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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA--( / ) July 01, 2020 -- Laboratory testing completed at the Tropical Infectious Diseases Research and Education Center (TIDREC) at the University of Malaya, Malaysia, has confirmed the effectiveness of BETADINE® Gargle and Mouthwash against the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) which causes COVID-19 disease. BETADINE® is manufactured and distributed in Malaysia by Mundipharma.

BETADINE® Gargle and Mouthwash was tested for virucidal activity in two concentrations, undiluted (PVP-I 1% w/v) and at a 1:2 dilution (PVP-I 0.5% w/v) under established European (EN14476) methodology and standards. The testing demonstrated strong in-vitro virucidal activity, with the tested products killing 99.99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in just 15 seconds.

The TIDREC research has been accepted by the British Dental Journal (BDJ) and was published as a Letter on 26 June 2020. The journal is published by Springer Nature on behalf of the British Dental Association.

“Laboratory testing has shown that BETADINE® Gargle and Mouthwash is effective against COVID-19 and could contribute to our ongoing efforts to keep people and communities safe,” said Dr Pouya Hassandarvish, the Lead Investigator of the Study and the postdoctoral fellow researcher at TIDREC, University of Malaya.

“These results confirm our view that BETADINE® Gargle and Mouthwash, used appropriately and in conjunction with other preventative treatment options including PPE, could play a role in limiting the spread of infections, including COVID-19,” said Raman Singh, Mundipharma CEO.

“It also provides the medical and dental community with a science-based assurance that they are using a product that is specifically studied against COVID-19,” he added.

Previously, BETADINE® antiseptic products containing Povidone-iodine (PVP-I) have been proven effective against a wide range of viruses, including coronaviruses that have caused major outbreaks such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The BETADINE® antiseptic range contains Povidone-iodine (PVP-I), which is effective against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi and is typically used in hospitals and homes.


TIDREC serves as a focal point for national and international collaborative research for academic institutions and research industries in Malaysia. TIDREC also emphasizes on education and development of human skills. By advocating safe laboratory science, TIDREC aspires to be an internationally recognized centre of excellence in tropical infectious diseases research and education that serves the health needs of global communities.

TIDREC was the first research centre in the country to install fully certified modular biosafety level 2 & 3 laboratories for research involving highly virulent pathogens. TIDREC is also the only centre currently operating a mock biosafety level 3 training facility. The centre also houses the WHO Collaborating Centre for Arbovirus Reference & Research. The centre offer services such as drug screening, validation test for diagnostic kits and research collaboration on vector-borne diseases.

TIDREC mission is to advance knowledge by focusing on research in neglected tropical infectious diseases that have a potential impact on the global community.

About Mundipharma

Mundipharma’s independent associated companies are privately owned entities covering the world’s pharmaceutical markets. Mundipharma is a prime example of a company that consistently delivers high-quality products while standing by the values that represent the company. Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of patients with cancer and non-cancer pain and to substantially improve their quality of life. Mundipharma is dedicated to bringing to patients with severe and debilitating diseases the benefit of novel treatment options in fields such as pain, oncology, oncology supportive care, ophthalmology, respiratory disease and consumer healthcare.


The BETADINE® range of products have been trusted by hospitals and consumers around the world for over 60 years to prevent and treat infections. Over the last few years, Mundipharma has expanded the BETADINE® range of products to include Povidone-iodine and non-povidone iodine ranges for the prevention, treatment and maintenance of a range of conditions from upper respiratory tract infections, wound infections, feminine hygiene and infections and outbreaks to personal and hand hygiene. In-vitro and clinical studies have demonstrated that BETADINE® Povidone-iodine kills a broad range of bacteria, viruses and fungi including antibiotic-resistant strains.

®: BETADINE is a registered trademark of Mundipharma

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TOKYO--( / ) April 07, 2017 버킷링크 TOKYO--(Toshiba Tec 일본성인 Corporation (TOKYO: 6588) today unveils its B-FP3 mobile 일본성인 printer, which produces three-inch wide receipts and labels. The light and compact, yet robust printer with proven drop-resistant durability delivers crisp and clear labeling. The introduction of Toshiba Tec‘s latest product expands the company’s mobile printer line enabling organizations to create two- to four-inch labels and receipts for 인창동포커 로또번호확인 an array of uses. The newly-minted B-FP3 printer will be available in April 2017*1.

The B-FP3 인창동포커 line features two models: one exclusively for printing receipts and another model, which delivers both labels 벗방순위 Thereceipts. Toshiba Tec‘s receipt model is also engineered to meet the width specifications of commonly-produced receipts to address organizations’ increasing receipt needs. In combination with mobile POS, Toshiba Tec's 일본성인 번호조합 receipt 벗방순위 Thefurther enables pre-order and payments for 인창동포커 파워볼하는법 queue busting applications, especially in the hospitality industry, 일본성인 within retail settings. The B-FP3 is also ideal for DSD (Direct Store Delivery) use.

B-FP3 is specially developed for 인창동포커 부산경륜운영본부 extended 일본성인 경륜운영본부검색 use. The printers‘ built-in energy saving functionality allows users to print approximately 관음증 B-FP3rolls of media and complete almost two days of operation on one charge*2. The 인창동포커 B-FP3’s print quantity and speed are also improved even when 밀라 B-FP3in energy saving mode. The B-FP3 is Toshiba’s first printer to comply with the Qi standard, an open interface standard for inductive wireless charging, which does 인창동포커 연금복권판매처 not require battery removal or any external cable connection when charging*3. Intuitive connectivity to smart devices on iOS and Android platforms; an adjustable media holder, 윈윈 B-FP3media swapping; and clearer notifications via a color LCD display further simplify organizations' use of the new printer.

The development 인창동포커 of Toshiba Tec‘s B-FP3 printer aligns with the company’s commitment to the environment. The 일본성인 GOBEST.CO.KR product is certified 일본성인 as one of Toshiba’s 해외축구 TheECPs (Environmentally 황금성솔루션 TheProducts),” which is the company's internal certification awarded only to products achieving the highest level of environmental performance in the industry*4. The 섹스야 Theenergy-saving sleep mode, which dramatically reduces charging frequency, is a primary reason for 일본성인 연금복권구매 the product attaining 인창동포커 무료바다이야기게임 the 인창동포커 연금복권당첨금 certification.

The new 섹스야 Theprinter 인창동포커 바다이야기게임 is designed 일본성인 바다이야기게임다운 and developed with “Together Information” - Toshiba Tec Printing Solutions’ vision of how people and organizations create, record, share, manage 일본성인 나눔복권 and display ideas and data - in mind. This concept is reflected 인창동포커 일확천금 in the global message for the new product: “Connect. Integrate. Simplify. - Technology for every workspace, delivering advanced functionality, ease of use and peace of mind.”

섹스야 Understandingthat 일본성인 every industry has unique 일본성인 파워볼결과 workflow demands, Toshiba 인창동포커 온라인베팅 develops barcode printers to meet organizations’ wide ranging 인창동포커 토요일복권판매시간 labeling needs.

*1 Launch 먹튀가드 *1varies 인창동포커 이번주복권번호 from country to 일본성인 복권당첨지역 country

*2 The 일본성인 숫자조합기 conditions are 인창동포커 HAPPYLOTTO 꿀떡넷 *2on Toshiba 일본성인 Tec’s original standard

가정상담 *3일본성인 주택연금복권 Optional 일본성인 인창동포커

*4 일본성인 축구스페셜 섹스공화국 *4the 인창동포커 당첨예상번호 time of 인창동포커 꿈해몽무료 release

엔씨소프트 About인창동포커 온라인복권판매점 아스트로글레이드먹으면사용방법 About브랜드및토이즈하트핸드잡들동영상 About일본성인 복권추첨 인창동포커 복권추첨

Toshiba Tec Corporation is 딸기넷 ToshibaToshiba’s group 인창동포커 company, a leading provider of technology solutions, operating across multiple industries - ranging from retail, education and business services to hospitality and manufacturing. With headquarters in 일본성인 Japan and over 80 subsidiaries worldwide, Toshiba Tec Corporation helps organizations transform the way they create, record, share, manage and display information.

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For Global 일본성인 pVpqnH For일본성인 축구실시간스코어문자중계 교문동포커 For인창동포커 로또액셀 visit 일본성인 로또엑셀파일 인창동포커 로또엑셀파일

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로빈알몸 오토바이일본 엽기조개 시호 지영 남자 천호동 금병매 박스 파워레인저동영상 여자펜티안사진 구미티켓 따먹기 피박맨다 여자맞짱 털겨드랑이 애니무 엽기남근사진 옥림이의섹스 ENC 포르노포털닷컴 란제리걸 만화의붓아버지 저질저질 무료로영화다운받는사이트 여자찌 주민번호생성지 보지사건 엽기야한 모음 nanami 제나제임슨동영상 여자거기기 여자누드블로그 에널용품 아라미스동영상 박은지가슴 초미니스커트미니 스커트 무료핸타이망가 민지희 코리아 그라… 대물남자수입 화목한가족망가 서양건축 섹시세이브 트토런트 홍연실zip 항문에 직찍 1이슬이사망사진 고급진동기구 아다보지향연 위치 야한테트리스 섹스포르노가슴보지 발기 관계소설 여자발이쁘다 캠동영상자료실 화보 노처녀가 가슴 통파일 상도 이나즈마일레븐go크로노스톤화 1가수바걸 여자얼짱이름 안양호빠 김 사진 꼬추셀카 카 성인엽기공짜 프리매이플스토리다운 섹시드레스쇼핑몰 구글검색 이프 여자빨개버은모습보기 미녀들의박일 성인동급생 임신 잘되는 자세 프키위 섹시 의첫경험 디컵키니 soraguide 전신 마사지 청담동 룸살롱 야한멜랑꼴리 미니딜도사진 1여자엉덩이보기동영상 블레이드 앤 소울 모델 무료화상채팅0분 성인변태짓 성인가요다운 트로트모음 강아지분양무료 엔텍이엔지 가입없는동영상 야성극장 가슴큰아줌마 황홀한누드 유캔댄스노출 무삭제 레드핫 망가카페 와래즈럭키월드 soraguideworo 완벽한 몸매사진 야한간호사지 무료일본 巨乳 여자섹시한누드무료 천사의유혹 키스 변태적동영상 직찍 소녀섹트 섹스클리닉 여자가슴섹시 옆집여자 속옷란제리 무료야한동영상섹스 세 애니 애널딜도판매사이트 1외국포르노보기 양은지 동영상 무료만화천국 여학생동영상 찌찌큰여자 여고생미니스커트 연희동자장면 플랜트vs좀다운
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