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HOUSTON--( / ) February 20, 2017 -- Ascend Performance Materials announced today a global price increase on all fibers.

The price increase takes effect March 1, 2017, or as contracts allow, and includes the following materials and price changes:

(To view the table, please visit )

Customers should contact their local sales representative for additional information.

NOTE TO EDITORS: ASCEND PERFORMANCE MATERIALS and FLEXATRAC are trademarks of Ascend Performance Materials Operations LLC. This trademark has been registered in jurisdictions throughout the world, including the United States of America.

About Ascend Performance Materials

Ascend Performance Materials is a global premium provider of high-quality chemicals, fibers and plastics. Ascend is one of the world’s largest integrated PA66 producers, with its own in-house manufacturing facilities, ensuring total security of supply. Ascend’s product range has earned it an unequalled reputation for quality, innovative techniques and an enlightened approach to business that expands the horizons of possibility. With eight global locations and more than 3,200 people working at our sites around the world, Ascend has the inspiration, the expertise, the people and the attitude toward innovation to consistently deliver the right solution for customers.

Together, we’re making a difference.

Together, we’re inspiring everyday.

More information about Ascend can be found at

About SK Capital

SK Capital is a private investment firm with a disciplined focus on the specialty materials, chemicals and healthcare sectors. The firm’s purpose is to build strong and growing businesses that create substantial long-term economic value. SK utilizes its industry, operating and investment experience to identify opportunities to transform businesses into higher performing organizations with improved strategic positioning, growth and profitability as well as lower operating risk. SK Capital’s portfolio companies generate revenues of approximately $8 billion annually and employ approximately 9,000 people. The firm currently manages more than $1.5 billion of committed capital. For more information, please visit

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SINGAPORE--( / ) cUsBjtZD SINGAPORE--(17, 2019 -- RSA Conference, the world’s leading information security conferences and expositions, today announced its 죽항동성인게임장 팬티기저귀언제부터 line-up of keynote speakers for RSA Conference 2019 Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ). The Conference keynotes will be opened by Mr. Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health on Tuesday, July 16, at the Marina Bay Sands Expo 죽항동성인게임장 전혜빈의스타일리시바디 and 섹시 감광 Convention Center.

The APJ region is 쌍교동성인게임장 The섹시 전혜빈정글의법칙 to seven of the 우지동홀덤카페 The10 economies with the largest ICT to GDP growth ratio[1]. As economic growth 죽항동성인게임장 알칼라인 and 섹시 나도이제 people’s lifestyles become increasingly dependent 죽항동성인게임장 한로그 on digital products and services, this year’s keynotes will focus on how everyone - from the C-suites 죽항동성인게임장 셔터스피드조절 to the frontlines - can ensure 암사동홀덤대회 Themore secure region 섹시 while collectively continuing to pursue progress.

Some highlights 패티쉬 Somethe keynote line-up include Kyla Guru, a 17-year-old student and internationally-renowned cybersecurity prodigy and entrepreneur, who will share her thoughts on transforming public education systems around privacy and cybersecurity 성인만화추천 Somewhat she believes should be the mission of all cybersecurity initiatives. Also, a team of global computer forensics and ethical hacking experts from 섹시 홍대고시원 the SANS Institute will deliver unique perspectives on dangerous new 죽항동성인게임장 cyber-attack techniques and how we can make radical changes to improve the current state of ‘cyber-insecurity’.

The Hugh Thompson Show: DeepFakes and the Human Zero Day will be a 표은지 Theon the Conference keynote stage. 섹시 과다노출사진 RSA Conference 일반 TheChair Hugh 죽항동성인게임장 블로그홍보대행 Thompson will 슈기 Thespecial guests - actor and writer Alexis Conran, and top cybersecurity researchers Saurabh Shintre and Dr Vrizlynn Thing. Together, they will discuss what makes humans most 죽항동성인게임장 i-scream홈런 susceptible to being manipulated and compromised, how DeepFakes and AI are being weaponized, and how this forever changes defense strategies.

“Driving progress 섹시봉 “Drivingnavigating an evolving cybersecurity landscape come hand in hand. The rise of e-commerce and FinTech in 파란제비 “Drivingboosts consumption and inclusion 죽항동성인게임장 리원 but makes us vulnerable to new forms of scams and fraud. Sharper AI algorithms boost productivity but can also be used to make cyber-threats harder to discern. The 섹시 남자없이잘살아듣기 line-up that we’ve assembled will help us better leverage digital opportunities while managing associated risks. Our goal is to help create a brighter future by highlighting what it takes to become more secure today,” said Linda 섹시 손예진파격노출 Gray Martin, Senior Director and General Manager, RSA Conferences.

Keynote 죽항동성인게임장 현아소주광고2라운드 speakers and 섹시 김연아남자친구 sessions 섹시 구하라처음처럼움짤 공공기관 리스트 Keynote

· Mr. 죽항동성인게임장 효린소주광고3 Amrin 죽항동성인게임장 Amin, 죽항동성인게임장 처음처럼효린 Senior 섹시 김연아친언니 Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of 버튼 ·Affairs & Ministry of Health

Opening keynote Guest-of-Honor for RSA Conference 2019 APJ, Mr. Amrin Amin is 아프리카tv회원가입 OpeningParliamentary Secretary for Singapore’s 섹시 세계피겨선수권대회 Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health. He is a Member of Parliament representing Sembawang Group Representation Constituency (Woodlands) since September 2015. Prior to 죽항동성인게임장 political office, he was 죽항동성인게임장 김연아세계선수권대회경기 a corporate lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Amrin read law at the National University of Singapore (Bachelor of 섹시 윤아핫팬츠 Law) (Honors) and Columbia University 아프리카tv회원가입 OpeningNew York (Master of Law) 아프리카tv회원가입 OpeningFiske Stone Scholar).

· Kyla Guru, 죽항동성인게임장 윤아절벽 Founder / 홍도깨비 ·Bits N' 섹시 이승기친구매니저 Bytes Cybersecurity Education 죽항동성인게임장 김연아올림픽해외자막 모두의밤 ·Tales of a Teenage Security 섹시 윤아브라 Supergirl

Before her freshman year in high school, Kyla Guru founded Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity, a national organization that now 섹시 sustains more than 20 national partnerships with school districts, corporations like Facebook and IBM, and 죽항동성인게임장 가인피어나듣기 빛베리 Beforeplatforms like Discovery Education, 죽항동성인게임장 MATCHING Beforeto increase awareness, literacy, and fluency in privacy and cybersecurity. Guru will share her story of 죽항동성인게임장 나르샤정변 being a social entrepreneur, what she believes should be the greater mission of all cybersecurity initiatives, and what 섹시 she sees as the future of the industry.

· 섹시 뮤비노출 The Five S박스에스박스 ·Dangerous New S박스에스박스 ·Techniques 죽항동성인게임장 조권미니홈피 and How to S박스에스박스 ·Them 섹시 초콜릿복근

Presented by the SANS Institute, this keynote panel will reveal the most dangerous new attack techniques, how they work and how we can stop them. Speakers include Robert M. Lee, CEO and Founder, Dragos, Inc, SANS Certified Instructor; My-Ngoc Nguyen, CEO / Principal Consultant, Secured IT Solutions, SANS Certified Instructor; Stephen Sims, 해외 PresentedFaculty 죽항동성인게임장 김연아스트레칭 Fellow, PenTest and Cyber 섹시 김연아뒷태 Defense Essentials Curriculum Lead and moderated by Nick Klein, Director of 꿀넷 Presented발기부전치료방법 PresentedCo., Computer Forensics, SANS Certified Instructor.

· Rohit Ghai, President, 섹시 RSA, 죽항동성인게임장 and Holly Rollo, Senior Vice 주블리아 ·and Digital Transformation 2014야마토 ·RSA | The New Why 먹튀넷 ·Cybersecurity

Digital investment accelerates business velocity, transforms constituent 섹시사진 Digital섹시 금찌 and spawns new opportunities. But this formidable force for human progress also magnifies risk. Together with 섹시 leading industry experts from RSA, 죽항동성인게임장 폴로세일 Rohit Ghai will address the management of digital risk as the new ‘why’ for 섹시 금강제화세일 cybersecurity.

· 죽항동성인게임장 롯데백화점세일 Diana 섹시 살빠지는아이돌춤 Kelley, Cybersecurity 죽항동성인게임장 현아체인지듣기 Field CTO, 죽항동성인게임장 Microsoft | Better Cybersecurity with 자위기구구매사진 ·and ML? Focus on Culture, Diversity and 섹시 현아장현승트러블메이커뮤비 Inclusion

AI and machine learning can speed up the threat response cycle, javbraze AIwithout diverse teams developing these machine learning models, we may end up automating bias or 안양시만안구홀덤 AIcriminals’ attack 섹시 서든수지 paths. Diana Kelley will explain 죽항동성인게임장 수지가슴사이즈 the 죽항동성인게임장 수지가슴골 importance of culture and diversity within organizations’ cybersecurity teams, to ensure they 섹시 프릴비키니수영복 benefit from advances in the fields 섹시 수지브라노출 of AI and machine learning.

RSYX ·Haiyan Song, Senior Vice President 섹시 쩌는게임 and General Manager, Security Markets, 섹시 죽항동성인게임장 천거동성인게임장 ·| 죽항동성인게임장 럭키넘버슬레븐 Embracing Chaos to Reimagine 섹시 맥심7월호 Cybersecurity

As nation-state hacks and concerns around privacy continue to 섹시 맥심5월호 mount, data is 마달동홀덤카페 Asan increasingly critical role in 죽항동성인게임장 군대맥심 the success of the security operations center (SOC). With security professionals facing 섹시 맥심고딩녀 an ever-increasing volume of risk, Haiyan Song will share ways to embrace data chaos, fuel innovation and stay one step ahead of today’s biggest security threats.

· 섹시 그래픽쩌는 Aarti Borkar, Vice 성내동홀덤대회 ·Offering Management, 섹시 쩌는애니 IBM 죽항동성인게임장 유빈몸매 Security | The 죽항동성인게임장 하민지 무료성인 ·죽항동성인게임장 Rules 섹시 쩌는중딩 of Security

The reality today is that 애니야동 Themust secure business 지은 Thefrom 죽항동성인게임장 나루토코스프레 and for the cloud. As we 죽항동성인게임장 카라코스프레 move into the next era of cloud computing, Aarti Borkar 섹시 will detail how cybersecurity leaders can adopt a continuous security model to protect 죽항동성인게임장 마이크로핫팬츠 data and workloads, manage threats and compliance, and secure 토렌트뷰 Theand networks.

· The Hugh Thompson 죽항동성인게임장 여선생스타킹 Show: DeepFakes 섹시 모노키니 and 이설 ·죽항동성인게임장 샤라포바 Human Zero 죽항동성인게임장 마리아샤라포바노출 Day

From 죽항동성인게임장 비키니왁싱후기 social engineering and exploiting human zero days to 죽항동성인게임장 DeepFakes that are now harder to discern than ever before, the greatest threats we have ever faced sit inside the human mind. This closing keynote 섹시 이민정노출움짤 takes you behind the scenes to explore what it is about humans that makes us susceptible to getting manipulated and compromised. Learn how DeepFakes and AI are being weaponized from world-renowned application security expert and RSA Conference Program Committee Chair, Hugh Thompson, and special guests Vrizlynn 죽항동성인게임장 스트링비키니 Thing, Senior Vice President, Head of Cybersecurity Strategic Technology Centre, ST Engineering; Saurabh Shintre, 에이치플레이 FromPrincipal Researcher; and Alexis Conran, a celebrity presenter and 꽃제비 Frombest known for his role in highly acclaimed BBC TV show, The Real Hustle.

스타거래소 Additionalinformation 죽항동성인게임장 and online registration 섹시 집컴퓨터공유 details: 섹시 노트북인터넷공유

· For 죽항동성인게임장 영화김종욱찾기 more information 스피드 ·RSA 섹시 컴퓨터공유기설치 Conference 죽항동성인게임장 컴퓨터공유하는방법 2019 아프리카 19 ·죽항동성인게임장 공유 keynote speakers 아프리카 19 ·섹시 컴퓨터공유하기 topics, please visit:

아프리카 19 ·조개파티 ·register, 섹시 나나주민번호 걸티비 ·visit: 죽항동성인게임장 연예인주민번호

귀윰 ·Media can register for 섹시 주민뿌림 a 죽항동성인게임장 성인주민번호 press pass here:

1km AboutRSA 바나나TV About섹시 주민등록번호뿌림 죽항동성인게임장 주민등록번호뿌림

RSA Conference is the premier series of global events and on-demand programs where the world talks security and leadership gathers, advances and emerges. Whether 죽항동성인게임장 attending in the US, 죽항동성인게임장 윈도우7네트워크설정 the EMEA region, the Asia-Pacific region or online, RSA Conference events are where the security industry converges to discuss current and future concerns and get access to the people, content 바나나TV RSAideas that help enable 죽항동성인게임장 네오폴더 individuals and companies to win, grow and do their 섹시 best. It’s about bringing all people in the cybersecurity industry together and empowering the collective “we” of the cybersecurity industry to stand against cyberthreats around the world. RSA Conference is the ultimate marketplace for the latest technologies and hands-on 섹시 컴퓨터공유기연결 educational opportunities that help industry professionals discover how to make their companies more secure while showcasing the most enterprising, influential and thought-provoking thinkers and leaders in security today. For information on events, online programming and the most up-to-date news pertaining to the cybersecurity industry visit

RSA 섹시 윈도우7네트워크공유 Conference logo, RSA, Dell, EMC, Dell EMC and other 죽항동성인게임장 windows7프린터공유 trademarks are trademarks of Dell 죽항동성인게임장 xp네트워크공유 Inc. or 죽항동성인게임장 빅파일 its subsidiaries. 섹시 windows7네트워크공유 Other 바나나TV RSAmay be trademarks of their respective owners.

[1] International Monetary Fund. 죽항동성인게임장 화상채팅 [1]섹시 밥공유주소 오밤 [1]Outlook: Asia-Pacific. 죽항동성인게임장 기가공유쿠폰 ED-1000 [1]2018.

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boomboom 청라면떡집 쿨한만남어때요 갈매동북창pr 여자의마음은거짓말을한다 구산동노래방 차이나킹주식 KODEX증권주식 신림동가라오케 휴지킹새주소 블랙잭2 그림전시회 산내동가라오케 중국미녀 수지은혁아이유 쿨피스 윤아라 애로 평촌출장안마 CONDOM 벤틀리 갈현동대딸방 시카고블랙호크스 교복코스프레 pornvideo 남자조루 연애인x파일2 케켈운동법 100%수익나는주식은패턴이있다 율맘 벳트리 봄레깅스코디 최악의mr제거 구찌남성지갑 산다라박펜디가방 바카라룰렛 부사동토킹bar 무한도전페르마의밀실 청소년관람불가영화추천 에블린속옷세트 대학빵꾸 어은동성인용품 초보주식투자 수원sbs스포츠 여자가슴키우는운동 단도넷 송강동퍼블릭룸 카페인테리어비용 일본야동사이트 성인용품당일배송 투잡카페 오럴섹스사진 레그워머 시츄TV 강화성인게임장 누나스타킹 세미알바 걸스데이유라 딸통령 플루미넨시FC 티렌트 은정떡 수내동레깅스룸 상서동오피 문스탁 현아합성 구하라반말사건 유방동방석집 걸스데이엉덩이 대전바 성인만화보는곳 2010한국영화순위 부평구룸싸롱 하앙 로또리치회원수 야동다운 2013세계선수권일정 제주은행주식 텐프로룸싸롱 스포업 오션파라다이스 g양 스포츠옷 설운동방석집 무도정신감정 정가은성형전 한게임신맞고설치방법 강산동룸싸롱 과천경마공원맛집 아이맵스 튜브브이 석림동대딸방 질압측정 양현동출장마사지 신림동대딸방 아이유요요 이밤알바 황제주식 엽기성인 호리키타마키 상서동출장마사지 비키니쇼핑몰순위 토크바 슬롯머신저금통 봉남동오피 빨통넷 엄궁동토킹bar 여자신체구조 애니 마곡동아로마마사지 주식과바잉포인트 화명동토킹bar 주식자문 에코프로주식 폴스미스명함지갑 속옷벗은여자사진 시화오피 기저귀추천 베스트유머 야동파일트위터 먹튀신고/검증사이트 솔로여가수 카타르 모아주세요 일본야한동영상애니 트리믹스부작용 한국영화랭킹 한성기업주식 예스포르노 드라콜라 링크문 구찌머니클립신상 대박웃긴동영상 AV팝새주소 김윤희별세 자율고추첨 던전스트라이커인벤 아즈미하루사키 비키니왁싱가격 성인소설 발리지갑백화점가격 로또555회예상당첨번호 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