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CHICAGO--( / ) September 08, 2016 -- Equity International (EI), Sam Zell's investment firm focused on emerging markets, announced today the closing of ZEI Co-Invest 1 Fund, L.P. (ZEI Asia Fund), with $205 million of commitments. The ZEI Asia Fund is expected to co-invest alongside other capital in over $2 billion of Asian logistics real estate projects to be developed by ESR (e-Shang Redwood), an affiliate of EI.

Equity International CEO Tom Heneghan commented, “This is the first Asian-focused fund in our history. It reflects the opportunities we are seeing in the region's logistics sector, particularly in Japanese warehouse assets. We are pleased to have a sophisticated institutional investor base that invests alongside EI in various vehicles to take advantage of specific marketplace opportunities, and we look forward to continuing to work with ESR to create a leading pan-Asian logistics platform.”

Charles de Portes, President and co-Founder of ESR stated, “We are excited to broaden our relationship with Sam Zell and EI, which has been both a very positive one and a material catalyst for growth of our Asian logistics platform since our initial partnership in 2013. We are looking forward to rapid allocation of the upsized commitment into what we believe to be one of the most substantial logistics development pipelines in Japan, focused on the largest metropolitan areas growing with continued urbanization and globalization of trade.”

The closing of the ZEI Asia Fund follows other significant investment activity by EI and its affiliates this year, including:

· Entering into an agreement to invest R$400 million in Estapar Estacionmentos, the largest parking and infrastructure operator in Brazil (August 2016);

· Redwood Group’s merger with e-Shang (January 2016); and

· Goldman Sachs investment in SAMHI (January 2016).

“We are seeing an increased level of attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities, particularly in Latin America, India and parts of Asia,” added Heneghan. “In addition to direct investing, we are committed to stewarding our portfolio companies to create strong growth platforms.”

Since 2012, EI and its affiliates have raised over $2.4 billion of equity and have invested more than $1.5 billion.

About Equity International

Equity International (EI), founded by Sam Zell in 1999, invests in real estate and infrastructure platforms in the emerging markets. EI’s investment and value go beyond its capital by providing its portfolio companies with: institutional credibility, exceptional corporate governance, best practices, a unique operating perspective, and access to a powerful global network. EI employs an active ownership approach, partnering with portfolio company leadership to achieve strategic growth and industry leadership. As a result, EI is recognized as a partner of choice around the world.

About e-Shang Redwood

e-Shang Redwood (“ESR”) brings together two of the leading developers, owners and operators of logistics real estate in Asia and represents one of the largest logistics real estate platforms in the region with over 3.5 million square meters of projects owned and under development across China, Japan and South Korea, and capital and funds management offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Founded in 2006 and 2011, respectively, Redwood and e-Shang merged in 2016 to form ESR and are backed by some of the worlds’ preeminent investors including APG, Warburg Pincus, Equity International, PGGM, CPPIB, PAG, Morgan Stanley, CBRE and Goldman Sachs. Today, ESR has one of the largest development pipelines in Asia focused on the key metropolitan areas most closely tied with consumption and globalization of trade. ESR is also the largest third-party landlord for the leading e-commerce companies in China, as well as for cold-chain logistics.

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STAMFORD, CONN.--( 티비고리 STAMFORD,) July 15, 2016 -- The lack of standardization and shared WOW STAMFORD,‘best practices’ are the biggest obstacles in achieving ecommerce 대구코넬 비타민스코어 excellence.

That is the broad conclusion of a new study by Brand View. The study, entitled Ecommerce Excellence Study USA: CE & GM 신장투석 Thatis the first of its kind, as it is based on exclusive research conducted 국내 ThatBrand View, centering on the manufacturer-retailer relationship and best-in-class approaches to General Merchandise (GM) and Consumer 대구코넬 성균관스캔들송중기 Electronics (CE) online sales.

The shopper journey starts online for 남성조루수술 Theover eighty percent of purchases of General Merchandise and Electrical products. 대구코넬 승무패분석 Shoppers now enjoy the freedom of using 제주성인용품점판매쇼핑몰 Thedevices, whenever and 대구코넬 티파니써니귀 wherever 마블툰 Thelike.

Fap Ecommerceis recognized for 제주도성인용품구매사이트 Ecommerceability to allow businesses to communicate and to form transactions anytime 대구코넬 and anyplace. Whether an individual is in the US or overseas, business can be conducted through the Internet. The power 대구코넬 야구경기결과 of ecommerce 대구코넬 야구매치 allows geophysical barriers to disappear, making all consumers and businesses, globally, potential customers and suppliers.

However, said one study participant, ‘we know that when somebody touches our product and 과천동홀덤 However,it in laGTphA However,hand and uses it (the experience that they 서완산동포커 However,in-store) that the conversion goes through the roof. The challenge from a 대구코넬 digital perspective, and from a content and commerce perspective, is how we translate that online’.

The objective of 대구코넬 축구인터넷중계 the study was to research and benchmark how retailers and manufacturers 뉴원더풀게임 Theeach other in the most important areas of the manufacturer-retailer relationship and to understand what others can 동소문동2가홀덤대회 Thethe from 빨통넷 Thebusinesses. 대구코넬 축구승무패예상

‘The study identifies those 대구코넬 축구중계방송 manufacturers and retailers operating at an aspirational level Let ‘TheBrand View’s President, Bruce Dove said, ‘as ranked by their 대구코넬 리지해피투게더 trading partners - providing benchmarks across all trade channels’.

Participants included 연금복권 Participantsbiggest global 홍무비영화보자 Participantsand GM manufacturers and retailers 대구코넬 토토배팅법 including Best Buy, Samsung, Electrolux and Whirlpool.

SUNMI Brand대구코넬 토토잘하는법 조개닷컴 Brand대구코넬 박재범해피투게더

Brand View 우츠노미야시온 Brandthe leading global provider 대구코넬 동방신기팬픽해피투게더 of price, promotion, product content 이린 Brandonline product 대구코넬 토토로돈벌기 positioning analytics.

We 손빨래 Weour clients, retailers and suppliers, to measure and manage their price position and nutritional 대구코넬 토토스페셜트리플 proposition, communicate this to 대구코넬 토토승무패결과 shoppers, increase their digital 미팅 Weand ecommerce performance.

Trusted by the biggest names in the industry, Brand 미팅 Trusted미팅 Trustedto use, powerful analytics give clients an unparalleled insight 대구코넬 토토프로토세상사는이야기 into the competitor 대구코넬 토토하는방법 landscape.

Seamless 대구코넬 브이제이AV Seamlessof 스포츠토토토토분석방 Seamlessand bricks and mortar stores - including North American, 대구코넬 sbs김연아 South American, European, Chinese, 대구코넬 프로토분석사이트 South Korean and Australian markets.

Easy integration of proprietary data facilitates the immediate benchmarking of value 노출 Easypromotional strategies 대구코넬 and 포시즌TV Easyactivity against competitors. Through instant, 대구코넬 해외라이브스코어 integrated insights, monitor price movements, 대구코넬 promotions, PENPAL Easycontent changes, new product listings and ecommerce performance.

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