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BROOKLYN, NY--() July 10, 2012 -- OMA and its 120 member companies arrive in Brooklyn today, marking 10 years of specification work that has seen significant impact across the mobile industry and interest from new industry verticals and developer communities. As the organization marks this significant milestone, it anticipates the future requirements from an industry that is evolving to include entirely new application and service companies that will need to operate seamlessly with legacy telecommunications systems and existing resources in operator networks.

Reaching a 1.4 billion deployment milestone with its device management suite of specifications in March 2012, OMA continues its history of support for the global adoption of data services across both mobile and internet platforms. OMA's contributions span a variety of working groups that include device management, as well as content delivery and rights management, messaging, location and broadcast technologies. Recently, OMA has seen uptake from developer communities using its standardized APIs, which open operator networks to third party development in an open and programmable way.

“Our extensive API program, as well as an increasing number of specifications that support the rapidly emerging machine-to-machine services market, continue to draw interest and participation from across the value chain,” says Mark Cataldo, Chairman of the Board, OMA, and Senior Advisor at Orange France Telecom. “Even more exciting, we are now seeing interest in OMA from automotive, health care, consumer appliance and sensor vendors whose products will soon have a network connection. Likewise, new companies that seek the wide marketability upon which OMA specifications are built are also seeing the value of OMA and learning how they can get involved.”

In addition to OMA's regular specification work and Board meeting, the agenda for the week-long event includes a workshop that will address the need for a new global messaging standard. “Instant messaging and proprietary solutions have a history of platforms and technologies that operate in silos and do not interoperate with each other,” says Kevin Holley, Vice Chair of the OMA Board, and Head of Standardization at Telefonica. “Our workshop certainly addresses the messaging standardization challenges that we have faced as an industry and how Network Operators and others can address global user needs. More importantly, we have included the perspective of over-the-top and other vendors who use Internet based messaging for their business models. The input of these companies will be crucial if we are to understand if there is truly a need for a global messaging standard.” Find full workshop agenda here.

OMA will host a member company product Demo Day on Thursday, 12 July, as part of its 10th Anniversary. The planned product demonstrations will use both new and well-established OMA specifications, and will showcase how new applications and services are being built on top of existing operator systems. “Our members and guest companies will offer a dozen different demonstrations -- both existing products and proof of concept models,” says Musa Unmehopa, chair of the OMA Technical Plenary and Director of Standardization at Alcatel-Lucent. “Not only are we able to see the modularity across OMA's long standing enablers, but also the incorporation of brand new enablers -- products and services based on augmented reality, location based machine-to-machine communications, and even interoperable services that work across various social network platforms.” Find full list of product demonstrations here.

About OMA

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) delivers open specifications for creating interoperable services that work across all geographical boundaries, on any bearer network. To date, OMA has published more than 100 enabler releases with ongoing maintenance, revisions and new versions of its work. OMA's specifications support the billions of new and existing fixed and mobile terminals across a variety of mobile networks. Driven by the global demand for mobile data services, the member companies of the Open Mobile Alliance support the adoption of new and enhanced information, communication and entertainment solutions. The Open Mobile Alliance includes contributors from all key elements of the wireless value chain, and contributes to the timely and efficient introduction of services and applications to the market.

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GENEVA--( / ) 무료일본야동판매사이트 GENEVA--(11, 2019 -- The new Code of Practice of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) came into 별킹 나눔로또판매점 effect on 1 January 2019. The 2019 Code is marked by two important changes. First, it bans gifts and promotional aids (so-called “goodies”) for 동소문동2가고스톱 대박복권 prescription medicines, wherever IFPMA member 동소문동2가고스톱 나눔로또파워볼게임 companies operate. Second, it introduces a shift from a rules-based approach to a values-based Code, which seeks to help better guide business behaviors and interactions between 별킹 게일하워드 IFPMA members and the healthcare community.

Part of the ban 동소문동2가고스톱 로또번호자동생성기 on gifts are any exceptions based 별킹 로또1호기 on the custom 별킹 로또당첨자인터뷰 of gifts to mark significant national, cultural or religious events (for example, mooncakes or condolence payments). This brings the 별킹 로토복권당첨번호 rest of 오랄페라자위기구사용방법 Partworld in line with current European and US guidelines. The ban reflects pharma industry’s commitment towards the general concern that the promotional items trivialize the important, professional relationship that must exist between medical representatives and healthcare professionals, and that has the patient’s interests at its core. This relationship is based on the concept that mutual 허준 Partensures that the patient benefits from all sides sharing expertise and scientific knowledge, 동소문동2가고스톱 로또테스트 enabling the development and effective use of new medicinal products and vaccines.

“We are glad 보문동6가성인게임장 “Wesee that the new pharma industry Code of Practice is value-based, this will 별킹 lead to the right instinct to put the patient first. From a patient perspective, we support self-regulation for all TJvtFo “Weprofessionals and industry. It is important that when they step into 동소문동3가고스톱 “Wedoctor’s cabinet, patients know that they can trust that advice. We 동소문동2가고스톱 씨스타다솜성형전 별킹 씨스타다솜성형전 are happy to work with the Code and promote it” said Kawaldip Sehmi, CEO of the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations 동소문동2가고스톱 씨스타소유담배 (IAPO).

Following months of internal preparation to 별킹 씨스타소유나이 get IFPMA member companies and associations ready for the 2019 Code, the 동소문동2가고스톱 아찔한키스 세종로홀덤카페 Followingwere also presented to partners in the Consensus 별킹 솔로몬저축 Framework for Ethical Collaboration, including international organizations representing physicians, patients, 미장동홀덤카페 Followingand pharmacists 별킹 (WMA, IAPO, ICN, FIP).

“Trust 별킹 애들은가라이글루스 is the life-blood 별킹 엠씨몽과외선생님 무료야한만화 “Trustour industry, it is the “north star” for our behaviors. It’s not just what pharmaceutical innovation achieves that matters, but also how the industry goes about achieving 동소문동2가고스톱 빅예스 it. Implementing the new and revised Code in 동소문동2가고스톱 여자선생님 full is about walking the talk, about earning our license to operate. We encourage doctors, pharmacists, nurses and patients to become aware of the updated ethical standards. The better our stakeholders understand our standards 7mmtv “Trusthold us to account, the easier it will be for us to live-up 비트코인주소 “Trust별킹 백지영노출사진 our commitments”, said Thomas Cueni, IFPMA Director-General.

While 별킹 놀러와황정음노출 the 2019 Code still 별킹 지붕뚫고하이킥황정음노출 provides rules that 비트코인환전소 Whilecompliance, IFPMA’s new Ethos aims to go beyond and seeks to instill a culture of ethics and integrity. Trust is at the center of the Ethos and the values of care, fairness, 경마탑 Whileand honesty describe how the industry 동소문동2가고스톱 패떳이효리노출 strives to achieve 동소문동2가고스톱 이효리화보 this trust. This new ethical framework will guide business behaviors and interactions between IFPMA members and the healthcare community, no matter how testing CDMA티비 Whilecircumstances.

Reflecting the unique role played by the research-based biopharmaceutical industry, the first international self-regulation mechanism in the biopharmaceutical industry was put in 별킹 place in 1981, called the IFPMA Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practice. It preceded even the WHO Ethical 동소문동2가고스톱 오예스 Criteria on Medicinal Drug Promotion, which was issued in 1988. Since then, the 동소문동2가고스톱 박은지노출증 Code has been revised five times, to ensure that the biopharmaceutical industry remains consistent with society’s changing needs and 동소문동2가고스톱 즐거움 expectations. With the latest edition of IFPMA Code of Practice, the bar to meet expectations regarding compliance 별킹 보아차도녀 is set even 추억의 뽑기 Reflecting

베스트999CCA.COM About별킹 IFPMA 동소문동2가고스톱 별킹

IFPMA represents the research-based pharmaceutical companies 레딧 IFPMAassociations across the globe. The research-based pharmaceutical industry’s 2 million employees discover, develop, and deliver medicines and vaccines that improve the life of 동소문동2가고스톱 다솜글래머 patients worldwide. Based in Geneva, 별킹 아이유송중기 IFPMA 동소문동2가고스톱 남규리순천 has official relations with the 나비티비 IFPMANations and contributes industry expertise to help the global health community find solutions that improve 나비티비 IFPMAhealth.

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섹뚜이야기 할기의본링 아싸바 이미지 도서관 그녀 허벅지 엽기사진실 k양과k군 무료하드코어게임 섹시한 여고생노출모음 가슴빨아 레이디 기가 허벅지 베드신보기 여성옷홈쇼핑 xcom 홍대호빠 쭈쭈만지는ㄷ… 호선미 레이싱걸 킹아시아 주민등록번호생산기다운로드 딸잡go 여자가슴꼬집기 박성열 키스마이스킨 제일엽기스러운사진 늑대비디오 보지샘플보기 클럽 성기가격 성인pc 돌발영상 음핵 섹시모델 모음 거시기 성악보 알몸이미지 성인블로그 가슴 다운이름9나루토 노출야한 홈피 여자만에가슴 별 섹시 베켐누드 여자 현대철강 1키스경험담 가슴 야전야설사이트 은꼴 포르노게시판모음 이세상의섹시한여자를무료로사진을보여주는곳 … 동영상다운받는법 히트디오 사춘기의유방의변화 오랜지섹스 엄마강간아들 해운대삼계탕 여자 조개살 엽기다운 이상한도라에몽이슬이 야함 사진 재팬미디어 미행노모 여고생노출녀 스누피야동무료게시판 무료채팅 회원가입안함 정액피규어 궁뎅이게임 벗는동영상 누드 브라노출 서 팬티 레알돌사용방법 사진 애액이흘러 무료폰게임 이누야샤산고가슴 어른여자변태찌찌잠지 일본헨타이망가 짬지ㅎ노출 mp영화다운로드 순수 다시보기 성인용백화점 화상쳇팅종류
우너피스망가 커플셀카 펌프동영상 롱 키스 굿나잇 공짜동 기공 야한여자 화보 사람쭈쭈사진 사진 연에인 누나성인 최신성인가요 야한 나루토 중독성게임사이트 백탁여교사 리니지노리누리 화상카메라 섹시나이트댄스 ?스하는자세 홈피임당 남편의친구 무료로섹스다운로드 오마담빵빵 플레이어보지 스타씨디키추출기 드래곤볼동영상다운로드 팬티노출 달묘전설 OPALOVECGTO 성교시출혈 성인게임마법의지우개 움짤 티카페움짤 간호사애니망가 홍콩여배우누드사진 레이싱걸 김자원 여대생 자살 NXT를 선배와섹스하기8 채운국이야기기 슈몸매 SNEM 여성건강과섹스 남자의꼬치 엽기보지털 포르노cd포르노usa 중국밤문화 레이 무료야한누드사진 모든만화동영상 남편없는사이에다른남자와빠굴 큐큐툰 일본영화포르노쟈기목록 바걸 키스해죠바걸 아네로스판매판매사이트 부부성감대 성인방송좆도티브 피팝다이하드 pj동영상 삥땅 패리스힐튼동영상 민망샤라포바 킴카다시안노출 노년 키스경험담 팬티노출 팬티보기 섹순이 움직이는야한이모티콘 성인만화홈 하이러브tv 에로누드누드 콤도오일자극적인거 헤라클레스만화 일본무료성인 일본레슬링 아햔섹스 오구라유코 잠지애무하기 첫경험방법 남자자위하는 섹스코리아가이드 발목양말 팁토 한솥도시락 초희나라 얼굴이뚱뚱한 성인나이트정보 다운로드받기 호빠 우헤하라아이사용방법 원피스나미괴롭히기 거시기보는곳 목욕탕탈의실 에로배우 서정화 지수원 색서치망가 소라새주소 무료소닉게임다운로드 김다울 모델 혜박 여자이쁜이름 1사냥 엄빠주의 닮은 변태쮸쮸뽕? 섹스야한거 몰래카메라다 총각네야채가게 시청률 야한독립영화 일본꽃보다남자 질퍽닷컴섹스디오 심즈오날다운로드 해운대관광고등학교 Q 몸매 쭈쭈빵빵여 천지창조공략 venus 야킹 포토 기모노여인 흑인성기 야한동영상꽁자로보는곳 성형사진 무료로보는타로카드 도끼자국 빤쮸보인다 야동무료링크 크라임 여자거스 채팅자위보자 남자에고추 섹스만화애니매이션 파격드레스 섹슥이야기 지젤번천 화보 1쌕파트너 성생활보조기구 아마추어나체사진 다운로드받기 성인 야화종류 공짜에니 자위 여자와남자와 한국포르노트무료관람 조혜진키니 남자모델아르바이트 동영상유출 앨범 나이트 섹시 11근친아들인형 누드겔러리보기 저팬디지털 배우누드보기 야공짜사이트 러브히나만화책 1영화감상 성인용감상하기 쭉쭉빵빵한사진 무료로보여주는성인에 교복 자위잘하는방법 보지 빨아줘 패리스디오 http://mtcut1.com 여자가미성년자강간 태국유흥 뉴쭉빵카페 포르노성매매 프르노빠 무료감상코리아 미국무료동영상 신아인 쭉빵걸의야동나라 섹시유며 조또넷 올스타포르노컴 사진 형부와로자미그 육덕진 뜻 보지사진확대 종합성인사이트 도우미가슴 성인겟엠 에니펫 원피스나미괴롭히기 거시기보는곳 속옷모델 포항심야다방 레오파드 섹시 하유선 은꼴 애 성인여자tjdrl사정 보지구멍볼수있는무료트 사랑이야기 키스 여자이니까 다운 영푸드 섹시몰래카메라 복근 일본몰래변태카메라 우즈베키스탄의 교통통신 나체사진자료 이누야샤의가영이의 필라이크 누드배경 포르노방송 필요필요할 무료음악파일다운 AV 성보조 http://mango33.me 코리아엠스쿨 셈플존 보이콘돔 하두리tip 프메옷 왕게임벌칙 대우차가격 야한만화시리즈 조이드망가 강남이반카페 최면망가 미가슴 나미보지빨기 초미섹스 여자달력 스무료성인동영상 제가 자위 여자 궁뎅이즐감 정력에좋은음식만들기 이미지 누나농락동영상 대학생의누드 오일릴리매장 thtjf 아마추어 사진 자지커지는 남나리아즈망가 YamaClubMp3st 야한무료영화 이상없는섹스 섹시한여인 졸리나체사진 연스토킹 여고생의찌찌 와인빛 레슬링포르노 도끼 보지포르는야동 금섹스 쌩보지 동급생윈도우우판 무료섹스경험담 여자옷벗게임 쭈쭈! 가슴찌찌모델 은꼴 아산성인용품종류 자지 미시녀노출 러브엘레베이터 트공략 옷벗 의 디오뮤료 화끈한동영상 여자가벗는사진 쇼킹아시아자막 지구촌매매춘 왕족의섹스 스트립고쓰톱 원룸촌 스캔들 이경 사복패션 미쿠동인지다운 레이싱걸 김하율 화보 스팽킹튜브 [답변]가슴성형 가슴을빨아 야한한게임 오랄tv 보지도끼자국 회원야동보기 예쁜일본이름 신맞고 가수 살성인나이 pj자키 가영이
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