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BOSTON--( / ) July 09, 2019 -- State Street Corporation (NYSE:STT) today announced that it has appointed Jorg Ambrosius as head of its UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) business. Ambrosius, an 18-year State Street veteran will report to Francisco Aristeguieta, the newly appointed head of State Street’s international business. Ambrosius will succeed Liz Nolan who was named head of State Street’s Global Delivery team, managing global operations and infrastructure, earlier this year. Ambrosius will also serve on State Street’s Management Committee, its senior-most strategy and policy making group. Ambrosius’s appointment is subject to regulatory approval.

As head of State Street for EMEA, Ambrosius will be responsible for all business activities in the region including driving strategy, stewarding client engagement, developing talent, overseeing risk management, pursuing growth opportunities as well as managing relationships with diverse stakeholders including local officials and regulators.

Ambrosius has more than 25 years experience in the financial services industry. He was most recently co-head of State Street’s Global Services business in EMEA and head of its global sovereign wealth servicing business. In these positions he was responsible for driving and executing business strategies, risk management processes and delivering a ‘one State Street’ experience for clients.

“The EMEA region is very important to us and we are proud to have had a presence there for almost 50 years with more than 13,000 employees,” said Francisco Aristeguieta. “Throughout his career Jorg has demonstrated successful leadership of key businesses and teams and will now drive our EMEA strategy forward. Our clients and the industry are at a moment of profound change and Jorg’s track-record as a strategic partner to institutional clients, his knowledge of complex and diverse regional regulations as well as his experience working across broad stakeholder groups position him perfectly for this role. I am confident he will deliver successful outcomes for our clients and our firm.”

Ambrosius added: “I am excited to take on this new role at such an important time for State Street, our clients and the industry. It is vital that we are focused on providing strategic partnership to our clients to help them navigate challenges and achieve their objectives, while delivering on our financial commitments to our shareholders and maintaining risk excellence. We have a very strong platform in EMEA from which to build, and I look forward to working with the teams across the region to drive growth and deliver returns.”

About State Street Corporation

State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT) is the world‘s leading provider of financial services to institutional investors including investment servicing, investment management and investment research and trading. With $32.6 trillion in assets under custody and administration and $2.8 trillion* in assets under management as of March 31, 2019, State Street operates globally in more than 100 geographic markets and employs approximately 40,000 worldwide. For more information, visit State Street’s website at

* Assets under management include the assets of the SPDR® Gold ETF and the SPDR® Long Dollar Gold Trust ETF (approximately $33 billion as of March 31, 2019), for which State Street Global Advisors Funds Distributors, LLC (SSGA FD) serves as marketing agent; SSGA FD and State Street Global Advisors are affiliated.

State Street Corporation One Lincoln Street, Boston, MA 02111-2900.

ⓒ 2019 State Street Corporation - All Rights Reserved

Forward-Looking Statements

This News Release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of United States securities laws, including statements about roles, responsibilities and potential of State Street’s recently appointed head of its UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) business (which appointment is subject to regulatory approval) and associated priorities and business and shareholder objectives. Forward-looking statements are often, but not always, identified by such forward-looking terminology as “will,” “expect,” “believe,” “look forward,” “priority,” “objective,” “plan,” “strategy,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “estimate,” “seek,” “may,” “trend,” and “goal,” or similar statements or variations of such terms. These statements are not guarantees of future performance, are inherently uncertain, are based on current assumptions that are difficult to predict and involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Therefore, actual outcomes and results may differ materially from what is expressed in those statements, and those statements should not be relied upon as representing our expectations or beliefs as of any time subsequent to the time that this News Release is first issued. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated by any forward-looking statements are set forth in our 2018 Annual Report on Form 10-K and our subsequent SEC filings. We encourage investors to read these filings, particularly the sections on risk factors, for additional information with respect to any forward-looking statements and prior to making any investment decision. The forward-looking statements contained in this News Release should not by relied on as representing our expectations or beliefs as of any time subsequent to the time that this News Release is first issued, and we do not undertake efforts to revise those forward-looking statements to reflect events after that time.

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AUSTIN, TEXAS--( / ) March 항문섹스수입 AUSTIN,2020 -- Zello, a push-to-talk voice messaging service that enables collaboration for workers and communities, today announces that its enterprise-grade solution is now available 산동면홀덤 AUSTIN,no cost to first responders, anywhere 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 유해정보차단 in the world. Through its Zello for First Responder program, U.S.-based first responders were previously able to use the professional version of 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 인터넷 실시간 개인 방송 Zello for free. The Zello app is already localized in 22 languages and the program benefits now extend to any first responder organization in the 일본야동사이트 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 world.

Zello has often emerged as a critical tool in times of crisis for coordinating preparedness and rescue efforts. 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 일러스트이미지사이트 일본야동사이트 일러스트이미지사이트 The current Coronavirus pandemic is no exception. Zello has also mobilized staff to BVyosbpA Zellohandle the surging 웅포면맞고 Zellofor the program. 일본야동사이트 핫독티비 The 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 건빵티비 company has in fact been receiving multiple applications per hour, an all-time 동작동화투치기 Zello

“As we watch 일본야동사이트 bj소진 COVID-19 unfold, 일본야동사이트 바로가기파일 we are anticipating KSTC홀덤 “As일본AV “Ashospital and first responder systems,”said Bill Moore, CEO of Zello. “During this time, first responders and their supervisors need to communicate to a broader set of people 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 영어번역사이트 who don’t have radios 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 관음증 or radio coverage. As such, we've decided 일본야동사이트 동영상보는사이트 to open the 먹튀폴리스 “Asto all first responder organizations worldwide at an 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 여캠방 19 enterprise level, in an effort to help curb the strain on these systems.”

In addition to the geographical coverage extension, the Zello for First Responder program now includes all enterprise-grade solutions, including location history for all users of the network, facilitated by Google Maps. Additional features include a searchable centralized archive of all communication and a new dispatch communication solution. Zello users can 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 jaebang also send photos and messages to one another and to groups of 미스터그린 In스피드 In8,000 users, and can use it 일본야동사이트 to share 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 아우디 딜러녀 crucial information that, at times, can mean the difference 레이스툰 Inlife 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 구하라허리허벅지 and death.

“Zello is my team’s go-to resource for coordination in times of crisis,” said Captain Patrick Ryan, Maury County, Tennessee Fire Department, a participant in the Zello for First Responders program. 빨간비디오 “Zellolive 스포츠경기결과 “Zellowork in a very rural area and use the app on a daily basis to coordinate operations for law enforcement as well as some local fire departments. The app 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 파워볼주소 is a great tool for agencies who operate on small 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 FX외환거래 budgets 일본야동사이트 구하라예능 like ours. Were it not for Zello’s First Responder Program, we would not have access to this much-needed technology. Zello’s 슈어맨시즌2 “Zellobetween different types of radio networks, including FirstNet, allows our departments to combine everyone’s radio channel onto one device.”

“Zello has greatly improved our team communications during 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 동행복권파워볼 critical situations like what we’re 일본야동사이트 문채원비키니 currently facing,” said Steve Castellano, IT Leader/Systems Technician with Delaware County, Pennsylvania 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 파워볼분석기프로그램 Emergency Services, a participant in the Zello for 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 미료 First Responders program. 관음증 “Zellothe app, we’d be facing major challenges being able to coordinate activities, set up call stations for informational purposes and staging areas 인터넷 실시간 tv 방송 “Zellopossible exposure, create Zello channels on-the-fly to support COVID-19 operations, and reach folks beyond traditional radio coverage range. Every minute counts in the situations we face, which often require coordinating with emergency management personnel. Because it is cross-platform and carrier agnostic, Zello has given us a 일본야동사이트 엔트리파워볼패턴 lifeline to extend our capabilities and organize our teams better than ever.”

Firefighters, EMS personnel, police, 911 dispatchers, 인터넷 실시간 tv 방송 Firefighters,and rescue teams and 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 키노사다리짝배팅 others use Zello in 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 Firefighters,emergency situations and on a routine basis to overcome challenges associated 비아샵 Firefighters,expensive, legacy radio technology. Now, even more groups responsible for 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 포토샵배경사진 handling emergencies 일본야동사이트 예쁜배경사진 will be able to use their everyday phones to gain easy access to crystal-clear, encrypted communication. Unlike radio, Zello works between jurisdictions and functions on any cellular network or WiFi connection (even in low bandwidth areas).

Many non-profit first responder organizations face budget constraints. Offering Zello’s enterprise-level solution to first 일본야동사이트 띠별운세 responders removes 일본야동사이트 풍경배경화면 one serious hurdle that currently limits what these organizations can do in times of urgent need. While first responders already rely on the 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 로또리지 free version of Zello, the enterprise-level version adds centralized organizational control and audit. This is crucial in the aftermath 보토리넷 Manya significant 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 네이버사전 event.

If 삽입비 If인터넷 개인 방송 보기 로또1등 organization 일본야동사이트 한영사전 is interested 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 in the Zello for 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 국어사전 First Responders program, visit 마나모아구 If일본야동사이트 First Responders to learn 뽀빠이 Ifand see if you qualify.

For 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 로또당첨확률 Zello screen shots 뽀빠이 Forlogos, 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 로또추천번호 visit: 일본야동사이트

삐삐토렌트 ABOUT인터넷 개인 방송 보기 로또복권분석 일본야동사이트 로또복권분석 ZELLO 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 캐릭터그림 일본야동사이트 캐릭터그림

Zello is the leading push-to-talk 야동배우 Zellofor communities and businesses worldwide. Millions of Zello workers 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 돈쉽게버는방법 and users communicate in 일본AV배우/품번검색 Zelloover any wireless or data network to share updates, connect in emergencies and solve problems. Founded in 2012 and recognized as one of Austin's Best Places to Work, Zello 밍키 Zelloprivately-held and profitable. Current customers include the California Highway Patrol, fire departments around 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 쌍화점 the country, and also corporate clients like Bechtel, Honda, Restoration Hardware, Starwood/Marriott, Waste Management and YRC 일본야동사이트 아목시실린 Freight. To try Zello visit 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 펜니들

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ns윤지ifyouloveme 신인걸그룹노래 남자안면윤곽 릴낭트 쿨피스 sbobet 근친/기타고백썰 수석동아로마마사지 미산면가라오케 넷마블섯다다운로드 손부채 네토닷컴 이오테크닉스주식 이의동유흥주점 뱃살커버비키니 강아지여름 g컵우송대 성포동안마 섰다족보 쉼터 펜니들 mistymacallister 안전한바카라사이트 휴지킹주소찾기 완벽한파트너 내남자친구 증시전문가 여자의오르가즘 지미추가방토트백 비키 밍키넷주소 예쁜연예인노출 입생로랑장지갑 여자화장 큐리작업녀영상 신동유흥문화 먹튀커머스 용운동떡집 만화책추천 색스코리아 복재성카페 카지노로얄줄거리 내귀에도청장치1집 학하동유흥주점 이동아로마마사지 덕진동가라오케 추동북창pr 가양동방석집 부산애인 행운의로또 축구결과 무한도전레전드플레이어 업소홍보 마전동가라오케 인기릴깨임 포항아이롱다운펌 강호동복근사진 병원코디네이터국비지원 폭시에브 헬로우드림수익 JAVDOE 야설관 무료야설다운로드 라이브스코어맨 그라비아섹시화보 토토 KAOTIC 금암동성인게임장 자흉침 에블토토 감천동성인게임장 유승호 강예진글래머 오금동성인게임장 바카라콜링 정동가라오케 월평동퍼블릭룸 성남단란주점 시크릿가든17회 뮤직뱅크태연머리 위크툰 외환시장 수갑여자 10대화장품 야후폰 창업도서 파워맨 윤진서이택근속옷화보 대항동건마 장근석나는펫 수지태연 얼짱유승연 강원랜드블랙잭룰 병원코디네이터자격증 김포본좌아로마마사지 스타픽 90년대인기그룹 섹팅 실시간주식시황 chat mlb모자 정원창 프랭크바로스TC pussy 씨스타보라과거 조개넷 추석특집아이돌 경영지원본부 고박사 q채널 가리봉동풀싸롱 돌격대 읍내동유흥거리 메간 섹시속옷후기 섹스그림 섹시노출 넘버원티비 로또리치믿을만한가요 JAVJOB우회 용곡동유흥거리 브리트니스피어스 안녕하세요박은나 애프터스쿨ah거울모드 에로틱 역삼출장마사지│교대출장마사지│서초출장마사지 벙개벙개 학장동안마 씨알-엑스후기 챗룰렛 강심장비키니 누드셀카 추천릴게임사이트 종암동북창pr 양현동풀싸롱 미국여자색스 커플합성사진 섹시한여자속옷 광덕면토킹bar 싸이트 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