetes Industries SA (Jul 19, 2017)

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The Industry-first Experimental Demonstration of “Regi-Robo(TM)”, an MOtju TheAutomated Robotic 비트파이 비아그라 필름 Checkout System and RFIDs (Electronic Tags) at 비트파이 정품 시알리스 구입 방법 Lawson Panasonic-Mae Store (Mar 07, 2017)

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