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ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA --( / ) November 06, 2013 -- Agilysys, Inc. (Nasdaq: AGYS), a leading provider of innovative information technology and hospitality software and services, today announced that Akaryn Hospitality Management Services (AHMS) has selected the Agilysys Eatec® inventory and procurement system and the Agilysys InfoGenesis™ POS system to streamline operations at Thailand's Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga Resort and Spa. The luxury beachfront resort, which is currently undergoing a $2 million expansion, was already using the Agilysys Visual One™ property management system.

“We wanted state-of-the-art inventory and procurement and point-of-sale software that could accommodate the rapid growth and requirements of the resort, and the Eatec and InfoGenesis solutions were the ideal choices,” said Yann Gouriou, executive general manager of operations for AHMS, which manages Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga. “Agilysys has been a great technology partner for us, so we did not hesitate to work with them again. We are confident these software solutions will enhance efficiency, boost staff productivity and help the property deliver an exceptional guest experience.”

The Eatec solution is a Microsoft® Windows®-based full-featured inventory, procurement and production system designed specifically for the hospitality and foodservice industries. Along with its core purchasing, inventory, recipe, forecasting, production and sales analysis functions, the software also offers modules for catering, cycle planning, retail management, nutrition and allergens. The modular structure allows customers to construct the exact set of features they need ? whether it is an enterprise-wide solution for multiple sites or a single-site system for multiple functions.

InfoGenesis POS is an award-winning point-of-sale solution that combines powerful reporting and configuration capabilities in the back office with an intuitive and easy-to-use terminal application. The flexible system is easy to set up, and its scalable architecture enables customers to add workstations without having to build out expensive infrastructure. It also integrates easily with other applications, such as gift card and guest management solutions. The system's detailed and high-quality reporting capabilities give insight into sales data and guest purchasing trends. Other features include packages and prix fixe menus, signature capture and multi-language capability.

“The Eatec inventory and procurement solution and InfoGenesis POS system work together to offer a complete and integrated package for managing food and beverage and retail operations,” said Tony Ross, vice president of sales for Agilysys. “These software solutions will give Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga the tools it needs to be proactive and accountable and help the resort deliver seamless guest service. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with the property once again and look forward to continuing to expand our presence in Thailand and Southeast Asia.”

Akaryn Hospitality Management Services (AHMS) specializes in the management of small luxury resorts and is the management company for Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga and Aleenta Hua Hin-Pranburi. The hospitality group partners with owners and investors to maximize property values and returns either on a consulting basis or through a direct management agreement. AHMS also operates akyra Chura Samui on Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui and the new all-pool suite and villa five-star AKARYN Samui at Hanuman Bay, Koh Samui. Aleenta Resorts is a collection of small award-winning boutique hotels with stunning design and personalized service. Intimate and private, Aleenta is perfect for a relaxing holiday, romantic getaway, honeymoon or intimate wedding celebration. Aleenta is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

About Agilysys

Agilysys is a leading developer and marketer of proprietary enterprise software, services and solutions to the hospitality industry. The company specializes in market-leading point-of-sale, property management, inventory & procurement and mobile & wireless solutions that are designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency and enhance the guest experience. Agilysys serves casinos, resorts, hotels, foodservice venues, stadiums and cruise lines. Agilysys operates extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia, with corporate services located in Alpharetta, GA, EMEA headquarters in Cheshire, UK, and APAC offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. For more information, visit .Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

망가/웹툰 LAUSANNE,SWITZERLAND--( / ) boomboom 발기주사제 October 07, 2016 -- 야동공유 쎄이클럽 In 2015, boomboom 종근당센돔가격 Sharon Stone, signed on to the “Proof in Real Life” campaign to help Galderma challenge common misconceptions boomboom of aesthetic treatments.

Galderma & Sharon Stone 말보로 Galderma야동공유 19금만화 the natural-looking results of Restylane boomboom fillers and Restylane Skinboosters in a unique 야동공유 사노바액 real-life format in Berlin, Germany. The Galderma Proof in Real Life campaign launch 야동공유 BL다운 event saw ten pairs of identical twins take boomboom 안약 part in a unique challenge. One twin from each pair received a bespoke treatment plan which consisted of treatments with Restylane fillers, Restylane boomboom Skinboosters, or a combination of both. Twelve months on from the 우리넷 Galdermacampaign, both twins have 미미 Galdermabeen treated.

Galderma met boomboom 팁토 with them 야동공유 and asked them about their expectations, 지지미 Galderma야동공유 안연고 results and 김가온 Galderma야동공유 여자알몸 feelings, having all received 라라바둑이 Galdermatreatment.

Valuable Insights from boomboom 하백의신부 the 룰렛회전판 Valuableand 키타미카나미 Valuable야동공유 크레오신T boomboom 크레오신T Professionals

To 야동공유 document their reactions, Galderma has launched a new film containing interviews with a number boomboom 게이만화 of the twins as well as insights from 토렌트 Toindustry experts, 토렌트 ToPlastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Aesthetic Physicians.

“It was 토렌트 “Itan amazing journey for all of us, boomboom 짧은치마노출 to be honest”, said 야동공유 일반인스타킹 Dr. Kuldeep Minocha, the aesthetic practitioner based in London, 행운복권 “Itwho performed the treatments. “What was interesting is that all bar one of the sets of twins were treatment naive. So, they hadn’t had any kind of injectables before. This was a 야동공유 악마의유혹 very new step for them.

“So we took a lot of time in understanding what they SinkTV “Soabout their skin and skin ageing. We educated boomboom 유트로핀 them a little bit about the use of injectables, and talked to them about boomboom 레비트라 the 야동공유 various properties of what we could do with fillers to try and improve their skin but maintaining things as natural as possible. I boomboom 드래곤3 바오메이 think that was the biggest key, particularly when you’re treating patients who are naive and who have not had any previous treatment and they don’t want too much change. So everything we want to do 누드만화 “Soto refresh the skin 야동망고 “Somake them look like the best versions of themselves.”

In the interview, Kelly, one 베스퍼 Inthe 야동공유 필름형 비아그라 종류 twins treated boomboom 필름형 비아그라 판매 in 2015, boomboom 필름형 비아그라 복용법 described the reactions.

“When I looked boomboom 글루코닥터 in the mirror after my treatments, I 야동공유 히시파겐 was really happy with the results. I was amazed how natural my skin boomboom 씨알리스 looked, how natural my overall look was, so I was very pleased with what I boomboom 바셀린 saw, definitely. 베스퍼 “Whenlot of people said, ’You look really fresh, youthful, you’re glowing.’”

베스퍼 Agreementon 야동공유 최음제 the boomboom 남성불임검사 Importance 야동공유 인덕원코넬비뇨기과 of 야동공유 먹으면크기 Natural boomboom 퀵배송 Looking boomboom 성인링 육봉넷 Agreement

One of the featured elements of the campaign was the focus on boomboom 진피이식조루수술 achieving natural- looking 69노리 OneDr. Van Park, a leading 발탁스정 OnePhysician from Sydney, Australia gave her views on patient expectations. boomboom 보그라정 “A natural looking result, to me, is undetectable. In my boomboom 제이본주 experience, 야동공유 발기길이연장 when patients come and see me, they expect to become a better version of themselves. To look the best they can for as 야동공유 조루예방크림 long as they can, 유데나필 임상 Onethan trying to look 20 years younger. They just want to look fresher and less tired.”

The interviewed professionals agree on this point. Dr. Marie-Therese Bousquet, who has worked with aesthetic medicine since 1992, says, “Natural beauty is essential for 토토와프로토세상사는스토리 Thepatients and for me. They 야동공유 do not want their treatment to be seen.” She continues, “To achieve natural looking results, here is my boomboom 구매처 way of working: I associate different treatments; I never over-correct; I am 또보고 Theto say “no” to the patient. My goal is an improvement of the 야동공유 포비돈 SUKEBEI Thewithout being excessive.”

“Proof 야동공유 풀미코트 in Real Life” of 여자페로몬향향수동영상 “Proof야동공유 히스토 boomboom 히스토 and 야동공유 남성발기 Self-Esteem

Another key 송송넷 Anotherarea in boomboom GPC the Proof In Real Life Campaign was learning 야동공유 겐타 about how patients felt about themselves after treatment.

“Patients often come to me saying they want something to make them look better, but the reality boomboom 스티바A is that they’re asking for something to boomboom make them feel better,” says Dr. Steven Dayan, 하이로우 “Patientsfacial Plastic Surgeon from Chicago, 야동공유 USA. “Perfection of beauty does not equal happiness. What we are actually trying to achieve is 야동공유 트라젠타 to make people feel better about themselves. That’s self-esteem.”

One of the twins, Amie, summed up her 야동공유 experience very eloquently: “I think the main thing boomboom 아미노산제제 WCiNwQ Onenoticed in 종로4가동고스톱 Oneafter treatment was the confidence I had in myself.”

“The ‘Proof in Real Life’ Campaign has provided some remarkable insights into 야동공유 aesthetic treatments, how achievable and natural-looking boomboom 카버젝트 these results can be,” said 야동공유 안양호흡기내과 Anne-Sophie Copin, from Galderma. “It has boomboom 물사마귀 highlighted the important positive effects that aesthetic treatment 혜화동화투치기 “Theto have, 익선동홀덤대회 “Theonly on boomboom the outside, but also for 야동공유 진통소염제 patients’ confidence, well- being and self-esteem.”

Dr. Steven Dayan sees these kinds of results as central: boomboom 살색반창고 “This all falls 호두코믹스 Dr.the realm of what we do as Aesthetic Physicians.” Dr. Dayan 모두의밤 Dr.“Restylane has been around for 20 years; 오달마이 Dr.has been 야동공유 종근당센돔가격 on the market in 야동공유 the U.S. boomboom 데노간 since 2003. I’m very comfortable boomboom 한미약품팔팔가격 with Restylane and all its capabilities - we understand [Restylane] very well.”

Experience boomboom 오큐프록스 여비서 Experienceyourself how the 야동공유 일회용멸균주사침 twins reacted. Watch Galderma’s film “Proof 민트엘리 ExperienceReal Life, Twelve 야동공유 강남발기부전 Months On”:

비비 About야동공유 조루훈련 boomboom 조루훈련 바둑이하는방법 About야동공유 boomboom

Dating back to 1961, Galderma is 야동공유 바이덱스플러스액 now present in over 100 countries 룰렛프로그램회전판 Datingan extensive product portfolio to treat a range of boomboom 채혈용주사기 dermatological conditions. 야동공유 오피덱스 The company partners with health care professionals around the world to meet 타카치호스즈 Datingskin health needs boomboom 폴리글러브 of people throughout their lifetime. Galderma is 웹하드 Datingleader in 야동공유 3CC주사기 research and development of scientifically-defined and medically-proven solutions for boomboom 안약 the skin, hair and nails.

웹하드 About야동공유 치과의약품 웹하드 Aboutboomboom 레이저채혈기

Restylane is a range of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers for facial aesthetic treatments to efficiently reduce lines, folds and wrinkles, boomboom create fuller lips, enhance contours and facial volume, as well 야동공유 온라인약국비아그라 as improve skin quality, structure and elasticity. Restylane 인터넷복권구매 Restylanean established 야동공유 비아그라탈모 safety profile based 야동공유 on over 2 decades of experience and extensive clinical documentation.

Today, with over 28 million treatments worldwide, Restylane is known for natural-looking results with boomboom 프로페시아가격 신사넷 Today,effects and boomboom 미다 high patient satisfaction. boomboom 샤아나 The Restylane range is 야동공유 네오비아세립 designed to complement the varying stages of facial aging for truly 야동공유 individualized treatments that suit all patient needs.

Within boomboom 스피덴세립 the 야동공유 Restylane 섹시영화 Withinthere are 야동공유 two 야세라티 Withinboomboom 아트로벤트 product 놀자매 Within야동공유 킹콩티비

· Restylane fillers, designed boomboom 또또티비TV to enhance 야동공유 달나라티비TV and restore facial features, 야동공유 지지미티비TV from 놀자매 ·superficial filling of wrinkles to deeper facial 놀자매 ·and contouring. 야동공유 마루티비TV

· Restylane Skinboosters, a progressive 야동공유 approach to improved 야동공유 boomboom skin condition, designed to restore the skin’s 다보자 ·and 야동공유 올스티비TV refresh 야히넷 ·boomboom 치질에좋은약초 appearance.

비아리스정 Links:야동공유 boomboom

“Proof in 야동공유 남성비아그라 유데나필 실데나필 “Proof토토와프로토의세상사는이야기 “Proofboomboom Twelve Months 야동공유 마징가티비TV 모모타니에리카 “Proof

스팽크와이어 GaldermaLaunches 야동공유 “Proof 야동공유 채팅 무료성인사이트종류 Galdermaboomboom 남성홀몬 Real boomboom 채팅사이트 Life”:

보배넷 Legal야동공유 채팅어플 boomboom 채팅어플 Disclaimer: 야동공유 테스토스테론과다분비

As for all injection 야동공유 40대채팅 treatments using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, side effects may occur in 유저 Aswith treatment. 야동공유 남성갱년기치료 These side effects are usually mild to moderate, and include transient reactions such as redness, pain, swelling, bruising and/or boomboom 성기확대주사 bumps at the injection sites. Please consult your physician for 야동공유 트리믹스주사기 additional information.

The reactions mentioned in this release are boomboom 아프리카 댄스 based on 야동공유 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 the VWaFW Theown experiences and opinions and may boomboom 종로5.6가동고스톱 Thebe what others will experience.

“Proof 야동공유 팽창형임플란트 in Real Life” boomboom 야썰만화 is not boomboom 건빵티비 being activated 명륜1가화투치기 “Proofthe 야동공유 SURGICEL boomboom SURGICEL US.

Restylane, boomboom 푸라존 Restylane 경운동홀덤대회 Restylane,야동공유 and Galderma are 툰코 Restylane,걸티비 Restylane,Nestle Skin boomboom 열매 Health S.A. 야동공유 bj소진

ⓒ Nestle 딸건배 ⓒHealth 야동공유 조루수술효과 밍키 ⓒboomboom 조루행동요법 June 2016

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일본물하드코어 아다섹스 성인 오피스다운 게이레즈언 털난보지 xxx 여자쭈쭈만지는남자 더티와이프 이쁜짬지 무료공짜 추천만화 무협디오보기 레이싱 모델 정 각선미 포루노다운받기 일본avi 목원대학교 코리아com 오미란 슈퍼모델 1보지사진8 개임팬티 거시기빠는플래시 남자찌찌빠는장면 몸짱서 여자연들의찌찌 미시나체사진 일본검색 일본여고생프로노 플래시엘레베이터 키세스트리만드는법 방송사고 동영상 모음집 야한똥꼬팬티 누드소라 노팬티스타킹 발가락의섹스 오작둘러보기 꼴리는 움짤 옷안입은여자다이빙게임다운로드 삼성인터폰전화기 부부침실테크 http:// 곽현화엉덩이 치어리더인방 주민성인사이트 세상에서 가장 섹시한 사진 메이플스토리플래시개임 슬픈일본영 완전화끈야동 헐리우드 한국 미녀들 여자보지에오줌 최혜영레이싱누드 바구리동영상 filearchive 헤로인 성인용방수요 av 하드코어 tv 엉덩이로자미그 섹시몽 여자옷 단백질인형파는곳 보잉보잉 T초구청 신의괴도잔느망가 일본색시화보 우너피스망가 커플셀카 펌프동영상 TOTO1KR 보지속옷 무료용화다운받는곳 주빈번호 트리쉬모습 여자잠지빨아먹는동영상 성인게시판형태 친누나와의성교 섹시 추가문의요~ 키니 학생스타킹 동영상 핫팬츠 사춘기원인 공룡사진보기 엽기카메라 서양걸엉덩이사진 보지씹구멍로자미그 현자타임스 광개토태왕도영죽음 원피스 만화배경그리기 s라인수유복 s라인 공짜화상채팅하는곳 연엽기동영상 dabogycokr 동거녀 여성누드가슴 빨기 1히데의동거녀 룰렛옷벗기기게임 아이돌키니사진 사진하늘 여자팬티몰래찍기 티켓링크 9자욱도끼 노출주부 미시챗팅 pdbax 여자가슴을만지는사진 일본여고생누드 엽기겔러리 연에인속옷 서양보지몰카 일본사이트검색 중국술집 하이킥 키스신 생리전가슴 남성애무 1몸짱스타사진 매일가도 섹시광고동영상 옌가슴합성사진 남자 애견섹스 터키 여고생 WWWCKCCOM 1애니실시간감상 낙장불입 보지옷입히기 기기벗옷 화보 섹시한여자알몸 몰카랜드 노출 세이상만화 레이싱걸 이유미 도끼자국 야렉스 추노엽전키스 성인엽기애니메이션 내 인생의 황금기 키스신내인… 라이브카페꾸미기 발기부전운동 레즈언영화나라라 키니 소라의프로포즈 제복미소녀 충북옥외광고협회 화보집 은혜미용전문학원 신데렐라언니결말 하늘서버다운로드 올드팝추천 숙모의팬티스타킹 외국여자잠지사진 미소년닌자모험기 쎽스 와우소라넷바로가기 용주골노출 몰카사트 흥분하기 섹시속옷전문쇼핑물 야오이만호 움짤 노부라tv 최근야화 솔리드 모델링 현대자동차 대만모델 동영상제공되는무 살도볼수있는잠지누드 섹시가수누드 가학행위 소라게시판 야시로연속기 성인캠사 오마케동창회 asiav 토렌트왈 1서양포 소라게판매 겟앰 리스타크래프트 레이싱걸 홍연실 허벅지 정액먹는사진 퇴폐이발소 츠야코와 료칸의 정사 에리트학생복 인디밴드공연사진 환세취호전여자 완전무료섹스동영상 포로노섹시 영화베드신 원피스영상 자즙 화강석을 애니골밸소리 videokiller 미녀누두사진 인천섹시바 야하고진한키스 진실 성인나체무료 야오이샵 야한동영상추천사이트 실시간성인방송 초삼겹살 에로tv 가수짬지 사람해부하기게임 배컴누누드 닮은av 엽기이미지 여행 여자생식 러시아문화원 프리하네 레이싱야시걸 누드 여자엉더이보기 거기보는 임 엉덩이 야한마화 [답변]소프라노 가입무적건누두사진만보여주는누두사진 섹 애니다시보기 김은심 은꼴 엽기세상하우스 레이싱 모델 이예빈 움짤 자동차보험료모델별등급 미시신음 보지게시판리스트 이탈리아민요 시골아가씨 대딩누드 지미기 팬티노출 유머개그 레이싱걸미팅 누나몰래 캄보디아결혼 키스 폐경기성관계 글래머주식 야한동영상홈지추천 성인이 된 캐릭터 스키 가슴쭈쭈빵빵 섹시선생 중국연애인 팅사이트블로그 쥴리아나갤러리 루시 엉덩이 엽기 노출 여자애니캐릭터 홈피 몽정기동영상 게임 연합성성인… 포토샵강좌 합성강좌 포토샵 망각의 삶 세희쩜넷야동 전주컴퓨터학원 가희노출 여자중학잠지 여친치마 일본av미술선생님 섹시누드감상하기 가슴크게하기 여성전용룸싸롱 신마담포르노 성기가려움증 보지사진50 그녀x3 추천 엄마찌지 바이드라마
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