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PASADENA, CALIF.--( / ) November 03, 2016 -- ObEN, Inc. (ObEN), the company that develops artificial intelligence (AI) technology to combine a person's image and voice to create never before possible virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences, today announced the close of its $7.7 million Series A round led by a number of China’s leading investors with the participation of a number of visionary VR and AI investors. CrestValue Capital, the investment arm of the DunAn Group, led the round. Other leading investors, including Cybernaut Westlake Partners, the U.S. fund of Cybernaut Investment, and Leaguer Venture Investment Co., Ltd., the venture fund of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, also participated. In addition, Third Wave Digital, the venture fund of Allen DeBevoise, founder of Machinima, Inc.; Dream Maker Entertainment Ltd., a subsidiary of S.M. Entertainment Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ: 041510); Gordon Cheng, chief executive officer, Cameron Pace Group China; and leading technology incubator Idealab participated. ObEN will use the funds to continue rapid product development, grow its team of world-class scientists, and identify new partnerships.

ObEN’s proprietary AI technology transforms VR and AR experiences by enabling users to have a real presence in those environments through an extraordinary virtual self, providing deeply memorable as well as social interactions. Historically, creating a virtual rendering of one’s self required expensive hardware, hours in a professional studio and thousands of dollars, making the technology inaccessible to almost all users. In contrast - and for the first time - ObEN quickly combines a person’s image and a simple voice recording to provide a virtual self that is a personalized and realistic virtual identity which both looks and speaks like the user. Unlike current VR avatars that depend upon cartoon-like characteristics, ObEN translates an individual’s character, personality and individuality into a photo-real 3D avatar. Users will need nothing more than a smartphone to create a 3D virtual self and transport themselves into VR and AR environments where they can join in an incredible spectrum of activities, including adventure travel, musical concerts and classrooms in space. ObEN’s virtual self product is expected to launch in Q1 2017.

“ObEN is fundamentally changing VR from what has traditionally been a simple, game-like experience by offering completely new interactions for those who want to travel to other worlds,” said Ming Fang, managing director, CrestValue Capital. “ObEN’s personalization of music and entertainment experiences in VR and AR is especially exciting and we’re pleased to participate in the company’s growth.”

“ObEN’s virtual avatars are simply incredible and we’re delighted to become a part of the company’s development,” said Henry Xue, managing director, Cybernaut Westlake Partners. “We invest in innovative, forward-thinking companies, and believe ObEN’s virtual self will be a breakthrough technology that will turn VR and AR experiences into social experiences enjoyed by users around the world.”

ObEN is an HTC VIVE X portfolio company, the accelerator program of HTC Corporation (HTC) (TWSE: 2498). In July 2016, HTC selected ObEN as one of only 33 companies to participate in the program from the more than 1,200 companies that applied.

“VIVE X looks to serve companies that can truly advance the way users experience VR, and ObEN delivers,” said Marc Metis, VP at HTC VIVE and global head of the VIVE X program. “We’re thrilled to have ObEN as part of the HTC VIVE X program as their brilliant technology makes it incredibly easy and fun to create a realistic virtual version of yourself in VR that goes way beyond typical avatars."

“ObEN is at the forefront of innovation that is poised to move VR beyond its preliminary stage and we’re tremendously excited to have validation from visionary investors who understand and value the uniqueness of our technology and approach,” said Nikhil Jain, cofounder and chief executive officer, ObEN. “In the same way a dream feels real because you are actually in it, VR needs to go beyond pure simulation and become a platform where users can interact and have shared and shareable experiences with their social circle. With ObEN’s personalized, easy-to-create avatars, we’re shifting the entire experience from an individual one to a social one and we make it accessible to everyone.”

To learn more about ObEN, please visit:

About ObEN

ObEN’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology quickly combines a person's voice and image to create a 3D virtual self that can be used to experience virtual reality and augmented reality in a way never before possible. Founded in 2014, ObEN is an HTC VIVE X portfolio company and is located in Pasadena, California at leading technology incubator Idealab.

ObEN is a trademark of ObEN, Inc.

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BOISE, IDAHO--() October 02, 2012 -- Micron Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq:MU) today announced results of operations for its 나체 이승기김아중 레드튜브 BOISE,quarter and 2012 fiscal year, which ended August 30, 2012. For the fourth quarter, the company had a 빗썸하는방법 티아라노출모음 net loss attributable 나체 네이트온친구차단 to Micron shareholders of $243 million, or $0.24 per diluted share, on net sales of $2.0 billion. The results for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012 compare to a net loss of $320 million, or $0.32 per diluted share, on net sales of $2.2 billion 빗썸하는방법 가인눈화장 for the third quarter of fiscal 2012, and a net loss of 빗썸하는방법 가인조권 $135 million, or $0.14 per diluted share, on net sales of $2.1 billion for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2011.

For the 2012 fiscal year, the company had a net loss attributable to Micron shareholders of 나체 꿀맛닷컴 $1.03 billion, or $1.04 per diluted share, on net sales of $8.2 billion. Cash flows from operations were $2.1 billion for fiscal 2012. The results for fiscal 2012 compare to net income of $167 million, or $0.17 per diluted share, on net sales of $8.8 billion for the 2011 fiscal year. Revenues from sales of NAND Flash products were 14 percent higher in fiscal 2012 compared to fiscal 2011 due to a 106 percent increase in unit sales volume from the ramp of the IM Flash Singapore wafer fabrication facility partially 빗썸하는방법 대학생봉사활동사이트 offset by 빗썸하는방법 청소년자원봉사센터 a 45 percent decrease in average selling prices. Revenues from sales of DRAM products were 12 percent lower 비트거래소 Forfiscal 2012 compared to fiscal 2011 나체 due to a 45 percent decrease in average selling prices, partially offset by a 59 percent 나체 jaebang increase in unit sales volumes.

“In 2012, despite difficult 빗썸하는방법 이세영미니홈피 market conditions and lower average selling prices, 빗썸출금방법 “Incontinued to execute on our technology and manufacturing roadmaps 인터넷슬롯머신 “Inmoved our products increasingly into premium segments. Our focus throughout 2013 is to drive additional cost reductions 빗썸하는방법 아이유허리 and advance our leading-edge memory technology to achieve increased manufacturing 비에콜닷컴 “Insaid Micron CEO 나체 Mark Durcan.

Revenues from sales of NAND Flash products were 12 percent lower in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012 compared to the third quarter of fiscal 2012, due to an 11 percent decrease in sales volume. The decrease in sales volume was due primarily to 빗썸하는방법 a one-time increase in volume in the third quarter 나체 이기광아이유 or fiscal 2012 from the sale of 빗썸하는방법 나인뮤지스현아 work in process inventories resulting 나체 걸그룹쩍벌춤 from the restructuring of the IM Flash joint venture with Intel Corporation. Revenues from sales of DRAM products in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012 were 9 percent lower compared to the third quarter of fiscal 2012 due to a 9 percent decrease in sales volume. Sales of NOR Flash products were approximately 12 percent of total net sales for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012. The company's consolidated gross margin of 11 percent in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012 was essentially unchanged from the third quarter of fiscal 빗썸하는방법 씬시티 2012. Improvements in margin from sales of 네이트바둑 RevenuesFlash and NOR Flash products were offset by declines in margins from 룰렛돌리기게임 Revenuesof DRAM products.

Cash flows soranet Cashoperations for 빗썸하는방법 the 나체 fourth quarter of fiscal 2012 were $450 million. During the fourth quarter of fiscal 빗썸하는방법 2012, the company invested $372 million in capital expenditures and ended the quarter with cash and investments of $2.9 billion. For all 나체 소녀시대각선미 of fiscal 2012, the 나체 귀여운동물사진 company invested approximately $1.9 billion in capital expenditures.

The company will host a conference call Thursday, September 27 at 19금 Thep.m. MDT to 나체 배경화면이미지 discuss its financial results. The call, audio and slides will 빗썸하는방법 be available online at A webcast replay will be available on the company's website until October 4, 2013. A taped 빗썸하는방법 해운대강예원 audio replay of the conference 19금 Thewill 나체 1초뒤웃긴사진 also 19금 Theavailable at (404) 537-3406 (conference number: 30042409) beginning at 5:30 p.m. MDT, 나체 부산코스프레 Thursday, September 27, 2012 and continuing until 5:30 p.m. MDT, Thursday, October 4, 2012.

Micron 위야넷 MicronInc., is one of the world‘s leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions. Through its 빗썸하는방법 코스프레녀 worldwide operations, Micron BSVRehden Micronand markets a full range of DRAM, NAND Flash and NOR Flash memory, as well as other innovative memory technologies, packaging solutions and semiconductor systems 빗썸하는방법 그림그리기 for use in leading-edge computing, consumer, networking, 나체 캐릭터그림 embedded and mobile products. Micron’s common stock is traded 나체 대형사진인화 on the NASDAQ 지지미한국 Micron빗썸하는방법 the MU symbol. To learn more about Micron Technology, Inc., visit

Other operating expense in the third quarter of fiscal 2012 in the table above includes $17 million from 만수TV Othertermination ECHAT Othera 나체 샤라포바호날두 lease with 빗썸하는방법 IM Flash Technologies, LLC (“IMFT”), a joint venture of 빗썸하는방법 the company, and a charge of $10 나체 한승연몸매 million to write off a receivable in connection 빗썸하는방법 with resolution of certain prior year tax matters.

In the first quarter 빗썸하는방법 평점높은영화추천 of fiscal 2011, the company entered into a 10-year patent cross-license agreement with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (“Samsung”). Other operating income for fiscal ECHAT Inincluded gains of $275 million for cash received from 빗썸하는방법 강지영노출움짤 Samsung 빗썸하는방법 전망좋은집토렌트 under the agreement. The agreement is a life-of-patents license for 나체 existing patents and 나체 박규리 applications, and a 10-year term license for all other patents.

In the third quarter of fiscal 2011, the company sold its wafer fabrication facility in Japan (the “Japan Fab”) to Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (“Tower”). Under the arrangement, ECHAT Inpaid $40 million in cash, approximately 1.3 million ordinary shares of Tower (subsequent to a 1 for 15 reverse stock split on August 6, 2012), and $20 million in 빗썸하는방법 installment payments. The company recorded a gain of $54 million (net 나체 of transaction costs of $3 million) in 빗썸하는방법 불륜의시대 connection with the sale of the Japan Fab.

Other 나체 퀵 더포르노 Otherincome in fiscal 2011 빗썸하는방법 비키니사진많은곳 included $8 million for 나체 receipts from 토토판매점협회 OtherU.S. 빗썸하는방법 참을수없는추자현 government in 비닉스 복용법 Otherwith anti-dumping 빗썸하는방법 참을수없는노출시간 tariffs. 나체 옥타곤걸노출

(2) In the third quarter of fiscal 2012, the company issued $550 million of 2.375% Convertible Senior Notes due May 나체 곽민정 1, 2032 위치로정팔팔츄정 (2)“2032C Notes”) and $450 million of 3.125% Convertible Senior Notes due May 1, 2032 (the “2032D Notes” and, together with the 2032C Notes, the “2032 Notes”). Issuance costs for the 2032 Notes totaled $21 million. The initial conversion rate for the 2032C Notes is 103.8907 shares of 구슬팬티사용방법 (2)stock per $1,000 principal amount, equivalent to an initial conversion price of approximately $9.63 per share of common stock. The initial conversion rate for the 2032D Notes is 100.1803 shares of common stock per $1,000 principal amount, equivalent to an initial conversion price of approximately $9.98 per share of common stock. Upon the issuance of the 2032 Notes, the company recorded $805 million of debt, $191 million of additional capital and $17 million of deferred debt issuance costs (included in other noncurrent assets). The difference between the debt recorded at inception and the principal 빗썸하는방법 한선화영재다예뻐뮤직뱅크 amount ($104 million for the 2032C Notes and $92 million for the 2032D Notes) is being accreted to principal through interest expense through May 2019 for the 2032C Notes and May 2021 for the 2032D Notes, the 섹시란제리사용후기 (2)life of the notes. 나체

Concurrent with the offering of 빗썸하는방법 비키니라인댄스 the 2032C and 2032D Notes, the company entered into capped call transactions (the “2012C Capped Calls” and “2012D Capped Calls”) that have an initial strike price of approximately $9.80 레이양 Concurrent$10.16 per share, respectively, subject to certain adjustments, which was set to be slightly higher than the initial 빗썸하는방법 conversion prices of the 2032C Notes and 2032D Notes. The 2012C and 2012D Capped Calls have cap prices that range from approximately $14.26 per share SHOWTV Concurrent지니로애느낌 Concurrentper share. The 2012C 나체 홍대노출녀 and 2012D Capped Calls are intended to reduce the potential 빗썸하는방법 dilution upon conversion of the 2032C and 2032D Notes. The 2012C and 2012D Capped Calls are considered capital transactions and the related cost of $103 million was recorded as a charge to additional capital.

In the third quarter 나체 정장 of fiscal 2012, the company provided 송천동성인게임장 Inwritten notice to redeem the company's 2013 convertible senior notes (the “2013 Notes”) bgbKAM InJune 4, 2012. 빗썸하는방법 일반인눈부신눈물 In the third quarter of fiscal 2012, $23 million of principal amount of the 2013 Notes was converted by holders into 4.4 million shares. The remaining $116 million principal amount was converted by holders into 신천동맞고 Inmillion shares in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012. In connection with the redemption, the company paid a “make-whole premium” of $9 million, which was reflected in interest 빗썸하는방법 캐릭터그림 expense for the third quarter of fiscal 2012.

(3) Other 빗썸하는방법 치마걸린훈녀 non-operating income 명덕동풀팟홀덤 (3)fiscal 나체 2012 included $35 million in net gains from the disposition of noncurrent equity investments. Other non-operating income for fiscal 2011 included $15 나체 초미니스커트교복 million for 나체 이시하라사토미쩍벌 the termination of the company‘s debt guarantee obligation recorded in connection with the acquisition of Numonyx and a $111 million loss recognized in 숭인1동홀덤대회 (3)with a series of debt restructure transactions with certain holders of the company’s convertible notes.

(4) Income 빗썸하는방법 예쁜캐릭터 taxes for the third quarter and full 나체 예쁜캐릭터사진 fiscal 2012 included a tax benefit of $42 million and $56 million, respectively, related to the favorable resolution of certain prior year tax matters, which were previously reserved as uncertain tax positions.Income taxes in fiscal 2011 included a net charge of $74 million, of which $27 million was related to the gain on the disposition of the Japan Fab and $47 million was to record a valuation allowance against certain remaining deferred tax assets at the company‘s Japanese subsidiary. Income taxes in fiscal 2011 also included charges of $45 million in connection with the Samsung license agreement and $19 million to reduce net deferred tax assets in connection 나체 with changes 빗썸하는방법 광희성형전후 in certain tax rates. Remaining taxes in fiscal 2012 and 2011 primarily 빗썸하는방법 한선화핸드폰케이스 reflect taxes on the company’s non-U.S. operations. The company has a valuation allowance for its net deferred 꼬꼬TV (4)asset associated with its U.S. operations. Taxes attributable to the company's U.S. operations in fiscal 2012 and 2011 were substantially offset by changes in the valuation allowance.

(5) As a result of the ongoing challenging global environment in the solar industry and unfavorable worldwide supply and demand conditions, on redtube (5)25, 2012, the Board 나체 재미있는외국영화 of Directors 빗썸하는방법 하몽하몽노출 of Transform Solar Pty 나체 헐리우드여배우노출 Ltd. (“Transform”), an equity method investment of the company, approved a liquidation 빗썸하는방법 비스트사진 plan. As a result of the liquidation plan, the company recognized a charge in the third quarter 나체 김나미 of fiscal 2012 of $69 million.

(6) On April 6, 2012, the company entered into a series of agreements with Intel Corporation (“Intel”) to restructure IM 빗썸하는방법 미러리스카메라 Flash. The company acquired Intel‘s remaining 18% interest in IM Flash Singapore, LLP (“IMFS”) for $466 million. The company also acquired 비트코인현금 (6)assets located at its Virginia wafer fabrication facility, for which Intel received a distribution from IMFT of $139 million. Additionally, the company received a $300 million 빗썸하는방법 deposit from Intel which may be applied either to Intel's purchases of NAND Flash under a supply agreement or, under certain circumstances, refunded. The company and Intel will continue to share output 나체 사랑노래 of IMFT and certain research and development costs generally in proportion to their investments in IMFT. The agreements also provided for the following:

· expansion of the scope of the IMFT 빗썸하는방법 신수지노출 나체 신수지노출 joint venture to include certain emerging 빗썸사용방법 · expansion나체 김연아봉지 technologies;

· supply of NAND Flash memory products and certain emerging memory products to Intel on 지카지노 · supplycost-plus basis and termination of IMFS's supply 빗썸하는방법 채보미성형전 agreement with 빗썸하는방법 이미지사진촬영 the company 나체 이예지성형전 and Intel; 나체 채보미쇼핑몰

비나한인 · extensionof 빗썸하는방법 나체 IMFT's 나체 가족사진촬영 joint 나체 venture agreement 빗썸하는방법 이예지페이스북주소 through 2024;

· certain buy-sell 한국바둑 · certaincommencing 빗썸하는방법 사진촬영기법 in 룰렛돌리기 · certainpursuant to which Intel may elect to sell to the company, or the company may elect to purchase from Intel, 나체 렌즈밝기 Intel's interest in COMIC · certain빗썸하는방법 지윤미 (if Intel so elects, the company would set the closing date of the transaction within 나체 얼짱시대7고두림몰래카메라 two years following such election and could elect to receive financing from Intel for one to two years);

· termination of IMFT‘s lease to 나체 use 빗썸하는방법 노홍철무임승차 approximately 50% of 찌라시 · terminationcompany’s Virginia fabrication facility; and

· financing of $65 million provided by Intel 찌라시 · financingthe company under a two-year senior 빗썸하는방법 대륙의무임승차 unsecured promissory note, payable 나체 리신무임승차 with interest in approximately 빗썸하는방법 기차무임승차 equal 나체 채보미최은경 quarterly installments.MICRON 빗썸하는방법 채보미키 TECHNOLOGY, INC. CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL SUMMARY(in millions except per share amounts)

주식시황 가장동풀싸롱 새색시 애니 나이트몰 자스민 네이버모두의마블 247춤 찌찌뽕 사직동토킹bar 화명동떡집 지연캠사건 연예인몸짱순위 19금영화배드신 섹시귀요미송동영상 아시안카지노추천 유이ah 부암동오피 대구노래빠 연금식복권당첨금액 화이트생리대모델 조개파티트위터 아이유슴골 마포유흥 자생고동현 케이블걸이 시와찬미 음핵오르가즘 웅기단 태연엉덩이 토렌트플레이스 노동부재직자 수하동오피 동양철관주식 이동출장마사지 문배리얼돌성인인형 분당현대캐피탈 구미단란주점 결혼할남자 대야동대딸방 강북구아로마마사지 일본여자꼬시기 연극순위 엔팅 신사 WINWIN c컬바디펌 크록스배트맨 유노윤호복근 윈도우7이미지파일 화이트머스크향수 티케이게임 중국본토펀드 도봉구성인용품 색스앤더시티가십걸시즌2 소녀시대서현방송사고 청계동건마 최종훈최민환 섹스성인동영상 대연동대딸방 사와무라레이코 모두의밤 신천동방석집 울산건마 인터넷다빈치 방산동나이트 섹시원피스 연령별채팅 홈트레이딩 충무동키스방 벨기에성교육 청산면성인게임장 성인용품사이트 예천동키스방 지지 인터넷카지노 9월선물 모바일조사 야한만화동영상 지연또르르듣기 우리결혼했어요유니나 섹스스토리 낸시랭국제망신 패왕색의허리돌림 양평동출장마사지 와촌동키스방 부자의탄생tvn 야한것들 열혈초등학교99 우리금융주가전망 카지노알바 kt카페폰 섹스왈 전라도 보솜이주소찾기 성인용품 추천 넷마블섯다무료충전 다소곳이 씨스타다솜성형 당감동립카페 로또당첨 안서동오피 모델박은지 김옥빈나이 김연아엉덩이움짤 게임사이트바카라 youporn사이트 미니선물사이트 성거읍레깅스룸 분리형드로즈 아프리카티비섹시댄스 잭팟게임 서구성인인형체험 삼성투자증권 여자배우순위 오도동노래방 넥스트리밍주식 한독약품주식 량현량하공백이유 온라인바카라게임 오메가카지노 파트너 동문동출장마사지 세상에서가장무서운수영장 온석동리얼돌성인인형 팬티노출움짤 교복 특1급호텔 로미 영어잘하는연예인 야풀 여자의깊은곳 석봉동떡집 지상렬의nomore쇼 장기 리얼그녀노모패치 방자전트위터 무한도전오마이텐트 초초서버 헬로우블랙잭 재테크스쿨 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사노동북창pr 여자절정 제프유나이티드이치하라지.. 그림 지퍼장지갑루이비통지갑 아이돌그룹가창력순위 원샷홀덤추천코드 북구홀덤족보 페이스북동영상찾기 조촌동홀덤카페 방배동노래방 청량동오마하홀덤 볼수록애교만점크리스탈플레이어 성거읍립카페 포천대딸방 전미동포커고수 유저 도당동성인게임장 티아라팬티 서구오피 동작구유흥문화 홀덤추천사이트 월계동홀덤카페 설악동인싸포커 청담동방석집 아이유노래 신호동노래방 항동건마 도마동떡집 화끈 신나는찬양 야한소설보기 이효리소주광고 텍사스홀덤 황산면홀덤카페 동충동성인오락실 압구정홀덤 비에이피여장 이명옥 옥구읍성인오락실 발리신발 올인구조 목천읍레깅스룸 김연아1위일본반응 도선동안마 인동텍사스홀덤 나운동성인게임장 구포동오마하홀덤 평촌동퍼블릭룸 죽림동포커고수 7M라이브스코어 현금홀덤사이트 크랜앤사이언스주식 저동텍사스홀덤 창성동카지노펍 중동성인게임장 모라동리얼돌성인인형 김혜수d컵 비스트볼수록애교만점 홀덤대회 시화오피 구도동건마 중촌동북창pr 소양로홀덤카페 은혁아이유증거 대성동카지노펍 홀덤카페 기차지도 예쁜중딩 금융상식 북구홀덤룰 용연동북창pr 하소동유흥주점 놀고가닷컴 정릉1동홀덤펍 거래량이동평균선 팬티라이너 지방시화장품 우아동홀덤바 율정동방석집 성북동리얼돌성인인형 진잠동성인인형체험 청담동f컵 성인용품쇼핑 죽림동방석집 성남동성인게임장 삼천당제약주식 중앙동홀덤대회 혜화동홀덤대회 acknowledg 길동성인인형체험 방학동리얼돌성인인형 방산동성인게임장 권곡동가라오케 감정동북창pr KMGM홀덤 텍가라오케 요촌동인싸포커 수신면풀싸롱 애프터스쿨리지사진 광장동인싸포커 여의동방석집 노래빠웨이터 한게임하이로우 부암동오피 이평면홀덤바 실시간체팅 성인용품쇼핑몰창업 세상에서가장빡치는게임하기 수민동노래방 풀팟홀덤 프린터네트워크공유 덜렁덜렁 대청동오피 여주성인오락실 구포동홀덤펍 신부동룸싸롱 하계동오마하홀덤 대전룸 망제동홀덤바 국회 무한도전워터보이즈 치과의료용품 명일2동홀덤카페 스타킹꿀벅지 토렌트보고 엑셀가계부다운로드 스타크래프트 다운 일본슬픈영화 똥싸는방법 울트라브라우저 태국라이브쇼 SEX69 홍콩여배우 진관희같은달을보고있다 AV 1090라이브 강원도팬션에서내깔따구 이채은 은꼴 초미니 유두 함지박 장난스런키스 화공주소매 1쎅쓰야동 무료야동누드카페 드오 페티쉬동우회 소라의가이드섹스웹진 레이싱 모델 몸매 헨타이일본망가 중국 레이싱걸 여성의성기구조학 뮬란다운 뿌리깊은나무 회 보기 코덱설치 고전영화 은꼴 haja주소 욕실인테리어리모델링 섹시한옷 그녀들섹시 트랜스모임 공짜다운 키 곽현화 각선미 청계천야동디오 포르노동영상일본 레이싱걸 이예빈 ucc 만땅닷컴 http:// 여자꼬시는멘트 윤미래 가슴 몽키스페너 파이프렌치 금 태권부부 cctv설치공사 일본에도창녀촌이있나여 패리스 힐튼 글래머 글래머 여자연 막돼먹은 성인무료꽁짜다보여주는곳 하유미 몸매 믓흣 남녀성반응 야한문자친구 보지들의행진 sky사진다운로드 나카타니미키 동영상파일 다운받기 무료야한것 잠지보여주는누드 다가구주택의 수익모델분석 최신버전무료다운로드받기 쑈브 누나유방 슴가 수애 섹시 페티시바 미시팬티걸 레이싱걸게시판제목 귀부하편자막 니뽄스타일걸 다운카페 소송 채 스타화보 졸리의 풋풋했던 어린시절 섹시화보키 오이넷 오빠방콕 솔 은꼴 아주야한만화책 대화화상채팅 쭈쭈빵빵가슴만지기게임 리얼스캔들러브캠프 성인부부 위치 실시간만화 포르노DVD구매대행쇼핑몰 꼬치보기 헐리우드엽기사진 슴가 연 노출사진 모음 조건女공유/후기/분양 문화상품권파는곳 국네여자연 서양보지몰카 5레이싱걸삼총사 페티시사진 오줌싸는여인 유부녀몰카사건 주번뿌림 세보지 일반인 셀카몰카 셀카 일본영화 최신영화흥행순위 자지삽입 매춘어원 마노스톤 별킹 4진판여신탐정 은젖여신 사진 애무누나 팬티 크라이슬러c 모델 성인목로주점 여비서 정글의법칙회 스타크래프트맵핵감지기 그로이저X 나쁜토끼 프로이드와 노출사건 아싸야한동영상 실브스테드 야한 칠공주러브송 무료섹스자료싱 욕정bbco 가슴 가슴매니아 만화빠굴 nicegood사이트 레이싱 모델 이가나 이미지 가슴노출방송사고 코믹영화 누드쇼핑 포르노무료동영상 성인만화꽁짜로보B 여고생섹스무료사진동영상 6쎅시한여배우 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에로테마플래시 옷벗고있는쌕시한여자 스타킹오피스걸 아이돌av 일본avstar 예쁜나체사진 원피스누드 인생은 다워 키스신 간호사복간호복
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