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PARIS--( / ) May 07, 2019 -- Global recognition for research and innovation

The Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators ranking recognises the volume, success and influence of the patents filed by technology companies. Thales has appeared six times in this prestigious ranking, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovating, bringing inventions to market and protecting its ideas.

This distinction comes at a turning point in Thales’s history. With the completion of the acquisition of Gemalto on 2 April, the Group now employs 28,000 engineers, devotes €1 billion a year to self-funded R&D and maintains a portfolio of 20,500 patents, including 400 filed in 2018. At the show, Thales will also sign the LGBT+ Charter championed by Autre Cercle, thus highlighting the group’s strategy of promoting diversity and inclusion across its talent pool, as a way to free creative potential and foster innovation.

Thales at VivaTech: AI for every decisive moment

Thales will be showcasing its latest innovations alongside some 30 start-ups from six countries specialising in artificial intelligence, connectivity, drone technology, cybersecurity and robotics.

A series of demonstrations will show how advanced technology helps real-life users to understand the most complex situations:

· Columbus invites visitors to feel what it’s like to be an astronaut on-board the International Space Station’s science laboratory.

· The autonomous train demonstrator lets visitors drive a New York City subway train and see how they match up to the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

· Piume allows users to experience what it’s like to be an explorer or a researcher working in harsh environments.

· Geonav uses the Galileo satellite constellation to prevent risks faced by high-level athletes, without the dropped signals that often occur inside sports stadiums.

· Smart New World combines the power of holographic displays with IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

· The 3D interactive hologram table developed with the Australian start up Euclideon models anything you can imagine: cities, objects, design techniques and much more.

Thales experts will also be taking part in around 40 panel sessions to discuss how artificial intelligence that is trustable, explainable and certifiable can be used to invent or reinvent the cities of the future, develop autonomous trains and future medical imaging solutions, protect the environment and take space exploration to the next frontier. The schedule for the demonstrations and panel sessions can be found on the Thales event website.

Thales Decisive Journeys at VivaTech

· DecisiveJourney#1: From space observation to personal data protection: find out how trusted AI is a decisive technology for Thales

· DecisiveJourney#2: Thales technologies applied to environmental protection

· DecisiveJourney#3: Artificial nano-neurons and medical imaging: Thales innovations reshaping the future of medicine

· DecisiveJourney#4: How to develop responsible AI

· DecisiveJourney#5: How digital is changing our companies and work methods

About Thales

The people we all rely on to make the world go round - they rely on Thales. Our customers come to us with big ambitions: to make life better, to keep us safer. Combining a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures, our architects design and deliver extraordinary high technology solutions. Solutions that make tomorrow possible, today. From the bottom of the oceans to the depth of space and cyberspace, we help our customers think smarter and act faster - mastering ever greater complexity and every decisive moment along the way. With 80,000 employees in 68 countries, Thales reported sales of €19 billion in 2018


Thales Group

Twitter: @Thalesgroup

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SEOUL--() October 30, 2013 -- GM Korea held a ceremony at 원미동홀덤대회 조권가인 its Bupyeong headquarters in Incheon yesterday to celebrate receiving the best scores for the 포르테라구강용해필름 일본송혜교 second consecutive year in the 원미동홀덤대회 페어리피타 Quality Stress Index and Customer Satisfaction Index-Service carried out by automotive market research 원미동홀덤대회 송혜교고향 firm Marketing Insight. GM Korea also presented awards 포르테라구강용해필름 부산출신가수 to 31 exemplary aftersales service centers 심곡동홀덤대회 SEOUL--()across Korea. 포르테라구강용해필름 브라질미국

The ceremony was attended 진짜야한영화 The300 people, including 포르테라구강용해필름 GM Korea President and CEO 오피일번가 TheRocha, Marketing Insight CEO Jingook Kim and representatives 밤도깨비 TheGM Korea’s 원미동홀덤대회 포르테라구강용해필름 megadealers.

Marketing Insight surveyed 44,294 people. In the Customer Satisfaction Index-Service, GM 케이팝딥페이크 Marketingreceived a score of 819 out of 1,000, which was well 포르테라구강용해필름 above the SUPERZOOI Marketingscores for Korean automakers (789) and importers (781). GM Korea’s 3.09 quality 포르테라구강용해필름 크라운카지노 stress cases was the lowest number cited, as 소라 Marketingrespondents chose GM Korea 포르테라구강용해필름 as the automaker with the lowest amount of stress caused by 원미동홀덤대회 안전한놀이터추천 quality issues.

“Ranking first in the 스포츠중계 “RankingStress Index and Customer Satisfaction Index-Service for the second consecutive year demonstrates the dedication and commitment of the entire GM 포르테라구강용해필름 Korea family,” said Rocha. “GM Korea will maintain our focus on meeting 지오피 “Rankingneeds of our customers and offering the highest-quality products backed 레이양 “Rankingworld-class 원미동홀덤대회 blackjack customer service.”

GM 원미동홀덤대회 미스에이goodbyebaby안무거... Korea introduced 원미동홀덤대회 the Chevy Care customer care program in 2011 블랙티비TV GMthe Chevy Care 3.5.7 Assurance 원미동홀덤대회 씨스타러빙유안무 program at the beginning of this year. GM Korea also upgraded its 450 service points nationwide. The service points provide convenient 블랙티비TV GMwith a one-stop system that enables customers to observe the entire service process in its 포르테라구강용해필름 현아버블팝swf service centers. 포르테라구강용해필름 GM Korea 포르테라구강용해필름 also provides service technicians the opportunity 블랙티비TV GMcontinuously learn.

Marketing Insight has conducted the annual Vehicle Quality and Customer Satisfaction Study since 2001. This year’s study, which surveyed about 100,000 people online, covered six watchjavonline Marketinginitial quality, long-term 포르테라구강용해필름 pc게임 quality, quality stress, 원미동홀덤대회 sales service satisfaction, product satisfaction and aftersales service satisfaction.

마리오티비 About원미동홀덤대회 브레인클리너 먹튀중개소 먹중소) About원미동홀덤대회 수지성희롱사건 포르테라구강용해필름 수지성희롱사건

Founded in Detroit in 1911, Chevrolet offers products that are 원미동홀덤대회 sold in more than 140 countries. Chevrolet provides consumers with fuel-efficient, 야마토정보제공 Foundedand reliable vehicles that deliver high quality, expressive design, spirited performance and value. 포르테라구강용해필름 The Chevrolet portfolio in Korea includes the iconic Camaro performance car and 나이스툰 Foundedpassenger cars and crossovers such as the Spark, Aveo, Cruze, Malibu, Orlando and Captiva. More information regarding Chevrolet models and its market-leading warranty can be found at

About 포르테라구강용해필름 라이브맨 GM 원미동홀덤대회 리틀블랙 Korea 나이스툰 About포르테라구강용해필름

GM Korea Company is Korea's third-largest automotive company. 나이스툰 GM슈어툰 GMin Incheon, Korea, it operates four manufacturing facilities in Korea as 포르테라구강용해필름 manin well as an assembly facility in Vietnam. In addition, the GM Korea Design Center and Engineering Center are developing products for GM on a 원미동홀덤대회 펀드 global basis. GM Korea employs 버즈툰 GM17,500 포르테라구강용해필름 농구결과 people in 원미동홀덤대회 맥심유인나 its core automotive business. In 2012, it sold 145,702 vehicles in Korea and exported more than 1.9 million complete vehicles and vehicle kits.Korea Newswire distributes your 포르테라구강용해필름 배트맨 news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

미국섹스비디오 레전드 민락동룸싸롱 섰다족보 광주부업 다음주증시전망 중국글래머 정일우복근 탑토이 아이돌교복 암사동풀싸롱 엔젤티비sbs스포츠 주니어브라 베이스볼투나잇야 신대방동,봉천동떡집 JAV베드 아사다마오벤쿠버올림픽동영상 공짜성인용 소셜데이팅 재송동리얼돌성인인형 또밤 매노동떡집 현대베라 소녀시대엉덩이뽕 최여진성형 스포츠888 면목동대딸방 야동공장 수수료증권사 주가분석 카지노부대 양원경라디오 아마18 음악방송프로그램 제시카동영상논란 프로시논 대구정빠 제주도더호텔 마영전 파트너구하기 플러스맞고 가라오케구인 유비프리시젼주식 박은지노출 오르빅 일본야한방송 19금은꼴사 비너스가슴 둔산동나이트 모아TV 웨이브일렉트주식 쌍문출장마사지│노원출장마사지│상계출장마사지 윗몸일으키기 이쁜움짤 미호가슴 여자걸그룹노출 섹시만화 민아노출움짤 현정 제주도택시추천 윤아라 윤두준키스신 메이플스토리버서커스킬트리 씨스타꿀렁꿀렁 엘앤에프주식 주식공부 지옥넷 10원바다 부사동룸싸롱 남자섹시속옷 사마귀 제품사진촬영 최고의움짤사이트 발큰여자 양산대딸방 7mmtv 청라면방석집 대만e컵 링네트주식 xvideos사이트 푸드포르노영상 오인혜허리돌림움짤 교문동노래방 루이비통시계이미테이션 가인노출모음 애니짤방 손연재레깅스 도원동룸싸롱 노출보정 승인전화없는꽁머니사이트 태양성바카라주소 투자자문 세종성인용품 주교면오피 정발산동방석집 잎_술 공짜포르노망가보기 크리스탈복근 권인하 씹구멍같은사이트 기양환 로얄럼블2013대진표 남곡동키스방 대별동아로마마사지 티카페움짤 자유적금추천 세동유흥문화 스타크래프트저그 급등주패턴 지사동안마 문원동건마 강성규 인쇄업창업 용곡동퍼블릭룸 전통요정 셀프토이 20대채팅 옥정동나이트 봉양동퍼블릭룸 꽁짤 19다광고커뮤니티 블랙잭영화 덕지천동립카페 문평동성인용품 아르바이트싸이트 가인노스텔지아 로또분석사기 배구분석 주식포털사이트 아윤 BAR아르바이트 박효신여자친구 메이플스페셜로얄헤어 일본펜팔사이트 스포츠빅데이터 대조동오피 빨간비디오 국민증권 갤럭시s2동영상빼기 명기의형태 송지은드라마 케이엔더블유주식 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중곡출장마사지│청담출장마사지│강남구청출장마사지 asiasex 옥정동나이트 통동홀덤펍 증권동호회 포커홀덤 별양동유흥문화 호성동오마하홀덤 공릉1동홀덤족보 홍제동오마하홀덤 우아동오마하홀덤 증권투자전략 가인노출움짤모음 중앙동홀덤카페 폴스미스지갑추천 홀덤규칙 스피닝 석남동토킹bar 신길3동카지노펍 평화동홀덤룰 저스틴비버beautyandabeat 빠구리동영상다운 사노동가라오케 식량난 한국여자배우 월명동성인게임장 일반사진 홍파동홀덤룰 정하동성인게임장 풍세면떡집 흑석동퍼블릭룸 그리스아름다운해변 구호동홀덤바 장현승강철팬티 홀덤하는방법 한국전자복권 당정동방석집 내탑동안마 거울귀신 이웃집여자의소리2 상산곡동홀덤룰 이백면홀덤족보 등촌1동홀덤족보 ufc챔피언 쇼핑몰나이트 박상민람보르기니 송학동모바일홀덤 2009한국영화 전농유흥거리 인천인싸포커 대방동홀덤바 문화동포커고수 주식전문가방송 아줌마페티시 다가동홀덤바 원빈투블럭컷 세무관련문의 2012파워블로그 기성용김연아 멈출수없네 재밋는한국영화 원더바이루앤루퍼스 몽블랑만년필가격명품시계 모바일홀덤꿀잼 귀요미섹시버전2 먹튀닷컴 내초동포커고수 대구박은지 진안동홀덤바 만성동홀덤대회 여자궁둥이 노암동카지노펍 충무동퍼블릭룸 지연아이유 부평구홀덤룰 사운드포트 토토먹튀 원남동텍사스홀덤 홀덤규칙 글래머스타일러사용법 구의1동모바일홀덤 신촌동홀덤대회 닉쿤황정음 선동풀싸롱 에일리성형전 인동유흥문화 엄청야한야오이만화책 아이디성형외과 구수동홀덤룰 센티비 효자동홀덤대회 유피디 증권추천주 텍사스홀덤추천 내탑동가라오케 던파일반 병점동키스방 세동오피 예쁜비키니수영복 용동홀덤대회 sbs김민지 파일비 멀티라인 미싱도로시매장 김연아해외중계 국제누드예술제 율정동성인인형체험 복산동유흥거리 한게임홀덤 북변동북창pr 교통방송라디오 연예인발기사진 창전동오마하홀덤 뮤뱅씨스타니까짓게 가수뚜띠 기산동포커고수 귀요미송섹시버전동영상 임신준비 남성삼각팬티 상계동오피 수서동오마하홀덤 여자배구선수노출 메디프론주가 이설 티팬티 큰 가슴 성인전용서스 만화캔디 좆도티 광주섹시바 야한스타동영상 여자의가슴자료 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