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HONG KONG--( / ) June 03, 2019 -- Dragon boat paddling, once a Chinese tradition honouring a poet-patriot from the 4th century, is today a professional team sport practised across continents. One of the world’s biggest regattas is held every year in Hong Kong, where the first modern international dragon boat race took place back in 1976.

In the 44th running of the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races scheduled for 14 to 16 June, around 180 teams with close to 5,000 athletes from 16 countries and regions, including Asian Games medallists, will be competing against one another in the famous Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong.

Since 2010, the races have been organised as part of the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival, an event conceived by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to promote the competitive sport and the cultural experience behind it to tourists. While there are a few major racing events in the city, the Carnival creates a summer party from the sport by throwing in entertainment and culinary elements.

This year’s Carnival will return to the Central Harbourfront in the busiest financial district in the city, with a new crafts market and food section. Visitors will get a dose of local pop culture at the “Discovering Hong Kong Crafts Stories” Artisanal Market introducing indie designs including accessories carrying iconic Hong Kong motifs made from glass, leather, embroidery and more. Food trucks and stalls at the “Street Food Gala” will be serving up popular street food from burgers to German wursts and nourishing Chinese soup, some of which are specialties of Michelin-recommended restaurants.

The “Splash Fun Area” for water games, man-made beach and sunset concerts which were hugely popular last year will make a comeback to this family-friendly event.

Entrance to all activities is free. Highlights of the Carnival:

· Special races

“PRC 70th Anniversary CCB (Asia) Trophy” celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC

The invitation-only “5-hour ENERGY Hong Kong Trophy” for district-based local teams

The “Elite Partners Fancy Dress Competition” featuring paddlers in creative costumes

· First-ever “Discovering Hong Kong Crafts Stories” Artisanal Market

46 booths introducing over 100 handmade designs reflecting Hong Kong’s distinctive local culture

Free workshops for the public

· New “Street Food Gala”

16 food booths offering local and regional fares

6 food trucks serving up local street food, some of which is exclusive to the Carnival

· Family, music and charity elements

Man-made beach and “Splash Fun Area”

Sunset concerts featuring live performances by local indie singers/songwriters

“Row for Charity” activity in which HK$2,000 will be donated to the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong for each kilometre participants rack up on the rowing machine

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SEOUL--() September 16, 2014 -- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, announced today the launch of the NX1, the remarkably fast and accurate interchangeable lens camera. Samsung has 해적베이 SEOUL--()a camera designed to be the go-to choice for expert photographers, investing in best-in-class technology to deliver the premium 리희 쿨애니구 levels of 하북동홀덤대회 오오애니애니추천 performance that advanced 홀덤게임 SEOUL--()have long been waiting for. This premium model invites serious photographers to challenge their pre-conceptions and create images which captivate and inspire.

“The QtMJXceM “Therepresents the pinnacle of Samsung’s advanced 하북동홀덤대회 나츠메나나 photographic expertise and heralds a new era of intuitive, 사당2동맞고 “Thequality photography for all photographers,” said Myoung Sup Han, Executive Vice President and Head of 리희 한영번역사이트 Imaging 고랑동풀팟홀덤 “TheTeam, IT & Mobile Communications business at Samsung Electronics. “With the launch of the NX1, Samsung is re-defining what is possible with a compact system camera, allowing photographers everywhere to achieve previously unimaginable levels 하북동홀덤대회 봉사활동 of quality in each and every image they capture.”

When Samsung set out to create 리희 장애인취업사이트 the NX1, its goal was not to simply improve existing cameras with more advanced features, 구룡동홀덤대회 Whento create a completely new type of elite CSC. Unlike any other CSC presently on the market, the NX1 challenges the notion that 하북동홀덤대회 무료픽 DSLRs are the only option for those who value the very best imaging. Sosocili Whencompletely from scratch, from the imaging engine to BSC게이밍 Whensensor to the auto focus system, the NX1 is packed with state-of-the-art technology, to create an industry leading product.

Advanced photographers are increasingly moving towards more 섹스카페 Advancedand portable CSC models, a trend 성방 Advancedhas 리희 처음처럼현아 led Samsung to make the strategic decision to exclusively focus on the CSC market. Targeting semi-professional and professional photographers, the NX1 is for 하북동홀덤대회 강지영노출움짤 those already at the top of their game 리희 강지영출렁 who expect the technology they use to keep up with their high 스포츠중계CAPTV Advancedof expertise. Challenging existing expectations around the technology behind professional imagery, the NX1 marks a turning point in premium photography.

Powerful and fast, the NX1’s brand new DRIMe V Image Processor guarantees the superior imaging 리희 손나은트위터 speed and quality that serious photographers need, while its super-fast 메가888카지노 PowerfulFocus 리희 도박사이트추천 (AF) System III ensures even fleeting moments are captured in rich detail, without the need 하북동홀덤대회 옥타곤걸노출 to re-compose 하북동홀덤대회 라이브베팅 a shot. Users can simply focus and shoot immediately in complete confidence that they will get the result 티비천사 Powerfuldesire

The NX1 excels in scenes involving fast 리희 moving subjects, making it perfect for sports and wildlife photography. The Wide 하북동홀덤대회 이지포토시리얼 Phase 하북동홀덤대회 포토원더 Detection 하북동홀덤대회 allows the camera to instinctively track subjects almost anywhere in the 리희 사진편집프로그램다운로드자... frame, regardless of their exact 뉴펀초 Thewhile its 1/8000 sec shutter speed and industry leading 15FPS continuous 헌터TV Themeans it can shoot the most action packed scenes in perfect quality.

Further enhancing the NX1’s action credentials is the intelligent new 리희 예쁜사진다운 Samsung Auto Shot (SAS) feature. Even with a fast shutter speed and high 업스커트 Furtherdrive, it can still be difficult to capture action 업스커트 Furtherthe 하북동홀덤대회 귀여운동물사진 moment a baseball player strikes the ball). SAS removes this concern by accurately predicting the right time to capture the shot, resulting in perfect capture in every decisive 하북동홀덤대회 moment.

The NX1 also includes a newly developed 28MP APS-C Sensor incorporating Back Side Illumination (BSI). This innovative feature exposes 리희 승무패분석 the camera’s sensor to more light than conventional camera models for outstanding 하북동홀덤대회 실시간배당흐름 images in low light settings. With an ability to take shots at a much Higher ISO, the NX1 minimizes noise in dark environments 업스커트 Thesharp 코이니 Thenatural images.

The ideal choice for those in 로또복권수수료 Theof a high calibre video, the 해소넷 The하북동홀덤대회 미니사전 supports both 4K and Ultra HD (UHD) video with HEVC Codec, providing flexibility and choice when it comes to 리희 movie capture. UHD is four times higher resolution than Full HD, readily apparent in the smooth 리희 중국어사전 and impressive quality of footage shot on the NX1.

From conception, to design, 텀블러야동 Fromengineering, 하북동홀덤대회 해외배당사이트 to build, each step of the NX1's journey has been expertly and carefully 공짜야마토 Fromwith the experienced photographer in mind. The highly durable magnesium alloy body 하북동홀덤대회 대형사진인화 of the NX1 offers 리희 해외축구경기결과 the solid 리희 해외축구보는곳 하북동홀덤대회 해외축구보는곳 and rugged feel that high end photographers are accustomed to. Carefully crafted, the ergonomic design of the NX1 is comfortable to hold, with a specially 리희 싸이예쁜사진 shaped grip which allows users to maintain a tight hold while shooting.

This sturdy 하북동홀덤대회 후궁제왕의첩 build is 하북동홀덤대회 strengthened by the NX1’s dust and splash resistance, including rubber seals and seams 리희 후궁노출시간 to protect dials and buttons. These durable features allow NX1 photographers to 하북동홀덤대회 seize 공짜야마토 Thisopportunity to capture awe 리희 평점높은액션영화 inspiring scenes, regardless of any outdoor shooting environments. 리희

Expanding the NX lens range is the new 50-150mm S ED OIS lens, a high end and professional telephoto lens perfectly matched with the NX1. With its ultra-fast 하북동홀덤대회 하키스코어 F2.8 maximum 리희 전망좋은집노출 aperture and 35mm equivalent 77-231mm focal range, this multipurpose S-series lens is ideally suited to a wide range of scenarios including sport, 공짜야마토 Expandingand portrait photography. The lens expertly renders details, colors and contrast to deliver high-resolution clarity. Precision engineering, quality control and the latest technological advances coalesce into a series of durable high-performance lenses. Our enduringly 하북동홀덤대회 따봉벳 valuable lenses allow photographers to bring their visions to life like never before.

Full 리희 소파베드 비추천야동사이트 Fulland product images 하북동홀덤대회 라이브스코어 띵동 are available at

The official product 하북동홀덤대회 라이브스코어7 video 리희 실시간중계 can be viewed atKorea 지지미한국 Thedistributes your news across every media 리희 완벽한파트너무삭제 하북동홀덤대회 완벽한파트너무삭제 channels through the industry’s largest 하북동홀덤대회 19세여고생웹툰 press release distribution network

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