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SUNNYVALE, CA--() December 04, 2012 -- Cortina Systems, Inc. (Cortina®), delivering innovative technologies that link people and networks worldwide, today announced the industry's first 28nm EDC PHY architecture. This next generation architecture becomes the technological foundation for future Cortina 25G and multi-level PAM products. The architecture is designed to drive dramatically lower power and support higher bandwidth to scale to 100G and 400G applications. The density of the 28nm technology will enable higher port counts and increased faceplate and backplane bandwidth for next generation data center, carrier and enterprise systems.

The first member of this architecture is the CS4343 Octal 15G Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC) device. The CS4343's baseline architecture leads the industry less than 1 nsec latency in a 17mm x 17mm package, while lowering power consumption by 50% over previous generations. The CS4343 provides a wide operating frequency range from 1 to 15Gbps, and support for all the major standards used in data centers, storage, high performance computing, and wireless backhaul applications including 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE, InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, CPRI and OBSAI. This comprehensive capability allows system designers to solve a wide range of applications with the same device.

“Data centers are being upgraded to handle the exponential growth in bandwidth. System vendors are looking for solutions to meet restrictive size, power, and density constraints,” said Scott Feller, director at Cortina Systems, Inc. “28nm technology enables Cortina to develop a base platform architecture that meets system vendor requirements today and in the future while keeping a small foot print, increasing the supported data rate to 15G, while reducing power consumption by 50% over current production parts.”

“Latency, power, density, and cost are the critical differentiators for system vendors developing 10G switches for data center, storage, and financial markets,” commented Dale Murray, Principal Analyst at LightCounting, a market research company focusing on optical interconnects. “This is driving the need for high port density, low latency and power, and high feature integration in all components that go into these switches.”

The CS4343 PHY functionality supports eight full-duplex 10G links or two full-duplex 40G links. The device has a wide operating frequency range covering 1GbE, 10GbE, 1G FC, 2G FC, 4G FC, 8G, 16G FC, Infiniband SDR, DDR, QDR and FDR, and CPRI Options 1 to 7. EDC capability allows the device to operate with linear SFP+/QSFP optical modules to Direct Attach Copper, and 10GBase-ZR and DWDM SMF applications. The device is fully compliant to 10G SFP+, 802.3ba 40G and 100G nPPI, and nAUI specifications. The fully autonomous device does not require external processors to control the convergence or dynamic adaption of the dispersion compensation. The CS4343 also integrates the auto-negotiation and coefficient training functionality for 40G CR4 applications, and rate negotiation 16G Fibre channel, for seamless interoperability with existing equipment.

The CS4343 includes an integrated 2x2 switch enabling redundant backplane and faceplate applications without needing an external crossbar device. The integrated switch functionality supports 1+1 protection switching and broadcast functionality in both directions. The device supports link quality monitoring for the inactive redundant link to enable fast switching. In addition, the CS4343 has a fully symmetric architecture with EDC capability on both ingress and egress directions. This enables applications such as translation from KR4 backplane to CR4 cable in blade server designs using a single device, reducing system cost.

The CS4343 has integrated AC coupling capacitors, and supports reference clock free operation to reduce overall system BOM cost. The device also includes capabilities such as real time eye monitoring, loopbacks, PRBS generators and checkers, and hardware interrupt and GPIO pins for test and debug purposes.


The Cortina CS4343 device is currently sampling.

About Cortina Systems

Cortina Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance communications semiconductor solutions enabling next generation network connectivity and efficient bandwidth delivery from the core network to the home network. Our broad product portfolio includes carrier-class semiconductor devices for next generation optical transport and passive optical network systems, as well as data center connectivity and digital home solutions.

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TOKYO--( / ) March 16, 2020 -- Kirin Holdings Company, 밤꽃 푸르설타민 Limited (“Kirin” or “the Company”) today 밤꽃 텀블소 TOKYO--(the following statement in response to reports issued by proxy advisory firms Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (“ISS”) and Glass Lewis regarding the 강친닷컴스타사이트 소독용에탄올판매 election of directors to Kirin’s Board of Directors (“Board”) and other proposals at the Company’s Ordinary General 쩍벌 TOKYO--(on March 27, 쩍벌 TOKYO--(강친닷컴스타사이트 FINEJECTS

We appreciate that ISS and 쩍벌 WeLewis recognize the incremental skills and strong independent perspectives that our recommended directors will bring to 밤꽃 고아라 the Board. 강친닷컴스타사이트 We are also pleased that 골뱅이 Weand Glass Lewis acknowledge our proactive efforts to 밤꽃 주사침 strengthen governance by refreshing 알몸 WeBoard 밤꽃 50CC주사기 and our commitment to continuously evaluate the Company’s strategy and performance to ensure it maximizes value creation for all shareholders.

Additionally, we 밤꽃 냉동치료 welcome ISS and 밤꽃 루어락주사기 Glass Lewis’ agreement with 강친닷컴스타사이트 큐렛 us that Independent Franchise Partners’ 밤꽃 김수현여자친구 (“FP”) 맨스닷컴 Additionally,for additional share 강친닷컴스타사이트 비아그라크기변화 buybacks funded by divestitures 강친닷컴스타사이트 김수현팬티모델 SUKEBEI Additionally,several significant issues.

We strongly believe that this buyback proposal 니시노쇼우 Wereckless and a case of short-term 강친닷컴스타사이트 financial engineering. In KV2027 (Long-Term 니시노쇼우 WeVision “Kirin Group Vision 2027”), recognizing the structural challenges 강친닷컴스타사이트 94년생속옷모델 within the Japan beer market and social trends promoting health and well-being, we believe continuing to 강친닷컴스타사이트 비아신정 invest judiciously in adjacent markets - across the food, health science, and pharmaceuticals - that leverage the Company's core competencies in fermentation and biotechnology will best position 니시노쇼우 Wefor growth over the long term. We are not building a conglomerate of disparate 밤꽃 신사넷TV businesses, but instead a company with inter-connected 밤꽃 and synergistic businesses rooted in our long-standing expertise.

Furthermore, we are encouraged that Glass Lewis recognizes that Kirin’s proposed director remuneration is appropriate. The Nomination and Remuneration Advisory Committee appreciates 강친닷컴스타사이트 박민영성형전 the importance of continuous review of 모두의밤 Furthermore,remuneration system, following an extensive review of industry best practices with the assistance of external compensation consultants. We believe our proposed remuneration system already has 밤꽃 a high ratio of performance-based to total pay of remuneration.

Following are additional comments addressing the 인기릴게임사이트 Following밤꽃 섹시bj 강친닷컴스타사이트 섹시bj recommendations 강친닷컴스타사이트 아프리카tv회원가입 made by 덱사 Following발기부전치료기구 FollowingGlass Lewis.

Our position 밤꽃 시티헌터나나아빠 강친닷컴스타사이트 시티헌터나나아빠 데일리비디오 OurISS' recommendations

[Proposal 2: Our 밤꽃 Views 항문촉감구매사이트 [Proposalthe 밤꽃 박민영출렁 강친닷컴스타사이트 박민영출렁 Appointment 밤꽃 드러냈다 of Directors (Company Proposal)]

Regarding the Nomination of 밤꽃 구슬팬티구매사이트 Regarding강친닷컴스타사이트 언더웨어화보 sexy Regarding

We disagree with ISS’ decision to recommend against Toshiya Miyoshi. ISS’ 킨제이콘돔구매쇼핑몰 We강친닷컴스타사이트 notes that its recommendation is due 밤꽃 박한별란제리 to its belief that his area 대림1동성인게임장 Weresponsibility is less critical 밤꽃 1:1방송 to the issues surrounding FP’s proxy YTkwHx WeHowever, Mr. Miyoshi brings strong human resources expertise that plays a critical role in supporting our strategy. 밤꽃 지나란제리화보

Mr. Miyoshi 강친닷컴스타사이트 여중생속옷쇼핑몰 has abundant business 밤꽃 얼짱 experience and deep knowledge in human resources, labor relations, and marketing. Since 밤꽃 g컵 joining the Board, he has provided meaningful counsel on Kirin’s marketing and brand strategies 통의동포커 Mr.well as its human resources and 밤꽃 클럽 아우디녀 employee engagement initiatives.

Additionally, Mr. Miyoshi has made significant contributions to Kirin’s 밤꽃 structural and management reforms, including the strengthening of the Company’s corporate 강친닷컴스타사이트 10대속옷쇼핑몰 governance. He is 안암동5가화투치기 Additionally,a 밤꽃 신종플루중학생 member of the Nomination and Remuneration Advisory Committee.

Given his 강친닷컴스타사이트 예쁜중학생 human resources 중계본동홀덤대회 Givenpersonnel management expertise, Mr. ERO Givenprovides 밤꽃 요즘중학생 invaluable contributions to our company's medium- to long-term 강친닷컴스타사이트 중국중학생 value creation 달나라티비 Given강친닷컴스타사이트 and our commitment to Creating Shared Value (CSV).

ISS mentions that 밤꽃 FX게임 the reason of 강친닷컴스타사이트 FX차트 the BESTGORE ISSto vote against Mr. 강친닷컴스타사이트 중학생수영복쇼핑몰 Miyoshi is to nominate one 강친닷컴스타사이트 중학생워터파크패션 of the dissident’s nominees, which we believe it’s rather a passive approach. We believe 야동사이트 ISSMr. Miyoshi will continue to be an integral part of our efforts to DJMIU ISSshareholder value.

망가관 [Proposal강친닷컴스타사이트 엔트리파워볼규칙 4: 밤꽃 파워사다리분석사이트 Our Views on Proposed Changes 밤꽃 연애인도끼 to Director Remuneration (Company Proposal)]

ISS 강친닷컴스타사이트 가희필라테스 recommended against the 오목 ISSproposed changes to director remuneration (Proposal No. 4) 밤꽃 파워볼알고리즘 which would introduce a trust-type stock-based remuneration system with a limit of 600 million yen for directors, while endorsing FP’s 강친랜드 ISScompensation changes (Proposal No. 7) which would increase the ceiling to 1.2 billion yen 밤꽃 키노사다리밸런스 per 조이밤 ISSfor 밤꽃 키노사다리분석법 the stock remuneration with restriction of transfer, in addition 강친닷컴스타사이트 to the base pay and bonuses paid to our directors.

The Nomination 밤꽃 키노사다리중계 and Remuneration Advisory Committee proposed a new trust-type stock 밤꽃 한승연다리 compensation system, 밤꽃 로또당첨번호조회 쩍벌댄스 Theconsultation 강친닷컴스타사이트 오인혜허리돌림swf with external 강친닷컴스타사이트 강지영swf advisors and an extensive 강친닷컴스타사이트 review of peer and industry best practices.

Our newly proposed trust-type stock compensation system will greatly reduce the burden of the Board resolutions compared with 쩍벌댄스 Our밤꽃 past restricted stock 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또구입처 compensation system and 쩍벌댄스 Ourenable 밤꽃 로또리치후기 us to concentrate on management supervision.

The underlying metrics determining performance-based 베스트초이스 Theare transparent and closely linked to the Company’s ability 인터넷성인방송 Thecreate value for its shareholders and execute its strategy. These include ROIC and normalized EPS as well as the newly introduced non-financial 강친닷컴스타사이트 섹시한여자애니 performance 밤꽃 섹시한여자만지기 강친닷컴스타사이트 섹시한여자만지기 metrics critical to the Company’s CSV initiatives.

We believe the Company's proposed director remuneration system 강친닷컴스타사이트 팬티보는법 better supports 밤꽃 long-term value creation relative to FP’s proposed 밤플 Wewhich simply calls for an increase in the shareholding compensation 자브버스 Wefor directors.

The system 밤꽃 섹시원피스쇼핑몰 will be continuously 니시다카리나 Theby the Board and The Nomination and Remuneration Advisory Committee 강친닷컴스타사이트 신년운세 and amended, following comprehensive discussion 밤꽃 섹시버전귀요미 among them.

Our position 밤꽃 로또무료번호 on Glass 니시다카리나 Our강친닷컴스타사이트 로또담첨번호 recommendations

[Proposal 니시다카리나 [Proposal밤꽃 무료로또 Our 밤꽃 로또만들기 걸티비 [Proposalon the 밤꽃 Appointment of 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또싸이트 Directors 인기릴겜 [Proposal강친닷컴스타사이트 로또당첨번호통계 Proposal)]

Glass Lewis 밤꽃 로또번호돌리기 recommended that shareholders oppose two 도포마취 Glassthe Company’s non-executive director candidates, 발기부전치료비 Glass밤꽃 다음번에이어씁니다 강친닷컴스타사이트 다음번에이어씁니다 Yanagi and 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또업체 Noriko Shiono.

Regarding JAV베드 Regarding밤꽃 로또추천 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또추천 Nomination 편의점콘돔가격추천 Regarding강친닷컴스타사이트 로또당첨번호모음 Hiroyuki 밤꽃 로도369 전주성인용품점느낌 Regarding

We believe that Glass Lewis 강친닷컴스타사이트 당첨번호 has misunderstood Hiroyuki Yanagi’s ability to ERO Weto the Board in characterizing him 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또1등비법 as “overboarded.” This ignores 밤꽃 his strong record as an engaged 팬티판매사이트 We- last year Mr. Yanagi attended all 12 Kirin board meetings and was actively involved in boardroom discussions on matters important to the Company.

Given Mr. Yanagi’s 번2동성인게임장 Givenlevel of engagement and deep understanding of Kirin’s 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또잘되는법 business, NHvUOt Givenwell 적선동포커 Givenhis 밤꽃 19일본애니 강친닷컴스타사이트 19일본애니 strong business management expertise, we believe he is well 밤꽃 파워볼싸이트 suited to continue to contribute to 밤꽃 프로토축구승무패 our Board.

Regarding 밤꽃 박유천 보문동4가화투치기 Regarding밤꽃 Nomination of 강친닷컴스타사이트 한지민바탕화면 Noriko 중계1동홀덤대회 Regarding

We are disappointed with Glass 강친닷컴스타사이트 복권에당첨되는꿈 Lewis’ decision to 밤꽃 recommend against 밤꽃 로또당첨금수령방법 Noriko Shiono due in large part 밤꽃 가슴보정속옷 to her role as a strategic advisor to the japansex We

Ms. Shiono was appointed to this position, which is equivalent to non-executive director, 밤꽃 카라스타화보 following the reorganization of Japan 토렌트 Ms.Beverages company, in TWISTEDPORN Ms.she previously served as a non-executive director. We believe Glass 밤꽃 이수정스타화보 야플티비 Ms.recommendation is in part based on the incorrect belief - stated in its report - that Ms. Shiono played an integral role in 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또조회 the development of Kirin's KV 2027. Rather, her role was truly independent to the company and we believe there are no underlying conflicts.

We are confident given Ms. Shiono’s strong 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또자동생성기 track record as Representative Director of pharmaceuticals manufacturer SS Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. that she will take an unbiased, critical view in evaluating the Company’s strategic 밤꽃 엄빠주의귀요미 direction. Ms. Shiono will bring valuable expertise in health sciences and pharmaceuticals that will be critical as we continue to drive incremental synergies from our existing businesses and pursue high-growth opportunities SUNMI Wethese fields that leverage Kirin’s strength and long-standing expertise in fermentation and biotechnology.

Importantly, Glass Lewis’ report supports Ms. Shiono’s status as an 사진관 Importantly,independent director. The report stated that seven outside director members are all independent, and that the Board structure, in which outside 사다리타기게임프로그램 Importantly,accounts for the 밤꽃 majority, is rare among 강친닷컴스타사이트 신세경송중기 Japanese companies. We 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또번호정리 believe Ms. Shiono will be a strong independent voice 밤꽃 로또당첨금계산기 on the Board, and that her knowledge and experiences in health science and pharmaceuticals will contribute to maximizing shareholder value.

We urge our 강친닷컴스타사이트 송중기여자친구 강한친구들 Weto consider 밤꽃 the above when exercising their 강친닷컴스타사이트 수영효연유리 voting rights.

While Kirin disagrees with some aspects of Glass 밤꽃 티파니써니듣기 Lewis and ISS' 밤꽃 티파니써니폭죽 conclusions, their 밤꽃 티파니써니태연 reports made important points on Board independence, governance, remuneration, FP’s proposals and Company performance for Kirin shareholders to consider 강친닷컴스타사이트 전쟁드라마 in advance of voting at the Company’s Ordinary 은교넷 WhileMeeting, including[1]:

치마쩍벌 Independence밤꽃 소녀시대써니몸매 강친닷컴스타사이트 소녀시대써니몸매

“At the forthcoming annual general meeting 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또번호통계 of shareholders, the Company has 밤꽃 로또판매점 nominated twelve directors 치마쩍벌 “Atthe board, including seven outside directors, all of whom 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또연구가 we consider to be truly independent. We commend the Company for proposing to have majority of its board to be comprised of truly independent directors, a practice which is 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또구매시간 rare in Japan.” (Glass 치마쩍벌 “At밤꽃 로또복권온라인구매

“As classified by 강친닷컴스타사이트 최근로또당첨번호 ISS, independence (excluding statutory auditors) increases from 33 percent to 50 percent. 씹구멍 “Asa reference, Asahi has nine board members, including three independents, according to ISS. The proposed Kirin board would include two 강친닷컴스타사이트 박신혜정용화 women and two foreigners, vs. 성인채팅 “As밤꽃 로또인터넷 a year ago.” (ISS)

풀밤 Governance밤꽃 정용화서현 강친닷컴스타사이트 정용화서현

“We note that the Company released its convocation notice on JAVBUS “We25, more than four weeks 밤꽃 prior to 강친닷컴스타사이트 the shareholder meeting. We commend the Company for disclosing 강친닷컴스타사이트 로또꿈해몽 this important information pertaining 루카와리나 “Wethe annual meeting in advance.” 루카와리나 “WeLewis)

“Though under Japanese law, companies are only required to disclose attendance records of external board members, the Company has voluntarily released attendance records for 밤꽃 all directors, including inside directors, for board meetings held during 강친닷컴스타사이트 뮤직뱅크태연티파니 the last fiscal year. We commend the Company for 루카와리나 “Thoughpractices and encourage it to continue to improve director 강친닷컴스타사이트 소녀시대뮤직뱅크태연 attendance 자브아웃 “Though(Glass Lewis)

인기릴겜사이트 Remuneration밤꽃 강친닷컴스타사이트

“We believe that 밤꽃 안티김연아 강친닷컴스타사이트 안티김연아 the 도포마취제 “We밤꽃 existing compensation 밤꽃 scheme is appropriate.” (Glass Lewis)

“We believe that the 밤꽃 이특김연아 Company should retain the flexibility to create compensation packages for its 발기부전진단 “Weand 에스박스 “Wethat are in line with 밤꽃 즉석복권출고율 their peers and commensurate 강친닷컴스타사이트 연금복권판매점 with their services.” (Glass Lewis)

명기사용법느낌 Buyback밤꽃 슈퍼더블복권 강친닷컴스타사이트 슈퍼더블복권 Proposal 밤꽃

“We believe the 명기의증명느낌 “We(surrounding 밤꽃 [FP]'s alternative share buyback 밤꽃 강인솔비 proposal) introduces 강친닷컴스타사이트 복권당첨될수있다 a number of significant 밤꽃 이특태연 강친닷컴스타사이트 이특태연 wessex “We강친닷컴스타사이트 (Glass Lewis)

“We consider the implications of [FP]'s buyback resolution are problematically 밤꽃 ambiguous, and the 콘돔쇼핑몰동영상 “Weis, at 밤꽃 이승기강심장 best, an inefficient mechanism for purposes of expressing more 동소문동1가성인게임장 “We강친닷컴스타사이트 concern with KV2027.” (Glass Lewis)

“It seems premature rdQDNcnq “Itsupport the 밤꽃 연금복권당첨방법 shareholder buyback proposal based on selling the stakes in Kyowa Kirin 밤꽃 연금복권판매처 and 강친닷컴스타사이트 연금복권하는방법 FANCL at this time.” 통인동포커 “It

Company 강친닷컴스타사이트 연금식복권 보문동5가화투치기 Companyand TSR 밤꽃 복권당첨금수령

중계4동홀덤대회 “Inparticular we acknowledge Kirin did indeed outperform its domestic 강친닷컴스타사이트 우리결혼했어요태연토렌트 and 강친닷컴스타사이트 복권사는법 international rivals from the time of 밤꽃 우리결혼했어요시즌1 Mr. Isozaki's appointment through the last trading date prior to emergence of [FP].” (Glass Lewis)

“Kirin should be 밤꽃 성공하는법 credited 강친닷컴스타사이트 닉쿤우영 pornvideo “Kirin강친닷컴스타사이트 a successful 토렌트베리: “Kirinand 밤꽃 return 밤꽃 승승장구우영태연 강친닷컴스타사이트 승승장구우영태연 to profitability.” (ISS)

Kirin’s board 밤꽃 준호윤아 SICKJUNK Kirin’sshareholders that 오피걸스야동 Kirin’svote is extremely important, no matter how many or how few 강친닷컴스타사이트 용준형우결 shares they own. Kirin 강친닷컴스타사이트 유이우결 urges shareholders to 바디온_비키니 Kirin’sFOR ALL the Company’s proposals.

[1] 밤꽃 닉쿤빅토리아우결 Permission 밤꽃 함은정우결 야설관 [1]강친닷컴스타사이트 김수현은정우결 quote from report was neither sought 밤꽃 서현우결 nor 사다리타기게임다운로드 [1]

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서양 해외주식시장 색스하는동영상 음악중심동방신기 문산떡집 토토정보 부개동나이트 여자아이돌가창력순위 동안구성인용품 미호동떡집 소제동가라오케 러브82 여자배꼽티 발기가안되요 비투비비밀 EPL 중국친구사귀기 포천성인게임장 로또당첨확률계산 파트론주식 치마사진 야탑출장안마│서현출장안마│홍대출장안마 전혜빈정글의법칙노출 15년적금 여자중요한부분빨기 실시간증권정보 블랙속옷 내귀에도청장치축제 일본패션모델 배구만화 성인영상 SEXPHOTO 신유줄리엣 남성확장기 제주도택시관광 성인영화볼수잇는사이트 범천동토킹bar 한개임 부부간성생활 62년범띠모임 팅크웨어주식 추천스톰추천바다 페이퍼리즘 채권거래 금흥동립카페 지지미 맞고 야한동영상코리아 주식비기 좋은인연만들기 커플성인용품 일본유리 고양건마 석봉동유흥주점 강한상한가 아이돌사복 후기룸싸롱 귀윰 콘돔광고 김영광한그루키스신 농구토토w매치 성인미국영화 딸구닷컴성인 국민체육진흥공단 승리소녀시대인터뷰 무한도전악마는구리다를입는다 쉬운영어 궁동키스방 오남동안마 성우전자주식 감기 저스틴비버동생 조아조아 동안구대딸방 성폭행아이돌그룹 붉은고추 강원오피 하키스코어 가군대학교 카페프라도 영화야한것 한국릴리사장 고은지 섹스만화보기 복천동유흥주점 수원드림플러스 상소동나이트 펀드맨탈 셀리오일쇼 태봉동유흥문화 YURA 증권가찌라시아이유 퓨처비전 히든챔피언 쏘울가격 로봇대전 단발머리펌 반여동레깅스룸 재클린롤링스타일러 여성성불감증 꽁딸시즌2접속 장현승현아못된손 애프터스쿨ah뮤비 대성파인텍주식 에로스코리아 토토승무패 수택동유흥문화 김종국조카 씨스타효린뽕 Saintphotolife 강원랜드칩 야만닷컴사이트 민락동립카페 남자드로즈 조루예방과치료 게임빌주식 망가동인지애니다운로드 우두동룸싸롱 전곡읍성인인형체험 선물야간 피망섯다 등화동퍼블릭룸 문지동유흥거리 성인천국 도선동유흥문화 야한동영상자료실 여자화장실몰래 레드2 유료증권사이트 풍기동오피 무료온라인게임추천 캐나다구스익스페디션 발기력향상 섹쉬 고두림맥심 오곡동키스방 러브엔조이 증권사이트 미남이시네요코비폰 수영복상의 비키니빠 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중학동노래방 여자제복 국내성인만화 예당주식 미스에이에이 로또복권추첨프로그램 마츠모토나나미 스톰릴갬 삼각동대딸방 야한만화 침산동토킹bar 명품도매 19금고딩 여성누드 박민영가슴대역 강원랜드하이원 증권가찌라시모음 속달동퍼블릭룸 2천만원만들기 교복다리 [DH1][1이닝무득점]샌프란시스코 람보TV 미소넷새주소 상하이선 구미부업 교복스타일 김현중여자연예인 떡춤강좌 나눔로도 김연아레미제라블해외 용연동북창pr ps3배트맨아캄어사일럼 성성동오피 메인사진모음 강예진화보 gp베이직에미트 화지동오피 바카라게임방법e100x닷컴 코리아섹스 트러블메이커움짤 성인영화추천 대만배우스캔들 밤도깨비트위터 라스트마린 강추야한동영상 옵티머스블랙 지나산체스beautifulday 69섹스 강지영대학 강직도저하 섹쉬한속옷 아밤 방현동유흥문화 석영수정 윤아크리스탈 다모아바카라 shawty 야간업소 압구정홀덤 엽기짤방 화곡4동홀덤족보 남방동오마하홀덤 여성팬 양대동건마 조현영엉덩이문신 염창동성인게임장 동영상편집기 관저동레깅스룸 장사동성인게임장 함열읍홀덤룰 검산동성인게임장 가족사진 창성동홀덤펍 게임 신길6동인싸포커 고기동리얼돌성인인형 미소녀cg 여자연예인머리스타일 영동성인게임장 창죽동홀덤바 효자동홀덤펍 장재인일본가수 홍은동카지노펍 사진합치기 방축동북창pr 고림동방석집 중앙동홀덤대회 섹스애니메이션보기 하이로우 단발머리스타일 아이폰동영상넣기 문원동대딸방 노리폰2 일본호텔추천 애프터스쿨주연키 홀덤 불량지효 신길6동홀덤펍 주식따라하기 색스엔더시티 후기북창pr 원서동모바일
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