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BRIDGEWATER, N.J. & FORT WORTH, TEXAS--( / ) April 03, 2015 -- Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies announced today that its divestiture from Actavis plc to TPG, a global private investment firm, has been completed. The company also announced that its new name is Adare Pharmaceuticals and John Fraher, who was president of Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies, has been named the CEO. He is joined by key executives from his current management team.

“For decades, we have solved complex formulation, manufacturing and commercialization challenges, which has resulted in transformational medicines that deliver value to all our stakeholders,” said John Fraher, CEO of Adare Pharmaceuticals. “With the launch of Adare Pharmaceuticals and TPG’s support, we have the vision, resources and talent to expand our pipeline and capabilities, enabling us to establish new and build upon existing partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies. We are focused on developing medicines that further address the needs of a changing healthcare industry and bring even greater benefits to partners and patients.”

Adare Pharmaceuticals makes new patient treatment approaches possible by providing improved medicines tailored to specific unmet medical needs. The company’s proprietary technology platforms, R&D capabilities, manufacturing expertise and commercialization experience have resulted in the development of medicines for itself and its partners that have had commercial success.

“The team at Adare Pharmaceuticals has a proven track record in developing and manufacturing improved medicines and we see great opportunities in the market for their expertise,” said Todd Sisitsky of TPG. “We are committed to growing Adare Pharmaceuticals through acquisitions and new product development, and we believe our experience and success in the healthcare industry make us uniquely suited to support the company. We are excited to work with John and his team to innovate and cultivate new partnerships.”

About Adare Pharmaceuticals

Adare Pharmaceuticals provides enhanced medicines, creating new possibilities for improved patient health. For decades, the company has solved complex formulation, manufacturing and commercialization challenges, resulting in transformational medicines that deliver value to all its stakeholders. Adare Pharmaceuticals has a global presence with R&D, manufacturing and commercial operations in the Unites States, Europe and Canada. For more information, visit

About TPG

TPG is a leading global private investment firm founded in 1992 with over $67 billion of assets under management and offices in San Francisco, Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas, Houston, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Moscow, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. TPG has extensive experience with global public and private investments executed through leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, spinouts, growth investments, joint ventures and restructurings. With a strong history of executing carve-outs and partnering with blue chip companies, TPG’s successful carve-outs include On Semiconductor from Motorola, Burger King from Diageo, Lenovo from IBM, Fenwal from Baxter, Surgical Care Affiliates from HealthSouth, and many others. In addition to Adare Pharmaceuticals, the Firm’s healthcare investments have included EnvisionRx, Fenwal, Healthscope, IASIS Healthcare, Immucor, IMS Health, Par Pharmaceutical, Quintiles Transnational and Surgical Care Affiliates, among others. For more information, visitKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY.--( / 코리아카지노주소 보배넷 ) November 05, 2015 일본빠찡꼬 HIGHLANDGeneral 일본빠찡꼬 HIGHLANDCorporation (NYSE: BGC) reported today results for the third quarter ended October 2, 2015. For the quarter, the Company generated adjusted earnings per share from continuing operations of $0.26 and adjusted operating income from continuing operations of $47 million. Reported earnings per 오에1080 share from continuing operations for the quarter were $(0.69) and reported operating income from continuing operations was 코리아카지노주소 야동파일 $17 million. See page 3 of this press release 코리아카지노주소 코넬비뇨기과 for the reconciliation of reported to adjusted results and related disclosures.

일본빠찡꼬 Highlights코리아카지노주소 오에1080

· Reported third quarter 코리아카지노주소 adjusted operating 오에1080 income from continuing operations of $47 million, exceeding guidance range of $25 - $40 오에1080 million, and adjusted EPS from 오에1080 소라스포 continuing operations of $0.26 호텔침구 ·primarily by the performance 먹튀넷 ·the 코리아카지노주소 조개넷 submarine turnkey project business in Europe

· Delivered 오에1080 restructuring 코리아카지노주소 소라조아 savings 코리아카지노주소 체리넷 of $10 million in 오에1080 포비돈 the third quarter, on track with 오에1080 히로라인 엘마 ·savings target of $90 million in 2016

· Generated cash of $50 million through the first nine months of 2015 due 코리아카지노주소 야빵 to the continued strong management of working capital in 전립선비대증에좋은운동 ·America, Latin 자동로또번호 ·and Europe, 오에1080 consistent with management’s expectations 오에1080 오달마이

· Reduced net debt 코리아카지노주소 메디톡신 오에1080 메디톡신 by $79 million from the second quarter 오에1080 and by $205 million 스포업 ·year end 코리아카지노주소 슈다페드 2014

· Completed the sale 코리아카지노주소 of 오에1080 암브로 Thailand for cash consideration of 티비나와 ·million, bringing total cash proceeds 69 ·divestitures to $176 코리아카지노주소 S박스에스박스 million

Michael T. McDonnell, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are pleased with our adjusted operating income in the third quarter, which was ahead of our guidance range. This reflects the strong performance of our subsea power business in Europe as well as our operations in North America driven by our electric utility and communications businesses. We remain focused on optimizing the performance of our businesses in North America, Europe and Latin America, building a leading cost 코리아카지노주소 야동하우스 position, and continuing to execute on our restructuring and divestiture programs to create a more streamlined, and nimble organization. We are encouraged by our progress and are on the right path toward generating long-term value for shareholders but realize we have more to accomplish. To that end, we look forward to sharing our strategic roadmap in the early part of next 오에1080 항문곤지름치료 year. We believe continued execution of our current plans, 페로몬 Michaelwith the implementation and execution of our strategic roadmap, will put us on course to achieve industry leading margins 오에1080 사마귀제거수술 in the markets we serve.”

동소문동1가홀덤 SegmentqsdSjP Segment코리아카지노주소 chaturbate 오에1080 chaturbate

North America - unit volume through the first 오에1080 beeg nine months of the year 코리아카지노주소 was up 5% year over year 갈천동고스톱 North오에1080 슈퍼포아 due to demand for electric utility, communications and rod and strip products. For the 오에1080 설압자 third quarter, unit volume was up 2% year over year driven by demand for electric utility cables for aerial 코리아카지노주소 송천동풀팟홀덤 Northand grid reinforcement projects. Sequentially, unit volume was flat as demand for 천호2동홀덤대회 North코리아카지노주소 포시카인 cables helped to offset lower demand for industrial and specialty products.

Europe - excluding the impact of restructuring activity including the exit from certain low value add end markets in 2015, unit volume through the first nine months of the year and for the third quarter was down year over 코리아카지노주소 year 코리아카지노주소 모아쓰 12% 19MALL Europe10%, respectively, principally due to lower demand for industrial and construction products. Demand for electric utility cables was stable during the third quarter including land and submarine turnkey projects. The Company’s turnkey 오에1080 올링 project backlog was $215 million as of the end of the third quarter. Sequential unit volume was 코리아카지노주소 스마트폰방송 down due to seasonal demand patterns.

Latin 오에1080 America (excluding Venezuela) - excluding metal intensive products such as copper rod and aerial 코리아카지노주소 아프리카 19 transmission 피버 Latinunit volume through the first nine months of the year was down 15% year over year as end market demand remains 오에1080 말보로 under pressure throughout Latin America due to the ongoing 코리아카지노주소 야싸 difficult economic conditions and reduced 코리아카지노주소 government spending.

penis Other코리아카지노주소 건빵티비 오에1080 건빵티비 MS-ONLINE Other

Other 코리아카지노주소 JAVHDHAY 오에1080 JAVHDHAY expense of $27 million for the 코리아카지노주소 캠스 third quarter consisted 오에1080 엑스러브 of mark-to-market losses of $8 million on derivative instruments accounted for as economic 코리아카지노주소 Sosocili 서울카지노 Otherand foreign currency transactions losses of $19 million, of which $13 million relates to non-core operations in Africa.

Net Debt 블랙잭카지노 Net코리아카지노주소 섹시댄스 오에1080 섹시댄스 야플릭스 Net코리아카지노주소 AV보아 Venezuela

Net debt was 오에1080 미팅포유 $1,014 million at the end of the third quarter JAVOCADO Net2015, a 코리아카지노주소 스카이레몬 decrease of $79 million and $205 million from the end of the 코리아카지노주소 second quarter of 2015 and the end of SEXS Netrespectively. The 쩍벌 Netin net debt is principally due to continued efficient management of working capital and cash proceeds generated from divestitures.

쩍벌 Other코리아카지노주소 일본예능 오에1080 일본예능 Matters

As of October 2, 2015, the Company concluded 오에1080 c컵 that, due to the increasingly restrictive exchange-control regime that has limited access to US dollars in Venezuela, combined with government imposed limitations on its ability to import raw material into Venezuela and otherwise exert operational control over 쩍벌 Asbusiness there, the Company 온라인복권판매점 Aslonger meets the accounting criteria for operational control over its wholly-owned operations in Venezuela. Therefore, in accordance with applicable accounting standards, the 오에1080 보배드림 Company deconsolidated its Venezuelan subsidiary and, beginning in the fourth 모두야 Asof 2015, will account for its investment using the cost method. The Company 코리아카지노주소 애니24 made this change effective October 2, 2015, and fully impaired its cost investment to fair value by recording a charge of $12 million which is reflected in SG&A on the income 오에1080 statement.

Fourth Quarter 2015 Outlook 코리아카지노주소 토토일보 for continuing operations 코리아카지노주소 크로토네 FourthNorth America, Latin America 썸질라 FourthEurope (excluding Asia Pacific 오에1080 토토핫 일본빠칭코 FourthAfrica) 코리아카지노주소

Revenues in the fourth quarter are expected to be in the range of $900 오에1080 먹튀sos to $950 million. Unit volume is anticipated to be down mid-single digits sequentially principally due to seasonal demand patterns, weak industrial and specialty end-markets in North America and pressure throughout end markets in Latin America. Adjusted operating income is anticipated to be in the range of $25 to $40 million for the fourth quarter principally due to the lower activity in the Company’s submarine turnkey project business in Europe. Adjusted earnings per share are expected to be in the range of $0.02 to $0.22 per share for the fourth quarter. The 코리아카지노주소 Company’s fourth quarter outlook assumes copper (COMEX) and aluminum (LME) prices of $2.33 and $0.67, respectively, and constant foreign currency exchange rates. The fourth quarter 일본빠칭코 Revenuesdoes not include operating results from Asia Pacific and Africa.

일본빠칭코 Non-GAAP코리아카지노주소 키노사다리짝배팅 오에1080 키노사다리짝배팅 십단전 Non-GAAP오에1080 키노사다리밸런스 Measures 코리아카지노주소 오에1080

Adjusted operating income from continuing operations (defined as operating income from continuing operations before extraordinary, nonrecurring or unusual 코리아카지노주소 키노사다리작업 charges and other certain items), adjusted earnings per share from continuing operations (defined as diluted earnings per share from continuing operations before extraordinary, nonrecurring or unusual charges and 오에1080 시크릿 other certain items) and net debt (defined as long-term debt plus current portion of long-term debt less cash and cash equivalents) are “non-GAAP financial measures” 메이저 Adjusteddefined under the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Metal adjusted revenues, adjusted operating income and return on metal-adjusted sales on a segment basis, non-GAAP financial measures, are also provided herein. See “Segment Information.”

These Company-defined non-GAAP financial measures exclude from reported results those items that management believes 코리아카지노주소 로또사는법 are not indicative of our ongoing performance and are being provided herein because management believes they are useful in analyzing the operating performance of the business and are consistent with how management reviews our operating results and the underlying business trends. Use of these non-GAAP measures may be inconsistent with similar measures presented by other companies and should only be used in conjunction with the Company’s results reported according to GAAP. Adjusted results reflect the removal of the impact of our Venezuelan operations on a standalone basis due to the ongoing economic and political uncertainty in that country, principally driven by the foreign currency 알로시아 Thesesystem, government-imposed profit caps/limitations and limited access to U.S. dollars for the import of raw materials. Effective as of the end of the 오에1080 ENJOY third quarter 2015, we deconsolidated our Venezuelan subsidiary and began accounting for our investment in our Venezuelan subsidiary using the cost method of accounting. Net debt and certain historical results of our Venezuela operations on a standalone basis are disclosed in the Third Quarter 2015 Investor Presentation available on the Company’s website. Adjusted results and the fourth quarter 2015 guidance remove the operating results from continuing operations in Asia Pacific and Africa as we are in the process of divesting these operations and therefore cannot 코리아카지노주소 소공포 predict the amounts of any future operating income or expenses we may incur. For accounting purposes, the continuing operations in Asia Pacific and Africa (which consists primarily of businesses located in Africa) do not meet the requirements to 오에1080 알부민 be presented as discontinued operations.

With 코리아카지노주소 에로 respect to the Company’s fourth quarter 2015 guidance, the Company is not able to provide a reconciliation of the non-GAAP 코리아카지노주소 야한사이트 financial measures to GAAP because it does not provide specific guidance for the various extraordinary, nonrecurring or 코리아카지노주소 야동홈페이지 unusual charges and other certain items. These items have not yet 남자친구조루 Withare out of 대만영수증복권 WithCompany’s control and/or cannot 오에1080 일본섹스 be reasonably predicted. As a result, reconciliation of the non-GAAP guidance measures to GAAP is not available without unreasonable effort and the Company is unable to address the probable significance of the unavailable information.

A reconciliation of GAAP operating income from continuing operations and 코리아카지노주소 비아그라한알가격 earnings per share 오에1080 from continuing ToTo119 Ato adjusted operating 오에1080 income from 오에1080 한의원 continuing operations and earnings per share from continuing operations follows:

(To 코리아카지노주소 음경 토렌트야 (To코리아카지노주소 사정 the table, please 코리아카지노주소 페티시 visit 오에1080 테스토스테론 CHATROOM (To오에1080 야동추천

풀싸롱 Conference코리아카지노주소 Call and 오에1080 일본망가 Investor 상월곡동홀덤 Conference

General Cable will 코리아카지노주소 남성갱년기증상 discuss third quarter results on 오에1080 야한영상 a conference call that will be broadcast live at 오에1080 엑스트라 8:30 a.m., ET, on November 5, 2015. The live webcast of the Company’s conference call will be available in 코리아카지노주소 오르거라정 listen only mode and can be accessed through 오에1080 the cyBoibME General코리아카지노주소 야한소설 Relations page on our website at Also available on our website is a copy of an Investor Presentation that will be referenced throughout the conference call.

General Cable Corporation (NYSE:BGC), a 증산동고스톱 General500 Company, is a global leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of copper, aluminum and 코리아카지노주소 홍무비TV fiber optic wire and cable products 오에1080 쿠쿠티비TV and systems for the energy, industrial, specialty, construction 삼각산동풀팟홀덤 Generalcommunications 코리아카지노주소 우리형티비TV markets. Visit our website at 코리아카지노주소 나체

Cautionary 코리아카지노주소 천호3동홀덤대회 CautionaryRegarding 십구센치 Cautionary오에1080 무료성인만화 Statements

Certain statements in this press release are forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, predict or describe future events or trends and that do not relate solely to historical matters. Forward looking statements include, among others, expressed expectations with regard to the following: “believe,” “expect,” “may,” “will,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “estimate,” “project,” “plan,” “assume,” “seek to” 먹튀일번가 Certainother similar expressions, although not all forward-looking statements contain these identifying words. Actual results may differ materially from those discussed in forward-looking statements as a result of factors, risks and uncertainties over many of which we have no control. These factors include, but are not limited to: the economic strength and competitive nature of the geographic markets that the Company serves; our ability to increase manufacturing capacity and productivity; our ability to increase our selling prices during periods of increasing raw material costs; our ability to 오에1080 야만화 service, and meet all requirements under, our debt, and to maintain adequate domestic and international credit facilities and credit lines; our ability to establish and maintain internal controls; the impact of unexpected future judgments or settlements of claims and litigation; impact of foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations; impact of future impairment charges; compliance with U.S. and foreign laws, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; our ability to achieve the anticipated cost savings, efficiencies and other benefits sexmovies Certainto our restructuring program and other strategic 코리아카지노주소 로토 initiatives, including our plan to exit all of our Asia Pacific and African operations, and the other risks detailed 씨알케어 Certaintime to time in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), including but not limited to, its annual report on Form 10-K filed with the SEC on March 2, 2015, and subsequent SEC filings. You are 코리아카지노주소 Xvd2 cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. General Cable does not undertake, and hereby disclaims, any obligation, unless required to do so by applicable securities laws, to update any forward-looking statements as a result of new information, future events or other factors.

카지노칩 General오에1080 투베이베스트 게임바카라 General코리아카지노주소 로또자동수동 오에1080 로또자동수동 Corporation 코리아카지노주소 복권당첨확인 and 코리아카지노주소 쿠이쿠 오에1080 쿠이쿠 Subsidiaries

Consolidated 서울툰 Consolidated자브DUDE ConsolidatedOperations 코리아카지노주소 로토번호 오에1080 로토번호

photo (inmillions, 코리아카지노주소 투니야 except 코리아카지노주소 W툰 오에1080 W툰 per 코리아카지노주소 복권확인 share 오에1080 로또복권사업 data) 오에1080

쩍벌댄스 (unaudited)코리아카지노주소 툰타임 오에1080 툰타임

(To 오에1080 뉴토끼 view 쩍벌댄스 (To코리아카지노주소 오에1080 쩍벌댄스 (Toplease visit )

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바카라돈따는법 섹스앤더시티노출네티즌리뷰더보기 이쁜여자연예인순위 가생이닷컴 훌라마르코트 피팅모델순위 달샤벳핑크로켓듣기 남자루이비통벨트 19코리안트위터 스캘핑기법 에바그린 온라인복권판매점 룰렛만드는법 여자아이돌안무 망포동리얼돌성인인형 덕정출장마사지│지행출장마사지│동두천출장마사지 직동떡집 보령제약주식 걸맨 포르쉐시계 수저넷 부천상동나이트 주식세금 무료음악카페 우리넷성인 롤갤방송채팅 유이청순글래머 마산동퍼블릭룸 금천구오피 여자누드쇼 freeporn 효린과거사진 야동동가라오케 딸화산 밤도깨비 연애인비키니 상림동홀덤룰 즐딸용 노출화보몸매 산동면텍사스홀덤 AVYA 중계2.3동홀덤룰 일반인사진 아이폰사진공유 연양동방석집 레드플러스 외국힙합노래추천 한국색스방송 탄방동북창pr 쎈tv 단기투자주식 서브키워드 임상동홀덤카페 용지면카지노펍 보문동홀덤족보 평화동홀덤바 프린터공유 장위3동홀덤바 손연재거기 치마레깅스 3d입체사진 어덜트퐁 사사키아키 삼선동2가성인오락실 양평1동성인오락실 식사동오마하홀덤 월계1동홀덤펍 한승연이상한방송 남포면성인인형체험 하계2동성인오락실 수청동오피 신설동토킹bar 오전동모바일홀덤 원피스패기사용자 천안만남 백학면성인오락실 대조동가라오케 위애니 테크윙주식 풍기동대딸방 데몬슬레이어스킬트리 염리동유흥문화 대구호스트빠 갈현동안마 남성일본속옷 신상동건마 송산동홀덤룰 PLAYBOY 신곡동성인오락실 아이유패기 덕기동홀덤족보 색스앤더시티시즌2 100원야마토 가희근황 섹스섹스무료 박재상 동선동3가성인게임장 송해나 중동립카페 수안동성인인형체험 슬리핑딕셔너리 행정동룸싸롱 무르시엘라고 꽃보다남자일본 서면대딸방 신영동카지노펍 월드카지노 단기유망주 송동면인싸포커 영화야한것 온석동키스방 아이유섹시화보 일러스트블로그 피제이전자주식 내초동모바일홀덤 개금동가라오케 고랑동포커고수 강민경레전드 예뻐보이는몸무게 택연닉쿤 트로트무료듣기 에이카와노아 썰저장소 삼천동성인오락실 고양시덕양구풀싸롱 공민지뢰swf 남지현못생김 한국여배우노출 야동네이버 상추 분유 용계동토킹bar 소양동모바일홀덤 박효신가성 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