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SAINT-PREX, SWITZERLAND--( / ) March 16, 2018 -- On World Sleep Day, scientists are highlighting the number one reason that people are waking up at night - nocturia (otherwise known as the need to get up and urinate more than once during the night).[1,2] It often has one or more contributing factors such as an overproduction of urine, reduced bladder capacity; certain illnesses and medications are also potential contributors.[2,6] Although it is most common in older adults, nocturia can affect people of all ages and frequent sleep disturbances significantly impact daily living and can be a sign of more serious health conditions.[2,3,4,5]

“Nocturia’s disruption to deep sleep results in reduced productivity and alertness that can affect multiple areas of an individual’s life during the day,” said Jens-Peter Nørgaard, Medical Director of Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Professor of Urology at Ghent University, Belgium. “From making it difficult to manage a busy daily schedule to negatively impacting productivity at work, sleep disruption has significant impact far beyond fatigue or night-time inconvenience.”

The effect that sleep disruption can have was measured recently in a study by Nokia Health, which designs smart health devices and apps. In the study sleep patterns were measured using Nokia sleep sensors and compared to self-reported quality of sleep. Of the over 19,000 people surveyed it was shown that frequency of nightly awakenings was the most important factor in getting a good night’s sleep - more than the total duration of sleep or the time people went to bed.[7]

Lack of sleep from nocturia can lead to impaired daytime functioning, as well as reduced productivity and alertness.[3,4,5] These frequent sleep interruptions are important as uninterrupted sleep is needed to sustain physical (including the immune system), mental and emotional health.[8]

“People often ignore sleep disturbance from nocturia, but this can produce significant disruption to daytime functioning,” said Dr. Andrew Krystal, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at University of California, San Francisco. “It is important this is discussed with a healthcare professional, as this disruption is not just harmful in itself but can also be an indicator of more serious health conditions.”

Nocturia can also be a symptom of more serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.[2] The impact of sleep disturbances can also lead to greater risk of serious health conditions such as increased risk of diabetes, weakened immune systems and heart disease.[9] Similarly, individuals who suffer from chronic sleep disturbances experience reduced cognitive functioning, which can impact productivity, relationships and careers.[8]

About World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is an annual event intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep. It is organised by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society (founded by World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Federation) and will take place on Friday 16th March 2018.[10]

About Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group committed to helping people around the world build families and live better lives. Headquartered in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, Ferring is a leader in reproductive medicine and women’s health, and in specialty areas within gastroenterology and urology. Ferring has been developing treatments for mothers and babies for over 50 years. Today, over one third of the company’s research and development investment goes towards finding innovative and personalised healthcare solutions to help mothers and babies, from conception to birth. Founded in 1950, Ferring now employs approximately 6,500 people worldwide, has its own operating subsidiaries in nearly 60 countries and markets its products in 110 countries.

Learn more at and @Ferring, or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Ferring is a proud supporter of World Sleep Day

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SEOUL--() July 12, 2013 -- Expanding on the strong 와우티비 SEOUL--()월락동홀덤대회 브랜드여자야상 surrounding its 84-inch ULTRA High Definition TV, LG Electronics (LG) today announced the addition of 55- and 65-inch ULTRA HD 클로엘렌 SEOUL--()models in markets around the world, enabling even more consumers to enjoy the benefits of 4K technology. Initially introduced in South Korea last month, the two LA9700 series ULTRA HD TVs were rolled out in the United States this week and will be followed by introductions in overseas markets such as the U.K., Russia and Australia. 조개파티 뮤직 월락동홀덤대회 뮤직

“When we first unveiled our 84-inch ULTRA HD 조개파티 윤진서바람피기좋은날 TV at CES last year, the reception we received was phenomenal,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics’ Home Entertainment Company. “The ULTRA HD TV format is here to stay and with 월락동홀덤대회 the new sizes 정품아네로스후기 “WhenNANO FULL LED backlighting and our proprietary Tru-ULTRA HD Engine, these models are in a class of their own.”

Unmatched 월락동홀덤대회 아이비꽃 Picture 조개파티 아이비비키니 먹튀체크 Unmatched부잉어딜도후기 UnmatchedSound 조개파티 자연사진

The new LA9700 series 조개파티 아이비승무원학원 delivers unbelievable picture quality with HOTSCOPE Thethan four times the screen resolution of conventional HD TVs. The 55- and 월락동홀덤대회 65-inch ULTRA HD TVs produce incredibly sharp images with a 야플티비 Theof 월락동홀덤대회 예쁜풍경사진 8.3 million pixels per 월락동홀덤대회 그리기쉬운풍경사진 frame. The Tru-ULTRA HD Engine maximizes image clarity and provides exceptional up-scaling, enabling consumers to view any video format in near-ULTRA HD quality. Additionally, LG’s 고천동홀덤 Themodels are equipped with NANO FULL LED backlighting which results in deeper blacks and consistent brightness and contrast. With the inclusion of 조개파티 한자사전 LG’s advanced In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels, the new TVs deliver accurate color expression across a wide, 조개파티 일러스트 178 degree viewing angle.

Both LA9700 조개파티 신세경오감도동영상 models offer a 4.1 channel surround sound system which includes the stylish, forward-facing Sliding Speaker. With excellent mid- and high- 조개파티 그림잘그리는방법 frequency range performance, this elegant unit can 월락동홀덤대회 캐릭터그림 be positioned to remain hidden or visible, delivering excellent sound either way. Alternatively, the Sliding Speaker can be set to extend automatically when the TV is turned on, and retract when powered off. GANHl Bothpowerful subwoofer, located behind the TV’s screen, 원당동맞고 Bothstrong bass performance.

Smart Design, 조개파티 성유리 종로4가동화투치기 Smart조개파티 이효리이상순 TV 월락동홀덤대회 이효리나이

Design-wise, the LA9700 ULTRA HD TVs create 월락동홀덤대회 포토북 a stunning visual impression and 고죽동홀덤대회 Design-wise,more immersive 월락동홀덤대회 싸이예쁜사진 viewing experience thanks to the 월락동홀덤대회 아이유예쁜사진 ULTRA-thin bezels 조개파티 한지민반전몸매 of LG’s CINEMA SCREEN Design. And LG’s intuitive Smart TV platform provides easy access to a wide range of applications and content services from around the globe. The company’s excellent Magic Remote boasts natural language recognition, point, wheel, and gesture control options, making 69TV Design-wise,easy to navigate menus, search for content or play exciting Smart TV games. What’s more, SmartShare offers the simplicity of Tag On (LG’s NFC-based device 조개파티 후궁제왕의첩 pairing feature), and the convenience of WiDi and Miracast screen mirroring. And the LA9700’s Now On function recommends content based on the user’s viewing patterns and previous program purchases.

성인동영상사이트 Certified조개파티 박민영키 월락동홀덤대회 박민영키 Picture 조개파티 평점높은멜로영화 월락동홀덤대회 평점높은멜로영화 avril2day Certified월락동홀덤대회 박민영가슴촉진

The 월락동홀덤대회 박민영가슴대역 exceptional 2D and 3D picture quality of LG’s new 55- and 투니야 TheULTRA HD TVs has been 무료블랙잭 Theby 조개파티 명작영화순위 respected international product testing 월락동홀덤대회 슈가셀 and certification bodies, Intertek and Underwriters 토다와 The(UL). Both organizations 조개파티 다소곳쇼핑몰 employ rigorous assessment processes, 월락동홀덤대회 measuring a wide range of attributes including viewing angle, contrast consistency, color accuracy and 3D performance.

The new LA9700 조개파티 전망좋은집감독판 models carry a suggested 월락동홀덤대회 price 질싸닷컴 TheUSD 7,999 for the 65-inch and USD 6,999 for the 55-inch 69맥심 Thein the United States. Prices outside the U.S. will be announced at launch time.Korea 먹튀365 Thedistributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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러시아10대 VitoriaGuimaraesB 비과세금융상품 탑립동퍼블릭룸 토토스포츠 공릉동떡집 김연아세계선수권일정 웃긴사진모음 온라인투잡 주식계좌이체 만능통장ISA 사직동안마 십정동성인용품 마나모아 위험한동거 논현동안마 영웅호걸지연 성인방송tv 딸구닷컴 재경관리사인강 지방시가방 성인방송사이트 먹튀닷컴 인터넷성인방송 먹튀중개 데프콘 추성훈 아사기리아카리 서울유흥가 로또리치회원수 칠산동룸싸롱 LG주식 스마트폰얼굴합성 학의동풀싸롱 주식투자사이트 성환읍토킹bar 주식시세검색 먹튀폴리스검증업체 해외안전놀이터추천 프로토카페 섹시한여자몸 걸그룹허리돌림 성인만화단무지 소녀시대외모순위 야찾사 발렌시아가가방추천 세력주닷컴 이석기 신공항관련주 꽃보다남자인기카페 도우미서비스 금촌동가라오케 사설토토 주식전문 아리샤 토토핫 스펀지재연배우 와우전설 해운대방석집 섹스동영상보기 주식정보1위카페 3CC주사기 단대동성인용품 전체로또당첨번호 고추클럽막힘 로또사는법 정가은나는펫노출 토토검증커뮤니티 지스타티아라 69tv 양상동립카페 소제동출장마사지 콘도마니아 던파챔피언 소녀시대캐릭터 먹튀검증커뮤니티 크리스티나아길레라 실시간주식알박기방송 이파니 명장동출장마사지 먹튀폴리스검증업체 셀린느카드지갑 토토커뮤니티 김용준군대 댄서 먹튀폴리스검증업체 오구오구티비 레일리 프린터ip공유 레퍼러 야한나루토 여자연예인방송사고사진 남자사슴니트 구리아로마마사지 이경숙 여자연예인속옷 한국성인만화영화 슈어맨삽니다 남한산성출장마사지 금곡동아로마마사지 DMCA불만사항 주식종목검색 씨야노래 강심장104회 금동출장마사지 색스자세 mk택시견학 대형사진인화 월계동레깅스룸 youporn주소 오감도에서신세경 여자모델노출 슈어맨2승부 입생로랑장지갑 가슴여자친구 색스만화동영상 대야동북창pr 여자쩍벌 qhwl동영상 정준영갤러리 베이스볼스타 배트맨앤로빈 인천만남 청담동성인인형체험 아시안카지노 손담비데뷔 갈전동건마 55토토 주원갤러리 온라인토토배팅 뉴이스트 적립식펀드장점 옥정동퍼블릭룸 신사동성인게임장 실전바카라사이트 ass 갈현동성인게임장 양주성인인형체험 유유몰이미테이션벨트 일산서구레깅스룸 불법스포츠토토 꽁머니 먹튀검증업체순위 블로그만들기 토토보증업체 문성동성인인형체험 카지노에이전시추천 러시아섹스비디오 자영업추천 여고생노출증 도당동유흥문화 메가쇼킹만화가 더원 로또담청 내블로그오류 교복옷입히기 주식선물이란 용당동노래방 덕정동유흥문화 범방동레깅스룸 한국에로 아야세하루카그라비아 역삼동아로마마사지 봉황동퍼블릭룸 영국아이돌 포스코ICT주식 설리윤아 벤츠E300중고차 여중생핫팬츠 현저동북창pr 초사동안마 엄마 TIGER원유선물(H)주식 신평동건마 일본섹시란제리 김강우윤곽 주식차트보는법 지오파 유명패션블로그 이종격투기 동문동유흥거리 서구토킹bar 감전동대딸방 후기노래방 상일동대딸방 성인가요 심바 연천읍방석집 얼짱시대7다시보기 신평동성인인형체험 지아이조 권곡동건마 nhn한게임바둑 지드래곤머리 일본란제리 완벽한파트너무삭제 공릉동떡집 여자클럽의상 나라팅 덕정동북창pr 100%수익나는주식은패턴이있다 재테크상담 식만동성인용품 검산동퍼블릭룸 엄청섹시한이야기 평생주식동호회 씨스타글래머춤 문정출장마사지 미래에셋펀드 꽁머니카페 아이러브NBA 청계동오피 무료채팅싸이트 괜찮은창업 동성홀딩스주식 대성동건마 동행복권파워볼점검 노포동대딸방 꽃보다남자이미지 미음동가라오케 오현경 오정동퍼블릭룸 곽현화사진논란 크레이지본언더웨어 문지동대딸방 고액배터의위엄 박은지화보 은행동립카페 실내인테리어 지윤미 진바이오텍주식 sexmovies 원주유흥주점 셀레나고메즈 부킹캠 은비 매수원칙 카라팅 아틀레치쿠미네이루 옥션회음부방석 중고팬티 성인용품남성 야마토게임장 기능성콘돔 카지노나이 무료성인영화보는곳 조이티비 레터링가격 추천릴천국 반월동떡집 인피니트복근없는사람 씨알리스정품조루치료약 파워볼전용사이트 프라다지갑1m0176 이광수바보 두리안주소 레비트라100mg 려원영어 카색스체위 소설아이리스 섹스하는사진 강남작업실 지나e컵 라라팅 윤아이상형 바람이분다ost 오정동유흥거리 제이마나 야간선물옵션 동면레깅스룸 점양동풀싸롱 농협인터넷뱅킹 백상예술대상선예 바나나성인쇼핑몰 주원본명 울산만남 환타TV 세계에서가장비싼차 클로엘렌 엽기동영상 양평읍퍼블릭룸 윈스테크넷주식 귀두확대수술비용 주식구매방법 알아흘사 브레지어푸는법 돈육선물 수유동유흥문화 이태원보보스나이트 남부터미널출장마사지 죽정동유흥거리 유앤미 소흘읍오피 토렌트킹 서종면성인용품 런던러브자위 장기저축추천 만화짱 웹툰사이트 일본섹시방송 미래에셋그레이트컨슈머 최고의정력제비아그라 넥센[1이닝득점] 소학동키스방 시청출장안마│종각출장안마│종로3가출장안마 마츠시타사에코 사쿠라이아유 인천호빠 한복옷입히기 펜디카멜레온 섹시화보레이싱모델 소액주식 후원자 지나oops듣기 야후미국 섹시즐감 스피드복권 비비안화보 성인용품가격 무인샵 성동구토킹bar 거유 상봉출장마사지│중화출장마사지│상봉출장마사지 박민정 커플비치웨어 로또번호619 FC뉘른베르크 세무회계2급 조건만남사이트 정릉동룸싸롱 하안동가라오케 주니 야한섹스비디오 FC볼린루츠크 스피또당첨확률 오천면건마 신년토정비결 바카라싸이트 스마트폰으로주식거래 전립선마사지 통증 곰플레이어dfx 수지가터벨트 여성구찌시계 필코전자주식 다빈치정보 걸스데이혜리몸매 부곡동성인용품 일본축구분석 신길동떡집 탄방동출장마사지 페르세폴리스 연예인xfile3탄 유저 로또번호알기 여자아이수영복 원더걸스댄스동영상 얼음괴물 가양1동성인오락실 홀덤룰 환상미디어 장원준군대 배슬기방송사고동영상 목동오피 공항동레깅스룸 하왕십리동유흥거리 둔촌1동성인게임장 반죽동유흥주점 송촌동키스방 스카이라이프fox채널 조종면건마 주현동홀덤룰 토토홍보 덕포동리얼돌성인인형 풀팟홀덤 선그라스추천 수택동포커고수 피자를시켜먹다시즌1 팬티&스타킹with가터벨트 피쉬홀덤 화전동출장마사지 부산동성인게임장 난곡동홀덤족보 염창동가라오케 중랑구토킹bar 삼선동4가홀덤펍 후이즈섹스 CA누에바시카고 무냐무냐 섹스동영상샘플 IRA 남산동안마 레이싱걸엉덩이사진 식사동대딸방 김학도홀덤 김지숙 궁촌동안마 장동퍼블릭룸 펜디지갑 우장산동성인오락실 득산동오피 망포동모바일홀덤 금학동인싸포커 청학동홀덤카페 간석동룸 남구모바일홀덤 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