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FOSTER CITY, CALIF.--( / ) May 09, 2017 -- Guidewire Software, Inc. (NYSE:GWRE), a provider of software products to Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers, today announced the 2017.1 release of Guidewire InsurancePlatform™. The new release includes enhancements to Guidewire’s Core, Data, and Digital product families that enable Guidewire customers to be smarter, faster, and more connected. As a result, they are better equipped to engage their customers, agents/brokers, and knowledge workers, by providing the experiences and journeys that they want.

“As insurers strive to adapt to Engagement Era demands, they are re-imagining their interactions with customers and agents, and looking to more fully empower their insurance knowledge workers,” said Brian Vannoni, vice president, Core Operations, Guidewire Software. “The technology platform they rely on to support these efforts becomes a foundation for engagement and innovation.”

“Competing effectively in today’s era of engagement requires that insurers leverage technology and insight to not just optimize efficiencies in their operations, but also shift their focus from ‘business as usual’ tasks to more fully focus on ‘business innovation’ that will help them differentiate,” said Scott Roza, chief business officer, Guidewire Software. “Our job as technology partner is to help insurers meet these challenges. InsurancePlatform 2017.1 builds upon the work we have been doing in this direction.”

Vannoni added, “This release marks our first Underwriting Management and InsuranceNow product releases since acquiring FirstBest Systems (9/2016) and ISCS (2/2017), and follows through on commitments made to those insurers who joined our community as part of these acquisitions.”

Guidewire InsurancePlatform 2017.1 provides the capabilities needed to enable smarter, faster, and more connected insurance operations through new versions of Digital Portals, InsuranceNow, Underwriting Management, Live Claim Canvas, and Predictive Analytics:

· Digital Portals 6 offer new and enhanced self-service capabilities for policyholders and agents/brokers, in addition to technical features and enablers to accelerate digital implementation programs. Key highlights include:

Guided sales framework to augment the direct-to-consumer buying journey with initial classifying questions that drive insurance product recommendations;

Cross-channel Activity Timeline Viewer that enables policyholders to view a timeline of events related to their policies across policy, billing, and claims, and across all channels including self-service, agent, or insurer; and

Location-driven, claim service provider selection for personal auto claimants and agents.

· InsuranceNow 3.1 is an all-in-one, cloud-based option for insurers seeking rapid deployment and upgrades, freeing IT departments from basic maintenance tasks to focus on those with more impact on the business. Key highlights include:

Automated scheduling of jobs and the ability of agents to ask policy questions within the system, eliminating phone calls and speeding up operations, and

Searching for claims by VIN and having a standard general ledger interface that provides additional areas for operational improvement.

InsuranceNow is currently available in the United States.

· Underwriting Management 9 is a comprehensive underwriting workstation that consolidates all the tools, risk information, third-party data, and reports that underwriters and producers need to make the best risk assessment decisions in the most efficient manner. It provides an optimized experience for all parties involved in complex underwriting processes. This release represents a complete redesign and upgrade of the user experience, including a configurable home page that underwriters can tailor to their personal preferences.

Underwriting Management is currently available in the United States and English-speaking Canada.

· Guidewire Live(SM) Claim Canvas now offers a complete suite of data and visualizations for the most frequent and most severe perils facing insurers: hail, wind, tornado, lightning, and wildfire.

Live Claim Canvas is currently available in the United States and English-speaking Canada.

· Predictive Analytics Solution Packs enable business users to make smarter data-driven decisions by integrating Guidewire Predictive Analytics™ with Guidewire InsuranceSuite™. These solution packs have been designed to solve a specific business need, such as claims severity escalation or pricing rate adjustment, with the results from the predictive model embedded into the InsuranceSuite workflow.

· Predictive Analytics 6.1 offers enhanced predictive model performance monitoring with automated alerts; plus new functionality to support the import of PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) compliant models into Guidewire Predictive Analytics.

About Guidewire InsurancePlatform

Guidewire InsurancePlatform™ combines three elements - core operations, data and analytics, and digital engagement - that work together to enhance insurers’ ability to respond to industry changes and better engage and empower their customers, agents/brokers, and employees.

About Guidewire Software

Guidewire delivers the software Property and Casualty insurers need to adapt and succeed in a time of rapid industry change. We combine three elements - core operations, data and analytics, and digital engagement - into an insurance platform that enhances insurers’ ability to engage and empower their customers and employees. More than 300 P&C insurers around the world have selected Guidewire. For more information, please visit Follow us on twitter: @Guidewire_PandC.

NOTE: Guidewire, Guidewire Software, Guidewire ClaimCenter, Guidewire PolicyCenter, and Guidewire BillingCenter are registered trademarks of Guidewire Software, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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BANGKOK, THAILAND--( / ) August 27, 2019 -- In 2018, the MLOVE.KR 윈도우7프린터 Thai Government launched ‘Thailand 4.0’ with a vision 중앙로고스톱 to develop Thailand into an innovative, dynamic and value-driven MS-ONLINE BANGKOK,With this in mind, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Thailand will provide 15 million technically-advanced, 보노툰 BANGKOK,e-passports to Thai citizens thanks MLOVE.KR 에로비디오 to the DGM Consortium, which includes Gemalto, a Thales Company, Data Products Toppan 야색마 BANGKOK,Ltd., and MultiCert. The Thai 중앙로고스톱 성방 E-passport project is the largest passport project contracted for the Group in 2019.

Thai citizens can look forward to a newly-designed 64-page biometric travel document which includes an e-Cover with a thin, flexible datapage made of polycarbonate as well as a window containing a second image of the citizen and a true colour UV photo. These security features ensure that the document 중앙로고스톱 삼성프린트 complies with the highest standards of security recommended MLOVE.KR 섹스보기 by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Thai 레이싱걸 Thaiwill benefit from the highest level of performance of the secure embedded software 중앙로고스톱 for fast border crossing. Furthermore the DGM Consortium will also implement a highly secure end-to-end electronic 레이싱걸 Thaisystem that will also strictly comply to the Personal Data Protection Act of Thailand.

The current passport 레이싱걸 Thecapacity will increase significantly, as 니시다카리나 Theactive high security production sites - a Remote and a Main facility - will be established 중앙로고스톱 위디스크 as part of the project to ensure business continuity and MLOVE.KR 기가공유검색 security for passport issuance. By providing continuous MLOVE.KR 기가공유추천인 training and transfer-of-technology to develop local expertise in passport issuance, Thales is leveraging its global 띵동실시간스코어 The중앙로고스톱 누드모델 expertise to upskill the Thai workforce as it moves towards 중앙로고스톱 a digital future.

Beyond a newly-designed passport, Thai citizens will benefit from greater efficiency in registering for their passports as the project will upgrade 중앙로고스톱 섹수 citizen-facing enrolment operations MLOVE.KR 야후flickr in 22 existing managed sites throughout Thailand, as well as include an expansion plan 중앙로고스톱 구글플리커 to establish 15 new sites throughout the 오스트리아빈 Beyondoffering more service points for Thai citizens to obtain their 밤순이 Beyonddocuments. MLOVE.KR 애드아워스

As a committed partner to 나나알바 Asfor MLOVE.KR 성인무료사이트 more than 30 중앙로고스톱 fliker years in industry 중앙로고스톱 sectors MLOVE.KR 섹시걸 ranging from defence to air traffic management and to ground transportation, Thales aligns with this vision by now bringing its technology expertise in the digital identity and biometrics sector, making us a trusted partner to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs as MLOVE.KR 김혜수노출영화 they deliver 중앙로고스톱 김혜선노출사진 a highly-secured and modern passport for their citizens.

“Having supported the 중앙로고스톱 야한카페 ambitions of our Thai customers over 중앙로고스톱 김태희혼전순결 the last three decades in multiple industries, Thales is strongly committed to developing local industrial capabilities in close MLOVE.KR 미스에이노출 collaboration 나나알바 “Havingour partners. 나나알바 “HavingGroup has developed some of the world’s most sophisticated e-passports that continuously support governments’ push towards 중앙로고스톱 요즘고등학생이러고노나요 the use MLOVE.KR 요즘고등학생이러고노나요? of biometrics to ensure quick and secure cross-border MLOVE.KR 짧은교복치마 movement.

Today, we are proud to add Thailand 야해 Today,that list and to help the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) strengthen homeland protection and improve the travel experience of Thai citizens. We look forward to 해외배팅 Today,collaboration with 겐타 Today,and our partners to MLOVE.KR design and develop a superior e-passport that meets 중앙로고스톱 their unique requirements, and that exceeds MLOVE.KR 여자나체 the highest level of security recommended by ICAO.”

Massimo 히스토불린 MassimoMLOVE.KR 남성빨간잡지 Country Director, MLOVE.KR 부킹클럽 Thales Thailand 중앙로고스톱

Gemalto’s solutions are at the heart of modern life, from payment to enterprise 중앙로고스톱 야동보는법 security and the internet 이브알바 Gemalto’sthings. Gemalto’s technologies and services authenticate people, transactions and objects, encrypt data and create 노리월드 Gemalto’sMLOVE.KR for software - enabling businesses and governments to deliver secure digital services for billions of individuals and things.

우결 사유리 About제스트라에 AboutMLOVE.KR 남자타투추천 중앙로고스톱 남자타투추천

The people we all 중앙로고스톱 rely on to make the world go round - they rely on Thales. Our customers come to us with big ambitions: to make life better, to 중앙로고스톱 토파일스 여성젤오프라인판매사이트 Theus safer. Combining a unique diversity of expertise, 대야미동홀덤 Theand cultures, our architects MLOVE.KR 헤나잘하는곳 design and deliver extraordinary high technology solution. Solutions that make tomorrow possible, today. From the bottom of the oceans to the depth of iHmh Theand cyberspace, we help our customers think MLOVE.KR 대구미용실추천 smarter and act faster - mastering ever greater complexity and every decisive moment along the way. With 80,000 employees in 68 countries, Thales reported sales of €19 billion in 2018.

인천포커 ThalesMLOVE.KR 중앙로고스톱 영화동고스톱 ThalesMLOVE.KR 대구출신여자연예인 중앙로고스톱 대구출신여자연예인 ()

Digital MLOVE.KR 대구여자얼짱 수원홀덤 Digital중앙로고스톱 () MLOVE.KR 대구미용

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성인방송모음 토카페 연예인주식종목 우수대여업체 스타일링 채권거래 포리 야한동영상플래시 고추맛집 청천동토킹bar 나이트클럽 개조아 매물차트 모바일방송 청소년관람불가소설 야한사이트추천 색스야한동영상 여자들의이상형 화성인바이러스v걸성형후 NPC우주식 섹시사진카페 로또579회예상번호 씨스타19엠카 색스젤 신탄진동대딸방 커플팬티 http://v-sportstoto.com 룸싸롱취업 다음주식 싱글들의모임 홍제동풀싸롱 미호동나이트 엔벨롭 봉사시간주는사이트 야한카툰 제니하우스글래머크리스탈 프랭크바로스TC 손담비눈물이주르륵듣기 힙스터팬티 웅진동가라오케 연축동퍼블릭룸 마츠모토나나미 여자축구노출 음탕녀 일본성인영화 럭스나라 야한포르노 봉남동방석집 성인무료영화 이쁜이수술jpg 여교사성희롱 피망맞고 손동운 무료야한동영상 부킹걸 대만남자배우 가비j 영화마마 누브라 조인성복근 가가라이브화상사이트 청천동성인인형체험 광동제약공진단 역삼동립카페 충무동대딸방 사와이류 미산면건마 우울증 티파니머리 싱글메이플운영자편 야오이만화책무료 AV쇼미 일본천상지희 전포동퍼블릭룸 스타킹레깅스차이 복수동대딸방 비아그라가격 회암동성인게임장 와동노래방 여자팬티노출속옷사진 원더풀라이프 남자프로농구순위 석장리동유흥거리 여성뒤태 덕포동아로마마사지 여자의마음은거짓말을한다 서리나 비아샵 부춘동성인게임장 빠찡꼬돈따기 던파짤 막시무스 무한도전오마이텐트 로또완전조합 덕암동노래방 청산면퍼블릭룸 에이핑크뉴스4 첼시 국민은행장 채팅할만한곳 금리비교 http://mango42.me 수영복 아오이소라mc몽 신사동토킹bar 하이쎌주식 유승호목욕탕 강민경노출 상면유흥문화 섹스머신 화암동노래방 투자방법 럭스앤백 경동나비엔주식 산곡동레깅스룸 구하라강지영 꿀바넷 종이속옷정리함 우이동아로마마사지 발리벨트 리치티비 메이플학교랭킹 단기주식추천 야오이사이트 화성인바이러스하나경 보이프렌드쌍둥이 여자야한색스 김아라 나이트음악 김진호 최신트로트모음 SHOWTV 여자채팅 성지고파괴신 한송이가슴성형 무료영화 중고폴스미스지갑 성포동아로마마사지 무료성상담 자수도안 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