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SHENZHEN, CHINA--( / ) May 09, 2014 -- ZTE today announced that Open C, the world’s first smartphone powered by the latest version of Firefox OS, is on sale on eBay US, UK, Germany and Global Buying Hub sites, delivering consumers globally with an improved user experience and superior value.

The ZTE Open C offers users a sleek intuitive design richly equipped with features including a 4-inch screen and a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor based on the A7 architecture. It is the first smartphone to ship with the latest version of Firefox OS, bringing performance improvements, enhanced messaging and multimedia capabilities to first time smartphone users at an affordable price. The ZTE Open C, priced at US$99.99, is now available to eBay users in the US, UK, Germany, Russia and more than 20 other European countries.

“We are excited to work together with Mozilla and eBay to offer the ZTE Open C to consumers globally, following our successful collaboration last year,” said Adam Zeng, CEO of ZTE Mobile Devices. “ZTE will continue to make a comprehensive range of innovative devices available to appeal to consumers who demand great user experience and performance, at different price points.”

In August 2013, ZTE and eBay collaborated to launch the ZTE Open, the world’s first smartphone powered by Firefox OS, directly to first time smartphone customers in markets around the world. The ZTE Open sold out only three days after launching.

Mozilla has provided information about the latest version of the Firefox OS on its website below:

The latest version of Firefox OS offers many new features including: better email functionality with POP3 support, enhanced MMS capabilities, direct music player access from the lock screen or notifications bar, improved sorting of Gallery media to make it easier to find photos and advanced Bluetooth sharing to allow multiple files to be transferred simultaneously. Users can also now get to where they want to go faster with enhanced scrolling performance and system app (e.g. calendar, address book, camera) startup times.

“We are pleased that ZTE is delivering another Firefox OS device, building on the success of the ZTE Open,” said Dr. Li Gong, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer. “The ZTE Open C is an amazing experience for first time smartphone buyers.”

“We’re excited that ZTE has again decided to debut its OPEN C on eBay,” said John Lin, CEO of eBay Greater China, “eBay, with its 145 million active buyers around the world, is uniquely positioned to help Chinese brands such as ZTE reach global consumers directly and expand worldwide.”

ZTE Open C is now available on eBay:

In the US at - ()

In Germany at - ()

In the UK at - ()

In Russia and many European countries at - ()

* ZTE Open C is available through the eBay Global Buying Hub to customers in Russia, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Malta, Luxembourg, Latvia, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Iceland, Netherlands, Monaco, and Vatican City State.

About ZTE Mobile Devices

ZTE Mobile Devices is a division of ZTE Corporation, a global telecommunications equipment, networks and mobile devices company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. ZTE is a publicly traded company listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

ZTE is one of the Top 5 mobile handset and smartphone manufacturers in the world, offering a complete range of mobile devices, including mobile phones, tablets, mobile broadband modems and hotspots and family desktop integration terminals.

A global leader, ZTE has partnerships with more than 320 major carriers and distributors in over 160 countries and regions around the globe. It also has strategic partnerships with 47 of the world’s top 50 carriers. In 2012, ZTE applied for more international patents than any other company in the world.

For more information, please visit:

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SINGAPORE--( / ) July 24, 2020 일원동포커 SINGAPORE--(Users of 트루아AC 투니팡 Likee - the wildly popular short video app - have even more 트루아AC 핑자넷 to sing and dance with thanks to its announcement today of a partnership with Believe Digital - one 야동영상 of the largest music service providers in the world. Inked on June 28th, the 야동영상 인터넷즉석복권 new cooperation will give app users access to a library of 트루아AC 나눔복권 millions of 야동영상 레드툰 songs.

Developed by BIGO Technology 월성동풀팟홀덤 Developedreleased in 2017, Likee is a leading Singapore-based global 트루아AC 복권1등 platform for viewing and creating short-form mobile videos. 야동영상 AV밤 It offers cutting-edge video shooting and editing tools, with more than 2,000 special effects available. It also encourages connection 트루아AC and conversation 평창동홀덤대회 Developedusers 이헨타이 Developedgamifying viewing and interactions.

Recognized 트루아AC NANUMLOTTO in January 2020 by Sensor Tower as one of the most popular apps in the world - ranking as the fourth 야동영상 로또자동번호생성기 most downloaded social media app, Likee has taken its 야동영상 G-Star market segment by storm over the past years, giving rival, TikTok, a run for its money as monthly UKSS Recognizedusers 야동영상 해태 have soared 섹스망가 Recognized131 million in Q1 2020, representing a 121.9 percent year-over-year increase.

For its part, Believe Digital is a global leading independent music 야동영상 온라인복권판매점 company, operating in 트루아AC 아샤벳 44 countries to date, and owns more 성인애니 For20 of the world's top music labels. The partnership 트루아AC will 트루아AC 연금복권당첨번호조회 야동영상 연금복권당첨번호조회 encompass Likee’s core markets, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Russia and the CIS, Indonesia, Middle East, North Africa and Egypt. 야동영상

For major short video platforms like TikTok and Likee, globalization is always achieved through localization. The newly announced partnership is identified as a 폭딸넷 Formove 투니모아 Forboth parties towards a win-win situation by offering local customers global content 트루아AC 노조미마유 and vice versa. 야동영상 ㄹ로또

“We are 딸자닷컴 “Weexcited to partner with Believe 트루아AC 마리카하세 Digital. Likee is dedicated to its mission of ‘Let You Shine’. I believe a 트루아AC 모리하루라 야동영상 모리하루라 more diverse music library will help further unleash the fullest 야동영상 몬부란 potential of 트루아AC 미나세유카 users’ creativity,” said Vice President, BIGO Technology. “As short video content continues to grow in 야모닷컴 “Wearound the globe, we are proud to take the lead in developing a platform that not only entertains users but also brings influencers, brands, 야동영상 로또테스트 and organizations together as an evolving business ecosystem.”

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