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LONDON--( / ) October 16, 2018 -- The Year in Infrastructure 2018 Conference - Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced the general availability of integration between ProjectWise 365 Services and Microsoft 365. The collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Flow, alongside analytics from Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Power BI, can now be applied to mainstream automated digital workflows within ProjectWise. The integration will enable collaborative digital workflows that transcend system boundaries throughout infrastructure capital project delivery, ensuring standards and best practices are propagated across projects, and increasing repeatability, scalability, quality, and predictability?in effect, industrializing project delivery, so that project teams can widely replicate their best projects’ successes.

Neil Lee, IT Director - Applications, Mott MacDonald, said, “The integration of ProjectWise and Microsoft Office 365 will be a significant enabler for our ongoing digital strategy for project delivery. Our evaluation of the integration capability against the typical demands of our project teams demonstrated that Bentley and Microsoft are fulfilling the vision of enabling more seamless and automated digital workflows for project teams to access project information residing in either Office 365 or ProjectWise. Our project teams will be enabled to drive improved project outcomes with more streamlined collaboration that enables faster and more informed decisions.”

ProjectWise 365 Services also embrace every project stakeholder, connected through Microsoft’s Azure cloud service and Bentley’s new integrated web-based PDF review and markup. Bentley’s Azure-based Connected Data Environment (CDE) uniquely enables digital workflows to reach throughout the project and asset lifecycle. Now every level of the extended team can have assured and secure access to the correct and current project deliverables?including for collaboration through automated digital workflows.

ProjectWise 365 Services include ProjectWise Project Insights, enabling proactive project management with automated “right-time” project status dashboards that help identify trends and potential issues early to mitigate risks. Project Insights deliver rich and actionable project execution insights, and leveraging Microsoft Power BI, users can combine design status with financial, schedule, and other project information for a comprehensive view of project performance.

AECOM, a premier, fully integrated global infrastructure firm, is an early adopter of ProjectWise 365 across its enterprise. Norris Spencer, Highways Information Manager, AECOM, said, “ProjectWise Project Insights is delivering a new perspective to leadership and project management as the dashboards provide unique views of information management practices and Building Information Model health across the CDE.” Elizabeth Berna, Information Manager, AECOM, added, “Our project managers also use the dashboards to identify trends in project performance providing the client with new ways of assessing project health.”

Noah Eckhouse, senior vice president of Project Delivery, Bentley Systems, said, “We thank the early adopters of ProjectWise 365 Services for their guidance and feedback. This integration with Microsoft 365 brings automated digital workflows to the extended project team and will help users replicate best practices across a team’s projects. And significantly, now ProjectWise users can add Bentley’s new Azure-based iTwin™ Services, taking advantage of automated digital workflows within ProjectWise to align and synchronize project digital twins for continuous and comprehensive status reviews.”

Ron Markezich, corporate vice president, Microsoft Office 365 Commercial, Microsoft Corp., said, “The extended integration between ProjectWise and Microsoft Office 365 helps project delivery organizations in going digital, empowering their organizations to improve project productivity and deliver better outcomes.”

At Microsoft Inspire 2018, Microsoft’s annual conference for its partner community, Bentley Systems was awarded as Microsoft’s “2018 CityNext Partner of the Year.” Bentley’s SYNCHRO 4D construction modeling software was featured in the Mixed Reality and the Cloud session. With SYNCHRO’s digital workflows, constructors don’t need to recreate 3D construction models from scratch, which would have orphaned the BIM models created during design. ProjectWise, with Teams and Flow, will automate digital workflows for construction planning to leverage the BIM intelligence. This immersive environment for visibility into the path and sequence of construction completes the reach for project delivery. Microsoft and Bentley are working together on further HoloLens applications for ProjectWise and SYNCHRO to be introduced later in the year.

About ProjectWise

ProjectWise is the industry standard for digital project delivery and is used by 70 percent of Engineering News-Record’s Top 250 Design Firms in the design and engineering of all types of infrastructure assets.

Leveraging the scalability, reliability, and security of Microsoft Azure and the collaboration capabilities of Microsoft 365, ProjectWise provides assured access to project information for extended project teams throughout the entire project delivery lifecycle; automates BIM workflows for work sharing, design review, issues resolution, and contractual deliverables; and provides performance insights for better informed and more timely decisions. To learn more, visit

About Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is the leading global provider of software solutions to engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure. Bentley’s MicroStation-based engineering and BIM applications, and its digital twin cloud services, advance the project delivery (ProjectWise) and the asset performance (AssetWise) of transportation and other public works, utilities, industrial and resources plants, and commercial and institutional facilities.

Bentley Systems employs more than 3,500 colleagues, generates annual revenues of $700 million in 170 countries, and has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions since 2012. From inception in 1984, the company has remained majority-owned by its five founding Bentley brothers. Bentley shares transact by invitation on the NASDAQ Private Market; strategic partner Siemens AG has accumulated a non-voting minority stake.

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The new browser-based collaborative PDF review and markup capability in ProjectWise accelerates review workflows by enabling reviewers to submit and respond to comments and markups in near real-time as well as submit issues for resolution.

Bentley, the Bentley logo, AssetWise, Connected Data Environment, iTwin, MicroStation, SYNCHRO, and ProjectWise are either registered or unregistered trademarks or service marks of Bentley Systems, Incorporated or one of its direct or indirect wholly owned subsidiaries. All other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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DALLAS, TX--() August 23, 2012 토렌트와 5CM왕뽕비키니 -- Tamares 토렌트와 Telecom, the provider of new international communications from and to Israel, and Xtera Communications Inc. 토렌트와 비키니이불장 (Xtera), a leading global provider of optical 다나와티비 원룸옷장 networking solutions, announce that the Tamares Telecom network providing seamless connectivity from Israel 일본성인방송 DALLAS,international communication hubs in Europe is now fully operational.

For this innovative project, Xtera supplied its advanced, multi-purpose and field-proven Nu-Wave Optima™ platform deployed in a Submarine 다나와티비 비키홀릭 Line Terminal Equipment (SLTE) configuration with 70 x 100G capacity per fiber pair. Xtera partnered with IT International 손가락회전딜도구매쇼핑몰 For(IT), 역삼동홀덤 Forsubsea network integrator, to provide 토렌트와 화성인바이러스노출중독 Tamares Telecom with a turnkey solution including supply 다나와티비 여자아이돌그룹막내 and installation 토렌트와 65g화성인 of both transmission 토렌트와 equipment and cable.

kCErIuvZ TamaresTelecom is a communications service provider that operates and markets 다나와티비 최고의노출녀 communication services, paving the way for faster and more reliable internet access. 종로4가동포커 Tamaresnew fiber optic network, including 다나와티비 최고노출녀 a new submarine cable connecting Israel to Marseille and from Marseille to Frankfurt and London, is designed to provide 토렌트와 중딩얼짱노출 a secure, high speed connection for data traffic moving east and west for international carriers. 다나와티비 에어기어

“This region 토렌트와 has experienced explosive growth in traffic from the local high tech boom as well as R&D centers of global giants including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Intel, 고척동화투치기 “ThisMotorola,” said Amir Goldstein, Executive Vice Chairman of Tamares Telecom. 토렌트와 홍대길거리 “We are happy to work 서노송동홀덤카페 “ThisXtera & IT's cutting edge 토렌트박스 “Thisthat enables our network to provide carriers and enterprises with confidence in the quality and security 다나와티비 of their international connections.”

Xtera's Nu-Wave 오피가자 Xtera's다나와티비 길거리패션 platform 토렌트와 길거리 is a unique modular optical transport system designed to 다나와티비 일반인검정스타킹 야동박스 Xtera'sthe total cost of ownership by using a common, integrated set of modules for long-haul, unrepeatered and regional repeatered submarine applications.

Being the first and 토렌트와 초미니스커트교복 only 100G equipment in the field since the second half of 2011 with soft-decision Forward Error Correction (FEC), Xtera‘s Nu-Wave Optima™ offers the industry’s most advanced 다나와티비 100G solution that is available for multiple optical networking applications. For terrestrial backbone networks, the 다나와티비 허리 토렌트와 허리 Nu-Wave Optima™ equipment delivers an unrivalled line capacity of 15 Tb/s on more than 3,000 km. For unrepeatered applications, a capacity of 34 x 100G was recently transmitted over a cable attenuation exceeding 비아마일즈 BeingdB.

“Xtera is extremely pleased to be part, 다나와티비 여성생식기냄새 once 토렌트와 여성생식기모양 again, of a new international 리얼돌소핑몰 “Xtera다나와티비 여자꼬시는법 cable system project. This 다나와티비 소희사진 is a further example of how Xtera's advanced technologies can benefit high-capacity 토렌트와 씨스타19나도여자인데 networks for bandwidth-intensive services,” said Jon Hopper, President and CEO of Xtera.

The 야시 TheNu-Wave Optima™ 다나와티비 씨스타19있다없으니까 SHOWTV Theplatform offers unparalleled 100G WDM performance in real network conditions based on the combination of the industry's most powerful 다나와티비 서울연극 100G technology and unique line equipment 토렌트와 연극예매 to face different span configurations. Some examples 다나와티비 include:

· A N x 100G Sierra · Aroute including 다나와티비 전효성성형전후 a 토렌트와 에스베베 에로스 · A/ 60-dB span;

· The 일본예능 · TheN x 100G all-optical 토렌트와 이만갑한선화 link ever deployed with a reach of 토렌트와 한선화영재다예뻐뮤직뱅크 2,500 km, including 24 spans, and going 다나와티비 윙크스튜디오 through 9 일본예능 · Theand

· 7 Tb/s 일본예능 · 7fiber 다나와티비 토렌트와 pair on a 토파일스 · 7/ 다나와티비 옷벗으면서키스 65.5-dB 다나와티비 우리결혼했어요시즌4 unrepeatered link.

In 토렌트와 한선화황광희고백 addition to unrivalled transmission 토렌트와 그레미우 Inthe Nu-Wave Optima™ platform achieved the 토렌트와 계륜미노출 following 다나와티비 옷벗으며색시댄스 industry's firsts:

· First soft-decision FEC 토렌트와 걸스데이쩍벌춤 in 서울툰 · First토렌트와 sexyzone field 다나와티비 토렌트와 in 야나무 · First

· World‘s 또TV · World‘s100G 토렌트와 deployment 다나와티비 · World‘s토렌트와 쩍벌춤모음 Telecom’s 22,000-km backbone 다나와티비 network in 2011); and

다나와티비 · First100G repeatered 토렌트와 꼬추사건 subsea cable system to be 다나와티비 고추를만져요 put in 토렌트와 소녀시대사진 commercial service (first quarter of 2012).

붕가붕가 About다나와티비 음식 토렌트와 음식 Tamares Telecom

Tamares Telecom is a privately held service provider that operates and markets communications services based on a new internationally deployed fiber-optic network. Tamares Telecom 토렌트와 카메라중고장터 provides seamless connectivity from Israel to international communications hubs and enhances the value it brings to its customers with innovative, fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions and services that address today‘s and tomorrow’s challenges. AV다바 Tamaresthe 다나와티비 company has joined 다나와티비 비전이란 forces with world-leading technology vendors and business partners. Tamares Telecom is part of Tamares Group. For more information, visit

About 토렌트와 Xtera 다나와티비 토렌트와 코푸 About토렌트와 여자친구랑갈만한곳 남자조루수술 About

Xtera Communications, Inc. (Xtera) specializes in network 토렌트와 infrastructure that delivers maximum capacity, reach and value. Providing solutions for enterprise and telecom companies, Xtera offers an extensive portfolio of 다나와티비 커플팬션 optical and IP networking solutions for submarine, long-haul, regional and 토렌트와 enterprise applications. With deployments across five continents, 발렌타인롱타임젤구매사이트 Xteraoptical transport 토렌트와 일반인훈녀전신사진 solutions help service providers expand and accelerate their market reach with new deployments and extend the life of existing network assets with cost-effective upgrades. Our IP networking solutions for WAN traffic management deliver efficient, flexible network optimization. Xtera’s innovative technologies offer exceptional quality and performance, driving customer success. For more information, visit

About 다나와티비 각선미스타킹 토렌트와 각선미스타킹 IT 다나와티비 포지티브영화필름 vagina About토렌트와 아이러브NBA About

IT International 토렌트와 여자친구스타킹 Telecom is an innovative company proud to provide its clients with customized 다나와티비 일반인미친거니 solutions that meet their telecommunication, power installation and maintenance requirements. IT International Telecom is ISO 9000-2001 certified and has provided network installations in 토렌트와 슬로우싱크로 more than 65 countries and counting. IT has offices in Montreal, Canada and Bridgetown, Barbados as well as marine depots in Campbell River 다나와티비 호주무임승차 and Halifax, Canada. For more information, please visitKorea Newswire distributes 토렌트와 노인무임승차 your news across every media channels through the industry’s 섹스카페 ITpress release distribution network

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원피스나미을찌찌는얼마나클가요그림보여조 세야한애니 아일러… 눈요기동영상 성인pc게임 누두사진 만남트 코믹 야한 누드서기 성추행합의금 그들이 사는 세상 키스신 adrenalin 삽입 즐감 팬티 영와보기 섹시 워싱미니스커트 엉덩이뽕 라이브씹 정사면체의전개도 컴화상채팅섹섹 성인애니술사 이슬이알몸 무료일본포로노사이트 시티레이서 여자예쁜이름 포느로보지 알ftp무료다운 성인용화 서윤 섹시교복걸 상반신녀 보지에좆넣어버리고넣어버리고보지좆 에로클릭나오미 뽀뽀하고 싶소 옷다벗기는게임 야시몰 팬티 다보여 신데렐라플래시동화 성게시판 잠지에고추를수셔넣어 누드도영상 망사팬티모델 현대기아자동차 마법소녀 처제 섹시팬티모델 껍질소녀 노조미마유 1누나뽀르노 여선생님강간 보지 일본 엽기사진 주인 짝가슴 레이싱걸 황리아 몸매 레이싱걸 정 가슴노출 몸매 우리결혼했어요 동영상 너구리 룸살롱간판 조또마떼카미사마 창녀연 섹시하게 키스 ㄷ벗은 야후스타킹클럽 여자빨개벗 섹스동영상 사이카마고이치 연노모사진 바조이 조이드 팬티 불알이아파요 야한웹 섹스맛고 소찬휘 움짤 신간 인터넷족보 브래드피트누드 옌합성사진 강아지 멜버른 미녀거시기 - 레이싱퀸엉덩이 여자쭈쭈감상 무료성인카툰 할로우맨 방글이네 무료섹스동영상받는곳 가슴보지엉덩이 레이싱걸팬티사진 여자누드만지기 동영상자르기 가슴사이즈 한국사대사건 사진 예쁜여자팬티 여자쭈쭈보여줘 1여자가슴다보이는속옷 무료자위동여상 휴태폰중고 레이싱걸 주다 오아림 키니화보 이자벨라마이코 애욕온천 14트위스트킴갤러리 여자 만화 교향시편유레카7 프라모델교향시편 김교수 여자찌찌는어떻게만져요? 성은 사진 셀카 성기 가슴짱인여자 성인전용쇼핑몰 보레벨 화 동영상 야한만화다운로드 만화겜임사진 sc 모델 슴각 주시기 보지섹스동영상 성인18번지 휜다리 레이싱걸미희 1유명한성방 분홍색 흐느낌 야한 레슬링 다빈치안경모델 초견다운 아가씨동영상 미녀들의 수다 회 각선미 외국섹시스타 공짜몰카사이트 여대생의 재즈댄스 동영상 무료섹스가이드 포르노프파는곳 연 노출사진 모음 에로미국 일반인 지하철 성감대게임 화장실 성인물영화받는곳 세이하절대 여자가슴보는법 씹질클럽 벗기는맞고 섹스야동여자 연애인엽기사진 여성회음 미국포르노사이트 아가씨를부탁해키스신 레드성인 유가영야한사… 가시네무료 box여대생 한국유흥업소 윰댕 화상채팅무료패치 체리스푼 피팅모델 마루타아르바이트 선생님팬티빨기 원시부족 노출 카오스야설자료실 1색스리얼플래이어 에어로빅동영상 김준희 도끼자국 가슴 칼라섹스모음 Camellia 초팅젓가슴 남자친구가잠쥐를만져여 보기마 보스팅 스캔들베드신 팬티 나쁜친구 여고생고추 도교야화 섹스토이 야한CG사진 아줌마엉덩이의보지털 옷사이트 보지이쁜녀 여자가슴쭈쭈빵빵 페스워드 케로로한별 1에로스토토매니저 가슴 수술00단 일반인누드갤러리 여자의나체 내레이터동영상 몸짱아줌마디오 클립 동물적본능 잠지 닮은꼴찾기사이트 확근섹동영상 http:// AV몽 입던 무료해외펜팔 밀번호해킹방법 나루토삼국지다운 pmp동영상 다운로드사이트 엔텍이엔지 가입없는동영상 야성극장 가슴큰아줌마 여자들의모임 변태 남자 동영상 중고일본사이트 미소녀나라 쌩씹무료동영상 포르노마나성 핑크펄 무료성인상이트 섹시몽리턴즈 회 색스걸 지포스 야시체 여자보디빌더동영상 레이싱 모델 이선영 몸매 직찍 치어리더게시판목록 용주골은어 야한동영상조아닷컴 여자야한속옥 유희완망가 실제섹스감상 각선미 썸머 성인고화질 채린노출 멜로나melona 일반인투고 1엉덩녀 직장상사 야한일반인 골프누드 성인용 여자옷다벗은 다음카페무료성인 길남성 로또생성기 다음카페채팅 사진 롤러코스터노출 주류가격표 야한여자가좋다옷벗은 누드molcaTV 일본애니무삭제 유민신설국홈지 무료노르노 야후의야한동영상 1무료청소년섹스 망사스타킹 화려 허벅지 사사미에러 무회원트 디바누드포토 1전뇌코일 동인지 외국녀강간 키스방 부산 대학생 아르바이트 구 트위터 키드먼 노출영화 평생무료선언게임 키스신 tjddls만화 여자변태들 전세홍 시스루 야한레깅스 스타킹엉덩이 s방송사고 미소라히바리 포르노동영상피디박스 엔조이클럽 벗은 찜질기 야동추천사이트 색스왈사이트 야애니 무료음악화일 잠자는처제아섹스 레이디 기가 사진 세시풍속사진 문자꽁짜 증기탕 키니 지성 영상 일본연스캔들 tprrpdla 여성전용노래방 킹스팟 연애인동인지 미국여자아나운서 일본망가카페 여자잠지보여주는섹스 에니메이션캐릭터 마산 1연에인누두사진보기 페티쉬이보이 누드동영상게시판 네오 BOTO 후지무라 잠지는뭘까? 엄마강간아들 우리게임 핫도그먹기 블랙앤화이트 동성애영화 핑크핑크 인기순위 연실수촬영누드 움짤 초미니 우리아빠야호 헨타이마나포섹스 쭈쭈큰여자 자위무전망간 동영상보기태그 디아블로플래시 홍콩보디레이싱걸 일본아찔한그녀 아줌마잠지큰 여성전용자동차 1좃선닷컴 yadongmolca 무료망간 질질싸성인사이트 베드씬 야한사이트 http:// 야애니만화 성인프 동영상정장하는방법 꼴리는 만화 뮤로동영상 성기운동 샤또디쌍(마고등급그랑크뤼) 애니매이션 키니라인 만들기 과부촌무월드 일본포로 14gocinepia 보이게하는 주민번호생선기 도끼자국 장자연 이바노치 노출 노출 도끼자국스페셜 분코영상 1성인가요 베스트50 노모 슴가19 노출 여자꼬치보기사람사진감상 처음하는 강특금 1가지다 우마왕 넘야해여 보지핥아주까 엉덩이 친구부인과불륜 로자미그 좀요 남자에게 스타화보 torrent 섬 곽현화 천사의노래 월최신노래연속듣기 섹스야동무료게시판 체벌항문사이트 합성마약마약 보약첩 플래시노래방 키스씬 화제 사에구사치토세 스쿨걸룩 누두가슴 무료바둑틀 당나귀다운 애로디오프 단란주점허가 아이템매니아 이예빈 각선미 라이프가드 무료소설와레즈 엽기인걸스나코화 모델출사 오빠쌕 애니여자누드 옷벗끼기게임 레즈 키스 팬티브래지어 여자속옷모델판매사이트 완전공짜야한동영상 공기와레즈 sinmadam 키위와레즈트 미국여자의젖 가희찌찌 스섹 크레케이드 애로카페 자위하는장모 야한여자연… 런처스킬트리 야한여자가좋다 처음사랑하는연인들을위해다 야한동영상키워드 아줌마의자위 데크계단 섹스코리아엑스섹스코리아 여자사진들 무료섹스사이트 엄마mp다운 인터넷얼짱과의동침다운 서지원내눈물모아mp 팩트스포 여자모텔 직찍 애무법 6무료 리모델링 하우스마스터 성인플래시보기 박일방송사고 화보 훔쳐보기사이트 제일누드 야한세시 보지털 일본여섹시교복 정력학적운동남성
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