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BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA--() April 18, 2013 -- Sea Art Festival 2013 will be open on the Songo Beach from Sept. 14 to Oct. 13 in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Songdo beach under the theme of “With Songdo : Remembrance, Marks, People.”

The festival is organizing a competition to select 20 outstanding works and 15 invitational works for a total of 35 installations from in and outside of Korea.

Park Tae-won, Planning Chairman of the Busan Fine Arts Association has been named the artistic director of this festival.

All 35 art works and installations will be on display at the festival with 20 of them being selected through an international competition.

From April 15 to May 20, individuals and organizations can apply for the competition with the limit being one entry each. For college students under the tutelage of mentor professors, it is possible to participate in the festival if they maintain the group to 10 students.

The evaluation of entries in the Sea Art Festival 2013 will be in three stages. The first stage will be of the evaluation of documentary application, followed by an analysis of the art works and installations (involving a front view, side view and computer graphics) and must be presented on A3 size paper.

The evaluation for Sea Art Festival 2013 () takes place in three stages with the first bring application review, second an analysis of the subject and the final selection.

The final review for the selection of 20 entries involves the actual installation of the entries which involves the evaluation of not only the originality and artistic aspects but how technical and environmental elements which must take nature and surrounding conditions into consideration.

The winner of the grand prize will be awarded 15 million won along with a certificate of merit. One outstanding entry will receive 10 million won and the remaining 18 consolation installations will be presented with 5 million won.

Sea Art Festival 2013 in the Songdo Beach in Busan runs for 30 days from Sept. 14 to Oct. 13.

Further details concerning the competition are available at Follow us on Facebook () and Twitter ().

※Guidelines on the International Competition for the Sea Art Festival 2013

The Sea Art Festival in Busan has established a unique exhibition style though a blend of the natural environment, the sea, and hightech contemporary art. It began with the affection and devotion of local artists in 1987, marking its 26th anniversary this year and becoming an event which represents the living history of art of Busan. The Sea Art Festival, which has been integrated with main exhibition along with the birth of the Busan Biennale, has been held in odd-numbered years since 2011(an off-year for the Busan Biennale), becoming a new cultural independent brand representing the city of Busan.

The Sea Art Festival 2013 will be held at Songdo Beach with the theme of ‘With Songdo : Remembrance · Marks ·People’. In 1913, it opened as the first public beach in Korea. Songdo Beach, which was called East Napoli in Asia during the Japanese colonial era, marks its 100th anniversary this year, with attempts to recover its old reputation through various renovations and maintenance projects. With this in mind, we wish that as many artists, domestic and international, will apply to participate in this International Competition for the Sea Art Festival 2013, which will be held at Songdo Beach.

Exhibition Outline

▶ Theme :‘With Songdo : Remembrance · Marks ·People ’

▶ Period : Sep. 14 to Oct. 13, 2013 (30 days)

▶ Venue : Songdo Beach

▶ Art works : 35 on- and off-shore installations(Competition 20 works, Invitation 15 works )

▶ Artistic Director : Tae-Won Park(Busan Fine Arts Association Planning Chairman)

With Songdo : Remembrance · Marks ·People

The Sea Art Festival 2013 with the theme of ‘With Songdo : Remembrance ·Marks · People’ is planned on the basis of history (Remembrance), Locality (Marks) of Songdo Beach and the identity of Sea Art Festival (People). The Sea Art Festival 2013, in accordance with the 100th anniversary of Songdo Beach, will attempt to ‘remember’ the history of Songdo Beach by discovering the stories of the ‘People’ and the ‘Marks’ they made through out history. The Sea Art Festival 2013 will exhibit 3 coexisting themes, with the first being the theme of ‘Remembrance’. A variety of attractions such as paintings, photos and video are planned to be on display to provide a rich and memorable experience for the opening of the ‘Sea Art Festival’s’ 26 year-old history as well as Songdo Beach’s 100th anniversary. The second keyword, ‘Marks’ dreams of balancing the natural environment and artworks of Songdo Beach through establishing various pieces of sculptures and installation artwork. In addition, the exhibition will offer an exotic experience in the balance of nature and art to people, who visit Sea Art Festival 2013 by setting up a photo zone in consideration for the passage in time. The last keyword, ‘People’ attempts to guide the Sea Art Festival by connecting people through communication and events such as various genres of music, literature, performance and media. In this regard, we encourage all of you to participate in the many events offered.

Competition Outline

▶ Period : Apr. 15 to May. 20, 2013

▶ Art Works : 20 works(on- and off-shore installations)

▶ Qualification : Anyone can participate regardless of nationality.

▶ Genre : An individual artist(or group) can submit one work of any genre in contemporary art.

* In case of a group entry, not more than 10

* Minimum 5m at each side and limited to installation artwork

* Undergraduate students can submit collaborative works only with the recommendation of their professors

Application Information

▶ First-round review : Documents

Documents required

- Application form 1 copy (prescribed form)

- Model drawing (A3 paper 1 and CD 1)

* Model drawing contains a front view, a side view by computer graphic work through A3 paper and CD(JPEG file, over 300dpi)

* Submitted documents will not be returned.

* Application from can be downloaded at the Busan Biennale homepage ().

Document submission

- Submission period : May. 13 to 20, 2013, by 18:00

- Submission location : Busan Biennale Organizing Committee

- Submission method : Post, Email, Visiting

* Submissions arriving after the deadline will not be considered for judging.

(Note : submissions will not be accepted on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.)

- Announcement of results : May. 23, 2013, Busan Biennale homepage

▶ Second-round review : Models submission

- Qualification : Winners of the first-round contest

- Submission period : Jun. 17 to 21, 2013, by 18:00

- Submission method : by post

- Submission location : Busan Biennale Organizing Committee

- Model size : 1.2m(width)×1.2m(length)×2m(height)(including the size of the pedestals)

- Announcement of results : Jun. 26, 2013, Busan Biennale homepage

- Return of the model : Jun, 27 to 28, 2013, 13:00-18:00

* All expenses of transportation is on applicant

* If contestants have not claimed their work after the pickup date, the work will be disposed of at the organizer’s discretion, 7days after the pickup date.


Division (Number) (Prize money) Note

Grand Prize (1 ) (15 million won )The two prizes will be chosen among special selection awardees whose works have been completed and successfully installed

Excellence (1 ) (10 million won)

Special Selection (18) (5 million won)

Successful Contestants (several ) (- )

* Expense of making of art work, delivery(transportation) and alighting(unloading) is on applicant. Award includes support fund of art work making .

* Support for artists : Expenses for accommodations and meals(for up to 10 days) during the stay for installation,equipment and support assistants shall be provided by the organizer.

* Award ceremony : Sep. 14, 2013 (During the Opening of the Sea Art Festival 2013)

Entry requirements and compliance

- All expenses incurred in the application process(including transportation of the artwork) shall be borne by the artists.

- Artists cannot submit works that have been shown in other exhibitions. When producing works, sufficient attention should be considered to the local climate and environmental conditions.

- Technical security should be guaranteed by using materials which can minimize the adverse effects of local environmental conditions, such as typhoons, winds, and waves, as well as the damage that viewers might cause on artworks.

- Artists should regularly check the status of their works during the exhibition period especially if they are susceptible to change or damage. Artists should also cooperate with the organizer regarding exhibition and maintenance. In cases where damage prevents artists from being able to restore their work, the work can be removed or reinstalled after consultation with the organizer.

- The organizer is not responsible for any damage done to people or objects, which is the result of the artist’s lack of technical security.

- If artwork needs to be insured, it is the sole responsibility of the artist.

* Confer to homepage() regarding to details of Sea Art Festival and Busan Biennale.

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인피니트엽사 ClubDeportivoSportLoreto 연산동방석집 일본섹시한애니 문래동5가홀덤카페 동명동모바일홀덤 용산동가라오케 f컵유학생 당산2동홀덤펍 천둥복근 장동홀덤대회 주식조회 모두프리 원서동인싸포커 연지동오피 효자동홀덤카페 신촌동인싸포커 청평면홀덤룰 솔데아메리카 북구유흥거리 다소곳한여자 서신동홀덤대회 허영생life 대현동풀싸롱 데이트레이딩기법 미즈나레이 대교동성인인형체험 2월15일경마결과 이평면모바일홀덤 이로동홀덤바 한화[배영수] 서암동홀덤룰 풍납동방석집 한혜진언니 풍남동성인게임장 교북동홀덤바 월평동건마 용산구북창pr entertainer다운 장기본동대딸방 여자의생식기 오노레도미에 축구중계 성포동성인오락실 걸그룹외모순위 금탄동대딸방 인기속옷 지퍼장지갑루이비통지갑 구로동오피 강북구가라오케 장화동성인오락실 신풍동포커고수 태연허리돌림 일원본동홀덤바 신성동노래방 태평동홀덤펍 가야동성인게임장 인터넷경정 예진아씨 천성동나이트 조비동인싸포커 발산1동성인오락실 강아지물똥 고덕1동홀덤룰 정종철몸짱 대사동유흥거리 데프콘구지성 연예인x파일1탄다운 수유1동오마하홀덤 지식in오류 koreasextube 이싼다 오피쓰 영화움 목동성인게임장 영등동포커고수 레이스브라 타유타마 홍대분위기좋은바 신정환 CNJOY 방축동노래방 괴곡동안마 부평구성인게임장 봉남동키스방 가장동텍사스홀덤 네이버동영상플레이어 남자누드사이트 김라나 좋은날 우암동풀싸롱 청주문화방송 얼짱시대4박은지 시기동텍사스홀덤 영스탁 장위동안마 석영가격 섹시란제리쇼 성상납 소희직찍 흑요석 캔디알바 소룡동홀덤바 사성동립카페 월계2동홀덤펍 서종면텍사스홀덤 내마음이들리니황정음머리 sexr 다율동카지노펍 삼성동성인오락실 아사미유마 제니하우스글래머스타일러단점 섹스앤더시티명대사 부창동립카페 신성동유흥주점 선생님에대해서 사이조루리 강산동성인인형체험 포미닛현아사진 야한색스이야기 난봉동성인오락실 칸지야시호리 대치동홀덤바 어달동홀덤족보 성거읍레깅스룸 동산동홀덤대회 망월동토킹bar 대강면텍사스홀덤 라니아샘 소진영 보문동5가포커고수 비타민스코어 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