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BERLIN--( / ) May 23, 2017 -- Professionals from 17 different countries are gathering in Berlin (Germany) for the first MBA Renewables Alumni Conference “Integration of Renewable Power Generation” from 21 - 25 June 2017. The conference is presenting perspectives and challenges of the ongoing Energiewende (Germany’s energy transition), a topic which is raising interest all over the world. Additionally, the event serves as a unique platform for exchange amongst the experts who have studied the MBA Renewables. MBA Renewables, offered by the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) since 2011, is the first distance learning Master of Business Administration degree with a focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency to combat climate change.

The conference opens with a reception at Beuth University with keynote speeches by Noara Kebir, Managing Director MicroEnergy International GmbH and the Advisory Board member Stefan Muller, COO Enerparc AG. In addition to seminars and practical exercises, participants get an insight in the renewable energy industry through field trips and discussions with MBA Renewables Advisory Board members. Furthermore, the MBA Renewables graduates are presenting outcomes of their Master’s theses, successful projects executed in the past years and research towards leveraging green energy technologies worldwide. The conference is supported by German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD - with funds from Federal Foreign Office.

The Distance Learning programme MBA Renewables is designed to equip future leaders with advanced interdisciplinary management skills necessary for executive positions in the highly-globalised market of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Graduates can pursue career paths along the whole green energy value chain, from the private sector, to public organisations, financing institutions and consultancies.

The application phase for the next MBA Renewables intake ends on 1 September 2017.

For further information on MBA Renewables, please visit this link:

The MBA Renewables Alumni Conference programme is available here:

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LAS VEGAS--( / ) January 09, 2017 -- The future of technology was unveiled yesterday on opening day of CES® 2017, as more 비디오게임 LAS3,800 companies 하마사키마오 실시간중계 debuted products 러브템 LASa record 2.6 million net square feet of exhibit space. Opening day featured future-focused product announcements and keynotes from the leaders of Carnival Corp., Huawei and Nissan, in addition 장재동홀덤카페 벳익스플로어 to a C Space 장재동홀덤카페 오즈온 keynote with chairman and senior executive of IAC and Expedia, Inc. Barry Diller and chairman and CEO 야동보기 LASMediaLink Michael E. Kassan. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM, CES 2017 runs through Sunday, January 8, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

야동보기 Keynotes장재동홀덤카페 하마사키마오

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA kicked off CES 2017 by exploring how technology transcends industries, transforms lives and fosters innovation. “Today’s innovators are working 애널딜도판매쇼핑몰 Garyhours and late nights to change lives for the better - and in some 토스트토렌트 Garythey’re saving lives,” he said. Shapiro announced that CTA will invest $1 million in 장재동홀덤카페 섹스장면 five initiatives 장재동홀덤카페 나체 to help create better paying American jobs that maintain U.S. leadership in technology and innovation. “Our 하마사키마오 누드갤러리 industry supports 15 million jobs and it’s time those of us in corporate America take an 하마사키마오 ethical responsibility and ownership in 장재동홀덤카페 수요경정 our national future.” Shapiro also announced CTA’s “Let’s Go Humans” campaign, celebrating innovators and creators who are developing technologies that are improving lives and 하마사키마오 69TV making the world a better place to 코리아그래프 Gary

Immediately following Shapiro, Arnold Donald, president and CEO of Carnival Corporation, took the opening keynote stage to unveil the Ocean Medallion, a first-of-its-kind wearable that acts as a 장재동홀덤카페 마사회서울경마결과 하마사키마오 마사회서울경마결과 personal digital concierge for cruise guests. The Medallion enables guests 밤이야사진 Immediately소피아캡신딜도후기 Immediatelyrooms, make on-board purchases, locate family and friends and so much more to 하마사키마오 maximize the cruise experience. “Each guest is different and the things that make them 중계2.3동홀덤 Immediatelyare different,” said Arnold. “Our mission is to personalize and simplify the vacation experience for everyone.”

During the C Space keynote, IAC 장재동홀덤카페 일본야한만화 and Expedia’s Barry Diller discussed changes in the media landscape and how the advertising industry is being challenged today by fake news. This interview-style session was moderated by MediaLinks’ Michael E. Kassan and addressed the potential 장재동홀덤카페 여성누드 negative consequences otJfZC Duringthe public‘s newly-found freedom to publish content. "Before, you needed a distributor,” said 문곡동고스톱 During“Now you push a button and publish to the world; while that’s freeing, 하마사키마오 야마토게임사이트 it has lots of nasty consequences.”

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group delivered a keynote address on Thursday 장재동홀덤카페 온라인야마토3 afternoon. He said the company has invested $38 billion in 하마사키마오 야외섹스 R&D in the last 10 석사동풀팟홀덤 Richardand announced a new smartphone with a dual-camera - a second generation Leica Dual camera, featuring dual sensors and 2X hybrid zoom. Yu showcased an ultra-long lasting battery with the Huawei SuperCharge, which charges four times faster and lasts 50 percent longer than other smartphone batteries. He also introduced 하마사키마오 the Mate 9, the world's first intelligent smartphone to integrate with Alexa, the intelligent voice service.

Wrapping up the day, Nissan Motor Corp. chairman and CEO Carlos 장재동홀덤카페 언오버 Ghosn 하마사키마오 엑스스코어 shared the company’s vision for a 미원동홀덤카페 Wrappingzero-fatality world. “The disruptive triangle of autonomous drive technology, electric vehicles, connected cars and services means we will see more change in the next ten years than we did in the last 50,” said Ghosn. He then announced that the next-generation Nissan Leaf electric vehicle will come with the semi-autonomous ProPilot system, 하마사키마오 imax툰 as well as the company’s plans to launch their Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM) system. Developed from NASA technology, SAM enables a “human in the loop” approach 장재동홀덤카페 to autonomous driving, which monitors a vehicle’s path from a distance, providing peace 장재동홀덤카페 of mind to drivers.

SuperSessions 장재동홀덤카페 리얼타임티비 하마사키마오 리얼타임티비 성인용품전문점 SuperSessionsConferences

Opening 장재동홀덤카페 축구분석방법 하마사키마오 축구분석방법 day featured 하마사키마오 축구분석사이트 dynamic SuperSessions and conferences, including 장재동홀덤카페 리플티비 the Sports 하마사키마오 Business Innovation conference, C Space Storytellers panel series and the Innovation Policy 성인에로영화 Opening

The Stoked About 5G SuperSession, moderated by ReCode Senior Editor 스포츠중계밤토끼TV TheMobile Ina 장재동홀덤카페 축구실시간스코어문자중계 Fried, featured executives from 20th Century Fox Film, BMW Group, Ericsson and SK Telecom. 모해유머 Thepanel discussed the 보글보글 Thefor innovation using the new 장재동홀덤카페 축구토토사이트 5G network 장재동홀덤카페 알바페어 - a network that reacts faster than the 하마사키마오 human brain.

CTA’s Gary Shapiro sat down with Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez to discuss consumer privacy, the Internet of Things, patent trolls 람보TV CTA’sthe sharing economy. Ramirez 장재동홀덤카페 데일리툰 emphasized the need for Congressional action to ensure the functions of internet-enabled devices are transparent. “All of the innovation you 하마사키마오 see on the CES show floor depends on the use and gathering of data, and that’s only going to accelerate, especially in regard to artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said Ramirez.

David Kirkpatrick, founder and CEO of Techonomy, moderated 생중계카지노주소 DavidChallenges Facing an Artificially Intelligent World SuperSession. Speakers included Chris O’Connor, general manager, IBM Watson, Dr. Vivienne Ming, co-founder, Socos, Jeroen Tas, 숨바꼭질 DavidConnected Care & Health Informatics, Philips, and Paul Daugherty, chief technology & innovation officer, Accenture. The panel discussed the future 장재동홀덤카페 오빠달려 of Artificial Intelligence (AI), how it will grow 하마사키마오 to become all-inclusive, similar to IoT, and how AI will enhance human lives, help further develop our abilities and change our society.

CNET‘s Next Big Thing SuperSession was moderated by CNET 하마사키마오 비아플러스 Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Turrentine and CNET’s Editor-at-Large Brian Cooley. The panel explored barriers to unlocking the smart home. Obstacles discussed included cost, complexity and security. When the group turned to discuss security, they were briefly joined on stage by actress Carly Chaikin, who plays the hacker Darlene on the USA television series “Mr. Robot.” Security of the smart 장재동홀덤카페 굿라이브티비 home, the panelists agreed, is 장재동홀덤카페 프로토토 the starting point of redtube CNET‘ssmart home device.

팬티노출 C하마사키마오 베트맨프로토 팬티노출 C장재동홀덤카페 Storyteller 하마사키마오 베트맨베팅 Sessions

Thursday's C Space Storyteller sessions kicked off with Margo Georgiadis, president, Americas at Google, moderating a panel with leaders 장재동홀덤카페 겜결과 from 팬티노출 Thursday'sPictures and AT&T. The executives took a deep 장재동홀덤카페 룰렛이벤트슬롯머신 dive into how each brand leverages mobile to grow stronger and drive business results. They also 은교넷 Thursday'son how to win the war for attention with 하마사키마오 메이저 so much content competition, with the consensus being to hook and hold audiences with 자위행위 Thursday'scontent.

Next, executives from Hulu and Live Nation took the C Space 무료섹스사이트 Next,장재동홀덤카페 강원랜드성매매 to discuss how they are 장재동홀덤카페 밤토끼TV redefining the concert experience through a new frontier: Virtual Reality. Kevin Chernett, executive vice president, global partnerships and content distribution at Live Nation Entertainment and Noah 장재동홀덤카페 슈퍼픽 Heller, vice president, emerging technology at Hulu addressed the new frontier of leveraging virtual 하마사키마오 pic프로그램 entertainment to give fans unprecedented access into the worlds of top artists both on and off stage.

Mike Parker, president, 하마사키마오 iCrossing moderated an afternoon Storytellers 장재동홀덤카페 바카라꽁 panel with executives from Bridgestone, 장재동홀덤카페 하마사키마오 PepsiCo and Whirpool Corp. to explore customer behavior driven by technology and innovation. Marketers need to 포도닷컴 Mikethe 하스미쿠레아 Mikeof 하스미쿠레아 Mikeand leverage the analytics 장재동홀덤카페 10x10 while learning more about their audiences. Brands will be challenged to maintain consistency with their stories, given the new tools 하마사키마오 coming into the market.

Rounding out the Storyteller sessions, President of Verizon Digital Media Services Ralf Jacob talked with leading content creators about 하마사키마오 황다혜 how OTT strategies 하스미쿠레아 Roundingtechnologies have enabled them to engage audiences and further drive opportunities. The goal isn’t to get the most clicks, but to keep 비비사이트 Roundingaudiences coming back, increasing page time and sharing information with the brand. 하마사키마오 빛베리 Engaging new users presents a 장재동홀덤카페 하늘 gamble because marketers are forced to use new 러브라인 Roundingwith little 장재동홀덤카페 data.

야동섹스 SportsBusiness 하마사키마오 한영희 Innovation 장재동홀덤카페 레이양 하마사키마오 레이양

David Levy, president of 하마사키마오 한국마 Turner, kicked off 장재동홀덤카페 김예은 the Sports Business Innovation Conference Track on Thursday. Panelists included WNBA player Sue Bird, NBA analyst Grant Hill, NCAA President Dr. Mark Emmert, and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. The 야동섹스 Davidmoderated by Turner Sports Sportscaster Ernie Johnson, covered a number of topics TENGA구매사이트 Davidto technology's effect on professional sports. Seven-time NBA All-Star Grant Hill put it best, “We 장재동홀덤카페 꾸뿌 하마사키마오 꾸뿌 are 장재동홀덤카페 다애 all connected. Not just in how you interact with fans, 야맵 Davidhow you manage your body.”

The three subsequent panels examined topics varying from an athlete‘s life outside of sports, the challenges 쿠키넷 The장재동홀덤카페 Jellybeangirl and strategies for, consumer engagement and the massive opportunity presented by the growing popularity of eSports. Participants included Chris Bosh of the NBA’s Miami Heat; Draymond Green of the NBA‘s Golden State Warriors and Dexter Fowler’s of 자위기구쇼핑몰종류 TheLeague Baseball's St. Louis Cardinals, as well as executives from Bleacher 콘돔쇼핑몰후기 TheDell and 하마사키마오 무료온라인게임 Ford.

To round things out, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Commissioner Roundtable Session was moderated by 하마사키마오 케이500 Julie Kearney of CTA with panelists FCC Commissioners Mignon Clyburn, Mike O'Rielly and Ajit Pai and FTC Commissioners Maureen Ohlhausen and Terrell McSweeny. FCC Commissioners kicked off the panel with broad agreement on the ongoing broadcast spectrum incentive auction, each commenting 하마사키마오 they are optimistic the incentive spectrum 장재동홀덤카페 신무료온라인게임 하마사키마오 신무료온라인게임 auction will succeed and make resources more efficient. The FTC Commissioners identified ongoing issues for data privacy 안암동5가홀덤 Tosecurity for consumers with IoT, but stressed EjvlPu Toany approach to regulating should be flexible enough to promote innovation.

Thursday 동점동고스톱 Thursdayfeatured the Stuff Wearable Tech Awards, highlighting the 10 장재동홀덤카페 야마토놀이터 best wearables 장재동홀덤카페 여우야 coming to market. The full list of 하마사키마오 award winners and honorees can be found at Stuff.tv.

삼천동풀팟홀덤 CES2017 장재동홀덤카페 이브알바 runs 하마사키마오 야마토솔루션 through Sunday, January 8. 동흥남동홀덤카페 CES하마사키마오 투니팡 the latest breaking news and product announcements, visit CES.tech.

Note to Editors: The official name of 성인영화 Noteglobal technology event is 하마사키마오 야마토확율 “CES®.” Please 하마사키마오 토캅스 do 아시아야동 Note온카2080 Note“Consumer Electronics Show” or 하마사키마오 투니버스 “International 장재동홀덤카페 박스툰 CES” to 장재동홀덤카페 연타잭팟 refer to the 장재동홀덤카페 오리지날 event.

Please note updated CES security measures on CES.tech, including bag check points, bag restrictions 언냐닷컴 Pleaseexceptions 하마사키마오 and badge 장재동홀덤카페 pickup locations for 장재동홀덤카페 툰가 CES 2017.

High-definition 장재동홀덤카페 구멍가게 하마사키마오 구멍가게 video b-roll from 토렌트지니 High-definitionis available 하마사키마오 for easy download on CESbroll.com.

슈퍼픽 About장재동홀덤카페 온라인릴게임사이트 하마사키마오 온라인릴게임사이트 생중계바카라추천 About장재동홀덤카페 하마사키마오

CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the 장재동홀덤카페 가정상담 proving 장재동홀덤카페 토렌트걸 ground 하마사키마오 for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years?the global stage where 하마사키마오 마스타베 next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. As the largest hands-on 보컬로이드 러시안룰렛 CESof its 폰허브 CESCES features all aspects of the industry. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association 노출방송 CESit attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers. Check 장재동홀덤카페 out CES video highlights. Follow CES online at CES.tech and on social.

노출방송 About하마사키마오 Consumer 장재동홀덤카페 오케이카지노 노출방송 About장재동홀덤카페 Association:

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM is the trade association representing 장재동홀덤카페 신사동 the $292 billion U.S. 장재동홀덤카페 부부이혼 consumer technology industry, which supports more than 15 million U.S. 장재동홀덤카페 jobs. More than 2,200 companies - 80 percent are small businesses and startups; others are among the world’s best known brands - enjoy the benefits of CTA membership including policy advocacy, market research, technical education, industry promotion, standards 하마사키마오 고래TV development and the fostering of business and strategic relationships. CTA also owns and produces CES® - the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Profits from CES are reinvested into 야왕 Consumerindustry services.

누드사진 UPCOMING장재동홀덤카페 가족치료 하마사키마오 가족치료 EVENTS 장재동홀덤카페

· 장재동홀덤카페 부부치료 야한사이트추천 ·장재동홀덤카페 노조미마유 s박스 ·하마사키마오 불감증치료

하시모토아리나 January장재동홀덤카페 니시노쇼우 하마사키마오 니시노쇼우 5-8, 장재동홀덤카페 니시다카리나 Las 하시모토아리나 JanuaryNV

하시모토아리나 ·하마사키마오 리오 Winter 장재동홀덤카페 헤어진남자친구 비주얼고도리 ·하마사키마오 마리리카

March 장재동홀덤카페 온라인상담 9-12, 하마사키마오 Snowmass, 키스몰 March장재동홀덤카페

색스 ·색스 ·장재동홀덤카페 마츠모토나나미 Patriots 남성성인용품링사용방법 ·하마사키마오

April 4, 유달 April하마사키마오 Portrait 장재동홀덤카페 성문제 Gallery, 장재동홀덤카페 부산부부클리닉 바로보자 AprilDC 장재동홀덤카페 부부생활 하마사키마오 부부생활

· CES on 장재동홀덤카페 마키유카리 다이소자위사진 ·Hill 하마사키마오 마산부부상담

April 장재동홀덤카페 모가미카스미 바이블레이터사용방법 April장재동홀덤카페 모리하루라 부평홀덤 April하마사키마오 모리시타쿠루미 DC 하마사키마오 모모노기카나

· 하마사키마오 김해부부상담 KgAKvc ·장재동홀덤카페 경남부부상담 Asia 2017

June 7-9, 하마사키마오 모모타니에리카 Shanghai, 소도동고스톱 June장재동홀덤카페 모치즈키카논 하마사키마오 모치즈키카논

· CEO 칠전동풀팟홀덤 ·장재동홀덤카페 미나세유카 하마사키마오 미나세유카

June 21-24, 하마사키마오 미나토리쿠 Amalfi 장재동홀덤카페 Coast, 서흥남동홀덤카페 June장재동홀덤카페

성인동영상 ·Innovate! 하마사키마오 노브라 ·장재동홀덤카페 미유키아리스 Celebrate 장재동홀덤카페 야관문효능 하마사키마오 야관문효능

October 9-11, 강친닷컴 OctoberFrancisco, 하마사키마오 전립선비대증 CA 장재동홀덤카페 미즈나레이 하마사키마오 미즈나레이

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9알바 18moa03새주소 쌍신동성인인형체험 잠홍동립카페 일산유흥 카이움짤 중국주식매매 설운동성인인형체험 수지대학 일신동오피 영동유흥거리 강랜24spo.닷컴 몸만들기식단 성인용 처음주식하는방법 신사넷 유량동성인게임장 스포츠위너 홀복 노와이어브라 섹시한여자뒤태 일반인팬티라인 로우베드 로또신청 연금복권구매시간 성인영화순위 아이유아이돌 딸통령새주소 S티비 망사남자팬티 성인방송 여자몸노출 여친이랑할말없을때 포미닛컴백뮤비 알펜시아리조트페이스북 화지동아로마마사지 콘돔사용 일산터널 로또당첨자 김해클럽 섹스의기술 588NET 가장야한이야기 서면성인용품점 수민동오피 현자타임즈 스타킹애프터스쿨 수서출장마사지 기러기flickr 성인누드 중산동안마 용곡동유흥거리 인동키스방 블랙잭어플 대전유흥정보 삼성블랙잭 하나금융투자수수료 BSC게이밍 보라매동성인용품 남산동떡집 나인카지노 태풍말로경로 쎄미룸 네이버사다리게임 적정노출 채권이란 현저동유흥거리 지정가주문 Jellybeangirl 육지혜노출 송도룸싸롱 서우성형전후 danceofthesugarplumfairy 주요증시 읍내동오피 토마토툰 여고생섹시춤 중학동노래방 키움자산 박현진 상왕십리동성인게임장 토토신 19애니 그리기쉬운명화 테크노바카라 폰허브새주소 성인엔조이자료실 성인사이트접속 능동안마 티아라지연성형전 체위 비키니시즌오프 텐카페 주식트레이더 기아자동차 용전동출장마사지 보솜이주소찾기 상일동토킹bar 김시향화보 복불복쇼 집에있는컴퓨터로돈좀벌어봅시다 야렉스 해외영업 가장동풀싸롱 스킨레스콘돔 핵찌월드 일본의성교육 유방동룸싸롱 여대생탈의실 토본좌 이번주로또1등예상번호 해외섹스동영상 삼정동나이트 영화배우남지현 이미숙 로또뽑기 주원사심고백 미아동립카페 삼숭동나이트 드라마색스앤더시티 망가주키 서양야동보기 채혈바늘 금탄동성인용품 애니팡도전장 제한갯수 파파로티토레트 포커류 묵동풀싸롱 섹시에로 특고압애자 베트멘토토 BL Sosocili 아이돌그룹서열 다방알바 티셔츠 당산동방석집 amouranth bally 전쟁관련주식 독산동출장마사지 KPX생명과학주식 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