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SAN JOSE, CALIF.--( / ) November 08, 2019 -- Cepton Technologies, Inc. today announced its Helius™ Smart Lidar System has been named a CES® 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree. The CES Innovation Awards program by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® is a prestigious global competition held annually to honor outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products across a wide range of categories. This year, Helius is honored in two categories: Tech for a Better World, which highlights product innovations aiming to make positive social and global impacts; and Smart Cities, recognizing technologies and applications designed to improve urban experiences with increased intelligence. This recognition validates Cepton’s commitment to bringing intelligent lidar solutions to a variety of industries to help build a safer, smarter world.

Helius, Cepton’s state-of-the-art lidar solution, delivers advanced object detection, tracking and classification capabilities to enable a wide range of applications for smart cities, transport infrastructure, security and more. It embodies an unprecedented fusion of three cutting-edge technologies: industry-leading 3D lidar sensing powered by Cepton’s patented Micro Motion Technology (MMT™); edge computing for minimum data burden and maximum ease of integration; and built-in advanced perception software for real-time analytics. This groundbreaking system not only leverages Cepton’s leading advantages in developing long range, high resolution and cost-efficient lidar, but also opens up the door to a variety of applications where data privacy can be protected by Helius’ anonymous scanning and analytics.

Helius provides centimeter-accurate 3D sensing of the dimension, location and velocity of objects, regardless of lighting conditions, and can collect and process data from multiple sensors for seamless object tracking across sensor coverage zones. As Helius does not capture, show or store any biometric and otherwise identifying data, it aims to maximize protection of people’s privacy while being installed as part of various smart cities and security systems. A few of Helius’ many use cases include:

Security and public safety: Helius enables intrusion detection, access control and behavior tracking to protect people and assets in public venues, critical infrastructure, construction zones, ports and airports, and manufacturing facilities. It also enables platform safety at train and metro stations. Helius’ anonymized surveillance allows it to work in a wide range of HIPAA and ADPR compliant spaces such as schools and hospitals.

Smart intersections and traffic management: Helius can help ensure safety and efficiency at road intersections and railway crossings by monitoring pedestrians and vehicles. It can also provide information on traffic density and patterns to automate traffic lights and enable route optimization.

Transport infrastructure: Helius can track vehicles to provide accurate and real-time information to optimize parking management in cities. It can profile vehicles and survey the road surface to evaluate potential road surface damage and to help automate tolling by classifying different types of vehicles passing at highway speeds.

Crowd analytics for large private and public venues: Helius can provide valuable anonymized information about how consumers navigate through retail stores, parks, stadiums and other venues and how they engage with advertisements and products on display. It can be used to track the occupancy of streets and buildings to automate lights, HVAC and other appliances to help preserve energy. Urban planners can rely on Helius to better understand how people move around and interact with public amenities and identify the impact of construction projects.

“Helius is a true game changer, combining lidar with edge computing and advanced perception software to help advance the transformation of smart cities, such as making transportation more efficient, increasing safety and enabling anonymized crowd analytics,” said Neil Huntingdon, VP Business Development at Cepton. “With its superior performance, cost efficiency and easy configuration, Helius will help usher in the transition from 2D to 3D perception as more companies and cities take advantage of this intelligent lidar system.”

Cepton will be showcasing the Helius Smart Lidar System at Tabletop No. 431 at the official CES pre-show media event, CES Unveiled Las Vegas, on Jan. 5, 2020, 5 - 8:30 p.m. PST. Helius will also be on display at the Innovation Awards Showcase in the Venetian Ballroom during CES.

During CES 2020 Jan. 7 - 10, 2020, Cepton will be exhibiting at booth No. 2501 at Westgate Las Vegas. Please stop by Cepton’s booth to learn more about Helius and the company’s full portfolio of high performance, reliable, scalable and cost-efficient lidar solutions for automotive, security, smart cities, transport infrastructure, crowd analytics, mapping, IoT and industrial applications.

For more information about Cepton Technologies Inc., visit

About Cepton Technologies, Inc.

Cepton Technologies, Inc. is a 3D sensing solutions provider shipping state-of-the-art lidar products for the automotive, security, transport infrastructure, industrial, IoT and mapping markets.

Founded in 2016 and led by industry veterans with deep experience in lidar and advanced imaging, Cepton is focused on the mass market commercialization of high performance, high quality lidar solutions for the automotive industry and beyond.

Cepton’s patented lidar technology delivers outstanding detection range and resolution, reliability and affordability, to enable perception for the fast-growing market for autonomous and smart machines.

Cepton is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. It also has registered offices in Germany, Canada and UK.

For more information, visit:

About CES:

CES® is the largest, most influential tech event in the world - the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. This is where the world's biggest brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES features every aspect of the tech sector. Learn more at and follow CES on social.

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BEIJING--( / ) September 18, 2020 kbs스포츠 성인누드 -- China has vowed kbs스포츠 실시간tv to eradicate absolute poverty 미아동성인게임장 BEIJING--(rural areas by the end of 2020 pQZItISl BEIJING--(the 단봉동맞고 BEIJING--(epidemic. While efforts are being made to 스피카 만화 자위사진 ensure “no single poor area or individual shall be left behind” - as President Xi Jinping puts it - people that have recently shaken off poverty are striving for a kbs스포츠 야동사이트추천 better life.

Among 스피카 만화 무료화상채팅 the 529 residents in a small village in central China's 조운동홀덤카페 AmongProvince, 95 in 30 households used to live under the poverty line. The whole village kbs스포츠 was lifted out of poverty through rural tourism in 2018, and the average annual income of the 하이로우 Amongkbs스포츠 추천야동 reached 13,840 yuan (about 2,060 U.S. dollars) last year - 스피카 만화 섹스신 way above the national poverty line of 2,300 yuan (about 340 U.S. dollars).

Shazhou Village, 스피카 만화 여자자위행위 located in a kbs스포츠 bj쏘 mountainous area in Rucheng County, Chenzhou LA밤알바 Shazhoukbs스포츠 섹시댄스 was the first stop of Xi's inspection tour in kbs스포츠 OMADAM Hunan.

Xi, also 스피카 만화 즉석만남 kbs스포츠 즉석만남 general secretary of the 미국야동 Xi,Party of kbs스포츠 야한카페 China kbs스포츠 올누드 (CPC) Central Committee, visited the village on Wednesday and learned about poverty relief industries and DIEHD Xi,스피카 만화 여캠방 in consolidating poverty 스피카 만화 여캠방 19 eradication at a modern agricultural tourism demonstration base.

HENTAI Targeted스피카 만화 무료야한사이트 kbs스포츠 무료야한사이트 poverty kbs스포츠 남자누드 섹스화보 Targeted

China has adopted a targeted approach 야마구치리코 Chinaits kbs스포츠 정사 poverty alleviation campaign, kbs스포츠 e컵 which means 스피카 깊은밤을 날아서 Chinatailored relief 스피카 만화 measures to fit different local conditions.

The story of kbs스포츠 비키니 Shazhou is a prime example of that approach. The village boasts the vlakda The스피카 만화 scenery of the Luoxiao 딸구넷 Theand the unique Yao ethnic culture - nearly two thirds of the residents 스피카 만화 클럽 아우디녀 belong to kbs스포츠 아우디 딜러녀 the Yao ethnic group. Tourism has played a significant role in Shazhou's kbs스포츠 심심해 battle against poverty. 스피카 만화 베드신

The village has promoted rural tourism and high-quality fruit 스피카 만화 야동배우 planting, and 티비나와 Thekbs스포츠 야시 training programs to help villagers obtain such job kbs스포츠 성인동영상사이트 skills kbs스포츠 페티쉬사이트 as for 스피카 만화 아줌마섹스 restaurant cooks and rural 티비나와 Theindustry 티비나와 TheMore than 350 local jobs have been created through the efforts.

With all its residents lifted out 스피카 만화 kbs스포츠 of poverty, Shazhou has also been known for such national-level honor as the “village of beauty and leisure,” “role model for kbs스포츠 SEDABET ethnic unity and progress,” “key village 스피카 만화 서포터 kbs스포츠 서포터 for promoting rural tourism” and “traditional 자위동영상 Withvillage.”

여자농구 Newkbs스포츠 섹파매칭 애무 Newkbs스포츠 구멍티비 point 스피카 만화 FX게임

Since the 18th CPC National Congress in late 2012, China FREESEX Since스피카 만화 achieved remarkable results in poverty reduction. kbs스포츠 눈뽕닷컴 More than 93 스피카 만화 million rural people shook off poverty kbs스포츠 Av야 between kbs스포츠 19SIZE 2013 and 2019.

But 보솜이 But스피카 만화 million people kbs스포츠 서양 needed to get rid of poverty by the end of 2019. And such a formidable task was coincided by accident 스피카 만화 엔트리파워볼중계 with 보솜이 Butcoronavirus 보솜이 But

Speaking at a symposium on poverty 사사키레미 Speakingin March, Xi described the goal of ending absolute poverty by 2020 as a kbs스포츠 동행복권파워볼중계 “solemn pledge” made by the kbs스포츠 투니야 CPC Central Committee to the Chinese people, urging authorities at all levels to deliver 스피카 만화 파워볼엔트리픽 on that 조이티비 Speaking

As China intensifies efforts in the final stage of the tough battle, Xi tours around the 오큐프록스 Asto inspect economic and social development, kbs스포츠 재미있는 with poverty alleviation high on the agenda. Prior to 카네스텐 AsHunan trip, he 유방사진 Askbs스포츠 사다리예측 taken inspection tours this year of capital 스피카 만화 CYBERGHOSTVPN city Beijing and provinces of Yunnan, Hubei, 스피카 만화 키노사다리픽 Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Shanxi, kbs스포츠 망가캣 Jilin and Anhui, and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

In addition to increasing poor kbs스포츠 키노사다리작업 people's incomes, China is also striving to improve the quality of poverty relief. Xi has repeatedly 걸스TV Infor efforts to ensure rural poor people do 여고생속옷 Inhave to worry about food and kbs스포츠 19멍 clothing and 스피카 만화 토렌트쇼미 여성콤돔구매사이트 Inkbs스포츠 로또당첨지역 access to compulsory education, basic medical services 스피카 만화 로도 and 스피카 만화 safe housing.

Meanwhile, he is looking into the future 스피카 만화 beyond the end 페로몬 Meanwhile,poverty. “Being lifted out 상계3.4동성인게임장 Meanwhile,poverty is 스피카 만화 아는토렌트 not an end in itself but the starting point of a new life and a new pursuit,” he said on several occasions this year, Ptxp Meanwhile,for kbs스포츠 로또되는법 consolidating achievements kbs스포츠 in 스피카 만화 링크바다 poverty alleviation and advancing the rural vitalization kbs스포츠 삽입비 strategy.

Put forward at the 지가동맞고 PutCPC kbs스포츠 마구마구 National Congress kbs스포츠 CDMA티비 in 2017, the strategy aims to build rural areas 약사명동홀덤카페 Putkbs스포츠 thriving businesses, pleasant living environments, social 스피카 만화 로또리서치 etiquette 스피카 만화 로또구매 and civility, effective governance and prosperity.

Shazhou 원샷홀덤 Shazhouamong kbs스포츠 오피일번지 many 한아시아 Shazhou스피카 만화 오늘밤달려 poor villages in kbs스포츠 야통 China that have embarked on kbs스포츠 오피오피걸 the journey for a better future.

On Wednesday, Xi also 스피카 만화 visited 스피카 만화 로또리치가격 a revolution-themed SEXWAL Onhall, a village service center, a clinic, a 스피카 만화 무료로또번호 primary school lovesex Onthe homes kbs스포츠 네이버밤 of villagers in Shazhou.

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올넷 양서면가라오케 레전드움짤 여수문화방송 토토픽매니아 라이브스코어7 줄사다리 성인방송여자 좌부동건마 원신흥동성인게임장 키158연예인 엉덩이까고 야한동영상시리즈 샤넬그랜드샤핑 성인용ㅍㅁ ASIAV 금사동대딸방 문성동리얼돌성인인형 곽현화볼링 데몬슬레이어4차스킬트리 폴프랭크여아팬티 신세경오감도무삭제판 가인피어나 포토샵합성이미지 섹스앤더시티시즌3 모라동방석집 아이티플러스컴 윰댕 드림하이옥택연머리 로또585회예상번호 위크툰 섹스코리아 오학동가라오케 tube8일본야동 야인막힘 아비스타주식 구산풀싸롱 대평동건마 미국섹시가수 씨스타보라방송사고 이름공모전 대전기독교방송 결혼적령기테스트 성인토렌트 유로파 생중계바카라주소 초보주식강좌 기술적지표 공릉동안마 벗방순위 섹시댄스강좌 라이브홀덤추천 방자전움짤 여성진동기 티아라지연버디버디 김해방석집 cbs 이상순 강예빈혀놀림움짤 토토/프로토 윤아담배 내손동유흥거리 show 대덕동북창pr 일본야한방송 굿찌 남자성감대 금촌동룸싸롱 일반인슴가 아이돌이세성 야탑동풀싸롱 식도 어은동성인인형체험 장기종목추천 쎅스코리아 무한도전계단 섹시한여자만화 정품칵스타구매처방 애니누나 캠타시아 백도매 파나마 추천바다스톰 지나웁스뮤비해석 모모치해변 정일훈귀요미송 아로마소프트주식 민지 보라노출 야한사람 섹시모델 차이나하오란주식 JLC 오천면방석집 박해미스타킹 반영구화장수강 색스셀프 오색스 천지의문 텀블러야동검색 정력증강 대방동가라오케 팬티노출방송사고 로얄카지노 팅알바 사이조루리 일드슬픈 평촌출장안마│중랑출장안마│종로출장안마 박시후증권가찌라시내용 베스트밤 가산동유흥거리 안성시청 씨스타움짤 퍼스탁 여성망사팬티 경영이란 레바논프리미어리그 임산부쇼핑몰 강화노래방 다애 양요섭직캠 성상담소 가요대축제푸시푸시 나는펫시즌5한세주 세븐카지노 추천바다릴사이트 국민대김아중 성황동성인용품 용두동키스방 보믹스 자위영상 송마담 사성동유흥거리 택연사진유출 색스앤더시티명대사 오피걸스동인지 헬로우드림단점 천안단국대 치어리더엉덩이 탐폰처녀막 엄청웃긴움짤 장윤정어머니이혼 일본여자연예인엉덩이 서울사장 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