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IRVINE, CALIF.--( / ) August 06, 2014 -- RFaxis (), Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company focused on developing innovative, next-generation RF solutions for the wireless connectivity and cellular mobility markets, today announced that it will be unveiling a family of Nano RF products code named "Nucleus”.

The initial device, Nucleus45, is a fully integrated 5GHz 802.11ac RF Front-end IC (RFeIC) in 40nm CMOS process, and is slated for sampling to strategic customers in Q4, 2014. A dual-band / dual-mode RFeIC in the same 40nm node, Nucleus4, will be available in Q1, 2015. The company will also introduce its next-generation Nucleus2 series products, providing a seamless migration from 40nm to 28nm process node.

Driven by key applications such as smartphones, PCs/tablets, high-definition video streaming, and Internet of Things (IoTs), Wi-Fi continues to enjoy huge market success, maintaining its explosive growth momentum. According to Strategy Analytics, over 2 billion Wi-Fi chips were shipped in 2013, with projected annual shipment to exceed 3 billion units by 2017.

To further improve wireless speed and real-life data throughput, the Wi-Fi industry is rapidly adopting the latest IEEE standard, 802.11ac, that supports advanced modulation schemes such as 256QAM, up to 8x8 MIMO (Multiple-In Multiple-Out) and MU-MIMO (Multi-User MIMO), in order to deliver unprecedented high data speed approaching 10 Gbps. To further reduce size, enhance processor capability, and increase level of integration, Wi-Fi SoC vendors have been constantly moving toward smaller CMOS process nodes for their next-generation products.

As CMOS technology continues its migration path toward deeper submicron nodes, such as 40nm, 32nm and 28nm, the reduction in supply voltage, along with passive losses associated with substrate leakage, pose great design challenges for RF PAs (Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers) and front-ends with high power capability, good linearity and competitive efficiency. On the other hand, these nanometer-scale CMOS processes also provide a multitude of new features and advantages, such as unprecedented signal processing power that can provide huge benefits to RF/analog designs if utilized properly.

For instance, DPD (digital pre-distortion) has been routinely used on mainstream Wi-Fi SoCs today to help deliver reasonable on-chip output power with good linearity for OFDM modulation, while ET (envelope tracking) is rapidly emerging as a promising enabling technology for CMOS PAs to replace incumbent GaAs-based PAs for 3G/4G-LTE handset applications.

While these powerful and sophisticated digital techniques can be applied to control and enhance any type of RF front-end solution, the best synergy occurs when both the SoC (baseband/transceiver) and RF components are designed and fabricated in the same CMOS process. That is exactly the goal of RFaxis’ Nucleus product family. With patented architecture, proprietary advanced technology, and in-house design know-how, RFaxis has overcome multiple technical hurdles and mastered the art of achieving high and linear RF power with low-voltage CMOS devices.

A prime example is RFaxis’ RFX240, a 2.4GHz 11b/g/n/ac PA based on standard 0.18um CMOS process, that delivers 26dBm (400mW) linear power with 3% EVM for 64QAM OFMD at 5V supply voltage, with excellent power added efficiency (PAE) surpassing that of competitor designs using GaAs or SiGe processes. RFaxis' extensive portfolio of 2.4/5GHz RFeICs complete with PA, LNA and antenna switches have been in high-volume production, providing state-of-the-art performance at unprecedented prices, as a result of low-cost CMOS process technology.

The RFaxis Nucleus Family

With the Nucleus product family, RFaxis will further push the envelope by integrating high-performance RF in nanometer process nodes. Nucleus45 is designed to deliver 18dBm output power to meet the most stringent linearity requirement for 256QAM modulation for 11ac - without the use of any DPD techniques. The integrated LNA provides an extremely low noise figure of 2.5dB at system level, with all losses associated with impedance matching and antenna switch included. The RF performance matches that with state-of-the-art designs from much more expensive semiconductor processes such as GaAs, SiGe, or SOI.

The Nucleus solution provides the wireless industry a path forward to synchronize robust RF, digital and mixed-signal designs in deeper micron process nodes, enabling customers to achieve their RF performance targets with accelerated design cycle, greatly reduced development risk, shortened time-to-market, while avoiding massive new R&D investment.

"RF Front-ends play a very critical role in maximizing the number of bars and guaranteeing the highest data rates for wireless communication devices such as smartphones and tablets,” said Mike Neshat, chairman and CEO of RFaxis. “Due to unique challenges in RF design, the wireless industry has been relying on expensive Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) or Silicon Germanium (SiGe) technologies for their RF front-end requirements, until now. RFaxis is the first and only company in the world that is shipping complete RF front-end solutions in pure CMOS process, with uncompromised performance and utterly disruptive pricing.”

“With the introduction of Nucleus, RFaxis is on solid track to fulfill its mission by offering the wireless industry an RF front-end solution that is native to CMOS and matches seamlessly with mainstream SoCs for Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, or Internet of Things," Neshat said.

About RFaxis, Inc.

Launched in March 2009, RFaxis, Inc. is an Irvine, CA based company specializing in the design and development of RF semiconductors. With its patented technologies, the company leads the way in next-generation wireless solutions designed for the multibillion dollar WLAN 802.11b/g/a/n/ac, MIMO, IoT / M2M, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT, 6LoWPAN, AMR / AMI, and wireless audio/video streaming markets. Leveraging pure CMOS, in conjunction with its own innovative approaches, patented technologies and trade secrets, RFaxis is home to the world's first RF Front-end Integrated Circuit (RFeIC™). More information can be found at:Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

SINGAPORE--( / ) March 29, 2017 -- IoT Asia - Asavie, a provider of next generation 실시간방송 어플 enterprise mobility management and Internet of Things(IoT) connectivity solutions, today announced the opening of a new regional headquarters in Kuala 디시인사이드 모바일 SINGAPORE--(Malaysia and the establishment of a new Point-of-Presence (PoP) in. The new hub will provide enhanced coverage and increased diversity options to customers in the region. Asavie also announced the appointment of Paul 소라 9알바 Rogers as Vice President of Asia Pacific with responsibility for sales and business development in the region.

Asavie is enjoying huge demand for its on-demand network connectivity services from mobile network operators and 실시간방송 어플 화성인한송이 디시인사이드 모바일 Asaviein the APAC region. Through this PoP, Asavie will be able to provide a range of IoT connectivity 실시간방송 어플 레이싱걸f컵 and mobility management service solutions its customers in the APAC market. Asavie’s expanded presence in APAC will result in an expansion of operations to include 실시간방송 어플 섹스코리아69 sales, pre-sales, consulting services and technical support, enabling the cultivation and rapid acquisition of customers, as well 소라 성인에로영화 as expediting the international expansion of 소라 Asavie’s ecosystem of system integrators.

APAC is forecasted as a high growth IoT market as evidenced by a Research 소라 한송이움짤 and Markets study which shows 실시간방송 어플 야한동영상모음집 the APAC market is expected to grow at the highest 스포츠중계토TV APACduring 2016-2021 and to overtake the North American IoT market by 2021. The primary driving forces for this growth are increasing technological adoption and huge opportunities 실시간방송 어플 제이통찌찌뽕뮤비 across industry verticals in the APAC countries, especially India, China, and Japan.[1]

“Asavie is 휴지킹 “Asaviesignificant growth and demand 실시간방송 어플 찢어진청바지코디 for our services, and we are expanding 소라 남성찢어진청바지 our physical presence in APAC to better serve the 실시간방송 어플 여자야상조끼 accelerating market opportunity,” said Ralph Shaw, CEO 소라 숏야상 of Asavie. “With the growing 실시간방송 어플 adoption of the IoT across many industry verticals and the continued demand for mobility management solutions there is huge demand for Asavie’s offerings. This latest strategic expansion, will allow us to serve the 소라 thousands of companies in APAC seeking to gain competitive advantage through Asavie’s innovative solutions.”

Shaw 소라 찌찌빠빠 continued, “Additionally, as Asavie 실시간방송 어플 섹스사진 enjoys continued growth in the APAC region, 소라 여자가슴타투 we are adding Paul Rogers, a proven executive who brings unparalleled leadership and 실시간방송 어플 야한거 execution 모두의밤 Shawto our senior sales team.”

망고 About실시간방송 어플 음악중심 Asavie 소라 뮤직 실시간방송 어플 뮤직

Asavie makes connectivity simple. The 실시간방송 어플 비스티보이즈 Asavie PassBridge™ platform delivers on demand connectivity services to manage and secure connectivity across diverse networks, at 소라 섹스테크닉 scale. In partnership with over 20 leading mobile operators including AT&T, Telefonica, 실시간방송 어플 게스언더웨어홈페이지 Three and Vodafone, as 영화조타 Asavieas hardware providers such as Dell, Asavie enables over 10,000 end-user enterprises large and small to scale 실시간방송 어플 게스속옷 their smart, connected projects resulting in 영화조타 Asavie영화조타 Asaviesavings and rapid delivery of new services to market.

오피한국 [1]Internet 실시간방송 어플 아이비불후의명곡 of Things (IoT) Market by Software Solution 토토카페 [1]Streaming Analytics, Security, Data Management, Remote Monitoring, & Network 소라 Bandwidth Management), Platform, Service, Application Domain, and Region - Global Forecast to 2021. Research and Markets

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