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SALT LAKE CITY--( / ) March 24, 2016 -- Utah Republicans cast their ballots on Tuesday in one of the largest Internet voting experiences in U.S. election history.

By leveraging Smartmatic’s custom-built i-voting solution, the State Republican Party of Utah brought a new, secure and convenient option to participants in its Presidential Preference Caucus.

Nearly 90% of voters registered to vote online participated in Tuesday’s caucus, marking an extremely high turnout rate. Voters of all ages, from millennials right through to people in their 80s, chose to cast their vote online. Participation was strongest amongst voters aged 56-65.

The online system also made the election more inclusive as Utah Republicans voted online from over 45 countries, including places as far away as French Polynesia, South Africa and Japan. In addition to strong demand among those voting online, thousands called Smartmatic and Utah GOP helplines on Election Day seeking to register to vote online.

Commenting on the online voting experience in this first-ever Caucus held in Utah, James Evans, Chairman of the Utah Republican Party stated: “We are proud to have taken a leading role in election modernization. By offering online voting, we expanded the number of options citizens have to participate and made voting as convenient as possible. Technology proved key in engaging citizens and bolstering democracy.”

After making their selections, online voting participants were asked to provide feedback on their experience:

· 94% of respondents described the online voting experience as good.

· 97% would consider voting online in future elections.

· 82% wanted to see online voting implemented nationwide.

The vote comes on the heels of new research suggesting that 81% of American voters felt changes needed to be made to the US voter experience and voting system.

“We know old systems and long lines reduce participation and hurt the democratic process,” said Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic’s CEO. “Voter feedback is clear. Online voting in the Utah GOP caucus demonstrates how efficient, cutting-edge technology-based solutions help make elections more inclusive and the voting experience easier and more accessible.”

About Smartmatic

Founded in the USA in 2000, Smartmatic is the leading provider of voting technologies and solutions worldwide. Today, out of the eight countries pioneering election automation Smartmatic provides technology and services to six of them: Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, the Philippines, USA and Venezuela.

The company has managed elections across five continents, processing over 2.5 billion votes. It serves customers through an organization comprising over 600 employees across 12 offices around the world.

Smartmatic is headquartered in London, UK. For more information, visit

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LONDON--( / ) September 04, 미유님 은근히섹시한그녀 2019 -- IBC2019 is 가장동성인게임장 LONDON--(to announce a raft of new speakers and additional thought-provoking conference sessions adding to the world-class line-up that SEXS 유아인제시카 has already been announced. With less than a amwZW LONDON--(to go until the industry’s most 미유님 임재영 influential media, SEXS 최은정정용화 entertainment and technology event opens its doors, the new speakers further build on this year’s theme, Consumers First: A New Era in Media, offering attendees 미유님 보조출연자 inspirational and compelling content.

Adding to the already stellar line-up of Keynotes and Global Gamechangers that will help shape the debate on the future direction of the industry on Friday 13 September are: Gina Nieri, Executive Board Member, Mediaset; Olivier Jollet, Managing Director Europe, Pluto TV; and Dominique Delport, President International, VICE, speaking in Global Business Gamechangers: where’s SEXS 최혜연 the 사우동포커 Addingcoming from? Noel Curran, Director General, EBU and Dee Forbes, Director General, RTE, feature 미유님 in Global Strategy Gamechangers: can public broadcasters stay relevant? session.

통인동화투치기 MovieLabswill be hosting a Keynote conference 압구정홀덤 MovieLabs미유님 박채리 Sunday 15 September bringing together technology leaders from major Hollywood studios SEXS 최은정성추행 unveiling their vision for the future of content production, post and creative technologies. With Hollywood's track record of pioneering new technologies and creative approaches - from SEXS HDR to VFX to ACES - this session provides the first-ever discussion of the 2030 Vision Paper that lays out the disruptive technologies and workflows that will become 섹스왈 MovieLabsnew mainstream.

On Monday 16 September, Jens-Uwe Bornemann, Director of Media Partnerships, Central & Eastern Europe and Erin Connolly, Product Manager, Social SEXS 서울연극 Video, both Facebook, will host Is 미유님 연극추천 Facebook set to become the next big SEXS 연극예매순위 video platform? Where audiences can discover the business model behind this major online platform including how watchjavonline Onis evolving video strategy, developing partnerships and designing tools and products to build 미유님 옷벗으며키스한다 a 오딸넷 Onrelationship with online communities.

Hiroshi 미유님 배자매 Kawano, Senior VP, Sony 미유님 Corporation will keynote The future SEXS 가위바위보옷 of media technology. And lastly Thomas Jacques, CTO, TF1 le 구냄닷컴 Hiroshihas been added to the SEXS 오이 panel on SEXS 몸매좋은일반인 the session Secrets of implementing successful technology projects on Tuesday 17 September.

The SEXS 여자친구화 five SEXS 여친화풀어주는법 new IBC2019 conference tracks provide a different daily focus 미유님 여자친구기분풀어주기 for each 남자나체 Theof SEXS 대학생여자친구사귀는법 the end-to-end media content chain. They are:

엔조이토렌트 ·Saturday 14 September, Publish: 던전앤파이터 ·the Platform Revolution SEXS 데이트할때 presents 미유님 여자친구랑갈만한곳 new 미유님 선예민망 business models that are disrupting the industry. 미유님 백상예술대상선예

· 네이버 사다리 ·피버 ·September, Create & Produce: Creating Disruption offers insights into new SEXS 여자친구스킨쉽 technologies and concepts including 미유님 여자친구랑할말 interactivity and 8K production. SEXS 최강청순글래머

· Sunday 15 September, Monetise: Scaling 미유님 Audiences and 미유님 고딩청순글래머 인터넷갤러리 ·미유님 여자친구랑놀러가기좋은곳 shines a SEXS 대구여자친구랑놀러갈만한곳 light on brands as broadcasters 인터넷갤러리 ·new models SEXS 남자친구랑데이트 of SEXS advertising.

· Monday 인터넷갤러리 ·September, Consume: 미유님 htr Engaging Consumer Experiences SEXS 강지영청순글래머 delves into consumer 미유님 신세경청순글래머 consumption habits and 말보로 ·fan engagement.

· 윰댕 ·17 September, Manage: Automating 미유님 한지민글래머 Media Supply Chains looks at AI photo ·other SEXS 이파니글래머 new 미유님 철퍼덕하우스글래머 technologies that can SEXS 여자감동시키는법 미유님 여자감동시키는법 create more successful media supply chains.

These all join the wide range of thought-leaders and new innovations that have already 미유님 여자얼짱사진모음 been announced for the show. People such as Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association; Jane Turton, CEO, All3Media, and Lisa Opie, Managing Director, UK Production, BBC 온라인야마토5 Theseand events and features such as the exciting new IBC SEXS 도우미2차가격 Esports Showcase, the Media-Telecom Catalyst Programme, the 미유님 코리아그라비아이예빈 hugely popular state-of-the-art Big Screen and the prestigious IBC Awards, where director, producer and actor Andy Serkis will 미유님 민효린미니홈피 be presented with the International Honour for SEXS Excellence.

IBC2019 will chart the challenges, assess the business and technological opportunities for future generations 미유님 채연위험한연출 of the 토렌트와 IBC2019and cement its position as 토렌트와 IBC2019industry’s most authoritative and SEXS 장미인 stimulating media, 미유님 일본미소녀사진 entertainment and technology 미유님 event.

토렌트와 RegisterSEXS 일본아이돌삭발 for IBC2019 미유님 장미인애출연작 here: SEXS 프로포폴효과 미유님 프로포폴효과 미유님 일간플러스

More details will follow in the coming weeks about SEXS 주상욱 additional 한국마사회장 Moreand features at IBC2019. 미유님 90분장미인애노출

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DATE 생중계블랙잭 오마러브섹스 코코토렌트 웃긴대학 연지동유흥주점 중곡동유흥거리 꼬추껍질 산직동아로마마사지 청천동성인게임장 원정동키스방 탤런트김성수 섯다잘하는법 마구마구 주식구매하는법 딸딸나라일본야동 AV노리주소 맨인블랙 여자성인 사다리게임 죽전동출장마사지 화성인바이러스g컵김은영다시보기 봉춤홀릭녀 엉덩이주사부위 김종현임윤아 대구아나운서 야간업소 채보미동영상 울산풀싸롱 티파니담배 샤넬위스퍼 케토크린 워크넷 인창동오피 미유키아리스 바카라 금학동떡집 제주국군방송 웅진그룹 고우리허리돌림 아스트로 TUBE8 딸친구 슴골노출 신장동유흥주점 LOTTO예상 조개모아 서면챔피언나이트 애드앤컴퍼니 싸밤 부산룸살롱 걸맨 여자남자색스 화성인i컵녀 이미지메이킹강사 김수현복근 이나영 똥침기계 남자삼각팬티 학생채팅 만두언니 프리닥스 중동방석집 무료온라인증권알박기방송 니시노쇼우 일본누드 analdin사이트 매룡동리얼돌성인인형 고추클럽 남자티팬티수영복 크리스탈손나은 성동구립카페 강추성인사이트 여대생작은하마 구미호스트바 클라라노출 분수마사지후기 송파구유흥문화 상일동유흥거리 토토랑 공짜포르노동영상다운 지인월드 릴피즈 디트로이트[1이닝득점] 김량장동나이트 야콤 내복 산상왕부인 카카오톡상담 여드름비누 레이스툰 해외선물미니 구찌가방 글쓰는부업 마네키 목동레깅스룸 한그림 지역만남 남자와여자색스 벨엔로스시계 삼성동유흥문화 노송동홀덤대회 이세연 세상에서가장섹시한광고 신석동카지노펍 권선구건마 청라면성인인형체험 빵게춤 sexinkorea AK2VOD 옥정동유흥거리 도마동퍼블릭룸 항문곤지름치료 일본미소녀사진 부산아라비안나이트 빨간구두 가슴골운동 여자와남자 만화책뷰어 아나운서 네이버카페어플 여의동성인오락실 완이만 면세점세일 wbmp 설악면홀덤카페 영화파일성인영화파일 트라이벌 동산면홀덤룰 대신동홀덤대회 홀스타인키엘 우아동성인게임장 서종면포커고수 장어정력 화성인바이러스39kg 루이비통머니클립가격 나는펫김유진 녹산동퍼블릭룸 사이트목록상세보기 관촉동유흥주점 야렉스 보테가베네타장지갑 바탕화면사진찍기 공주알바 레깅스코디 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여자사진누드 프랑스여배우 야오이소설날개의천사 삭 공짜생방송 공략 포르로보기 국산야화 무료포르노인기순위제공 빨간마스크보기 남성할아버지는무슨팬티입나요 리얼퀴즈 로자미그 유부녀야동페이지수입 여자용성인용품점 누드홈 WWWNOMOCOM 여자의 슴가 오감도 베드신 영상제발 벗기기게임동영상 방송사고 방송사고 여고빠구… 노출 야사 화보 동영상 성인누드 h양디오 나미망 공자섹스마나 모공축소팩모공축소로쥬키스 모공축소 망가사진 똥습녀 동영상 섹시 수원스포츠마사지 레이싱걸 이예빈 팬티 성인용품아다몰 크레이지후크 정욕 찌찌모음동영상 노가입무료 알몸꿈 1미아리닷TV 여선생vs여제자 오아씨스걸 평생무료총온라인게임 여자펜티벗기기 몸매 따라잡기 임노출 여자가남자거시기빠라먹는동연상 목로주막 코액스딸기매장 남자좆물 화상채팅씨엔죠이 월드성인포토 피차일반 일본 성인방송 최소미 여자의야한snem 키스몰 여자가슴만보여줄께 야한게시판목록 엽기일본연애인 리틀앤조이 영화의움직이는성다운받기 무료터보백신다운로드 누드홈 마루팬츠 에로 무료 무료화상대화 16벗기기 남자연 발기모음 cgland 키레파파8 애로물 섹스동영상무료공급 러시아카폐 다이소자위사진 스타오픈베타 어떤마술의금서목록ed다운 사회복지실천관계론 합성 master 모모켐화상 wwwyesblcom 엉덩이여자 진짜야한공짜동영상 꼬추보기 남고생키스게임 휴지타임 여교사 유아 아이다부 한국연누두 성인용품젤추천 신정선포르노 색스 강아지분양도그짱 한채아 슴가 무료만화만 여자체조종목 브라강제로벗기는남자 포르노미리보기 공지사항로자미그 일본마사지 Blacks Beach 맛있는섹시사랑 코리아섹스재팬 간호사복 간호복 유니폼 가슴보는남자 성인게임다빈치 야한걸보면 무료사이트변태짓카페 아마씹 헨타이플래시 섹시한옷 public html 구은경 레이싱모델 뮤로동영상 유부녀원조 에띠엔일본시계 가슴누두 남자야한속옷 여의가슴동영상 소녀마테리얼 야후성인포르노 섹스마나제펜 한 슴가 한국여자옷벗고있는모습 보지천 요즘영화 wwe디바사진 전세버스요금 몸짱이되는법 레이싱걸 정윤희 은꼴 대만레이싱모델 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x파일탄 남자 사진 후이즈화상채팅 에로섹시다모인곳 키니걸 환상적인 몸매 tanaka 섹스만땅쿠키 페러디망가 일본여고생속옷노출 이하얀 허벅지 영국 세 야한 자위 사진 미소녀 연애 시뮬레이션 친척동생이랑섹스를 yume imano 스타벗기기 탈의실섹스 최지향 레이싱모델 화성인 바이러스 유사라 무료체위 투나 northface 상설매장 엘프녀명동 엘프녀 초미니 무선카메라무선카 킹콩콘돔느낌 김준희 허벅지 무료로보는하드코 리얼그녀노모 피망고스돕 배우사진볼수있는곳 일본SEXYMODEL로자미그 누두즐감 애니 장난스런키스 잔인한엽기사진 준세 키스신 민 가슴노출 게이 연애인 섹수게임 UBF판 양익준 인물 노예메이드프린세스 논현동호빠 동양포르노사이트 따먹기 월최신곡모음 황성무료만화 르프랑 보기 CHAMPIRO 엉덩이
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