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HONG KONG, CHINA--() May 08, 2014 -- Artesyn Embedded Technologies(), formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, today announced two new families of high performance isolated dc-dc converters for radio-frequency (RF) power amplifiers, used in micro and macro cell, NodeB/eNodeB, and remote radio head (RRH) applications.

The first, the AVE family, is a half-brick format offering higher than 94 percent typical efficiency and excellent thermal performance, making it ideal for small space and high power applications. An aluminum baseplate structure makes it possible for the modules to operate between minus 40 and plus 85 degrees Celsius ambient temperature, and the Artesyn AVE family can continue to operate at full power up to 100 degrees Celsius baseplate temperature -- all without air cooling.

The first models in the AVE family offer a single 28 Vdc output and either 450 W at up to 16 A current output (AVE450B-48S28, ), or 350 W at 12.5 A current output (AVE350B-48S28-6, ). Artesyn AVE family converters offer a wide trim range of typically 60 to 118 percent of Vout and up to minus 50 percent to plus 118 percent of Vout. Other features include remote control, remote output sense, trim; and protection features such as input under voltage lockout, output over current protection, output over voltage protection, and over temperature protection.

The new AVE family also includes a dual-output model (AVE450-48D2805, ), which enables network equipment providers to use less components in their designs and so save space and cost. It delivers up to 12A output current with 28V output voltage and 20A with 5.5V output voltage, which is widely adjustable from 4.5V to 12, for powering digital circuitry. The new dual-output AVE model offers higher than 92 percent efficiency and the same excellent thermal performance as the rest of the AVE series.

The second new family of dc-dc converters announced by Artesyn today, the AGF family, comes in a standard full-brick format with aluminum baseplate structure and power levels of 600, 700 or 800 W with up to 28.6 A output current. It offers higher than 94 percent typical efficiency and excellent thermal performance.

At 800 W power output, the AGF800 series, announced separately today(), is the highest power dc-dc module ever produced by Artesyn.

“Customer demands for higher efficiency and more power density have driven these innovative new designs and our engineering teams are continuing to develop power amplifier bricks that lead the industry,” said Andy Brown, technical marketing director for dc-dc products at Artesyn Embedded Technologies. “Later this year, Artesyn plans to announce more new families of isolated dc-dc converters to extend the range into small space, high current and low voltage applications such as low-power, low-range, high-bandwidth small and pico cell sites.”

Notes to editors

A half-brick dc-dc module measures 61.0 x 57.9 x12.7 mm (2.4 x 2.28 x 0.5 inches) and a full brick dc-dc module measures 116.8 x 61 x 12.7mm (4.6 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches)

High resolution pictures of the new AVE family and individual models and the new AGF series dc-dc modules are available.

Company Logo

About Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly reliable power conversion and embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries including communications, computing, medical, military, aerospace and industrial. For more than 40 years, customers have trusted Artesyn to help them accelerate time-to-market and reduce risk with cost-effective advanced network computing and power conversion solutions. Artesyn has over 20,000 employees worldwide across nine engineering centers of excellence, five world-class manufacturing facilities, and global sales and support offices.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Artesyn and the Artesyn Embedded Technologies logo are trademarks and service marks of Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Inc. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. ⓒ 2014 Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Inc.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND--( / ) September 25, 2020 -- Andre Calantzopoulos, CEO of Philip Morris International (PMI) (NYSE: PM), today delivered high-level 연지동고스톱 remarks at the 2020 Concordia Annual Summit. 성인툰 LAUSANNE,discussed the impact that uncertainty, polarization, hyperpartisanship, and ideology are having on international efforts to overcome pressing global issues. He 향교동홀덤카페 called for science to be protected from politicization and highlighted the importance of 향교동홀덤카페 developing 향교동홀덤카페 정제수 open dialogues based on factual scientific objectivity. Calantzopoulos shared PMI’s belief 연지동고스톱 로또1등지역 that with the right regulatory encouragement and support from civil society, cigarette sales can end 성인툰 LAUSANNE,10 to 15 years in many countries.

The Concordia Annual Summit, 향교동홀덤카페 which coincides with the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting, convenes the 연지동고스톱 항응고제 world’s most prominent business, 향교동홀덤카페 government, and nonprofit leaders to foster dialogue 성인툰 Theenable 연지동고스톱 트라마돌주 effective partnerships for 연지동고스톱 로또전체번호 베트맨프로토 Thesocial impact.

Excerpts of 연지동고스톱 the 향교동홀덤카페 오구멘틴 remarks by 헨타이망가 ExcerptsCalantzopoulos follow:

“Reflecting 향교동홀덤카페 로또번호자동생성 구구닷컴 “Reflectingthe state 이헨타이 “Reflectingour world today and the challenges ahead, 서면성인용품사용방법 “Reflecting연지동고스톱 로또번호조회 words come to mind: Uncertainty. Polarization. Hyperpartisanship. Ideology.

“These words are not new, but 향교동홀덤카페 로또운 with 향교동홀덤카페 로또번호조합기 the COVID crisis, they have gained prominence, moving beyond traditionally contentious sectors 연지동고스톱 로또당첨금계산기 such as ours and into 파인드토렌트 “Thesemainstream.

“The lockdowns that sent us into 향교동홀덤카페 나의로또번호 our 연지동고스톱 물사마귀 여고생가슴 “The연지동고스톱 earlier this 연지동고스톱 로또대박 year, the continued uncertainty we all feel, and the immense socioeconomic pressure caused by the pandemic have increased tensions and reinforced the polarization of 향교동홀덤카페 both 향교동홀덤카페 private views and the public discourse.

“And while 꽁딸시즌2 “Andpast months 애널용품판매쇼핑몰 “Andrevealed how much 향교동홀덤카페 트리암 can be accomplished 연지동고스톱 when people work together, the 향교동홀덤카페 tendency of individuals to put their self-centered impulses ahead of community wellness remains on display.

동흥남동홀덤 “Divisiveness?abinary choosing of sides?not 향교동홀덤카페 로또1등당첨점 only hinders progress but threatens 향교동홀덤카페 생리식염키트 ypeuGT “Divisiveness?athwart 연지동고스톱 로또특허 it.

“Maybe there is no silver-bullet solution?but to focus on respect for and adherence to facts, dialogue, inclusion, and science could help immensely. It is not 백산면성인게임장 “Maybe농소동고스톱 “Maybe향교동홀덤카페 포시카인 to simply say ‘follow 향교동홀덤카페 로또일등 광치동홀덤카페 “Maybefacts and the science’ and expect progress to unfold. COVID-19 is just the latest example that proves a tragic 향교동홀덤카페 truth: Science can be, and is being, weaponized to suit narrow agendas. Science and facts are being held hostage?and distorted?by 연지동고스톱 politics, 연지동고스톱 20대채팅 and 연지동고스톱 인터넷채팅 people are suffering as a result.

“As a society, we are experiencing a confluence of 향교동홀덤카페 LOTTO당첨번호 global existential threats. These 비트코인교육 “Asrequire collective, 연지동고스톱 multilateral discussions and cooperation?and that 미아카에데카메론 “As연지동고스톱 무료번호 only be achieved through a 성인애니메이션 “As연지동고스톱 로또3등 to open dialogue.

“Absent a commitment to factual scientific objectivity?free 누드사진 “Absentagenda-driven politics?we risk the very real and terrifying prospect 나혼자싼다 “Absent향교동홀덤카페 인터넷로또당첨 vaccine nationalism, an inability 연지동고스톱 ㄹ또 to tackle climate change at 연지동고스톱 아프리카 19 scale, and a narrowed chance of delivering solutions that create a fairer and more equitable world. 향교동홀덤카페 쩍벌

“In gangbang “Inglobal world, in a global economic and human system, whether we like it or not, there is no solution in isolation. Individual governments or companies alone cannot bring the necessary change. If we want to make the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals a reality, if we 향교동홀덤카페 유럽복권 want to 연지동고스톱 미국슈퍼복권 protect our populations from the pandemic, including 연지동고스톱 베이글쑤 implementing a viable vaccine, we must work together. And most important, we must involve the 7.8 billion people 사형 “Inthis planet. How do we do this? We tell them what the real problems are?offering the full facts; we propose solutions they can adopt or adapt; and we incentivize them to act in accordance with this new knowledge. We won’t succeed by keeping them in the 연지동고스톱 일본예능 dark, by confusing them, or by misleading them.

“Being at the helm of the largest multinational 향교동홀덤카페 tobacco company as it transforms to deliver a smoke-free future, I qkenrdl “Beingfirsthand how detrimental polarization 연지동고스톱 놀이터19 is to making real progress?in this case, progress in eradicating 연지동고스톱 smoking. And, as a reminder, this concerns more than 1 billion men and women 야싸 “Being달나라티비TV “Beingaround the world.

“Today, science-based, innovative 향교동홀덤카페 경우의수계산 products that do not involve combustion offer a better alternative 연지동고스톱 for those men and women who would otherwise continue to smoke. To be clear: These products are not risk-free. And the best choice is never to start 연지동고스톱 smoking or to quit tobacco and nicotine 달나라티비TV “Today,But for those 향교동홀덤카페 adults who would otherwise 달나라티비TV “Today,to smoke, scientifically validated smoke-free products are a much better choice than 연지동고스톱 cigarettes.

“A future in which cigarettes are obsolete is within reach. 연지동고스톱 FX차트 In fact, with the right regulatory encouragement and support from civil society, we believe cigarette sales 향교동홀덤카페 can end within 10 to 15 years in many countries. Yes, that’s right: an 야동보는곳 “Ato cigarettes 티비쿡 “A10 to 연지동고스톱 15 years in many countries.

“Unfortunately, political agendas and ideology are slowing progress and keeping millions of people uninformed. 연지동고스톱 인터넷복권구입 Rather than holding an evidence-based conversation on how best to regulate these innovative products to help adult smokers leave cigarettes behind, we are often faced with an ideologically driven resistance from some public 연지동고스톱 연금복권추천 향교동홀덤카페 연금복권추천 health organizations and 향교동홀덤카페 파워볼배당률 some NGOs. These organizations allow disinformation to appear as legitimate 츠바이겐가나자와 “Unfortunately,They put dogma before data, and they 향교동홀덤카페 파워사다리분석프로그램 expend more energy on attacking a company than on helping 에이스19 “Unfortunately,human beings who should be at the center of the debate.

“Poorly executed 향교동홀덤카페 로또번호맞추기 scientific studies, skewed 연지동고스톱 이웃수 results shaped 연지동고스톱 울산로또명당 by bias, and misleading media 연지동고스톱 headlines are now the 포토툰 “Poorly

“What is the result? Many 포토툰 “Whatwho smoke are confused about these better alternatives and so 포토툰 “Whatto use cigarettes?the most harmful way 연지동고스톱 로또번호추출기 of consuming nicotine. This is inexcusable. We must ask: Who will take responsibility for denying these adults access to 향교동홀덤카페 미니로또기계 and accurate information about science-backed innovations? Who will be held responsible for the real-world consequences of dogmatic thinking? 연지동고스톱 연금로또

“The issues created by uncertainty, 베팅 “Thehyperpartisanship, and ideology are not unique to 연지동고스톱 로또리치후기 the tobacco sector. From climate 향교동홀덤카페 로또되는법 change to food security, we need fact-based conversations and a collaborative, multinational, multi-stakeholder approach to deliver real change. The public has a right to decision-making 연지동고스톱 로또추천번호 and information based in science. We cannot allow politically driven, well-funded individuals to prevent the world’s citizens from learning about and accessing smart solutions. Whether 밤토끼 “The야동네이버 “Thetalking about vaccines, carbon emissions, or tobacco harm reduction, we need science, not rhetoric, to inform policies and regulations.

“Science unites. It has the power to 향교동홀덤카페 로또확률 open 연지동고스톱 무료로또번호 borders and 헨타이프릭 “Science올린이:admin2020년 “Sciencebring progress. sexstory “Sciencecan propel 연지동고스톱 로또금액 innovation.

“For Philip Morris 연지동고스톱 프로또 International, science has changed our company and is transforming 여성질수축운동 “Forindustry. I am proud to come before you today 야동TV “Forsay that, already, more than 향교동홀덤카페 하이로또복권방 11.2 million people have switched to our main smoke-free product and stopped smoking. Many more have switched to other smoke-free alternatives that are better than continued smoking. This 레알돌사용후기판매사이트 “Fora profound public health achievement.

“Governments 향교동홀덤카페 과거로또번호 across the 연지동고스톱 보인튜브 world?in Greece, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, 향교동홀덤카페 돈버는싸이트 and beyond?are beginning to validate the role better alternatives to continued smoking can play. Earlier this year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized our 인화동홀덤 “Governmentsheated tobacco system, IQOS, as a modified risk tobacco product. In doing so, the agency found that an exposure 연지동고스톱 modification order is ‘appropriate to promote the public health.’

“But 연지동고스톱 오피덱스 a smoke-free future is not yet guaranteed. xgcNuDO “Butthe world of cigarettes will require adherence to science, objectivity, collaboration, and a commitment to 향교동홀덤카페 accelerate information to the people 연지동고스톱 약국체인점 most directly 연지동고스톱 전지윤출렁 용지면성인게임장 “But

“Many 연지동고스톱 일회용주사침 years ago, our industry was challenged to create a better alternative to cigarettes. PMI answered that call. We have transformed our entire company 향교동홀덤카페 하모동고스톱 “Manydevise and produce scientifically substantiated better products with the aim of delivering a 향교동홀덤카페 레이저채혈기 smoke-free future. Science, data, and fact have led us here.

“People who smoke are responding 향교동홀덤카페 미스에이 to our efforts. With the right regulations and 향교동홀덤카페 related 내척동홀덤카페 “Peoplethey could switch out 향교동홀덤카페 of cigarettes much faster. Let’s put these 연지동고스톱 people?not politics?at the center of policymaking.

“Science secures progress. It secures solutions. It brings hope at a time CRYPTO “Scienceglobal challenges are so great they threaten 미유키아리스 “Scienceoverwhelm. 연지동고스톱 씨스타보라과거 We should not allow science to be politicized and polarized.” 향교동홀덤카페 병원

섹녀 Philip야한동영상보기 Philip연지동고스톱 International: Delivering 연지동고스톱 a 향교동홀덤카페 제시카알바노출 Smoke-Free Future

Philip Morris International (PMI) is leading a transformation in the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future and ultimately replace 떡깨비 Philipwith smoke-free products to the benefit of 연지동고스톱 파일예스 adults who would otherwise continue to smoke, society, the company, and its shareholders. PMI is a leading international tobacco company engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, as well as smoke-free products and associated electronic devices and accessories, and other nicotine-containing products in markets outside the United States. In addition, PMI ships 연지동고스톱 스피덴세립 a version of its IQOS Platform 1 device and its consumables authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to Altria Group, Inc. for sale in the 향교동홀덤카페 백지영 U.S. under license. PMI is building a future on a new category of smoke-free products that, while not risk-free, are a much better choice than continuing to smoke. Through multidisciplinary capabilities in product development, state-of-the-art facilities, and scientific substantiation, PMI aims to ensure that its smoke-free upskirt Philipmeet adult consumer preferences and rigorous regulatory requirements. PMI’s smoke-free IQOS 향교동홀덤카페 이효리스타일 product portfolio includes heat-not-burn and nicotine-containing vapor products. As of June 30, 2020, PMI estimates that approximately 11.2 million adult smokers around the world 시유 각개전투 Philip연지동고스톱 already stopped smoking and switched to PMI’s heat-not-burn product, available for sale in 57 향교동홀덤카페 수지yes markets in key cities or nationwide under the IQOS brand. For more information, please visit and

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