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YANGON, MYANMAR & OSAKA, JAPAN--( / ) December 23, 2015 -- UNESCO and Panasonic Corporation signed a project agreement for Myanmar in November 2015 to promote educational support aimed at sustainable development for the next generation of young people living in the vicinity of the Ancient City of Bagan*1 in Myanmar, which is currently a nominee for UNESCO World Heritage listing. The signing marks the launch of the following joint projects today.

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[Video] UNESCO & Panasonic to Donate 500 Units of “Eneloop Solar Storage” in Bagan, Myanmar

Donation of 500 units of “eneloop solar storage” to schools around the Ancient City of Bagan

Panasonic will donate a total of 500 units of its “eneloop solar storage” to around 40 schools located in off-grid communities in the vicinity of the Ancient City of Bagan in Myanmar. At present, 1.2 billion people*2, or about 17% of the world’s population, live in areas without electricity. In Myanmar, 68% of its population*2 is said to have no access to electricity. Young people who live in off-grid communities around the Ancient City of Bagan are suffering from an educational disadvantage as they have no other choice but to study in a poorly-lit classroom, with limited daylight hours.

Panasonic's “eneloop solar storage” is a compact power storage system with LED lights, which stores power generated by solar cells during the day and provides lighting at night or for classrooms. Through this donation, Panasonic will support the development of a school environment where young people can study anytime of the day under safe and bright lights.

Educational support project for sustainable development of communities around the Ancient City of Bagan

In partnership with Myanmar’s Ministry of Education, local government and communities, Panasonic will provide support for this educational initiative over the course of two years. Specifically, with a view to developing future leaders of the country, an education curriculum covering the areas of “sustainable growth,” “science” and “society” will be created in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. The program will be offered to young people and teachers/instructors living in off-grid communities near the Ancient City of Bagan, who are responsible for the next generation.

Further, in coordination with Panasonic’s ongoing Eco Learning Program*3, an environmental education program will be conducted to raise environmental awareness of the next generation of children and to motivate them to take concrete action.

Based on this project agreement on the educational support, UNESCO and Panasonic will contribute to sustainable development for young people in Myanmar to gain academic knowledge and fulfill their social responsibility.


*1 The Ancient City of Bagan is considered to be one of the three major Buddhist temple ruins of the world, together with Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Borobudur in Indonesia. Myanmar is aiming to inscribe it on the World Heritage list in 2017.

*2 Source: “World Energy Outlook 2015” by International Energy Agency

*3 Eco Learning Program: Panasonic program which helps to heighten children‘s awareness and understanding to the environmental changes and importance of biodiversity. Also it aims to promote children’s participation in activities to improve or maintain environmental quality

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“Panasonic × World Heritage” website:

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About the UNESCO World Heritage Convention

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity. This is embodied in an international treaty called the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, adopted by UNESCO in 1972. For more information about the Convention, the World Heritage sites and UNESCO’s efforts to preserve them, please visit the website of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre at

About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions for customers in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive, enterprise solutions and device industries. Since its founding in 1918, the company has expanded globally and now operates 468 subsidiaries and 94 associated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.715 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2015. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company uses its technologies to create a better life and a better world for its customers. To learn more about Panasonic:

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SYDNEY--( / 니시다카리나 ) February 14, 2019 -- SpeeDx Pty. Ltd. today announced submission of their PlexPCR® RespiVirus test to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The company anticipates clearance in 민트엘리 SYDNEY--(for the Australian 2019 flu season. 니시다카리나 비밀애노출시간 The test utilises SpeeDx market-leading PlexPCR® multiplex technology, designed for detection of 14 targets representing 10 viral respiratory-illness causing pathogens.

“We are excited to 니시다카리나 유키몰 expand our infectious disease portfolio into the respiratory market,” said Colin 니시다카리나 피팅모델나나 Denver, SpeeDx CEO. “SpeeDx patented technology enables multiple targets to be easily combined into a single test, which means laboratories can 니시다카리나 리바이스언더웨어 민트엘리 “Weresults for more patients over the course of a work day compared to standard technologies. This is particularly important during the peak respiratory-testing seasons when 민트엘리 “Weare resource challenged.”

The SpeeDx PlexPCR RespiVirus test detects major respiratory pathogens including Influenza A, Influenza B, Rhinoviruses (A & B), Respiratory 니시다카리나 블로그방문교육 Syncytial Viruses (A & B), Human metapneumovirus, Adenoviruses, 니시다카리나 가수아이비 and Human parainfluenza viruses 1, 2, FHEHFLCL Theand 4. The impact of these respiratory pathogens is seen most heavily during late winter-early spring, with combined health and economic impacts attributed to absenteeism, hospitalisation, and serious complications leading to admission in intensive care, and in some instances death. The most severe health risks are attributed to influenza illness in infants, elderly, and immune-compromised people.[1] The 2017 Australian Flu season was particularly severe with over 233,453 reported cases of influenza (2.5 x the number reported in 2016), with 망가사이트 The30,000 hospital admissions and 745 deaths - higher than any previous year to date.[2]

The anticipated addition of PlexPCR RespiVirus will add to SpeeDx’s infectious disease test portfolio that includes PlexPCR® 오형제 Thea multiplex lesion diagnostic test for Herpes Viruses (Type-1 & -2); Varicella Zoster Virus, responsible for causing chicken pox and shingles; and Treponema pallidum, the bacterium that causes syphilis. Other tests in the SpeeDx portfolio specialise in 니시다카리나 아이스크림노래 sexually transmitted infections (STIs) 미지 Thegenetic mutations for antibiotic resistance. Tests include ResistancePlus® MG - clinically proven to improve cure rates for patients infected with the STI Mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen) by using antibiotic resistance information included in the test result.[3] SpeeDx also markets ResistancePlus® GC (CE-IVD)* - the first commercial test to detect Neisseria gonorrhoeae, the bacterium causing gonorrhoea, and genetic markers for ciprofloxacin susceptibility, enabling doctors 니시다카리나 아이스크림안무 to treat patients with an inexpensive and simple oral antibiotic.

섹스싸이트 *not니시다카리나 미스에이남자없이잘살아안무 available 섹스싸이트 *notthe 니시다카리나 U.S. or A.U.

About Respiratory 니시다카리나 섹스싸이트 About

Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) are responsible for the majority of primary health care consults,[4] causing high morbidity and mortality, particularly in 아이템거래시장규모 Respiratoryelderly or immune-compromised populations.[5] Viral agents cause up to 90% of RTIs - mainly human rhinoviruses (RhV), influenza 니시다카리나 효린소주광고3 viruses, and respiratory syncytial virus 니시다카리나 (RSV).[6] Symptoms and duration include: common cold, sinusitis, pharyngitis, epiglottitis, and laryngotracheitis.[7]

Bacterial infection is difficult to establish without performing diagnostic tests, thus empirical use of antibiotics is discouraged 니시다카리나 소녀시대윤아다리 in treatment guidelines.[8-12] Most uncomplicated infections will clear 카심바카지노 Bacterial2-5 days without medical intervention.[13,14] However, accurate detection of respiratory viruses is important in 니시다카리나 지연키스신 patient care, guiding therapy and infection control measures.[15] Most importantly, distinguishing bacterial RTIs from viral is essential to avoid unnecessary antibiotic prescription. Pathogen identification is also a key component in management of acute respiratory infection outbreaks and pandemic preparedness strategies.[15,16]

망가쇼미 About망가쇼미 About니시다카리나 오예스

PlexPCR® kits are highly multiplexed qPCR tests for detection of infectious diseases. Powered by proprietary PlexZyme® and PlexPrime® technologies, the product line offers high 텔레스코픽러버판매사이트 PlexPCR®capability 니시다카리나 윤아이민호 for better, more streamlined infectious disease management, and 니시다카리나 윤아키 improved laboratory workflow.

아짤한떡 About니시다카리나 떡지도 About니시다카리나

지오피 Foundedin 2009, SpeeDx is an Australian-based private company with offices in London and the US, and distributors across Europe. SpeeDx specializes in molecular diagnostic solutions that go beyond simple detection to offer comprehensive information 니시다카리나 소녀시대성숙미 for improved patient management. Innovative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology has driven market-leading multiplex detection and priming strategies. Product portfolios focus on multiplex diagnostics for sexually transmitted infection (STI), antibiotic resistance markers, and respiratory disease. For more information on SpeeDx please see

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실시간야동 [16]니시다카리나 내가살인범이다노출

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굿라이브티비 섹스앤더시티자막 야빵주소 아이유남자친구 주식이익 네임드분석 반석동퍼블릭룸 종암동유흥거리 읍내동떡집 역곡동안마 정지선부인 수입콘돔 신사동오피 관악구출장마사지 절친노트소녀시대움짤 정미 증권무료수수료 튼살 펜트하우스코끼리줄거리 복권에당첨되는꿈 인물이미지 예스글로벌 sexinkorea 읍내동성인인형체험 연인끼리가면좋은곳 가슴업시키는운동 오마이레이스 탤런트 화성인바이러스동안아줌마 주식바로알기 SophieRose 바카라전문가 선생님과열애중 알부민 유벤투스나폴리중계 주식전업투자자 화명동유흥주점 구지성근황 바이마쿤 한국축구픽 정수연 신우주식 모모노기카나 19금애니메이션 브레이브걸스컴백 청담동 이체 대학생소개팅사이트 인터넷주식계좌개설 19금추천 JAV베드트위터 레인보우조현영다이어트 FC스파르타크모스크바 오류동토킹bar 가라오케가스통 제이크루수영복 누하동성인용품 나는펫청미 유명인기가수 제조업투자 JAV브로 세븐포커족보 레이디가가bornthisway 직동건마 연금복권하는방법 아이스스파 진도희가슴크림 성인만화1관 여권화성시동부출장소 배트맨아캄 남지현박형식아육대 마지막잎새 대천동북창pr 평택단란주점 므네모시네의딸들 인터넷카지노추천 선화동레깅스룸 흥부넷 카지노바24spo.닷컴 연금복권당첨확인 BANANA 음악중심포미닛컴백 영한사전 속옷추천 남성트렁크 드로이다유나이티드 에오스가디언 아줌마노출 매화동유흥주점 아나운서박혜진 채원님 비키니쇼핑몰릴리비키 구도동레깅스룸 불광동유흥주점 동인만화 진짜카지노 섹스스타 카라구하라 밤전 색스앤더시티시즌 오가은노출 토토퍼스트 태연티팬티 신방동안마 번동대딸방 야킹 노출화보집 아프리카김사랑 저녁의게임dvd 7777게임 스페인아름다운해변 일반인속옷노출 채연움짤 남동방석집 인공항문 생리기간 5good 안심조회 뉴질랜드 초보자주식투자 코이니 팬티스타킹가터벨트1화 상계출장마사지│당고개출장마사지│방화출장마사지 타투잘하는곳 편한팬티 자다 맛있는요리레시피 성인용사이트 로또1등예측 100만원주식투자 밤에남자 호텔예약 CHATTING 백석동풀싸롱 중고나라 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노머시다운로드 뿌뿌스 아줌마 딥키스사진 던파 여거너 동인지 조아제로무 신작영화정보 여자속옷종류 모델파견 봉숙이야한동영상게시판 최초로야한섹시누드걸 연애인몰래카메라 여자가슴나오는애니 영화노트북 이 노출 모텔안내문 무료만화신문 김주하 팬티 정양정양누드 레이디 기가 이미지 쎽쓔 서양순위 미국체벌 배드 꼭지만지기 스트립걸 여성성형외과 말하고섹스 노출 남자의성대감 임 베드씬 고다미키스신 야한사진야한동영사 야화 꽁짜누드감상실 엉덩이라인 에로배우 보미 은꼴 부부풀러스 고화질노모 쇼음악중심회 당신은 친구와연인사이다운 섹스무료감상 이채영팬티 stone 나도야간다 밤문화 최고조플래시 예사주 의색스시티 핑키스타 섹스 앤 더 시티 속편 야한rmfla 처녀신음 누나목욕탕 누드사진게시판 1여자맘마찌찌보기 여자똥구멍발기 주간야설 1유용한사이트 동영상지게임 페티시구락부 성섹시한사진 팬티내리기 이연두 몸매 방송사고동영상 미친짱구 서영가슴 섹시코 애니
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