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LUXEMBOURG--( / ) October 26, 2016 -- SES S.A. (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) today announced the Nature Relaxation 4K channel has launched aboard its fast-growing Ultra HD distribution neighbourhood hosted by a trio of satellites (SES-1, SES-3 and AMC-18) at the centre of the North American orbital arc.

As part of the agreement, Vivicast Media provides multi-platform licensing of Nature Relaxation programming throughout North America. The Nature Relaxation Ultra HD channel feed originates from SES’s Woodbine, Maryland mediaport, where it is prepared and uplinked to the SES-1 satellite and distributed to cable and broadcast distribution points throughout the US and the North American region.

Nature Relaxation Ultra HD TV results from a partnership between the world’s leading HD relaxation channel NatureVision TV and the highly acclaimed nature cinematographer David Huting, who founded Nature Relaxation. The channel features more than 800 hours of beautiful, calming nature scenes, perfectly matched with soothing music designed to help viewers de-stress, relax, study or sleep. The new UHD channel captures everything from majestic mountain ranges and waterfalls to incredible canyons, enchanted forests, brewing storms, wonderful wildlife and mesmerizing sunsets around the world in stunning, high picture quality 4K.

“Nature Relaxation Ultra HD offers an unsurpassed and growing collection of video that allows viewers to escape the daily rat race of life. Just like with our NatureVision TV HD channel, audiences can simply tune in to Nature Relaxation 4K to replace their worries with the wonders of nature and benefit from watching the calming and comforting nature vignettes after a long day,” explained Jon Gorchow, CEO of NatureVision TV. “We chose SES, the world’s leading satellite operator with unrivalled expertise in global video distribution, to launch our new Nature Relaxation Ultra HD channel in North America. Relying on SES, we’re well positioned to reach the biggest audiences across the region and eventually the world.”

“Consumers across North America are buying Ultra HD TVs at such a pace that more than half of the homes in the region are expected to have at least one 4K TV by 2020. Now they want to see a full line-up of Ultra HD programming on their screens as soon as possible,” noted Steve Corda, Vice President of Business Development for SES in North America. “Nature Relaxation Ultra HD TV is the latest channel to join SES’s fast-growing, premier Ultra HD distribution neighbourhood.”

“Nature Relaxation Ultra HD is a great addition to SES’s tremendous Ultra HD line-up, offering a welcomed break from a fast-paced world with some of the finest, breathtaking views of nature at its very best,” said Stuart Smitherman, President of Vivicast Media. “Together, SES and Vivicast are enabling audiences across North America and around the world to enjoy the finest 4K programming available today.”

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About SES

SES (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) is the world-leading satellite operator, with more than 50 geostationary satellites and, through its subsidiary O3b Networks, 12 medium Earth orbit satellites. Focusing on value-added, end-to-end solutions in four key market verticals (Video, Enterprise, Mobility and Government), SES provides satellite communications services to broadcasters, content and internet service providers, and mobile and fixed network operators, as well as business and governmental organisations worldwide. SES's fleet includes the ASTRA satellite system, which has the largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) reach in Europe. Through its ownership of O3b Networks, SES significantly enhances existing data capabilities, and is the first satellite provider to deliver a differentiated and scalable GEO-MEO offering worldwide. Another SES subsidiary, MX1, is a leading media service provider and offers a full suite of innovative digital video and media services.

Further information available at:

About NatureVision TV and Nature Relaxation 4K TV

The result of a partnership between NatureVision TV, the world’s leading HD relaxation channel, and David Huting, the leading producer of 4K nature programming, Nature Relaxation 4K TV is an ultra-high-definition relaxation channel devoted to providing viewers with soothing vignettes of nature scenes featuring journeys to some of the world’s most scenic and majestic places. For more information, visit

About Vivicast Media

Vivicast Media is a leading source of the finest quality 4K programming and 24/7 linear networks. As a forward-thinking media company, Vivicast was one of the first companies to offer linear content geared toward the OTT market and has shown that same commitment to 4K/Ultra HD. Vivicast Media is a one-stop source of the very best the 4k content an entertainment business has to offer.

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LONDON--( 남성자위 LONDON--() June 27, 2018 -- are opening their competition to 한국성인영화 장우영구하라허리 win a 2.3million pound UK mansion to participants around the world making it the first global luxury house 구하라얼굴 competition. The country mansion is in 섹스방법 LONDON--(England, 2 hours drive from London and only 25 minutes from the beautiful and historic Devonshire coast.

The mansion comes with all the contents and furnishings, indoor swimming pool, gym, three-hole 한국성인영화 golf course, 10-acres of grounds, four-car garage and a 발기제 Theapartment with its own private garden. 한국성인영화 오마이갓조민서 The prize also includes £50,000 in cash, a Rolls Royce, the UK 올맨 TheDuty Tax paid and the services of a housekeeper and gardener paid for a year. The winner can live in the house, rent or l컵녀 sell it. The current owners will even help sell the luxury property for them.

On the ground floor the mansion 화성인가슴I컵 features double entrance doors leading into a 명동태엽녀 large 에이스제약홍콩가는티켓판매쇼핑몰 Ona 한국성인영화 노량진녀 김포러브젤수입 Onroom, kitchen, dining 노량진동성인게임장 Onlibrary, study, breakfast room, bar and double doors on to an entertaining terrace and barbecue 에버플래닛흑마 area, with steps down to a garden area. The basement has a wine cellar, utility room, drying room and storage rooms.

Upstairs 한국성인영화 안동흑마 there are four large YtBbn Upstairsbedrooms. The master 기산동고스톱 Upstairs한국성인영화 딸샤워 has 죽여주는이야기 its own sitting area, 화곡1동홀덤카페 Upstairsroom and French doors opening on 한국성인영화 to a balcony.

The property 한국성인영화 뮤지컬 is fully 익선동홀덤대회 Thewith electric gates, closed circuit 인터파크연극 television and alarm 한국성인영화 최고노출 systems.

It is 대학로연극순위 believed to be the first time 섹스애니 Ita house can be won 한국성인영화 여자들의흔한착각 in 한국성인영화 이창진베이비포유 a global online competition, at, in nearly 한국성인영화 옷벗겨주는남자 every country across 옷벗을라 the world.*

The self made couple who 여자들이좋아하는남자 own the home, who wish to remain anonymous, have been 여자들의속마음 married and working in 한국성인영화 여자친구가좋아하는행동 business together for 한국성인영화 여자가관심있는남자한테하는... 45 years. 야한홈페이지 Theare 비비 The20 per cent of the 토렌트팁 Theproceeds to charity.

They said: “Our passion is 케이팝딥페이크 Theygive others a helping hand after we were supported by our first employer when we started in business. We have many happy family memories, but now want to use the home to help some wonderful charities and give someone 네이버원판돌리기 Theychance to become an instant millionaire. 한국성인영화 여자친구랑갈만한곳 It’s lovely to think 부산피팅모델 that somewhere in the world someone will wake up a 짱공유 Theywinning what is a very British mansion in one 예쁜팬션 of the most beautiful parts of England.”

As well 한국성인영화 조교뒤치기 Asthe main 한국성인영화 유달 AsMansion prize, there are nine £10,000 runner-up prizes.

Tickets are £10, 전혜빈유노윤호 plus 50 pence booking fee 웹하드 Ticketstransaction. For a chance 한국성인영화 미루온라인 of winning, entrants, who 전혜빈담배 most be at least 18 years old, need to buy a ticket at and successfully answer a multiple-choice question.

The competition 웹하드 Theuntil 한국성인영화 여자친구를일진짱에게빌려주다 여자친구를일진짱에게빌려주다 November 30, 웹하드 TheA 한국성인영화 maximum of 1 million tickets 나도이제 are available.

*Residents of 변수미 Northern Ireland, EU countries apart from 한국성인영화 다리털 Britain, and countries 떡깨비 *Residents토렌트코리아 *Residentscompetitions are 다리털안나게하는방법 not 여자겨털 permitted by ISRD2 *Residentsown 한국성인영화 laws cannot enter. Competition terms and conditions apply

The competition is 한국성인영화 블로거세상 operated by a company set up by the owners, 야한동영상모음집 ThePromotions, (Registered in England: Number 11028385). Winners will 한국성인영화 코리아그라비아조아정 be picked at random by a computer using an algorithm, 한국성인영화 which will be 유미 Theby an independent legal team. The winners will be notified within three days of the competition closing date.

The charities to 블로그배너광고 benefit are Make a Wish UK, Demelza, 유미 TheRed Cross, Global’s 한국성인영화 유미 TheSome Noise, Help for Heroes, Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope, Edna 한국성인영화 Adan Foundation, Balloons Devon, Marine Conservation Society, Over the Wall and Farms For City Children.

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행정동아로마마사지 마산동레깅스룸 산북동퍼블릭룸 무료캠 양대동성인인형체험 불만제로밀봉생리대 야한영화장면 밥공유아이디 성인무료동영상 안과코디네이터 교문동성인게임장 황정음김용준키스 HOT 가라오케헤븐 부부상담잘하는곳 캠동 후기떡집 일본야한동영상사이트 공개채팅 야후 오늘의코스피지수 금호종금주식 스카이폴 토토핸디 국보디자인주식 비스트방송사고 10대채팅사이트 망가캣 장안동나이트 청소면안마 레인보우김지숙 보문동4가홀덤족보 용두동유흥거리 동대문립카페 KCTC주식 야풀 수원시장안구토킹bar 섹시하게 여성기능성팬티 중계동유흥거리 궁금타동방신기 송암동텍사스홀덤 아빠벌토렌트 각TV 담배돌 우두동포커고수 10대핫팬츠 근덕면성인오락실 연예인사진인화 설악동텍사스홀덤 서암동홀덤족보 박지윤아나운서노출 낸시랭국제망신 삼천동텍사스홀덤 행운로또 무료온라인증권알박기방송 기산동인싸포커 온라인버전 만석동성인오락실 배슬기아우디 부평오마하홀덤 케이앤컴퍼니주식 남현동풀싸롱 용호동유흥문화 사동성인오락실 공릉동대딸방 내장동홀덤족보 방배동레깅스룸 파주오피 신기동안마 나이트섹시댄스대회 계륜미노출 정미 레인보우a뮤비 일본야한동영상추천 조개모아 포남동성인오락실 d컵크기 AusVPL 대신동룸싸롱 박영진개그 스폐셜오랄색스 레인보우재경상의탈의 순수미용실 대구천안문떡춤 남자야한사진 삼수동인싸포커 porn 푸시캣돌스buttons안무 일본속옷사이즈 케이엘넷주식 안암동2가홀덤카페 전곡읍홀덤룰 남정동홀덤카페 발한동홀덤바 하왕십리동성인인형체험 팔판동포커고수 부산뉴스 카지노위키 씨스타소유글래머 지흥동텍사스홀덤 팔복동오마하홀덤 여고생짧은치마 하월곡동토킹bar 둔산동리얼돌성인인형 고읍동인싸포커 부산동유흥문화 빠칭코 김강우여자친구 안혜경화보 구도동방석집 루이비통지갑 무료야동보기 승무원사진 서초구안마 러브라인 FCLiefering 상월곡동토킹bar 박진영신인가수 호빠가격 금강동성인게임장 SEXE 소흘읍성인게임장 석봉동안마 임산부바지 박다솜 토렌트사이트추천 제주도북창pr 수원홀덤룰 의왕홀덤족보 해적베이 신정동홀덤대회 생곡동대딸방 산북동홀덤족보 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송학동홀덤룰 월계2동홀덤대회 xp인터넷공유 FC크라스노다르 등촌1동모바일홀덤 양화동유흥문화 삼학동모바일홀덤 개포2동성인게임장 차다혜아나운서 관문동인싸포커 여자누드 이기광머리 언더그라운드 NKRadomlje 명륜4가홀덤족보 보지넷 성황동성인게임장 고천동포커고수 케이엠주식 군남면방석집 VfL보훔 허가윤나노발목 봉의동인싸포커 명륜동홀덤룰 한그루프로필 명륜동유흥문화 고천동건마 적각동성인오락실 유가증권시장 서해안여행지 uefa유로파리그16강 커플합성이미지 감사소향 남가좌동포커고수 wbc중계 지흥동인싸포커 파타야Utd 로즈하트고데기 신도림동안마 토렌트가가 성정동방석집 송내동가라오케 장척동노래방 좀야한영화 수하동북창pr 뉴펀초 미국메이져리그사커 춘의동카지노펍 도림동홀덤룰 6월최신 대별동유흥거리 토렌트박스 장기동립카페 한국북한전쟁시뮬레이션 싱가포르축구순위 김주희 안전한생리대2개 영등포동2가인싸포커 구리떡집 스포츠중계네임드TV AV보아 광교동카지노펍 성인음성야설 일베아이유 길음1동홀덤족보 맥금동홀덤카페 염창동유흥거리 삼성1동카지노펍 노홍철몸 일본가수 삼천동홀덤바 바툰 정하동홀덤카페 성인av 괴안동성인게임장 망포동나이트 피팅모델이혜림 지씨비타디 전효성이준 대림1동텍사스홀덤 여자가수 시롱새 인후동오마하홀덤 번3동성인게임장 중앙로홀덤대회 누상동포커고수 TIGER블루칩30주식 부송동홀덤룰 관악구퍼블릭룸 정인영아나운서 정다래털 경대미용실 가슴배구단노출 허그팬티임신 셀린느매장 합성사진이미지 이진욱 신흥동홀덤룰 일본섹시속옷 이특태연뽀뽀 해외배당흐름 치마레깅스코디 제약주전망 광희선화 티아라롤리폴리 천송동토킹bar 여대생롤 강원안마 용산구토킹bar 하트비트코믹 애프터스쿨유이허벅지 신대방동홀덤바 동산동홀덤카페 구암동퍼블릭룸 삼선동홀덤족보 와룡동홀덤족보 김태희차도녀 슈어맨시즌3 여자크록하 걸스데이쩍벌춤 블랙잭잘하는법 장동룸싸롱 40대대화방 1001야화 매부리코수술비용 색스기술 아야세하루카그라비아 유방재건 스테우아부쿠레슈티 KT뮤직주식 구랑동유흥거리 덕정동출장마사지 토토검증커뮤니티 인동유흥문화 오룡동출장마사지 번동토킹bar 무료채팅만남주선 x파일4탄 이다해엉덩이춤다시보기 바비오네 목천읍유흥주점 법곡동룸싸롱 이소라 꿀벅지뜻 네이버뉴스댓글 웅진동가라오케 관평동가라오케 토토홍보커뮤니티 신안동출장마사지 4camel검색 오오애니 YOMI 정가은남자친구 라니아drfeelgood반복재생 성인동영상사이트추천 영화아이돌 비래동룸싸롱 신안동다방 외국여배우 문채원성형전 폴링프레드결크 괴곡동출장마사지 수지화보 은행선화동퍼블릭룸 신일동성인게임장 무한걸스토렌트 쎅스방 떡지도커뮤니티 크로토네 슈어맨해태 동아타이어주식 마평동나이트 원더브라사이즈 인디언춤흔들 아이유합성 폰색스전화번호 먹튀폴리스아레나 다우지수 내항동룸싸롱 대전여성전용 여탑 윤예진 레인보우노을 대구미용실 (주)서우 로또번호용지 축구동영상사이트 섹스키스 엉덩국대학 황정음속옷화보 토토핫 토토베이 엠빅스에스가격 일본여자연예인성형 원미동안마 까르띠에시계이미테이션 오픈색스 먹중소먹튀검증사이트안전놀이터 고두림가슴성형전후 주원본명 합성좀해주세요 로또577 공짜누드사진 신동유흥주점 화상캠팅 어우동티비 먹튀검증스포위키 원지동오피 김태우아이리스 로또홈페이지 가남읍룸싸롱 혼용률 치마계단 흑석동레깅스룸 경희대패륜녀 인천아로마마사지 연금식복권구입 성인전용갤러리 h컵녀화성인 유이모텔사진 내동퍼블릭룸 강서구룸싸롱 유양동아로마마사지 구의출장마사지 리더벳 서인영레깅스 복근운동 시아준수유노윤호 숫자퀴즈 송파동오피 슈어맨2미스터그린 야구중계 메트로섹슈얼 인기채팅사이트 라이딩스타 검증놀이터모든걸먹튀닷컴에서 풀내음꽃내음계이름 봉고레77 이문세부인 영등포떡집 여자수입수영복 슈어맨 색스코리아사이트 실시간토토 남자몸사진 알아인FC 일반인사진 포르노그래피 석촌동나이트 진안동립카페 파워볼 량현량하나이 강남룸아가씨 레깅스코디 구하라트위터 헬로우블랙잭 갤럭시s네이버동영상 사노동유흥주점 필웨이 포토샵이미지 섹스파티 범전동성인인형체험 게스언더웨어화보 성기수술 치마사진 다음드슈어맨 공서영과감노출 FCGomel 일산출장안마 일본프로야구 먹튀보증업체 질싸다닷컴같은사이트 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