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PARIS--( / ) October 27, 2015 -- The leading event in secured solutions will open at the Parc des Expositions - Paris Nord Villepinte, in less than one month. Next 17-19 November, every player operating in the payment, identification and mobility ecosystems will converge in Paris for the event.

The Opening Summit at CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS will go down as one of the highlights of the 2015 event. In a conference like none other, it will bring together the main leaders in the digital security industry.

To mark the occasion, Uri Levine, guest of honour and co-founder of the mobile application Waze, will be at Amphitheatre Jean Theves on 17 November from 10 AM to 12 PM, kicking off an agenda of events that promises to be exceptional.

The Opening Summit: 5 CEOs decode today's key challenges in payment, identification and digital security

True to tradition, CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS will get underway with an Opening Summit, a prime event during which leading figures in the digital security industry will be brought together alongside Uri Levine to share their perspectives on the latest developments in technology and the major trends to come.

During the conference, Timothee Mangenot, CEO of Eurosmart[1], the association that defines itself as the industry's voice in digital security, will offer an exclusive sneak peek at the trends ahead for the market.

Jean-Noel Georges, Global Program Director at Frost & Sullivan,[2] will orchestrate the discussion set to take place with 5 major industry leaders, invited to address the following key issues:

· “Payment: The Past Meets the Present and Shapes the Future”

Kazem Aminaee, Chairman & CEO of Spire Payments, will explore the way technological convergence in the world of payment might bring back to life past ideas.

· “Priming the Financial Markets for a Regulated Digital World”

The payment industry has to deal with multiple changes, new regulations, new customer expectations with respect to digital and new technologies. Gilles Grapinet, CEO of Worldline and Senior Executive Vice President at Atos will discuss how transactions can be given more prominence, so that players can find their bearings in the new payment landscape and take advantage of the many opportunities it holds.

· “Security in a Connected World”

Stefan Hofschen, PDG Chip Card & Security Division, Infineon technologies AG, will take a look at the Number 1 priority in a connected world: security. To rightly maintain a high degree of protection, some systems will play notoriously crucial role.

· “Reliable Identities / Secured Transactions: Living and Working in Trust-Secured Relationships in our Connected World”

Todd Wilkinson, Chairman and CEO of Entrust Datacard, will offer his perspective on how the concept of identity is changing, its role and its ability to secure our ever-changing world.

· Didier Lamouche - CEO of Oberthur Technologies will conclude the session by sharing his vision of the future.

The Opening SUMMIT will take place on 17 November, from 10 AM to 12 PM, in Amphitheatre Jean Theves, kicking off a series of 100 forward-looking or thematic conferences, which will explore the key trends in the field of secured financial payment and services, identification, digital security and connected objects. To the key players attending from across the world, it will offer responses to the major issues in an inter-connected world.

Uri Levine: The Opening SUMMIT's Keynote Speaker

Waze, the world's largest community based application

Uri Levine, Keynote Speaker at the Opening SUMMIT, is co-founder of Waze, the free mobile application dedicated to traffic and community-based navigation Founded in Israel in 2008, it is a GPS navigator that now brings together the world's largest community, with over 200 million drivers.

Waze was sold to market giant Google in June 2013, for over $1 billion. When he placed the fruits of that transaction in a retirement savings plan, Uri Levine noticed that the bank was deducting exorbitant processing fees. That is when he came up with the idea behind the company of which he is now Chairman: FeeX. A start-up born in 2012, it offers users a free service that detects and helps lower bank fees charged to savings account holders, a market estimated at some $600 billion dollars at the time, in the United States alone. FeeX thus makes it possible for users to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars from their investment plans.

Doing Others Good, and Doing it Well

Uri Levine dedicates his energies solely to consumer services, which both create huge value for a tremendous number of users, and helps them save both time and money. Uri Levine's philosophy could be summed up as follows: doing others good, and doing it well.

Thirty years in the world of mobile and new technologies have crystallised the expertise and skills of this passionately-driven serial entrepreneur, currently involved in some twelve companies. Drawing upon an impressive career that has taken him to different sectors including product development, marketing, business development and entrepreneurship, Uri Levine is a model for all those who have chosen the same path and now gives conferences throughout the world, sharing lessons that are as valuable to the young entrepreneurs as to the most seasoned CEOs who turn out to hear him.


CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS, the world’s most comprehensive event for Secure Payment, Connection and Identification changes its name to TRUSTECH. The global TRUSTECH Network also organises leading exhibitions and conferences in Asia and North America. With an ambitious programme of exhibitor stands, conferences and awards and a focus on innovation, CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2015 confirms its position as the leading global event in the sector. In November, 460 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors from the Finance, Retail, Telecommunications, Government, Healthcare, Transport and many other sectors, from 160 countries, will converge on Paris to explore the way our digital world will evolve.

For further information or to register, go to:


The COMEXPOSIUM Group, one of the world leaders in event organization, is involved in 176 B to C and B to B events, covering 11 different sectors of activity such as food, agriculture, fashion, homeland security, construction, high-tech, optics and transport. Comexposium hosts 45.000 exhibitors and more than 3 million visitors in 23 countries around the world.



Book your dates: 17- 19 Novembre 2015

Request press passes: click here ()

(from September 2015)

For more information, please visit:

[1] Eurosmart is an international non-profit association based in Brussels. Founded in 1995, it represents the digital security industry, in particular with the public authorities (European institutions and national governments, national security and certification agencies). The association tracks trends in digital security and publishes twice-yearly forecasts on secured portable objects. Internationally-recognised as a reference point, Eurosmart is considered “the voice of the digital security industry”.

[2] Frost & Sullivan is a strategic consulting firm dedicated to researching, identifying, and capitalising on market opportunities, growth models, and growth-driving strategies for its clients. It conducts ongoing intelligence activities, keeping watch over the markets, technologies, careers and locations that will be the growth opportunities of the future.

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AMSTERDAM--( / ) February 21, 2019 -- In recent years, 토렌트지 음경확대술 increased 상평동고스톱 AMSTERDAM--(activism and 광교동홀덤대회 AMSTERDAM--(overall heightened awareness of companies’ governance practices, 티비나무 has led 티비나무 남성비뇨기과 to the need for greater transparency of exposure to 가상화페 AMSTERDAM--(and reputational risks.

CGLytics, a leading corporate governance analytics provider, is continuing to drive transparency of good governance practices for better informed decision-making, 토렌트지 by expanding its 토렌트지 신세경종현키스 global coverage. Part of the expanded global coverage for its 티비나무 powerful, cloud-based governance platform includes an increase of company data from 3,300 to 5,500 listed companies across North America, Europe and Australia. 나이스툰 CGLytics,increase provides companies and investors with the deepest global governance data set in the market 토렌트지 to 티비나무 40대의성 date.

For Investors, this increase in coverage will permit a substantially broader reach 티비나무 가인섹시화보 when analysing the potential governance risk in their portfolios, allowing for better engagement, decision-making and stewardship. Moreover, Issuers will 토렌트지 부부상담 gain a 티비나무 부부관계 more in-depth capacity to 토렌트지 핑클1집 understand how their own governance practices benchmark against their peers, as well as 서양누드 Foraccess 토렌트지 가정상담소 to an even wider director database of professional connections and their networks.

To support 야한여자사진 Toexpanded coverage, CGLytics has opened 카지노딜러되는법 Toresearch hubs in Arlington, VA to cover the Americas and sexy ToAustralia, to cover the APAC region. CGLytics has also expanded the research team 토렌트지 아내의불륜 in Amsterdam, Netherlands to provide greater in-depth coverage of 티비나무 the European markets.

툰천사 Tooversee the continued data coverage expansion, CGLytics is also proud to announce that 토렌트지 의처증 Jonathan 토렌트지 Nelson has joined the team as Head of Research. Beginning his career at ISS, Jonathan has worked with institutional 토렌트지 부부문제 investors on both sides of the Atlantic, to help them shape their 티비나무 패떳이효리노출 own personalised custom voting policies. In the same role, he also served in a consulting capacity to keep institutional investors up to 티비나무 경남부부상담 date on developments in the ever-changing governance space. After leaving ISS, Jonathan joined Sustainalytics as a manager in their newly inaugurated Corporate Governance team. After serving as both a Research and Product Manager for Sustainalytics’ corporate governance product, Jonathan joins CGLytics 티비나무 to oversee the research teams and content for the company’s innovative corporate governance solutions.

Aniel Mahabier, CEO 토렌트지 시크릿책 of CGLytics explained, “We’re delighted that Jonathan has joined CGLytics 티비나무 항암제 at this exciting time as we continue 딱좋은밤 Anielexpand our coverage, depth of data, and intuitive benchmarking and risk monitoring 누나곰닷컴 AnielThe experience Jonathan brings 토렌트지 to the team will enable 여우티비TV Anielto continue to deliver the highest quality data and service at scale, while also providing additional insights and tools to our clients”.

여우티비TV About신사넷TV About토렌트지 성인피규어 티비나무 성인피규어

CGLytics is transforming 토렌트지 the 토렌트지 허니문예스 way corporate governance decisions are made. Combining the broadest corporate governance dataset with the most comprehensive analytics tools in 티비나무 예스파일 one system, corporations, investors and advisors 티비나무 슬립 are able 티비나무 러브돌 to instantly perform a governance health check and indicate red flags in 소다 CGLyticsfor effective governance oversight.

Offering an award-winning, cloud-based 스포츠중계해골TV OfferingCGLytics provides an independent analysis 토렌트지 성인식 of governance practices of listed companies across the 티비나무 융통성 globe. From unique 티비나무 사정지연제 Pay for Performance analytics and peer comparison tools, to board effectiveness insights, companies and investors have access to the HeidelbergUnited Offeringcomprehensive source of governance information at 티비나무 애널 their fingertips.

With a dedicated team of specialised 티비나무 여친 market research 토렌트지 연예인 analysts, in combination with 야동사거리 Withlearning, 올스포츠 WithCGLytics data 티비나무 안마 goes through rigorous checks to guarantee best quality data and is standardised for 올스포츠 Withcomparisons and consistency.

With intuitive 티비나무 and cost-effective solutions, CGLytics provides 토렌트지 차도녀뜻 access to 티비나무 이게사랑이아니면 the same powerful data 올스포츠 Withanalytics used by 티비나무 야하니 the world’s leading proxy 토렌트지 advisory firms and 토렌트지 고아라 investors.

CGLytics 토마토커뮤니티솔루션 CGLyticsa 티비나무 남규리근황 signatory member of 토렌트지 카섹스 the 티비나무 여자팬티 무료성인동영상 CGLytics

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