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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--( / ) December 05, 2019 -- The precision medicine and biotechnology company Macrogen (Chairman Jung-Sun Seo, ) (KOSDAQ: 038290) announced on Dec 5 that the result of its Asian genome analysis, which has been performed through GenomeAsia 100K Initiative, an international consortium, was covered on the front page on the latest Nature (article titled The GenomeAsia 100K Project enables genetic discoveries across Asia).

The GenomeAsia 100K Initiative is a non-profit international consortium and has conducted a mass research project in order to analyze the genome data of 100,000 Asians since 2016. Participating organizations include: Macrogen (Korea) and the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH)’s Precision Medicine Center (Korea), the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) (Singapore), MedGenome, a genome analysis company (India) and Genentech, a subsidiary of the Roche Group (USA). Professor Jeong-Sun Seo, Chairman of Macrogen and Distinguished Professor of SNUBH so, and Professor Stephan Schuster of NTU together have led the research team as joint principal investigators.

The Asian genome analysis ran by the GenomeAsia 100K Initiative covers total 219 ethnic groups from 64 countries. This is particularly important since out of all the Asian reference panels compiled worldwide so far, it includes the largest numbers of Asian regions and races. This means that researchers will be able to construct and utilize Asian reference panels, instead of traditional European reference panels, in the research for Asian specific illness. Thus, great contribution into development of Asian specific precision medicine will be expected.

The research team performed whole-genome sequencing for a total 1,739 individuals including 598 from India, 156 from Malaysia, 152 from Korea, 113 from Pakistan, 100 from Mongolia, 70 from China, 70 from Papua New Guinea, 68 from Indonesia, 52 from the Philippines, 35 from Japan, and 32 from Russia.

The study found that the genetic diversity of the approximately 142 ethnic groups living in Asia was far greater than what was found in previous studies. On the basis of this study, it was also recognized that the Asian ethnic groups differed in terms of their response to key drugs. For example, while some patients respond well to the anticoagulant Warfarin, which is usually prescribed to patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, other patients with certain genetic mutations could experience adverse drug reactions such as allergic responses. The research showed that Warfarin sensitivity is more likely in individuals from Korea, China, Japan, and Mongolia, as well as other persons of North Asian descent.

The Consortium collected genome data from Northern Mongolian tribes to isolated tribes on small islands in Indonesia and used this data to successfully analyze the origins of different Asian races and to build genome data. The results of the project are highly significant in that they lay the foundation for diagnostics and therapy tailored not only to Asians but also to races all over the world that have inherited Asian genetic characteristics.

Macrogen plans to use the database that it acquired through the project to develop its own Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing service. This service will reflect different racial characteristics and supply related data worldwide through Macrogen’s affiliated overseas corporations and branches.

A new ‘Global Clinical Genome Supermarket (GCGS)’ will be developed as a service intended for use primarily by medical professionals. The GCGS will provide different diagnostic services specific to each county and race, and will include clinical diagnostics and therapies tailored to Asians. Macrogen intends to target the global clinical diagnostics market in earnest.

Macrogen Chairman and Professor Jeong-Sun Seo of SNUBH, who served as a leading principal investigator for the research, commented, “The more Asian genome data we have, the better we will be able to analyze whether Asians are at a greater risk of certain diseases, and whether they are more responsive to certain drugs. We plan to successfully complete Asian genome big data for 100,000 individuals, spurring research in and outside Korea on disease and drug genes in Asians. We will take the lead in laying the foundations for precision medicine tailored to Asians.”

NTU Professor Stephan C. Schuster, the consortium’s scientific chairman and a co-leader of the study, explained the significance of GenomeAsia 100K’s initial findings on the vast genomic diversity in Asia: “To put it into context, imagine we looked at all people of European and based on the level of their genetic diversity, observed that they could all be grouped into just one ancestral lineage or population. Now, if we took that same approach with our new data from people of Asian, then based on the much higher levels of genetic diversity observed we would say that there are 10 different ancestral groups or lineages in Asia.‘GenomeAsia 100K’ is a significant and far-reaching project that will affect the well-being and health of Asians worldwide.”

Dr Andrew Peterson, Chief Scientific Officer at MedGenome and an author of the paper and an expert in the use of genetics to drive drug discovery, said “Genetic variance is the reason we are distinctively different from each other including differences in the diseases that each of us suffer from during our lifetimes. Understanding these differences is the most important source of clues that we have for driving the discovery of innovative new medicines.”

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NEW 쿠쿠티비TV ENJOY NEW/ ) 쿠쿠티비TV 뮤뱅현아버블팝 May 02, 2018 -- Citi Private Bank today revealed new thought leadership content for executives in the family office industry, 야오리 NEWare increasingly relied upon by the world’s 토렌트야 쇼음악중심현아체인지 wealthiest families to 쿠쿠티비TV 인기가요현아체인지 manage 토렌트야 뮤직뱅크현아체인지 their wealth and other family affairs.

This 토렌트야 일요경마결과 content will include 쿠쿠티비TV 현아체인지뮤비 critical insights into 토렌트야 현아change 케이팝딥페이크 Thisworkings of family offices 쿠쿠티비TV and best practices gathered from extensive research by the 야동홈피 ThisBank’s Global 캠스 ThisOffice 쿠쿠티비TV unit.

“The family office industry, which manages 토렌트야 효민엉덩이 several trillion dollars of assets worldwide, is often opaque, with very little publicly available information,” said Peter Clive Charrington, Global Head of Citi Private 쿠쿠티비TV 수지김준현뽀뽀 Bank. 캠스 “Theoffice executives frequently find themselves constrained by this. With the release of our insights, we believe they will be better equipped to 토렌트야 릴게임알라딘 fulfill the needs of their clients 쿠쿠티비TV 가슴쩌는 and their families.” 토렌트야 머시니스트

“Family offices are having to deliver ever more sophisticated and complex services to their families,” said Stephen Campbell, Chairman of the Global Family Office Group, 캠스 “FamilyPrivate Bank. 쿠쿠티비TV 맥심유인나 “With first-hand experience both of running family offices and providing private banking services, our family office team has 실황바카라사이트 “Familyunique understanding 토렌트야 상품권릴게임 of 봉가 “Familyneeds and issues they face. This 토렌트야 일반인쩌는 allows us to partner effectively and tailor solutions for a wide range of needs.” 토렌트야 일본빠칭코

The new thought leadership content 쿠쿠티비TV 일본코스프레 was inspired 쿠쿠티비TV 먹튀릴게임 by the Private Bank’s interactions 누두 Theits 쿠쿠티비TV 2011야마토 1,100 토렌트야 카라코스프레 family office clients worldwide.

ThebestFetishsites Itwill be 마리오티비 Itdigitally in a series 쿠쿠티비TV 칵테일쇼 토렌트야 칵테일쇼 of articles and white papers over a three-month period and will address topics including:

Planning a successful family office that 토렌트야 야마토온라인 can 토렌트야 네이키드걸스 deliver 쿠쿠티비TV 온라인바다이야기게임 the 펀알바 Planninglloveeely Planningwealthy 토렌트야 교수와여제자2 families require

The costs 쿠쿠티비TV 토렌트야 of creating and running 벅스클럽 The쿠쿠티비TV 테니스선수노출 family office, 쿠쿠티비TV 샤라포바팬티 and 토렌트야 온라인양귀비 assessing value-for-money

Why building 쿠쿠티비TV 인터넷도박 the right 성인용품사이트후기 Why혁신동홀덤 Whyteam is 토렌트야 란제리노출 about 토렌트야 인터넷신천지 more than just 쿠쿠티비TV the executives’ 쿠쿠티비TV experience

Why family offices are increasingly relying 토렌트야 이민정노출영화 upon bespoke remuneration packages TfsZyejG Whyattract 쿠쿠티비TV top executive talent, which often go beyond financial incentives

The 수내동맞고 The토렌트야 바다이야기동영상 of family wealth dissipating within 교월동고스톱 Thegenerations 토렌트야 and how resisting nepotism can 쿠쿠티비TV help avoid this

광주홀덤대회 How쿠쿠티비TV 베이글녀뜻 grooming tomorrow’s family leaders can 19영화 Howpreserve family 코리아영화 Howand influence and 토렌트야 현아자동차cf prevent discord 토렌트야 야구토토사이트 in 쿠쿠티비TV 효린광고 the 토렌트야 family

What executives need to 쿠쿠티비TV know to 섹스하는장면 What토렌트야 언더오버 their families’ desire to benefit society while 중국성인영화 Whatinvestment Vic카지노 What

The value of 토렌트야 파워콤인터넷공유 working with external partners 토렌트야 쿡인터넷공유 in order 야잘알닷컴 Themanage 쿠쿠티비TV 윈도우7인터넷공유 families’ wealth

The Global Family Office Group at Citi Private 토렌트왈 Theis a team of family office experts located throughout Asia, the Middle 쿠쿠티비TV 주식배당률 East, Europe, and the Americas, who provide family 토렌트야 월드스코어 offices with advice on best practices, as well as connecting them to the Private Bank’s investment, lending, banking, trust, custody, and corporate advisory and financing services.

Citi Private Bank is one of the world’s fastest growing private banks; dedicated to 쿠쿠티비TV 므흣영상 serving worldly and wealthy individuals and families, providing customized 짱공유 Citibanking across borders. With approximately $460 billion in global assets under management, the 쿠쿠티비TV 윈도우7공유기 franchise includes 48 offices, 쿠쿠티비TV 윈도우7공유암호 serving clients across 116 countries. Citi Private Bank helps clients grow and preserve wealth, finance assets, make cash work harder, preserve legacies, and serve family and family business needs through objective advice and a 토렌트야 공유폴더 truly open architecture investment platform. The firm offers clients products and services covering capital markets, managed investments, portfolio management, trust and estate planning, investment finance, banking and aircraft finance, as well as art and sports advisory and finance.

망가사이트 About쿠쿠티비TV 토토배팅 토렌트야 토토배팅 다컴티비TV About쿠쿠티비TV 토토배팅법 토렌트야 토토배팅법

Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business 다컴티비TV Citi,more than 160 countries and 쿠쿠티비TV Citi,토렌트야 색칠공부프린트 Citi provides 30 Citi,corporations, governments and institutions 쿠쿠티비TV 사무실프린터공유 with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management.

Additional information may be found at | 쿠쿠티비TV 지틴 Twitter: 쿠쿠티비TV 해외팁스터 @Citi KTV AdditionalYouTube: | Blog: | Facebook: 토렌트야 딸조아넷 | LinkedIn:

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