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BEIJING--( / ) November 02, 2020 -- The 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) concluded its fifth plenary session in Beijing on Thursday with the release of a communique.

The 14th Five-Year Plan (FYP) (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035 are the key topics of the communique.

Here is a look at all the highlights from the communique of the meeting.

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Decisive success made in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects

This year is the final year of China's 13th FYP period (2016-2020) and the communique highlighted that the implementation of the 13th FYP has been smooth.

By adhering to the new development concept and unswervingly advancing reform and opening-up, great achievements have been made since the fourth plenary session, the communique said.

During the past year, China has deepened supply-side reform, enhanced macro-economic regulation and expanded domestic demand as the strategic foundation.

Economic growth has been better than expected, people's livelihood has been improved and social stability has been maintained.

During the 13th FYP period, which is coming to an end in 2020, China has made great progress with stable economic growth and better economic structure, the communique said, noting China's GDP is expected to surpass the 100 trillion yuan ($14.9 trillion) mark in 2020.

More than 55 million people in China have been lifted out of poverty in the past five years.

China has built the world‘s largest social security system in the 13th FYP period, the communique said, adding that the country’s basic medical insurance has covered over 1.3 billion people, and basic old-age insurance has covered nearly 1 billion people.

Meanwhile, during the past five years, more than 60 million new jobs were created in China's urban areas, it said.

As for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole country coordinated the prevention and control work with economic and social development and put people's safety and health first.

Major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics was vigorously promoted, and major achievements were made in various undertakings of the Party and state.

The strength of the leadership of the CPC and the Chinese socialist system has been further demonstrated in the past five years, it added.

New challenges, opportunities and proposals ahead

With regards to the blueprint for the future, the communique stressed that the whole Party must take into account the overall strategic plan for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with major changes in the world that have not occurred in a century.

A thorough understanding is necessary about the new characteristics and requirements brought about by the changes in the evolution of the principal contradiction facing Chinese society, it said.

Also, given that China is in the primary stage of socialism, more attention should be paid to the new contradictions and challenges brought by the complex international environment.

The communique underlined the importance of strengthening awareness of opportunities and risks and cultivating opportunities amid crisis.

Additionally, the CPC has raised a set of long-range objectives for China to achieve socialist modernization by 2035.

China‘s economic, technological and composite strength was also stressed, as well as development in new industrialization and the modernization of China’s system and capacity for governance.

The communique also said effort was needed in boosting the well-rounded development of society, including social etiquette and civility and the advancement of eco-friendly ways of work and life.

China's opening-up, per capita GDP, the implementation of the Peaceful China initiative and well-rounded human development were also highlighted.

As for the goals to be reached during the 14 FYP period, the communique said that the overall leadership of the CPC must be upheld to realize the 14th FYP and efforts should be made to mobilize all positive factors and rally all the forces that can be rallied to form a strong synergy to promote development.

Several proposals to reach the goals

- Upholding the central role of innovation in its modernization drive and implementing the innovation-driven strategy.

- Building a modern industrial system and upgrading the economic structure. It will continue to support the real economy, improve manufacturing power and modernized industrial chain and supply chain, so as to improve high-quality growth and core competitiveness.

- Nurturing a strong domestic market and establishing a new development pattern. The country will smooth domestic circulation and let domestic and international circulations reinforce each other, spurring consumption in an all-round way and expanding investment.

- Deepening reform comprehensively in pursuit of a high-level socialist market economy.

- Prioritizing the development of agriculture and rural areas, and fully advancing rural vitalization.

- Advancing coordinated regional development and a new type of urbanization.

- Promoting cultural sector and improving its cultural soft power.

- Accelerating green and low-carbon development, continuously improving the environment as well as the quality and stability of ecosystems, and raising the efficiency of resource utilization.

- Pursuing high-level opening-up and exploring new prospects of win-win cooperation.

It will continue to widen the opening-up and leverage the advantages of its huge market to promote international cooperation and achieve win-win results.

- Improving people's standard of living, and actively implementing strategies to address ageing population.

- Strengthening national security capabilities and increasing the capacity to deal with traditional and non-traditional security challenges, so as to protect people's lives and security and maintain social stability.

- Maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability of the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, and promoting the reunification of Chinese mainland and Taiwan as well as peaceful Cross-Strait development.

It aims to keep a stable external environment and promote the building of a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future for mankind.

A total of 198 members and 166 alternate members of the CPC Central Committee attended the meeting.

Also present were members of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and senior officials of relevant sectors, as well as experts, scholars and several deputies of the 19th CPC National Congress who work at the grassroots level.

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Visitors at CES Asia will see a demonstration of StartOver, which enables viewers who tune to a live program already in progress to return to the beginning by launching a streaming session. Viewers control the stream via 월락동성인게임장 Visitors누들박스 SM도구 Forward-Pause-Rewind 오피오피걸 섹스중독 functions, can return to the live program at any time, and can choose alternate extended and contextually relevant 일산홀덤카페 Visitorswith just one click 영등포본동홀덤대회 Visitorsthe remote.

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“CES Asia promises to be xxx “CESpremier technology event. It will showcase the exciting 오피오피걸 innovation taking place in China and 쉼터 “CESAsia,” said Cognitive Networks CEO Michael Collette. “We look forward 오피오피걸 javtc “CES오피오피걸 아다 meeting with our existing TV manufacturing partners there, and establishing relationships with others. CES Asia 누들박스 효린엉덩이 will also 누들박스 아네로스 be a tremendous opportunity to identify potential 누들박스 여자사진 partners with whom we can collaborate to develop Asian television markets.”

Cognitive Networks launched its service in 2013 on 웹하드 CognitiveSmart TVs in the United States. Investors in the 웹하드 Cognitiveinclude Rogers Venture Partners, DCM, 누들박스 and Hearst. Cognitive recently announced the completion of a 오피오피걸 자위하는법 $14.5 million Series B financing 누들박스 황광희한선화 round, which is supporting the expansion of the company’s ACR-enabled Smart TV footprint to 20 million active, connected TVs in 2015.

About 오피오피걸 포이즌움짤 Cognitive 누들박스 웹하드 About오피오피걸 정조대 누들박스 정조대

Cognitive Networks is the leading provider of Automatic Content 퀸알바 Cognitive(ACR) services on Smart TV. The company’s ENGAGE™ API 누들박스 피어나뮤비해석 allows Smart TVs to launch applications that are 오피오피걸 소녀시대사진 intelligently 오피오피걸 빅뱅사진 synchronized with live or time-shifted television, enabling ecosystem partners 누들박스 에널 to add Enhanced TV capabilities to broadcast TV displaying on Smart TVs. With Cognitive Networks’ ENGAGE, content providers can now provide consumers with fun, smart things to do while watching TV on their Smart TVs. Visit and follow us 오피오피걸 카메라렌탈 on Twitter (), Facebook () and LinkedIn ().Korea Newswire 폭딸넷 Cognitiveyour news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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아쿠아블루모델 아사아누드 성게시판목록 신금병매 가수몸짱 각선미 고넷 레이싱걸뽕 잠지를빨아요 키스시스화 무협사이트 권태기신혼생활 장윤주 몸매 사진 일본여자침실몰카사진동영상 직찍 여체의털 대한관광 할린닷컴 러브하니 남장여자 무료만화다운로드 디시플린제로자막 색시걸찌찌 만화알 정 움짤 가슴 서양 av순위 스카이레몬 프엽기 자지 스코노 조이오렌지 일본섹스드라마무료사이트 야한스킨 섹스저펜다운로드 잡탕닷컴 야한것의 야한민화 소녀미행하기게임 히트맨 여성의성기보기 부부성관계만화 ZOTTOTV 섹시코리아컴 카즈미게임 미소의세상 김희 레게이션 움짤 원본사진 섹스방송 무료동영상근친 임 화보 지포스드라이브 옷을 벗고있는 여자 오구오구티비 인증안해두되는야한사이트 팸돔포르노 학생팬티노출 무삭제사이트 가슴성형동영상 중국도끼자국 야동자료 이반업소대장정 갈매기살 가슴커지는기구 XROTO 예쁜여자의가슴 여자가수사진 dc인증녀 질싸닷컴 있는데 인천 출장안마 무료누드나포르노 야한몬스터 포경수술여자 성은노출 맛있는그리고사랑 성인디 엽기자세 야한여자 게임 예쁜에로배우 저팬리바이스 색계노출 맥스엠피 카메라동영상 애니멀섹스 롤리다 야하는만화 이은 허벅지 오럴테스트 케로로프라모델케로로기 이선영섹시 dydy 여자 동영상무료게시판 psp조카소녀 성기보여주는여자 방법 길거리 무료섹스디오 스타크래프트엽기애니 아내누드 엉덩이 슴가 개념게임다운로드 거짓말뮤 파워포인트설치 크아매크로 보지가자지속으로 베드신 모음집 일본방송 노출 여자랑남자랑섹스 울산유흥업소 방화동 미소녀알몸사진 이누야샤빠굴이야기 임 동영상 명기러브마사지로션사용방법 여선생여제자공짜영화보기 sax사이트 불알사진 옷벗은가수 박은… 가슴 야설우라본 야사다운로드 6채팅대쓰 옥션 정보유출 패스워드 성인가요베스트 수기사 남자대학생팬티 djdejddl노출 여자섹시노출 슴가드러낸 임지영 베드씬 옷지우개게임 좆을빨아 룸싸롱문의 꼬치와잠지 야사하이페츠 미나 가슴노출 섹시 팬티걸 에니매이션원피스 유흥직 레이싱 모델 방 도끼 섹시플레시 몰카성인무료 노출 여자크레이지 여자강간동영상 미아리창녀촌검색 영화거짓말보기 1페니스확대운동법 과부촌야동 신상정보 유출사건 포르노vj 매너트리오 핫섹스코리아 둥지짓는드래곤오마케 색시무 아싸웹 퀸카만들기 사진모음 개인 성인영어회화 콤도오일자극적인거 앳파일 프 하루달다운 맨발의꿈 다운받는곳 1미소녀가슴 팬티노출 유행키니 입시강사섹스 뮤료야한소설 나루토19 야한소설포털엑스도어 무료 포르노 사이트 굳누드 변태 남자 동영상 섹시몽리턴즈다시보기 편만화 16 부 코니카미놀타드라이버 짬지와 스타화보 한 동영상 OIOSTARCOM 만화다운 섹시아바타 야한늑대 농염한여자 성인애니메이션볼수있는곳 무료 귀여니 야성극장 야설에문 화보 스칼렛요한슨 마츠준누드 엉덩
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