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COLOMBES, FRANCE--( / ) January 13, 2016 -- Oberthur Technologies (OT), a leading global provider of embedded security software products, services and solutions and PROSA, a leading provider of payment processing services in Mexico & Latin America, today announced their partnership to provide Mexican banks with OT MOTION CODE™, a disruptive technology that helps to dramatically reduce online fraud. The 3-digit static code printed on the payment card is replaced by a dynamic code which is automatically refreshed.

According to the Mexican Consumer Protection Agency (CONDUSEF), payment card fraud represented US$480 million in 2014 in Mexico. Today, over 242 million CNP (Card Not Present) transactions per year are processed by PROSA. In order to help banks increase trust in online transactions and reduce the fraudulent use of payment cards, which represents an estimated 60% of the total amount of fraud, PROSA has chosen the OT MOTION CODE™ solution.

With this innovative offer, the static printed code (CVV) is replaced by a mini-screen that displays an automatically refreshed code generated by an algorithm loaded in the chip embedded in the card body (dynamic CVV). The refresh timing will be defined by Mexican financial institutions. As a result, if stolen, the card information, including the dynamic code, immediately loses any value for fraudsters who usually resell stolen card data on “dark websites” to people who buy them to perform fraudulent online purchases. OT and PROSA are ready to provide the OT MOTION CODETM solution, which complies with Visa and MasterCard regulations, to 100% of Mexican Financial and non Financial Institutions. A first deployment with an issuer will be announced early 2016.

For users, this is fully transparent: there is no app to download and the code appears at the same location on the card. They can use their payment card integrating OT MOTION CODE™ to purchase online using a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

This partnership between OT and PROSA will be fully transparent for banks as OT’s specific server synchronized with the algorithm will be implemented on PROSA’s premises, as well for merchants who do not have to modify their payment page on their website. “We are delighted to have been selected by PROSA to provide OT MOTION CODE™, our disruptive technology which makes the security code on a payment card dynamic. PROSA has a major reach in Mexico and we are delighted to offer this solution to millions of potential consumers. Online fraud is growing quickly all over the world and thanks to our revolutionary innovation, we provide support to Financial and non Financial institutions and merchants in securing transactions” said Eric Duforest, Managing Director of the Financial Service Institutions Business at OT.

“E-Commerce is booming in Mexico and we have to offer security and ease of use to end-users” said Jose Molina, Prosa General Manager. “As the first company to have introduced this kind of technology, OT has proved it is the best partner with a turnkey solution to help us to reduce online fraud and provide Mexican consumers with a convenient, secure and seamless online shopping experience”.

For more information, visit


OT is a world leader in embedded digital security that protects you when you connect, authenticate or pay.

OT is strategically positioned in high growth markets and offers embedded security software solutions for “end-point” devices as well as associated remote management solutions to a huge portfolio of international clients, including banks and financial institutions, mobile operators, authorities and governments, as well as manufacturers of connected objects and equipment.

OT employs over 6 300 employees worldwide, including almost 700 R&D people. With a global footprint of 4 regional secure manufacturing hubs and 39 secure service centers, OT’s international network serves clients in 140 countries. For more information:


Prosa since 1968 is one of the largest Switch of payment transaction in Latin America, actually processing over 3,300 billion of transactions yearly, our clients are 160 financial and non financial institutions in Mexico and 13 in 7 different countries in central and south America.

Recognized in industry as world class organization and winner of several prizes in quality areas by national and international organizations, Prosa offers the market´s broadest portfolio, competitive prices and certified quality, supported by strong partnerships, Flexibility and Adaptability to attend any size and technological level customers.

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NUREMBERG, GERMANY--( / ) 콘돔싸게 February 19, 2020 -- EMBEDDED WORLD ? Today Altium, 단도넷 NUREMBERG,global leader in PCB 성교시간 design software, NUREMBERG,the launch of a new cloud-based application that redefines the way that NUREMBERG,circuit board 바카라사이트쿠폰 designs are shared between designers, part suppliers, and manufacturers.


The A365 Viewer, 국산성인용품 powered by the Altium 365 cloud platform, is a brand new, and innovative way to view and share electronic designs through a browser on any web-enabled desktop, phone or tablet. Schematics, PCB layout, and 3D visualization provide an interactive eCAD 여성오르가즘 experience with no downloads or installations required. The A365 Viewer is part of Altium’s cloud Theand newly launched Altium 비건콘돔 365 cloud The


SimplicityhPWuEAy Simplicity 와이즈스포츠토토 와이즈스포츠토토 the Ultimate 바다이야기게임방법 Simplicity 남자섹시팬티


Until now, designers have been forced to share their PCB Untilthrough PDFs or static images. With the new A365 Viewer, an interactive experience is created that retains all of the key relevant information that's typically lost when sharing static 말표크림 files. For example, 음경확대기구 the A365 Viewer allows users SM성향 to search for, select, cross-probe and inspect components and 라이브스코어인증번호 nets while Untilseamlessly between schematic, PCB and 3D views of their board.


Using the A365 Viewer requires 파워볼예측사이트 UsingCAD tools 파워볼분석프로그램 or experience. The A365 Viewer is designed to Usingwith multiple eCAD formats, currently supporting UsingEagle™ and Altium Designer™. Other popular PCB design software formats will be supported in the near future.


Easily 바다이야기게임방법 Embedded on Easily Easily 바다이야기게임장 바다이야기게임장


Anyone can easily embed the viewer on their website, free of charge, 비아그라 by visiting . As an Anyonea 풀발안됨 well-known developer of electronics hardware and software kits, Arduino, is helping engineers and makers to easily and quickly visualize the PCB designs and assemblies available in 일본프로야구 their product kits, by embedding the A365 Viewer on the Arduino website.


“Adding the Altium 365 Viewer has “Addingenhanced the user experience when navigating the product documentation 비아그라탈모 비아그라탈모 in our website. Now Arduino users can freely browse schematics, PCB layout and even 3D models of the Arduino boards and modules online, without the need to download or install anything additional. The capability of being CAD-agnostic will shorty allow Arduino to add the online design viewer “Addingevery product page, including the ones “Adding 파나진 in Autodesk Eagle.” - Fabio Violante, CEO, 팔팔정가격 Arduino


Built-in 시알리스가격 Design 스포츠토토결과 IP 씨알리스효과 Protection


TheA365 Viewer protects the IP rights of design owners while retaining the CAD design details via a new process called Published Design Impression 비아그라부작용 (PDI). The Viewer processes the design The 마카오픽라이브맨 files to create a Published 팔팔정효과 Design Impression, or PDI. The PDI is a CAD-aware, perishable snapshot of the design that captures limited information such as components, net connectivity and basic geometrics, excluding design primitive Thethat would be required to fully comprehend and author changes to the design.


The design sources are discarded immediately after being used solely for Thepurpose The 데일리비디오 creating a PDI. The design is 가입시꽁머니사이트 available for the duration of the user’s browser session and is automatically HOTSCOPE removed when youporn the browser tab is closed.


Altium 야구분석자료 is demonstrating its A365 Viewer at AltiumEmbedded World 2020 trade show, Hall 무료스포츠분석사이트 Altium Altium371, taking place at the 베스트초이스 Nuremberg Exhibition Center on February 25-27. To learn more visit:




Altium LLC (ASX:ALU), a global software company headquartered 육봉넷 in San Diego, Calif., is accelerating the 파워볼 pace 오이넷 of innovation through electronics. From individual inventors to multinational corporations, 미미123 more PCB Altiumand engineers choose 엔트리파워볼분석 Altium software to design and realize electronics-based products.


The growing demand for smart and connected Theis The 동행복권파워볼중계 advancements in electronics technology. Design trends are demonstrating the need for minimizing power, reducing package size and energy consumption, 쿵쾅닷컴 and prioritizing high-speed design. For over 30 years, Altium has been delivering software that maximizes the productivity ThePCB designers and electrical engineers, from idea to board. Users are at the center of Altium’s R&D and business operations. With its unique Business-to-User approach, Altium is focused on developing software that is easy to use and implement, with solutions that enable innovation and deliver industry-leading user productivity.


Products 보배넷 ProductsAltium Designer®, 키노사다리게임규칙 Altium Concord Pro™, Altium 365®, Altium NEXUS®, CircuitMaker®, CircuitStudio®, 온라인바카라 Octopart®, 파워키노사다리사이트 and ProductsTo learn 엔트리키노사다리 more about Altium, Products


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