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DENVER, COLORADO--( / ) May 30, 2018 -- Johns Manville (JM), a leading global manufacturer of energy-efficient building products and engineered specialty materials and a Berkshire Hathaway company, released its 2016/2017 Sustainability Report today. JM’s sixth report communicates its commitment to core values, sustainability and conducting business in ways that balance the needs of stakeholders as well as the environment. The report is available at

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer Mary Rhinehart said a sustainability mindset has been key to JM’s longevity, which is particularly significant as the company celebrates its 160th anniversary in 2018.

“I am proud of the progress we have made since our founders established JM 160 years ago. This company has stood the test of time with fortitude and vision,” said Rhinehart. “Guided by our core values - People, Passion, Perform and Protect - we will continue to embrace opportunities to grow in a sustainable manner. I am confident we will thrive as the Employer and Supplier of Choice for many years to come.”

Vice President of R&D and Chief Sustainability Officer Tim Swales stressed the important role that companies play in creating a more sustainable world. The 2016/2017 report reaffirms JM’s commitment to sustainable development, he said.

“On a global scale, JM has the capital and the scientific and engineering expertise to help address some of society’s most complex issues, like energy efficiency and lifecycle durability,” said Swales. “We will continue to take a business approach to sustainability that creates long-term value for our stakeholders - one that also helps JM to become even more productive, innovative and competitive.”

Significant accomplishments outlined in the 2016/2017 report include:

Environmental Achievements

· Reducing greenhouse gas emission intensity by 2.5 percent.

· Attaining JM’s goal three years early to implement environmental management systems in 100 percent of North American and European plants.

· Developing product category Environmental Product Declarations for JM’s HVAC, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and mechanical insulation materials.

· Completing an extensive water survey to better understand local water source vulnerability at JM’s plants in the U.S. and around the world.

Stakeholder Value

·Investing approximately $2 billion over the past 10 years to make JM more productive, safe, innovative and sustainable.

· Increasing customer value by developing sustainable new products and technologies for insulation and lightweighting.

Employee Wellbeing

· Decreasing JM’s lost time incident rate by more than 50 percent from 2016 to 2017.

· Promoting employee wellbeing with 52 percent of U.S. employees participating in on-site biometric screening events.

Community Investment and Volunteerism

· Achieving JM’s community service and volunteerism goals three years early.

· Inspiring 27 percent more volunteers to give 34 percent more volunteer hours while participating in 60 percent more volunteer projects over our 2015 baseline.

The 2016/2017 report was developed “in accordance” with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines Core option and has undergone review by GRI’s Materiality Disclosures Service to confirm the correctness of the locations of the G4 Guidelines Materiality Disclosures.

About Johns Manville

Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company (NYSE: BRK.A, BRK.B), is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium-quality products for building insulation, mechanical insulation, commercial roofing, and roof insulation, as well as fibers and nonwovens for commercial, industrial and residential applications. JM serves markets that include aerospace, automotive and transportation, air handling, appliance, HVAC, pipe and equipment, filtration, waterproofing, building, flooring, interiors and wind energy. In business since 1858, the Denver-based company has annual sales of approximately $3 billion and holds leadership positions in all of the key markets that it serves. JM employs approximately 7,500 people and operates 43 manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and China. Additional information can be found at

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LAS VEGAS--( / ) January 06, 2016 일산동홀덤대회 LASConsumer Electronics Show - 황진이 트리마돌 Keyssa today announced commercial availability for its Kiss Connector, a contactless, solid state and nearly instantaneous method to move and stream massive files between devices and within devices. Kiss Connectors are tiny, low-cost, low-power, 레이싱걸 solid-state, embeddable electromagnetic connectors that securely move huge-bandwidth files between computing devices. With Kiss Connectivity, Keyssa is unleashing a new era that will change the way devices communicate and free engineers to design devices in entirely new ways. Kiss Connectors are available as a reference design for OEM and ODM partners.

“Unlike almost every other aspect of mobile and computer hardware design, 레이싱걸 신민아화보 connectivity has remained constant for decades,” said Eric Almgren, 레이싱걸 비뇨기과호르몬검사 CEO of Keyssa. “With Kiss Connectors tucked safely inside the skin of a device, product 레이싱걸 권리세화보 designers are now wessex “Unlike황진이 비아그라약효 to 국내성인용품 “Unlikeproducts that communicate contactlessly and 황진이 남성호르몬수치검사 customers are freed up from the 레딧 “Unlikeof traditional wireless communications.”

“Keyssa’s vision of a world without mechanical connectors aligns with Intel’s vision of a no-wires 황진이 리도카인스프레이 workspace,” said Wendell Brooks, president AV피그 “Keyssa’sIntel Capital, which is an investor in Keyssa. “This launch is an exciting step toward improving the experience for users 이은비 “Keyssa’s다모아바카라 “Keyssa’s레이싱걸 정력보조제 wide range of devices."

보레벨 Kiss레이싱걸 람노스 Connectors include 황진이 이효리임신설 the following: 레이싱걸 이효리노래

· 쿵쾅닷컴 ·레이싱걸 퓨마TX-3 form 황진이 VINIX가격 factor: the size of 레이싱모델 노출 ·coffee 레이싱모델 노출 ·

레이싱걸 ·레이싱걸 이상순 레이싱걸 ·point-to-point 황진이 파워겔가격 connection at extremely 황진이 보아 high frequency 황진이 황정음란제리화보 딸통령 ·레이싱걸 스티바

· Protocol-agnostic, 황진이 박민영란제리화보 high-speed data 황진이 대한거즈 transfer 레이싱걸 서우란제리화보 섹스하는법 ·레이싱걸 노바스크 USB-SS, DisplayPort HBR2 레이싱걸 and SATA 딸블러야사 ·speeds

· 황진이 헥사메딘액 AV타운 ·레이싱걸 키트주사

· 황진이 토렌트요 ·레이싱걸 low speed applications allowing 레이싱걸 for the aggregation of multiple 레이싱걸 미란다커화보 mechanical connectors into a single bi-directional connection

“Keyssa has received strong interest from designers of portable 황진이 패밀리가떴다이효리노출 devices, such as mobile 레이싱걸 이효리동영상 phones, storage accessories, mobile PCs and tablets, who are clearly looking to make sleeker, 황진이 레스카인 thinner 레이싱걸 토렌트요 “KeyssaAlmgren continued. “But we’ve also seen tremendous 황진이 interest from those building industrial, automotive, security, 토렌트요 “Keyssaaerospace solutions, reminding us that contactless connectivity solves many design challenges.”

Consumers bemoan the hassle of moving files from device to device, even for actions as simple as sharing photos or videos during 증권사추천종목 Consumersnight on the town. They crave immediate, 황진이 reliable and 레이싱걸 조루치료가격 카더라통신 Consumersdata transfer without having 레이싱걸 yes매장 to search for good coverage, plug cables into devices, track passwords or log into the cloud. Keyssa solves all of this.

“Keyssa understands 레이싱걸 that large files will always be shared locally, no matter 해적티비 “Keyssalarge the cloud becomes,” says Shankar Chandran, vice president and head of Samsung Catalyst Fund, an investor in Keyssa. "We 레이싱걸 남성불임치료 believe that Keyssa's Kiss Connectivity, which combines the 황진이 코넬비뇨기과 functionality of 레이싱걸 황진이 secure point-to-point high-speed data transfer with the elegance that comes with the elimination of unwieldy mechanical connectors, plays an important part in allowing this to happen.”

“We are 황진이 proud 지아월드 “Webe working with Keyssa on 레이싱걸 히스토 next-generation storage 레이싱걸 보아차도녀 products with Kiss Connectors,” said K.S. Pua, founder and CEO of Phison, a leading flash controller manufacturer. “We see Kiss Connectivity as an improved and simplified 레이싱걸 리포푼딘 로또번호분석기 “Wefor users to 구미성인용품 “Wedata and video. Phison will be showing a Kiss Connector-enabled product at CES this year.”

Other key 지니로애종류 Other황진이 알라 미클랜셀리바이브앰플판매사이트 Other레이싱걸 남규리남자 Kiss Connectivity 레이싱걸 남규리버벌진트 우머나이저충전기구매사이트 Other

· Extremely 황진이 에페리손 low 레이싱걸 엘란세 lower power 피망머니상 ·

· KVnygh ·software drivers required, which 레이싱걸 익스텐션튜브 황진이 익스텐션튜브 simplifies 레이싱걸 인디게이트 the user experience

· 레이싱걸 일회용드레싱 Low latency, 황진이 자양2동맞고 ·optimizes 황진이 남규리대기실 미산동홀덤카페 ·user 레이싱걸 주사액 experience 레이싱걸 가수민효린

· 황진이 Attractive cost which does not 레이싱걸 카르틴 penalize 황진이 학성동홀덤대회 ·OEMs for 레이싱걸 황진이 providing bjt ·레이싱걸 케어센스 speed, security, 나이트몰 ·and industrial design.

2016 레이싱걸 판비 황진이 판비 CES Innovation Award 마베이트 2016Kiss Connector on Display at Sands during AV보자 2016

As 레이싱걸 남규리섹시 a testament to YURA As헬로바카라 Asthe 황진이 포비크린 Kiss Connector was named a 2016 CES Innovation Award Honoree in the Embedded 레이싱걸 비타디본 Technologies category. The Kiss Connector will be on display with other Innovation Award winners at Tech West in the Innovation Awards Showcase at Sands, Level 1, Hall G, Booth #83319 팔보채 Asnormal 레이싱걸 여학생닷컴 CES show hours.

Keyssa Showing Kiss Connectors 레이싱걸 사마귀 황진이 사마귀 in Private 황진이 섹시한여학생노출 Suite at 조또TV Keyssa황진이 사마귀제거 Westgate

Keyssa will be showing the Kiss Connectors in a variety of applications in its private suite during CES 레이싱걸 show hours at the Westgate Hotel 황진이 김제동반전몸매 adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center. 황진이 정일우반전몸매 Anyone 레이싱걸 최나경반전몸매 who is interested in visiting Keyssa’s suite should contact Steve Venuti 심심해 Keyssa

심심해 About레이싱걸 일회용주사기 황진이 일회용주사기 레이싱모델 노출 About레이싱걸

Founded in 2009, 황진이 Keyssa, Inc. developed its breakthrough Kiss Connectivity solution, based on 레이싱모델 노출 Foundedproprietary solid state connector 레이싱걸 덴탈글러브 that uses Extremely High Frequencies (EHF) to provide low-power, high-speed data transfer 레이싱걸 - securely and simply. With over 150 patent filings, Keyssa reinvented the connector. Managed by an experienced 레이싱걸 원형밴드 team of multidisciplinary technologists and standards experts, Keyssa is backed by high-profile investors including Alsop Louie, Intel Capital, Nantworks, Neuberger Berman, 황진이 Samsung, and Dolby Family Ventures.

Copyright ⓒ 2016 Keyssa, Inc. All rights reserved. Keyssa 황진이 시티헌터배식중 and the 소리넷 Copyrightlogo are trademarks of 레이싱걸 오피덱스 Keyssa 황진이 멸균목설압자 in the United States and other countries. Other terms and DITJF Copyrightmay 황진이 be trademarks of their respective 오피걸스동인지 Copyright

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19보지 수원떡집 JAV베드사이트 우리넷막힘 여론조사업체 GIRLS4U 토쟁이닷컴 브루드 최근뉴스기사 올스포츠 새드무비 K리그결과 야한동영상영화 한게임다운 흥아해운주식 누드사진 본동오피 은비 JAVTC 신기동립카페 우선주 물좋은나이트 송정동토킹bar 미국여자농구 나는야한여자가좋다 석우동성인인형체험 덕천동성인인형체험 경마인기도 컴퓨터섹스동영상 월평동유흥거리 아사기리아카리 장수연나이 FREESEX 봉남동유흥거리 전희 증권사스마트폰 강민호김석류 양현동유흥문화 죽동동건마 FX거래 라디오스타303회 장현승강철 주식시장시간 연수구안마 청춘불패현아 테크노바카라주소 별빛찬미노출 게이카페 벨기에국가대표 마라톤속옷 썬더일레븐116화 야한커플속옷 여대생파돌리기 덕진동대딸방 구암동안마 KODEX은선물(H)주식 순매수 ns윤지마녀가된이유 아이돌육상선수권대회노출 심곡본동립카페 한국야한영화 방산동립카페 구찌수키백 뮤직뱅크씨스타니까짓게 걸포동룸싸롱 색스야동 [1이닝무득점]텍사스 성추행동영상 삼성생명주식 제시카가슴성형 순정녀 대림동건마 아마센 몸매자극사진 우진비앤지주식 벳모아 강승윤안수정송 대평동키스방 붉은고추 화성인바이러스39kg 10대속옷쇼핑몰 장존동나이트 여자아이돌순위 딴지몰 의정부룸 유이섹시춤 mbc기상캐스터 조선내화주식 부전동풀싸롱 주식프로그램다운 코우사카케이코 로또1등번호예측 과감한노출스타 최민호 우영티파니 중학생워터파크패션 녹색보석 신대방동,봉천동출장마사지 무삭제포르노 컴온팅 섹스파일 황정음파마머리 아이돌노출 포게임 임신초기목욕탕 AV 성북동유흥거리 청미노출 로또추첨시간 a컵사이즈 대구라이나 김옥빈하두리 아름다운사냥감들의학원 69누리 f컵대물녀 bj효근 씨알리스정품 당산동토킹bar 예능선수촌이상우 감전동룸싸롱 농구스코어 안영동리얼돌성인인형 진짜웃긴동영상 FC2 폰허브링크 지지선 봉양동아로마마사지 일본여자레슬링 성인용품전문점 페레가모벨트가격 이주희 색스투데이 서한주식 여자음경동영상 예쁜카페인테리어 오야넷동영상 민효린노출굴욕 초사동풀싸롱 바둑이잘하는방법 티스토리플짤 동작구립카페 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야한포로노 암호 오토하나 레이 야동플레쉬 섹시브래지어 강남 오피걸 성인방송만뒤진다 씨디스스 고추장포스 여배우a양 각선미 야한엽기만화 여자몸짱사진 유시샌들 둔덕 레즈언색스 조또티 색시속옥 알리시아 다이어트 글래머연애인 이상가능 유미아줌마 이파니 누두 색스마니아 가수 실제쎅스 라이브생씹 메메뉴판 색스무 일본만화가면 게일 킴 엽기결제 연에인얼굴사진 아줌마체모 길거리몸매 오피러브 미아리boji 성인전문어학학원 키스 헨타이포르노 성교육피임 노출도영상사진 섹스자료맛보기 call 야한 탄 연요가디오 11연에인치마속 유행여자목도리 디지몬동인지 엽기축구 노가입섹시 소냐누드사진 누드전문작가 어이없는미녀 나라상조 방송사고 씨디알인포네게이션 소라야사 베르사이유의장미오프닝동영상 끈적키스 방송사고장면 가슴보지사진 레이싱걸 이랑 미니홈피 학교 축제 동영상 1리분희 블매걸찌찌 BOZKR 교회증축 레이싱 모델 이가나 이미지 넷마블성인프르노빠구리걸 몸 카즈미옷3 올로수입아동복 야사봉지 1그대웃어요키스신 만화여자 팬티 JAVFINDER 내보지빨아줘잠지도빨아줘가슴도빨아줘 누두아줌마 딥키스제니스 락픽쳐스 av사쿠라 애니미녀알몸 가입안해도돼는사이트 코리아엽기하기하우스 무료만화서스 음 성인에로물 헬로키노 무한의 리바이어스 여자알몸무료사진 그림 자료 애니 인강 7청춘합창단 합창곡 화끈한얘기 샛별룸살롱 엘루이호텔 경마광 나체 누두아줌마 빠구리빠구리 채팅방연변 은주조 직찍 남성전용이발소 통합코택 야한디지몬어드밴쳐 나라별성문화 터키쉬앙고라분양 에로신문 젖소 섹스는왜이상하게하나요 황인경키니 레이싱 모델 황미희 도끼자국 외숙모소설 영화괴물보기 도끼자국트 좋은성인영화 성인C사이트 체팅 여자찌찌꼭지 섹시 길거리 PLAYBOY 던파동인지 인포마스터 쌕시한여자찌찌 팬티노출 모델 박정은 패티쉬화상사이트 원피스로빈알몸 애로 마이지입 베드씬 일드미성년 회원가입없는사이트 블루투스 드레스트립 쭈쭈섹시사진 마을누드 생방송몰카 팬티 투섹스코리아 키쿠치마이코 이누야사유가영알몸 aboutel 당나귀pp 재미있는게… 섹스영화배우자 장모 쾌락 누나의요분질 아메센터 핸드플레이 노출 단백질여자 포르노디오테잎구입 젖꼭지 사전 합성사진사이트 엠마뉴엘센스얼엔조이 1만화무료사이트 음경배부 즐감조개 소리바다5무료 manura3woro 옷버끼끼게임 연예시물레이션다운로드 여자찌찌공짜로보기 1pornocracy 원피스나미팬티 아내누드 비원티비 성인야설여선생 아줌마겨드랑이 딸기잼 길모아힘모아 골든보이성인 포르노테잎구함 이브와레즈 중등생커플의섹스 팬티회초리 정력강화제 아그라 판매 여자사이트 치마팬티 섹시파일 정자은행 이제니 가슴 성인대화사이트 이상월드 dndpzlakdrk 나는가수다회 야간병동만화 카페채팅방 어우동복장대여 방송사고 나무석부 야근병동화 여자의예쁜가슴 재팬시리즈중계 속옷 추천 여자의몸동영상 계집년 키스사진모음집 콩보지게시판 에로영화벗기기 1자위감상하기9부부나라동영상 잠쥐 사진 에무한다 빠구리섹스 딸보지 클릭앤파트너즈 슴가 룸섹스tv 만화무료다운로드로자미그 핑크펄 무료성인상이트 섹시몽리턴즈 회
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