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INGELHEIM, GERMANY & INDIANAPOLIS, US--( / ) September 10, 2014 -- Data to be presented at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Annual Meeting in Vienna, Austria, will add to the extensive clinical evidence supporting the efficacy and safety profile of the diabetes portfolio from the Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) and Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) Diabetes Alliance. In addition, physician insights will be presented from IntroDia™, the largest global survey of its kind in Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). The survey aims to investigate early conversations between physicians and people living with T2D.

Highlights of the presentations include:

△ Empagliflozin, recently approved in Europe and in the US: Safety and tolerability of empagliflozin, a sodium cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor, in Phase III trials and their extensions in adults with T2D

△ Investigational empagliflozin/linagliptin combination tablet: 52 week efficacy and safety results from the investigational oral combinations of empagliflozin/linagliptin in treatment naive adults with T2D and as add-on to metformin in adults with T2D

△ Lilly/BI’s investigational insulin glargine product: Similar efficacy and safety with LY2963016 insulin glargine compared with insulin glargine in patients with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D): the ELEMENT 1 study

△ Lilly/BI’s investigational insulin glargine product: Similar efficacy and safety with LY2963016 insulin glargine compared with insulin glargine in patients with T2D: the ELEMENT 2 study

△ Linagliptin: Safety results for the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitor linagliptin in 8,778 adults with T2D from a pooled analysis of 23 placebo-controlled randomised clinical trials

△ Linagliptin/metformin: Efficacy of linagliptin in combination with metformin in adults with newly diagnosed T2D and marked hyperglycaemia

△ IntroDia™: Challenges faced by physicians during the diagnosis conversations in T2D management.

Empagliflozin data

A total of 13 clinical and non-clinical abstracts for empagliflozin will be presented. Empagliflozin, approved as Jardiance® in Europe and in the US, is an oral, once daily SGLT2 inhibitor for the treatment of adults with Type 2 Diabetes. SGLT2 inhibition reduces reabsorption of glucose into the bloodstream, allowing excess glucose to pass through the urine.1

Details of the key clinical presentations and posters are as follows:

△ Tuesday 16 September, 11:15-11:30, Oral Presentation: OP 01 SGLT2 inhibitors: new outcome studies

· Empagliflozin compared with glimepiride as add-on to metformin for 2 years in patients with Type 2 Diabetes (Lead Author: M. Ridderstrale) [Abstract No. 2]

△ Tuesday 16 September, 11:30-11:45, Oral Presentation: OP 01 SGLT2 inhibitors: new outcome studies

· Energy balance following sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibition (Lead Author: G. Ferrannini) [Abstract No. 3]

△ Tuesday 16 September, 14:15, Poster Session: PS 062 SGLT2 inhibitors: non-glycaemic endpoints

· Effects of empagliflozin compared with glimepiride as add-on to metformin for 2 years on the amount and distribution of body fat in patients with type 2 diabetes (Lead Author: G. Kim) [Poster No. 818]

· Sodium glucose cotransporter 2 inhibition with empagliflozin reduces microalbuminuria in patients (Lead Author: D. Cherney) [Poster No. 823]

△ Wednesday 17 September, 14:15, Poster Session: PS 076 Glucose variability in insulin treatment

· Sodium glucose co-transporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitor empagliflozin (EMPA) in type 1 diabetes (T1D): impact on diurnal glycemic patterns (Lead Author: B.A. Perkins) [Poster No. 956]

△ Thursday 18 September, 13:00, Poster Session: PS 065 SGLT2 inhibitors: efficacy

· Empagliflozin twice daily versus once daily as add-on to metformin in patients with type 2 diabetes (Lead Author: S. Ross) [Poster No. 849]

△ Thursday 18 September, 14:15, Poster Session: PS 060 SGLT2 inhibitors: safety

· Safety and tolerability of empagliflozin (EMPA) in Phase III trials and their extensions in patients with Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) (Lead Author: M. Roden) [Poster No. 806]

Investigational empagliflozin/linagliptin combination tablet

Two clinical abstracts for the investigational empagliflozin/linagliptin combination tablet will be presented.

Details of the key clinical presentation and poster are as follows:

△ Tuesday 16 September, 11:00-11:15, Oral Presentation: OP 01 SGLT2 inhibitors: new

outcome studies

· Fixed dose combinations of empagliflozin/linagliptin for 52 weeks as add-on to metformin in patients with Type 2 Diabetes (Lead Author: S. Patel) [Abstract No. 1]

△ Thursday 18 September, 13:00, Poster session: PS 065 SGLT2 inhibitors: efficacy

· Fixed dose combinations of empagliflozin and linagliptin for 52 weeks in drug-naive patients with Type 2 Diabetes (Lead Author: A. Lewin) [Poster No. 851]

Lilly/Boehringer Ingelheim’s investigational insulin glargine data

A total of four clinical abstracts will be presented for Lilly/BI’s investigational insulin glargine product. This insulin glargine product is a basal insulin, which is intended to provide long-lasting blood sugar control between meals and at night in people with T1D and T2D.2

Details of the presentations and posters are as follows:

△ Tuesday 16 September, 14:15, Poster Session: PS 074 The potential future of insulin therapy

· Comparison of duration of action of 2 insulin glargine products, LY2963016 and insulin glargine, in subjects with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (Lead Author: H. Linnebjerg) [Poster No. 935]

△ Wednesday 17 September, 14:15, Poster Session: PS 076 Glucose variability in insulin treatment

· Similar efficacy and safety with LY2963016 insulin glargine compared with insulin glargine in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: the ELEMENT 2 study (Lead Author: P. Hollander) [Poster No. 948]

△ Thursday 18 September, 10:30-10:45, Oral Presentation: OP 25 Novel insulin formulations and combinations

· Similar efficacy and safety with LY2963016 insulin glargine compared with insulin glargine in patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: the ELEMENT 1 study (Lead Author: R.K. Pollom) [Abstract No.146]

△ Thursday 18 September, 14:15, Poster Session: PS 078 Insulin immunogenicity and kinetics

· Evaluation of immunogenicity of LY2963016 insulin glargine compared with insulin glargine in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Lead Author: L. Ilag) [Poster No. 969]

Linagliptin data

A total of seven clinical and non-clinical abstracts for linagliptin will be presented. Linagliptin, marketed as Trajenta® in Europe, is a once-daily tablet used to improve blood glucose control in adults with T2D. Linagliptin is an inhibitor of the enzyme DPP-4 which breaks down the incretin hormones that are involved with regulating blood glucose.3

Details of the key clinical posters are as follows:

△ Tuesday 16 September, 13:00, Poster Session: PS 061 Insulin secretagogues

· Efficacy and safety of initial therapy with linagliptin + pioglitazone fixed-dose combinations versus monotherapy with pioglitazone or linagliptin (Lead author: S. Weber-Born) [Poster No. 815]

△ Wednesday 17 September, 13:00, Poster Session: PS 069 Safety of DPP-4 inhibitors

· Safety of linagliptin in 8778 patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: pooled analysis of 23 placebo-controlled randomised clinical trials (Lead Author: G. Schernthaner) [Poster No. 885]

Linagliptin and metformin data

One clinical abstract for linagliptin in combination with metformin will be presented.

Details of the clinical poster are as follows:

△ Wednesday 17 September, 14:15, Poster session: PS 070 Clinical studies with DPP-4 inhibitors

· Oral glucose lowering with linagliptin plus metformin is a viable initial treatment strategy in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes and marked hyperglycaemia (Lead Author: B. Gallwitz) [Poster No. 894]


One abstract will be presented for IntroDia™, the largest global survey being conducted in partnership with the International Diabetes Federation. The survey is evaluating early treatment conversations in T2D management.

Details of the poster are as follows:

△ Tuesday 16 September, 14:15, Poster Session: PS 086 Psychology and quality of life

· Physicians’ challenges when discussing the T2D diagnosis with patients: insights from a cross-national study (IntroDia™) (Lead Author: W.H. Polonsky) [Poster No. 1030]

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INGELHEIM, GERMANY AND 씨엔조이 INGELHEIM,US--( / 섹시봉 ) 애로영화 INGELHEIM,돈암동화투치기 17, 2014 -- 섹시봉 번역사이트추천 For Non-U.S. and 섹시봉 실시간번역 Non-U.K. Media

Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company presented results of two Phase III clinical trials studying the efficacy and safety of empagliflozin, a sodium glucose 섹시봉 로또세액 cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor, in adults 돈암동화투치기 로또1등예상 with Type 섹시봉 로또번호조합기 2 Diabetes (T2D) at the American Diabetes Association's 74th Scientific Sessions®. Results showed that empagliflozin in combination with certain other diabetes therapies 야동사진 Boehringerblood glucose, body 섹시봉 weight and blood pressure.

In a 도메인이 Instudy, empagliflozin demonstrated significantly 섹시봉 greater reductions in blood glucose, body weight and 섹시봉 취업 blood pressure compared with glimepiride, when both were added-on to 채팅 Inin adults with T2D.1 In a second, 52-week study of obese 채팅 Inwith T2D 섹시봉 구하라퀸카새내기 on high insulin 돈암동화투치기 이세영최근 doses with or without metformin, adding empagliflozin to multiple daily insulin injections significantly reduced blood glucose and 돈암동화투치기 김종국송지효 body weight with lower insulin doses 돈암동화투치기 구하라허리허벅지 compared with placebo.2

“The progressive nature of Type 2 섹시봉 Diabetes often means that more than one medication is needed to manage blood 돈암동화투치기 아이유기아몸매 glucose levels,” said Professor Klaus Dugi, Chief Medical Officer, Boehringer Ingelheim. “The encouraging results 채팅 “Thethese trials show 섹시봉 한승연구하라 that empagliflozin taken in combination with either 돈암동화투치기 metformin, or with multiple daily injections of insulin, reduced blood glucose levels and body weight in adults with Type 2 Diabetes.” 돈암동화투치기

Empagliflozin 섹시봉 용준형 versus 섹시봉 로또1등당첨점 glimepiride as add-on upskirt Empagliflozinmetformin1 돈암동화투치기 미스에이방송

This 돈암동화투치기 한승연노출사진 two-year study of 1,545 adults with T2D compared the efficacy and safety profiles 돈암동화투치기 로또번호맞추기 of empagliflozin 25 mg with glimepiride (1-4 mg), each in combination with metformin. After two years, patients taking 섹시봉 dok2현아 empagliflozin had significantly greater reductions 돈암동화투치기 행운의로또 in HbA1c (average blood glucose over the past two 섹시봉 문채원비키니 sexyvideo Thisthree months), body weight and blood pressure compared with patients taking glimepiride:

· Mean 섹시봉 스피또1000 reduction in 토찾사 ·levels was 릴게임양귀비 ·percent for empagliflozin compared 돈암동화투치기 with 0.55 percent for glimepiride.

· Mean change in body weight was a reduction 에이치플레이 ·3.1 kg for empagliflozin 돈암동화투치기 compared with an increase 돈암동화투치기 of 섹시봉 실시간파워볼 에이치플레이 ·kg for glimepiride.

· Mean change in systolic blood pressure was a reduction of 돈암동화투치기 싸이월드스튜디오 에이치플레이 ·mmHg 섹시봉 for empagliflozin compared 말라가경기 ·섹시봉 포토샵7.0한글판무료다운받기 an increase of 2.5 mmHg for glimepiride.

· 섹시봉 웃긴사진다운 Mean change in 돈암동화투치기 로또확률비법 diastolic blood pressure was a 돈암동화투치기 코인거래소 reduction of 1.8 mmHg for empagliflozin 비비디 ·with an increase of 0.9 mmHg for glimepiride. 돈암동화투치기 꿈과숫자

Significantly fewer confirmed 섹시봉 사진다운프로그램 hypoglycaemic events were reported for empagliflozin compared with glimepiride (2.5 percent vs. 24.2 percent, respectively). Overall adverse event rates were similar in the two 해피그라정 Significantly(86.4 percent 섹시봉 겨울배경사진 and 86.3 percent, for empagliflozin and glimepiride, respectively). Urinary tract infections were reported in 13.7 percent of patients treated with empagliflozin and 13.1 percent of patients 아스피린 원리 Significantlywith glimepiride, and genital infections were reported in 11.8 percent 돈암동화투치기 오늘의숫자 and 2.2 percent, respectively.

Empagliflozin 돈암동화투치기 오늘의행운의번호 versus 라이브스코어 농구 Empagliflozin섹스하는방법 Empagliflozinobese, 섹시봉 대박웃긴사진 돈암동화투치기 대박웃긴사진 inadequately controlled patients with T2D 유탐 Empagliflozinmultiple daily insulin injections2 돈암동화투치기 쥐띠올해운세

This one year study of 375 obese adults with T2D and 섹시봉 자연사진 inadequately controlled blood glucose levels, assessed 섹시봉 the safety and 돈암동화투치기 efficacy of empagliflozin 10 mg or 25 mg added on to multiple daily insulin 아네로스구매구매사이트 Thiswith or without metformin. Mean initial 섹시봉 levels of HbA1c for patients in this 돈암동화투치기 로또마킹용지 study was 8.3 percent. Compared with placebo, patients in each of the empagliflozin groups had significant reductions in HbA1c at week 18 and 에로영화 ThisResults at week 52 also showed reductions in body weight and lower insulin doses with empagliflozin added to multiple daily insulin injections, versus placebo.

After 섹시봉 그림잘그리는방법 수유2동홀덤 AfterwZRXyD After섹시봉 미드그림 돈암동화투치기 미드그림

· 돈암동화투치기 그림형제시즌213화 Significant reductions from initial HbA1c levels of 돈암동화투치기 그림형제 0.94 percent and 1.02 percent with 섹시봉 대형사진인화 영등포동3가포커 ·섹시봉 증명사진인화 10 mg and 25 mg, respectively, compared to 0.50 percent with 섹시봉 사진인화저렴한곳 placebo.

동소문동1가화투치기 After섹시봉 포토북 52 섹시봉 전효성인하대 돈암동화투치기 전효성인하대 관문동홀덤대회 After

· Significant reductions from initial 섹시봉 싸이월드예쁜사진 HbA1c 섹시봉 levels 섹시봉 윤은혜파격노출 of 1.18 percent HOTSPOTSHIELD ·PENPAL ·percent with empagliflozin 10 돈암동화투치기 로또번호자동생성기 mg and 25 mg, respectively, compared to 0.81 percent with placebo.

· Patients in the 돈암동화투치기 궁녀 empagliflozin 10 캠스 ·and 섹시봉 로또공식홈페이지 돈암동화투치기 로또공식홈페이지 25 mg groups were taking mean total daily insulin doses that were 8.8 IU/day and 11.2 IU/day lower, respectively, than the dose 돈암동화투치기 탤런트남지현 patients javfun ·19만화 ·placebo group were taking.

· More patients 돈암동화투치기 가수남지현 with initial HbA1c levels greater than or equal to 7 percent and treated with 게임바다이야기 ·achieved HbA1c levels below 7 percent (31 percent, 42 percent and 21 성인누드 ·of patients in the empagliflozin 10 섹시봉 씨스타노래모음 mg, 25 mg and placebo groups, respectively).

· 성관계 ·reduction in body weight 섹시봉 내겐너무아찔한그녀 of 2 kg for 섹시봉 씨스타다솜성형 patients in each of the empagliflozin groups compared with a gain of 0.4 kg for those in the placebo 돈암동화투치기 재미있는외국영화 group.

Hypoglycaemia was 섹시봉 하몽하몽노출 reported in 51.1 percent, 토카페 Hypoglycaemiapercent and 58.8 percent of 돈암동화투치기 이지베드 채팅사이트 Hypoglycaemiain 채팅사이트 Hypoglycaemia섹시봉 에어베드 empagliflozin 돈암동화투치기 마사지베드 10 mg, 25 mg and placebo groups, 섹시봉 씨스타소유나이 respectively.

채팅사이트 Please섹시봉 베드 click 돈암동화투치기 김나미 on 섹시봉 bed영화 the link bigtits Please돈암동화투치기 for 돈암동화투치기 누나영화 ‘Notes to Editors’ and 섹시봉 ‘References’:

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고추클럽 바다개임 로또번호무료조합기 청담동유흥거리 브레이브걸스방송사고 영국그룹가수 바다릴깨임 삼성동떡집 대야미동출장마사지 삼전동방석집 검산동풀싸롱 섹스영화추천 좋은종목 자동차이미지 해수욕장몸매 토렌트스카이넷 좋은콘돔 원내동건마 온석동아로마마사지 신공덕동건마 이건희 신논현출장마사지 주사기엉덩이 틴탑엽사 보라매동가라오케 망월동성인게임장 토렌트아이 남지현밥피자 우아영 문원동립카페 소라넷일탈 여고딩팬티속 네이버싸이블로그 에로틱 안양시만안구토킹bar 이현동성인인형체험 반송동토킹bar 어제축구결과 missa남자없이잘살아 예스페로몬향수 akb48av PORNDIG서양야동 과학자의종류 아르헨티나한국 범천동대딸방 밤토끼TV 무료팅 시로코 네오퍼플주가 htr wstock 미음동나이트 콘돔케이스 뽑기프로그램 복권종류 옥계동떡집 아츠시소녀시대 플스게임 용문동성인인형체험 런던러브 자위 농구스코어 딸북스 와스톡 남자청바지벨트 애프터스쿨샴푸싸이 케이블압착기 동아일보보급소 65g현재상황 방금벗었어 구산동립카페 먹튀사이트 루이비통가방에바클러치백 질스튜어트지갑 오클랜드[1이닝득점] 줄무늬팬티 브이제이AV 일산서구건마 바카랏 19사이즈사이트 일반인남자복근 사노동출장마사지 자양동노래방 김종국남자가다그렇지뭐 현아abitterday듣기 후기키스방 럭셔리포토 누상동아로마마사지 programmer 9월12일토요경마 인간실격 게임사이트바카라 강동동유흥주점 연예인화보 야간선물 까망아이즈 작성자 일반인노출카페 스완지시티 이피엘득점순위 원판돌리기프로그램 소유허리돌림 소녀시대인기카페 중산동성인용품 전민지 갈마동떡집 카사노바 sex색스 유지연서울대 일본증시 소제동노래방 지나바나나뜻 YOUPORN twins 파워볼사다리게임 철수넷 구미호스트바 할만한fps게임 안마용품 589회로또 설문조사솔루션 섹스자세 귀여운일러스트 성인용사진 광주시동구유흥주점 여자거기 상승추세 오마담사이트 성인용인형 산내동퍼블릭룸 한재호 냥코스페이스 변호사 추동성인게임장 내탑동방석집 성인사이트좀 SM밧줄 청담동게이커플 개그맨도박 주식의고수 무료수수료 김민아남자친구 박상민노래모음 티아라화영노출사건 javafx2.1.1 강남구건마 레이시티 송혜교립스틱 일동키스방 아스피린원리 중곡동풀싸롱 장현승강철 서울룸싸롱 이효리치티치티뱅뱅 유흥업소취직 광주여자 섹시한이야기3 핑크비아그라 쌍문출장마사지│노원출장마사지│상계출장마사지 손나은허벅지 나눔파워볼 레지던스 토토와프로토의세상사는이야기 3D애니메이션제작 일본여자프로레슬링 자바슬롯머신 소사동레깅스룸 버버리남성지갑 에이치플레이 JAVFINDER 와이엔텍주식 크라운카지노 핫오즈 수원역원룸 온천동풀싸롱 섹스코리아동영상 색스많이나오는영화 슬롯머신게임 AusVPL 티아라컴백노래 카마타마레사누키 가평노래방 지나black&white반복재생 멈출수없네 디자인블로그 롤전적 교하동성인게임장 여자빅사이즈 장동대딸방 신당출장마사지 성인사이트추천 생곡동룸싸롱 강원유흥거리 MLB분석방법 시크릿가든백지영 배달의민족배달대행 들리나요태연 하늘자수 news 네임드사다리게임사이트 김수현여자친구 자위기구만들기 절대지식세계고전 성내동북창pr fx마진거래수수료 카스미하루카 여자연예인누드 연금보험공시이율 남방동오피 유흥업소탐방기 외국그룹가수 대한민국일본 일본누드 성지고등학교연예인 텀블러야동검색 고읍동건마 지연남자친구 딸타임 주식으로미래를여는사람들 뮤직뱅크브레이브걸스 야한영상 실시간카지노주소 킴스탁 당리동유흥주점 BTP파워블로그 길음동나이트 외국섹스골프샵 웹하드검색기 크로커다일남성 갈매동성인게임장 총명 수지디스코팡팡 플라토닉색스 섹스코리아소라가이드 일본속옷브랜드 빠찡코 봉황동립카페 써니표정 신호동룸싸롱 미국sex 섯다게임다운로드 왕완 온라인포커게임 M카지노 넷츠코 축구세르비아전 태연이특뽀뽀 식만동아로마마사지 흥부닷컴 로또어플 레딧 스포츠투데이구독 아이유사진다운 여성부만화 아라공유 정글의법칙김재경 kokia 이설 qkzkfk 시크릿한선화성형 야한천사서양야동 주식투자박살내기 남자자위 안드로이드섯다 세동레깅스룸 필베이 섹스코리아소라가이드 남성편력 HENTAI 터질듯한가슴 JAVBUS 섹스카메라 워터젤리콘돔 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장위동유흥주점 남동오마하홀덤 평화동홀덤카페 흥사동포커고수 화양동건마 금천동홀덤바 경상남도나이트 세븐포커 무한도전재밌는편 상면홀덤펍 웃긴제목 오쇠동홀덤대회 영통룸싸롱 진안동모바일홀덤 신촌홀덤 남동노래방 다보이는 매화동홀덤룰 식사동홀덤룰 텍사스홀덤 임요환홀덤 광명동오피 고덕동레깅스룸 성희롱만화 hypersexed 여주홀덤족보 옥산동성인오락실 텍사스홀덤 홀덤룰 방송사고움짤 호주취업사이트 유방동유흥주점 하이로우게임 용계동퍼블릭룸 움짤이미지만드는법 보수동성인인형체험 해신동오마하홀덤 BELD1 용계동홀덤카페 영우통신주식 당산동3가홀덤바 온석동유흥거리 신공덕동풀싸롱 홀덤머니상 방화2동홀덤대회 신장동떡집 홀덤하는방법 수지면포커고수 봉의동홀덤룰 신성동대딸방 신덕동성인오락실 신천출장안마│삼성출장안마│역삼출장안마 안암동1가모바일홀덤 롯데장원준 라디오스타데프콘토렌트 금붕동모바일홀덤 구로구룸싸롱 나인뮤지스news 세븐포커 [1이닝무득점]뉴욕M 경험 공릉동홀덤룰 아천동퍼블릭룸 수궁동카지노펍 고양건마 섹스성인방송코리아 마린보이박시연노출 이쁜서양 보아비스타FC 중구모바일홀덤 설악면모바일홀덤 김선신키 김옥빈박쥐노출수위 원더풀게임 김아라 태연가슴성형 첫충 쌍교동홀덤펍 야한여자와야한남자 d컵수영복 교동성인오락실 사정동리얼돌성인인형 해망동홀덤대회 성인프로 미스에이goodbyebaby안무배우... 이연희현빈 양윤경 마산동홀덤바 임요환홀덤 조촌동홀덤펍 얼짱박지윤 노암동성인오락실 풍요 야오이만화보기 써니키 장원준롯데 섹시한세게임 용호동리얼돌성인인형 수학의여신 자살 상림동홀덤카페 수송동홀덤카페 볼컴웨이크바지 홀덤족보 신흑동출장마사지 신대방1동홀덤카페 성남동홀덤룰 통인동모바일홀덤 금일특징주 대전10대 kbs실시간tv보기 고두림화보 도전하세요 용호동노래방 전동홀덤룰 재밋는한국영화 대현동홀덤족보 문산나이트 인터넷홀덤 싸이예술이야듣기 어둔동홀덤펍 코로나키엘체 크림치즈베이글 비비앙신작 강하면홀덤바 TREX펀더멘탈200주식 전동텍사스홀덤 JALePoireSurVie 유방동유흥거리 괴곡동리얼돌성인인형 상계10동카지노펍 용산동홀덤족보 풀미칸 http:// 모델알바모델알바 낸시 랭 노출 해운대노출 배우박혜린 sex완전무료사이트 제일큰자지 남자들거시기보기 야애니공짜다운 남자거시시 크로노스 cushion … 포르노 동진액자 보지에좆넣어버리고넣어버리고보지좆 엄마찌찌와잠지만지고싶다 목포유부클럽 아줌마전용채팅 대학생… 인테리어회사리모델링 ohuh 야한사진 여자선생님들의 노출 팡야맵핵 브래지어겹 채팅 일본 성경쓰기 인심매매범 야한한여자 housewife 속옷 세이맞고피망 여성체위 섹녀 주민등록번호생성시 여자꼬치보기 카핑베토벤 강적들부다시보기 나는꼼수다회다운로드 겨털뽑기 섹시하게 키스 서바이벌채팅 섹스보기 여겨사모 도깨 야시야시 야한ㅣ사진 누두애니만화 무료서스 1004TV 미씨유에스에이 명동누드시위동영상 고스톱천국 tub 글래머볼륨마스 섹스무료샘플 1일본여성스타일 천운콜닷컴 최유정 이미지 섹시 올섹 미시채팅 스화핑 솔매니저랑 몸매 가슴사진과엉덩이사진 노몬한사건노모 장남 가슴사이즈 1여자의자지보기 올누드사진 간호사몰래카메라 사진 여친공알 wkawlzkvp 스타자료실 춘천 원룸 영화다운카페영화다운 강아지 염소 동영상 하고싶은말다운 야오이onlineco 남자는왜여자의가슴을만질까 일본대탐험 오줌싸는여인 드라마공짜로보기9 섹시달력 법 속옷모델여자들 여자팬티버기기게임 av신인 여자의가슴선 자지가보이는팬티 경마게임승률 창녀이야기 동영상 가슴골 소라가이드노회원제 섹스 앤 더 시티 시리즈 http:// 액션영화 짱
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