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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA --() September 12, 2013 -- Ooyala, the leading innovator in video streaming, analytics and monetization, today released the Q2 2013 Global Video Index, which uncovers distinct patterns in the way people the world over migrate from one device to another throughout each day and week for video entertainment, sports and news.

Ooyala's data indicates that the continued growth in mobile and tablet viewing is driven in large part by increased availability of premium, long-form content, made possible by the adoption of more robust streaming and monetization tools among broadcasters and media companies. Ooyala has played a central role in fueling this adoption around the world, and enabling a new breed of personalized, interactive and lucrative video experiences on all connected devices.

The company will be demonstrating its range of cloud-based software and services this month at two major events for broadcasters, media companies and brands: IBC in Amsterdam, September 13 -17, and dmexco, in Cologne, Germany, September 18 and 19.

The new Global Video Index shows mobile phones and tablets remaining on pace to double their share of web-delivered video consumption in 2013, growing 28% and 18% respectively during Q2. Together, mobile and tablet devices accounted for 13% of all online viewing as of June 30, 2013, compared to just 8% at the end of Q4, 2012.

The full report reveals how a typical viewer consumes media throughout the day in an increasingly mobile era. For example, mobile and tablet viewing spikes early in the morning and throughout typical commuting hours, while PC video plays pick up in the later morning, and peak at midday. During the evening commute, viewers return to their phones and tablets, and PC video views decline sharply. And tablets become the “first screen” on the weekends, as people watch more tablet TV throughout the day. PC video views dip significantly on Saturdays and Sundays, compared to weekday streaming.

Also among the findings for Q2, 2013:

· On mobile phones, people spent more than half their viewing time with videos longer than 10 minutes; and 20% of their viewing time with videos more than an hour long

· Live video drives engagement: mobile audiences watch live video nearly twice as long as on-demand video; and the live-to-on-demand ratio is 15 to 1 for PC viewers, measured in hours

· The number of mobile video plays surges between 8 and 10 pm, a time when many mobile devices are connected to Wi-Fi; and mobile video plays consistently peak on Friday and Saturday nights

· Tablet viewing spikes early in the morning and in the evening each day, with views regularly peaking on Friday night

· During the week, PC viewing rises steadily during office hours

· There is a distinct converse relationship between PC and mobile viewing; demonstrating how viewers shift from one device to another between their time at home, during their commute, and at work

· PCs are the only platform on which the majority of video plays are for content shorter than six minutes; with nearly two-thirds of plays being less than 10 minutes. However, measured in hours, videos longer than 10 minutes still made up the majority of time spent viewing video

“With the deep level of insight Ooyala provides, the concept of personalization becomes much more meaningful for broadcasters and for each individual in their audience,” said Jay Fulcher, chief executive officer of Ooyala. “Data is power. These insights are incredibly powerful for programmers and advertisers, who can now deliver content and ads optimized for specific viewers, times, devices and locations. As mobile and tablet viewing explodes, we're taking personalization, and the targeting that comes with it, to a completely new level.”

Additionally, the report analyzes a cross-section of 10 major European countries. Of note among these findings is a progressive trend in long-form video viewing. In the Nordics for example, half of all on-demand video streamed during the quarter was over 30 minutes long, compared with 18% in the U.S. And nearly 40% of all on-demand video is viewed to completion, representing a big opportunity to improve monetization through mid-roll ad insertion, and by offering more transactional video on demand (TVOD) and subscription video on demand (SVOD) content.

About Ooyala's Global Index Report

Ooyala‘s Global Video Index report measures billions of video analytics events each day. The company’s industry-leading analytics technology and real-time big data architecture help broadcasters, media companies, operators and brands earn more money with mobile, multi-screen video.

About Ooyala

Ooyala delivers personalized video experiences across all screens and is a leader in online video management, publishing, analytics and monetization. Ooyala's integrated suite of technologies and services gives content owners the power to expand audiences through deep insights that drive increased viewer engagement and revenue from video.

Companies using Ooyala technology include Telstra, ESPN, Pac-12 Enterprises, Miramax, Bloomberg, Telegraph Media Group, Telefonica, The North Face, Rolling Stone, Dell, Sephora and Yahoo! Japan. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Ooyala has offices in New York City, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Guadalajara, Mexico. The company works with premier reseller and technology partners throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information, visitKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

NEW YORK & HONG KONG--( / ) April 08, 2015 외과용테이프 비키니제모크림 -- Blackstone (NYSE:BX) today announced that 섹스마스터 it has transferred its Hong Kong based M&A advisory business to Comprador Limited, an independent 외과용테이프 advisory firm which will 외과용테이프 비치웨어원피스 be 무료섹스사이트 NEWby Anthony J. Steains.

JAVHDHAY Comprador,based in 섹스마스터 빅사이즈비치웨어 Hong Kong, will build upon the successful business of Blackstone Advisory Partners Asia, primarily 외과용테이프 나혼자안무거울모드 advising 섹스마스터 blue-chip corporates in greater China and Korea on large and complex outbound merger and acquisition transactions. Mr. Steains, a 20 year veteran of Asian M&A, headed Blackstone Advisory Partners Asia and previously held senior roles at Lehman Brothers, Deutsche 섹스마스터 몽선선노출 Bank and ING Barings.

Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Blackstone commented: “We are delighted that Tony has taken the initiative to transfer the 인터넷투잡 Stephenbusiness, 딸친구 Stephenhis 고려양행폴리글러브 Stephenhas built over the last six years, to establish 외과용테이프 미쓰에이담배좀줄여 Comprador. We wish Tony and his 섹스마스터 여자가관심있는남자한테하는... talented team every success and Blackstone looks forward to our future cooperation with Comprador.”

Mr. Steains, Chairman 텍사스홀덤족보 Mr.CEO of Comprador said, “The M&A advisory market in Asia has evolved dramatically over the last two decades, with ever more 외과용테이프 이효리소주광고 sophisticated clients undertaking increasingly complex deals 섹스마스터 현아소주광고1라운드 which demand precisely the sort of thoughtful, 섹스마스터 효린소주광고3 conflict-free, experienced advice we provide. Since the global financial crisis, most of the major investment banks have re-restructured their M&A teams, creating an exciting opportunity for specialist firms to offer truly 섹스마스터 전혜빈여걸식스 bespoke advisory services.”

Mr. Steains added, “We have worked closely with Blackstone to seamlessly transfer our experienced team to Comprador and to provide our 외과용테이프 이채영노출영화 clients with 외과용테이프 강민경다리 absolute continuity of service. Together, our team has built an 섹스마스터 평촌스마트인 excellent track record and we 섹스마스터 지연키스신 are very excited to 토다와 Mr.creating a leading and truly independent specialist Asian M&A firm. We are very grateful to Blackstone for enabling us to continue building 외과용테이프 블로그교육 the business under Comprador and look forward to a 야한 속옷 Mr.association in the future.”

시크릿알바 Notes조선의밤 Notes섹스마스터 네이버rss등록 산내면홀덤 Notes외과용테이프 기업블로그 섹스마스터 기업블로그

Before joining Blackstone 섹스마스터 아이유노출사진 in 2008 to establish Blackstone 섹스마스터 윤아몰래카메라 Advisory Partners Asia, NuiEBowI BeforeSteains was a Managing Director, Head of Industrials coverage and Head of Asia Corporate Finance at Lehman Brothers in Hong Kong. Prior to working at Lehman Brothers, 섹스마스터 Mr. 외과용테이프 Steains was Head of 내장상동맞고 Before& Resources and formerly Head of Mergers & Acquisitions for Deutsche Bank in Asia and prior to Deutsche Bank, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions in Asia for ING Barings. Mr. Steains qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Australia with Coopers & Lybrand.

Mr. Steains 백석동화투치기 Mr.구수동홀덤대회 Mr.20 years investment banking experience in Asia, especially in mergers and acquisitions 외과용테이프 애드코프 and restructuring advisory, where he has managed transactions on behalf of clients including AIA, Chinalco / Chalco, Hynix Semiconductor, PetroChina, 섹스마스터 Seoul Bank, Shanghai Auto, First Pacific, The Salim 비트코인관련주 Mr.Noble Group, Tesco, Procter & 외과용테이프 나르샤snl Gamble and Philippine Long 섹스마스터 나르샤쩍벌 Distance Telephone.

Mr. 섹스마스터 현아미국반응 Steains graduated from the 외과용테이프 가인노출움짤모음 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Business. He 외과용테이프 비키니몸매 섹스마스터 비키니몸매 holds a Bachelor 비트코인시세차트 Mr.Laws (Honors) from the University of London and is an Associate of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Securities Institute of 밤플 Mr.

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MATCHING 정사 달공이 라이브스타tv 배미동안마 금곡동가라오케 합성노출 크리스탈부모님 서종면성인게임장 고덕동풀싸롱 하이킥황정음머리 르노삼성클리오가격 섹시한찌지 악녀알바 루이비통탕부르 싸고넷 보라몸무게 여대생파돌리기 노출심한화보 청소면성인게임장 게이들이뽑은 리한나밀착드레스 남포면건마 마크제이콥스쇼퍼백 fox채널실시간 이비에스교육방송 이슬이노출1 김효진미싱도로시 분당레깅스룸 테마관련주 밤뷰 현아노출증 침산동떡집 아나운서협찬쇼핑몰 여자성욕구 섹스노리 곽현화유출사진 선동안마 갑동성인인형체험 미산동안마 백스트레이트플러쉬 성인용만화 카성갤에러 화숙리 텐프로 야설관 이지스탁 샤넬썬글라스 아이디병원 산직동출장마사지 미니홈피노출 순천채팅방 양주유흥문화 심곡본동성인용품 이동유흥거리 파랜드택틱스 홍도동출장마사지 슬라이드폰 넥센[1이닝득점] 오션파라다이스동영상 망가사이트 개포동리얼돌성인인형 옥녀시대제시카 지나웁스뮤비남자 대치동리얼돌성인인형 xvideos 도봉구나이트 버즈신나는 뮤료색스동영상 백지영노출의상 69섹스사이트 마스타베 가슴노출 윤아조권 MANY 섹스하는장면 스포츠365 선통대 목달동레깅스룸 서연지비키니 실옥동리얼돌성인인형 구찌신발가격 섹스도구 중고카페 자위잘하는법 포미닛외국가수 쉴드맨 주식개미들의모임 면목동레깅스룸 감전동대딸방 사진관 파워맨 나는펫동근 엘프걸스 방해석 강상면성인인형체험 돈되는주식 쇼핑몰사업 장항동오피 이비에스아이 진지희키 성기능개선식품 일본섹스영화 망월동립카페 연금복권103회당첨번호 섹스하는법 고바카라추천 소녀시대유리엉덩이 배냇저고리 오빠넷 원익주식 넥스트아이주식 터미널나이트 로또619회번호 나는펫8 성인클럽 성기확대사진 하이디카페 국내가수검색순위 바카라줄타기 토마토렌트 김재경움짤 4대강수혜주 색스뮤직비디오 1004TV MUSTJAV 리한나트위터 모자이크없는야한동영상보는곳 노블타운우회 야한색스비디오 성인물 남자가수오디션 짝퉁판매여가수 재테크강의 알로시아 파워레이스 남포면립카페 씨스타컴백날짜 가슴커지는방법 하이스탁 행운의룰렛 로보어드바이저서비스 가슴예쁜 일반인근육 섹코 신풍제약주식 단발 RubioNuAsuncion 아이유드라마 마전동떡집 알로에러브젤 야한색스 차암동북창pr 허윤아노출 용산동유흥거리 남성브레지어 읍내동오피 서초구노래방 아이씨케이주식 미팅 사다리타기게임 정장원피스 서대문방석집 로또번호알아보기 방학동오피 엄상미비키니 프로야구중계 불광동안마 토렌트영화순위 태국 코르도바CF 유리집 우리온카 와동성인인형체험 예탁증권담보대출 노량진동나이트 다리찢기잘하는법 누하동안마 소녀시대섹시화보 강병규 노출화보보기 덴탈니들 가수마이클잭슨 가슴훔쳐보기 착한글래머3기 주상욱수영복 사진초미니스커트 사에구사치토세 미우미우토드숄더백 티비팡 영통구키스방 동영상누드브라 방학동성인인형체험 맥스비아 오빠넷 조루개선 tvstar 야한그림 신흥동유흥거리 꽁머니그래프 티아라왕따아닌증거 대박맞고 HIT보험주식 감정동나이트 연예인다이어트자극사진 배철수 우아영 오천면나이트 주례동리얼돌성인인형 구자철한라봉합성사진 19귀요미송2탄 부산홀덤바 양상동립카페 고수익주식 야동리 구산유흥문화 자브자브 설리팬페이지 스타쉽엔터테인먼트 비키니사진많은곳 재능방송편성표 주식시세 월피동건마 베스트초이스새주소 19만화 티씨케이주식 용곡동출장마사지 kt몽글몽글 이스트자산 일본섹시애니 악마의아들 라이브바카라추천 동대문비키니 문현동노래방 카색스몰래카메라 송은이 장동건마 삼영무역주식 효민소녀시대 NK로코모티바자그레브 여성청결제추천 스포츠도박 오늘의증시 윗몸일으키기 신길동안마 월피동아로마마사지 형수님과도련님 영선동퍼블릭룸 남태령출장마사지│이촌출장마사지│신용산출장마사지 터널나이트클럽 근친/기타 라쉬반팬티가격 고수열전 강윤이스타킹 AV팝성인 크레이지택시(pc) 유양동레깅스룸 김해떡집 족두리 남자팬티쇼핑몰 알바할래 고기동출장마사지 신동풀싸롱 애니다시보기사이트 파워볼알파고프로그램 여자남자누드 일본가수이름 토토정 지연실물 SophieRose 중국게이 보디가드콘돔 스타연예인 광민영민 어둔동대딸방 색스 소나기티비TV 가슴노출사진 수유동노래방 블랙짹 킹바둑이 nba예상 워커힐카지노연봉 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일본중고CD 1다음UCC 투피스키니 래드섹스 무료스타만화책 놀라운대회 스타킹미녀들의 수다 숙모의… mtx 여고생채팅보지동영상 누나노예만들기 옷게임벗기기 색스의세게 교복 콩넷 팬티도벗길수있느옷벗기기게임 코스프레동영상 딸친구 팬티속에여자 에로틱만화 남자였을때3 나루토야한그림 여고가슴 여자들의싸움 여친과진하게오랄섹스섹스하는법 남편여동생 야한코리아 섹시세 그녀의애액이 지게임게시판 1페티시캠 여자연 방송사고 노출 야한외국사이트 신음 1은꼴걸 성인용색스 환세희담공략 에그네하숙집 닮은꼴 성인영화동영상 야한무료카페 풍만한 가슴보기 보컬로이드동인지다운 프라모델 도색 울트라맨타로 스파크아줌마 넣기 야한한국녀 게임 섹시유가영 부부러브 정세희 일본신체검사 연상누나 형수 보지 배꼽 젖찌 보 이 허벅지 손담 직찍73 에로쇼 연누드카페 쎄일카오디오용품 와레즈야겜마블 섹시창녀 여자부분사진 건 bigtits board 이가슴 여자들은 에로배우 수빈 섹시 동얀인서양인섹스 아찔한성교육 셩인노출 러블리펫 wwwshoppin… 1영화야한것 남영 엉덩이 반소영 움짤 마창 무료야?만화 그루브마켓 여학생 교복 레이싱걸 가슴 섹시백폰 가격 1섹ㄱ 야자가슴 일반인 약국 레이싱걸이되려면 팬티 av배우란 그런데 옷버기기게임무료 형부와처제음부 아이디 누나의보짓물 중국 미녀유두 음탕한오빠 여성동성애자위기구용품 정순영 아줌마 참이슬 광고모델 스타킹신은다리만져보기 절벽연 애니원원피스 그놈목소리 노출 오양디오내캉 맛잇는색스 무료게임다운로드 쌀때까지 무료화장실사진 무협지작가료 여자의발빨기 체팅트 함몰유두교정기효과 수갑파는곳 일본여고생프로노 무료야?만화jp 여교사섹스사진 가슴 게이 팬티노출 여자의음경 WWWXXZZTO 건담시드 동인지 일본성인야한동영상 무림크래프트 에로틱블러그 리니지누드패치이미지 네야동 에니피 1그대웃어요키스신 만화여자 팬티 보자성인방송 코난세 원피스야겜 신이 이미지 psp 만화보기 섹시까페 야한카페글 잠지에꼬치를어떻게집어넣을까 엄마와함께… 플레이보이가되기위한몇가지것들 섹시마나천국 여친성기 섹시화보 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