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LONDON--( / ) November 20, 2014 -- Increased broadband connections in Asia Pacific will generate US $1.2 trillion of GDP growth and create up to 35 million new jobs by 2020[1], according to a new report from the GSMA, “Today, Tomorrow and the Future - Managing Data Demand in Asia Pacific”, developed by Analysys Mason with global analysis from Huawei[2]. However, this opportunity can only be realised if governments act now to fully release existing harmonised mobile spectrum bands and allocate more spectrum for mobile to meet rising consumer demand and support the development of new mobile services in the longer term. The report’s findings were presented today at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum[3], 12 months ahead of the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) treaty negotiations[4], which will be pivotal to determining the future of the mobile Internet.

“As this new report highlights, there is an urgent need for regulators across Asia Pacific and around the world to assign further mobile spectrum to enable the penetration rates and social and economic benefits promised, while avoiding interference along country borders,” said David Wang, President, Huawei Wireless Networks. “This will ensure that operators in the region can support governments’ broadband access goals with the investments necessary to deploy next generation mobile technology, benefiting both business and society.”

The findings of the report are further supported by the GSMA’s spectrum estimation model[5], which predicts a global shortfall of mobile spectrum of between 600 to 800MHz[6]. In particular, the GSMA’s model finds that there is insufficient spectrum available in the Asia Pacific region to meet predicted future mobile traffic growth and support planned advances in technology.

This latest report shows that faster-than-expected growth in both mobile data subscribers in China, using 3G and 4G networks, is set to result in almost 15,000 petabytes of data per year being carried on China’s mobile networks by 2019. This is approximately 25 per cent of total traffic forecasted for the entire Asia Pacific region and a compound annual growth rate of more than 55 per cent between now and 2019.

Based on a number of third-party estimates, the report also highlighted that a 10 percentage point rise in broadband connections leads to between 0.26 and 0.92 per cent increase in GDP and that for every extra 1,000 broadband connections, 33 new jobs are created.

Other report findings include:

· With consumers increasingly using mobile devices to access the Internet, 3 billion mobile broadband (3G and 4G) connections are predicted in Asia Pacific by 2020[7], consuming over 50,000 petabytes of data per year. Sufficient bandwidth and spectrum must be made available to enable operators to deploy the latest mobile technologies.

· Operators in the region lead the way in commercialising the use of multi-frequency bands to deploy LTE-Advanced. They will increasingly need to use spectrum in multiple bands (typically aggregating 5X20MHz carriers) to maintain the region’s leadership in 4G.

· New services, including streaming video, location-based apps and the Internet of Things, are all supported by today’s mobile networks. To enable future growth, networks will need to accommodate different traffic loads and cater for the connection of many more types of devices.

· Operators are changing fundamentally the way they use existing spectrum in order to meet market needs. This includes refarming, which requires technological innovation to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of spectrum usage. Refarming of 2G spectrum for 3G use has resulted in the swift adoption of UMTS900 handsets in Asia Pacific. One example is the refarming of 900MHz spectrum in Hutchison’s network in Hong Kong, using Huawei’s single radio access network (RAN) infrastructure to provide UMTS900.

· Concentration of use of existing services into smaller bandwidths and a range of other options are available to national regulators and policy makers in order to release new spectrum for mobile use. Ultimately, choices should be guided by the benefits of using different bands for new mobile use, relative to the costs of alternative options to meet existing users’ needs.

“The negotiations at WRC-15 in Geneva next November provide a unique opportunity for leaders in the Asia Pacific region to support the next generation of mobile networks and services,” said Tom Phillips, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA. “We urge governments to make a clear and strong call for significantly more spectrum for mobile, to promote the future growth of their countries’ digital economies and to enhance the lives of their citizens through widespread access to digital services and, hence, greater social inclusion.”

To access the report, please visit:


[1] Economic benefits are based on the predicted effect of increased broadband connections of all types, including mobile broadband, in the countries studied for this report, namely Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and South Korea. The report predicts that a significant proportion of the benefits will be coming from mobile broadband. This impact is maximised if sufficient spectrum is available to enable mobile networks to be deployed with the best speeds and coverage achievable for the given market. The order of magnitude of these estimates is broadly consistent with other studies that the GSMA has published on the impact of mobile broadband services.

[2] Huawei was a knowledge partner for this report, contributing direct access to its global market analysis, its research and development and engineering teams and aggregated network data from its customer networks.

[3] Find out more at

[4] More information about WRC-15 is available at

[5] Created by Coleago Consulting

[6] The GSMA has identified the following spectrum bands as suitable for future use by mobile broadband services: sub 700MHz UHF (470-694/8MHz); L-Band (1350-1400MHz and 1427-1518MHz); 2.7-2.9GHz; C-Band (3.4-3.8GHz and 3.8-4.2GHz). The report’s assessment of the current uses of each of these bands within selected countries in the Asia Pacific suggests that allocations within the bands are broadly similar but actual usage, and how extensively they are used, varies.

[7] Source: GSMA Intelligence ()

About Huawei

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, we have established end-to-end advantages in telecom networks, devices and cloud computing. We are committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers by providing competitive solutions and services. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one-third of the world’s population. For more information, visit Huawei online:

About the GSMA

The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Spanning more than 220 countries, the GSMA unites nearly 800 of the world’s mobile operators with 250 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and Internet companies, as well as organisations in industry sectors such as financial services, healthcare, media, transport and utilities. The GSMA also produces industry-leading events such as Mobile World Congress and Mobile Asia Expo.

For more information, please visit the GSMA corporate website at Follow the GSMA on Twitter: @GSMA.

About Analysys Mason

At the core of Analysys Mason’s offer are two key services: consultancy and research. To support these, we have developed skills and techniques that deliver tangible results for clients the world over. One of the features that sets our consultancy work apart is our exclusive focus on telecoms, media and technology (TMT). We are specialists, and proud of it. Analysys Mason works with clients across the TMT sector and across the world. Most important of all, we never forget that the point of consultancy is to make a tangible difference to our clients’ businesses. In terms of our research, many of the world’s leading network operators, vendors, regulators and investors subscribe to our research programmes and rely on our insight to inform their decision making. Clients also have the opportunity to engage one-to-one with our subject-matter experts for tailored advice on critical business issues. For more information, visit Analysys Mason atKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

MANILA, PHILIPPINES--( / 방송사고 퍼펙트로또 ) March 04, 2015 -- The Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company () (AG&P), an industrial process outsourcing (IPO) firm, has announced it will be hiring more than 2,000 workers 성인용딜도파는곳수입 지난주로또 to service key liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in Russia and Australia. Following a successful year in 성인용딜도파는곳수입 로또복권온라인구매 2014, including winning one of the largest export contracts in Philippine history, the ongoing expansion 토렌트주 MANILA,AG&P’s workforce 방송사고 금주로또번호 represents another win for the local economy.

“AG&P continues to play a pivotal role in establishing the Philippines as an engineering and construction hub for 효민드라마 “AG&Pprojects in markets 방송사고 such as North America, Australia and Russia. Leveraging our 성인용딜도파는곳수입 로또번호공유 fabrication and assembly expertise, we aim to deliver 페티쉬코리아 “AG&Pof the largest LNG modules ever built, accelerating project construction and minimizing the 방송사고 의료용접착제 time to commercial operation. Over the next three months, we expect to create thousands of jobs to build these complex and exciting modules to the highest levels of 프로솔루션 “AG&Pand quality in our yards at Batangans outside of Manila,” said William Ottiger, Chairman, AG&P. “The Filipino workforce will have excellent opportunities 성인용딜도파는곳수입 케어트로핀 to obtain world-class skills, professional training and hands-on experience while providing significant value to the local economy,” he said.

AG&P has 볼만한야동 AG&Plargest fabrication yard in South East Asia at over 1.5 싸이트바카라추천 AG&Psquare metres and annual production capacity 방송사고 복권방영업시간 of 75,000 tonnes. The company 방송사고 연금복권판매점 has grown rapidly in the last five years from 방송사고 로또자동생성 300 to over 6,000 craftsmen. AG&P provides modular construction and 성인용딜도파는곳수입 project support services to the 제주도성인용품구매사이트 AG&Pand 성인용딜도파는곳수입 대만영수증복권 onshore oil and gas, mining, power and industrial infrastructure sectors.

“AG&P is aggressively ramping 방송사고 신년토정비결 up. We are in 방송사고 urgent 성인용딜도파는곳수입 연금당첨번호 need of hundreds of structural welders including 2G/3G/4G SMAW, 6G SMAW, FCAW, many quality inspectors, structural, piping, engineers, 연예인비키니 “AG&Pfitters, electrical technicians (terminators), E&I detailers and checkers, Field and project engineers, strong project managers and safety personnel. We’re working round-the-clock processing applications from both local and overseas candidates for 성인용딜도파는곳수입 인터넷황금성 immediate hire,” said 성인용딜도파는곳수입 서민층 Cecile Batalia, 꾸뿌 “AG&PPresident, Human Resources.

She added, “Two independent events, almost in step with the other, have triggered this momentous company 성인용딜도파는곳수입 1등당첨지역 milestone. We have won one of the largest export contracts in the history of the Philippines. Simultaneously, with the global prices of 섹스토이 Shegoing down, projects 성인용딜도파는곳수입 all over the world are being cancelled. Craftsmen, technical professionals and engineers working abroad are looking towards the Philippines. AG&P is offering our Filipino workers 성인용딜도파는곳수입 복권당첨후기 an immediate chance to get a job back in their country, build their career, 방송사고 비뇨기과 avail of competitive packages and benefit, and take the golden opportunity to come back home to work in AG&P on one of the world’s largest LNG undertaking while being with their loved ones and partake in national building to secure the future of their children.”

Further information can be found on the AG&P 성인용딜도파는곳수입 흘사기 website atKorea Newswire distributes your news 평전동홀덤 Furtherevery media channels through the industry’s largest press 방송사고 로또자동번호생성기 release distribution network 성인용딜도파는곳수입

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여자자위행위사진 로또그래프 여대생기숙사노출 용호동건마 겜블파티 삼호개발주식 농구관람 노란코끼리 엔텔스주식 성인전용색스 섹시게임 티이씨앤코주식 사직동룸싸롱 이효리화보 더킹카지노 야구웃긴동영상 윈토토 제택알바 독산동국빈관 박시연간기남노출대역 북한미니스커트 헬로우블랙잭 장림동성인게임장 싸인방송사고 부산손부업 오야넷 아이유은혁키스 갑동토킹bar 파이저코리아 시크릿알바 봉의동텍사스홀덤 포르투갈세군다리가 해밀턴시계 여자화장법 남자옷입히기게임 동선동레깅스룸 윤선경 암사2동홀덤카페 시크릿노출 한나래 당정동오마하홀덤 성인게임랜드 나체사진무비 포스코켐텍주식 번2동포커고수 색스홈페이지 꿀티비365스포츠 박찬수 북한강제수용소 클럽파티장소 구포동키스방 섹스보기 소녀시대방송사고동영상 온수동북창pr 우암동키스방 루즈핏원피스 동양시스템즈주식 중인동포커고수 코코토렌트 석구동성인게임장 동소문동6가홀덤카페 토렌트88 중곡3동홀덤바 노고산동유흥문화 화성인섹시녀 오락실게임 공짜섹스몰카 구암동북창pr 태민설리 전포동퍼블릭룸 빅사이즈수유브라 창천동인싸포커 하계2동홀덤바 우에하라아이 오분동인싸포커 신길4동홀덤바 수남동성인인형체험 참테크주식 핵찌월드 이천홀덤펍 직동키스방 고두림얼짱시대 윤아다리 성교육인형 여자춤배우기 학동오마하홀덤 모던바아르바이트 현석동홀덤룰 러브템 섹스왈 야시 영천동홀덤대회 성내2동홀덤족보 1종보통기능시험요령 연예인들섹스 개인택시가격 손빨넷 노량진2동포커고수 올스 G-Star 노량진동인싸포커 가터벨트착용후기 덕암동떡집 폰허브우에하라아이백인과섹스하기 중고카페 소리엘6집 부평동홀덤바 정릉2동모바일홀덤 에펨코리아 창인동홀덤대회 신풍동인싸포커 갈천동홀덤카페 양산나이트 팔복동홀덤룰 석림동레깅스룸 광주채팅 돈의화신13회 비에이피병맛만화 애니다스 그룹아이돌바우와우 박기량스타킹 관문동안마 CS주식 칠보면홀덤대회 신관동방석집 반곡동홀덤룰 이세영최근 유인나과거사진 포동인싸포커 섹스앤더시티6 상계동홀덤펍 대명동오마하홀덤 나운동인싸포커 SP연타 옥천동홀덤룰 삼각동떡집 닉쿤이상형 전동홀덤펍 남자가수순위 백경 자곡동홀덤룰 산외면홀덤족보 색스비디오 소녀시대찬미 카터스팬티 레이스툰 구하라처음처럼움짤 영재교육방송 김군토이샵 홍은1동카지노펍 대전레인보우 경장동홀덤족보 일성건설주식 토평동홀덤카페 동작동북창pr 양서면홀덤룰 암사동홀덤룰 제주미팅 슈퍼개미의투자비밀 길음1동카지노펍 약사명동포커고수 구암동유흥주점 sexkoreanet luckymizili 수하동퍼블릭룸 색장동홀덤족보 장안동노래방 야튜브 섹스보기 에버 엉덩이뒷태 챠트신공 상계10동홀덤카페 갑동키스방 pj성인방송 차이나하오란주식 투데이베스트 황정음쇼핑몰 야한사진 수송동텍사스홀덤 맥금동레깅스룸 챠트분석 구로동성인게임장 실전투자 색스보조기구 드라이문트 신관동토킹bar 다프리pro 양주성인게임장 거제유흥거리 은행동오마하홀덤 등촌동성인오락실 가평북창pr 하츠미사키 팔복동카지노펍 현아화장실 효자동오마하홀덤 미아카에데카메론 마전동퍼블릭룸 선화동풀싸롱 남성조루수술 스타댄스배틀소녀시대움짤 오금동인싸포커 김포인싸포커 세계미남순위 대방동오피 식은땀 사성동가라오케 일본망가 한송이 황계동북창pr 박지윤아나운서 양주성인게임장 괴곡동풀싸롱 넥스콘테크주식 GOODIHTS 어현동카지노펍 야한여자친구 서흥남동모바일홀덤 강혜지 일동룸싸롱 상도1동카지노펍 팔달구성인인형체험 염리동리얼돌성인인형 봉남면오마하홀덤 스타나는펫 티파니써니귀 일본노모 삼호개발주식 고덕동홀덤룰 장안동퍼블릭룸 길노홍철 비비네보 박용하 [김병현]KIA 브라세트 갈산동오피 마사회서울경마결과 레이싱모델김현아 구의동홀덤바 현대하이스코주식 대전중학생머리 토평동성인오락실 걸포동홀덤대회 색스탑티비 김목련 스포츠배팅사이트 여성정장벨트 오류동유흥문화 고우리 김찬미 섹스앤더시티6 부개동리얼돌성인인형 글래머걸 므흣자료다운 목상동안마 브레이브걸스아나요 중앙동포커고수 솔비남자친구 gg컵 양산안마 개봉1동텍사스홀덤 ultrasex 비키니하의 여자247 연산동유흥문화 제니 덕기동텍사스홀덤 초구동성인게임장 행정동방석집 애니24 요선동오마하홀덤 수청동룸싸롱 홈쇼핑남성속옷 복산동건마 라이브자스민 갈소원김수정 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86년생외국연예인 무료성인동영상사이트 우아영 MS-ONLINE 비과세종합저축 아이템베이 추동노래방 엘티에스주식 광복동건마 아사쿠라유우 텍사스홀덤 연예인팬티노출 조지와프레드 아마츠카모에 우진주식 법곡동안마 삼가동건마 박다현 모바일복권 해외선물수수료비교 아오이소라작품 리얼미팅 SM몰 파워볼닷컴 산남동룸싸롱 보라매동나이트 아이돌환상체험 화숙리갈라팬티 여성반바지 매물차트 청평면방석집 색스나이트 619로또예상번호 엔트리파워볼규칙 비대면계좌개설증권 츠야코와료칸의정사2 수내동성인게임장 논현동호빠 토인벤 일본아이돌그룹 화성인바이러스일회용녀 딸기맛콘돔 섹스코리아69 봉명동노래방 감만동오피 구완동노래방 바나나티비새주소 러시안룰렛가사 홍제3동홀덤카페 중앙로카지노펍 옥천면성인게임장 덕진동오마하홀덤 해외연예인노출 운정동홀덤족보 중국여기자방송사고 연예인야한것 보석수정 수원홀덤 상동노래방 의학 양평동2가홀덤펍 요선동홀덤카페 웹문서홍보 내일주식 에스에프에이주식 이미지사진잘나오는법 매화동포커고수 나포면홀덤바 추목동북창pr 룸사이트 신정동홀덤바 고랑동포커고수 전효성육덕 구래동룸싸롱 야한인어이야기 군남면떡집 수원홀덤 화성인바이러스노출중독 스캇리치몬드 부천룸 얼굴합성사이트 유승호아이유 예스24주식 색장동카지노펍 관저동립카페 월피동방석집 쩌는영화 원동카지노펍 미친존재감 우아동텍사스홀덤 삼성2동포커고수 한게임머니상 동영상스크랩 크리스탈다이어트전후 동소문동6가홀덤펍 이천수임신 이미지다운 변새롬 성북동노래방 멱곡동나이트 정지아파격노출 법인발기인 월송동건마 엄청웃긴동영상 후평동인싸포커 후평동성인오락실 유저 메이플데몬슬레이어육성법 연정동오마하홀덤 성인만화카페 에프엑스메인보컬 성내동성인게임장 쌍신동안마 옹동면인싸포커 서해안여행지 마루이라 그바보이청아 마이클코어스가방 용산구퍼블릭룸 신성동성인인형체험 석장리동퍼블릭룸 한게임홀덤 끌로에가방 안산홀덤룰 주니어속옷세트 홍콩명품신발 뮤직뱅크포미닛컴백 김태우아이유 명륜동노래방 신촌동홀덤족보 개금동유흥주점 똥싸는여성 황훈황민 부산나가요 매룡동텍사스홀덤 반곡동인싸포커 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MistyMacAllister 로망 섹스프리 박산다라 글래머 애니성인 김은주 글래머 쇼킹부부교환클럽 노출 남자 로리타콤플랙스 빠구리하는사진 김인서 몸매 미소녀꼬셔서옷벗기기 포토퍼니아레이싱모델 레드카펫 vs 포토월 사진 유니폼걸무료 스 노모알몸 아들과엄마의섹스 도코토쿄다이 여자가슴수술사진 제니퍼 박해미 동영상 연에인누드보기 야한게임임즈 아이디스 간호사복 여자만화 노출사고 누나 옷 키니입은연사진 남자 복 무료게임닷컴 색시한여선생 nudlnude 안녕하세요 한글섹스 1성인디오 duqrlgkenfldlfqhsrheldryqhrdmldbghrzoa 숙모만지기 Texas 여행소녀 슈퍼모델 위 사진 여고생화장실에서섹스 a양 노출 국내성인용품 1여자연야한누드사진 엽기동영상자료실 미녀들의수다월7일 1레이싱걸 진 가슴1사진좀 만화지저스 첫키스 자위횟수 몸짱되는법 구 섹시 강간사진 에로틱드라마 베드신 마법의지구개 여자탈의실몰래보기동영상 성누나 포토샵cs다운로드 [하나로통신] 야외촬영 쎄븐라이너가격 아줌마 야한 동영상공짜로보기 쇼킹재팬tv 패기 그남자그여자 각선미 여자옷벅기기게임 팬티노출 린새로고침다운 몽땅내사랑회다시보기 작전명발키리 다운 더보 무료만화책카페 스타그래프트립버전 얼음썰매판매 야동순재 거침없이 하이킥거침없이하이킥 다시보기 동영상공짜 … 고화질무료영화 네미 섹시 변태의색스 영상 야한 사정 따먹기 알아성인사이트 밥툰 뱀파이어검사마지막회 화 캣츠아이다운 성 엉덩이 강사와 여자정액빨기 엉덩이 셀프 콘돔전쟁 av 여자옷다벗기는남자 메이저기화 crazyinlove다운 동경공 한글자막 야화젓소부인바람났네 일본소녀치마 조앤 야한옷벗이기게임 일본 엽기 몸매 누나의 직찍 부부태크닉 퀸알바 쇼킹카프치노 벗고 섹시고스톱 성인대화방사이트 여친이랑 헨타케이 옷벗은홈지 만화보자 슈퍼로봇대전망가 최지우글래머 헬게이트 포르노세상 강간야애니 임신믹스 여장영화 천지장 도트미니스커트 별 도끼 보지 푸르나 일본연휴 배달아줌마 성인의자위행위 장유나누드 원초적본능영화감상실 여자팬티입은동영상 오빠쌌어 오피오피걸 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일본오줌싸는 일반인 모텔 김유연 화보 울산룸살롱 모델 리이세이 무료성인빠구리만화 미성년 길드 섹스동영상뷰어 노출 한국의 길거리음식길거리 음식과 오해 섹시코리아점컴 지변태섹 텐프로구직 속옷 아이제이크럽 팬티스타킹동영상무료 옷입벗기기 유흥천국 섹쉬한미녀 성인의심금을울리는 여우사냥 밤플 8잠지를깨물다 섹스홈지 와카나 영화여자섹스 강 칙칙이추천 누두 가자아이성인 넣는부위 여자옷벗는광고 산업간호사협회 던파누두사진 란제리쑈검색 신작av 로자미그 일반인도촬 머리모델 여자사진가슴 정슬기결국제자리다운 화정시네마 영계보지사이크 색시한몸메 한국사대사건 스타안마 교복치마 야한 몰카훔쳐 꼴리는나체사진 가장큰 여자옷버끼기게임 바람난가족평 페니스칭 미친도라에몽 흑인 섹스스타킹 꼬추 야한놈엽기 여고사망가 성인들야동 정사ost 샘플신청 고객만족활동 스테인드글라스재료 판타 제이마나 유부녀뒷치기 태국의레이싱걸 자지이반 사이버리아영상 네오 BOTO 후지무라 섹스야동굳 a양숨겨진아들 누나의레슨만화 1여자자위하는방법점 에로영화몰래카메라 신영 섹시9 여자의다운나체 배우 자연포경사진 김은심 사진 악보 버디버디세 실바아세인트 정사 만화여자 성인게임 마법의지우개 조이천사화상체팅 여자팬티속안사진 1아키라 ucc 포르투갈포르노 성인합성 텐프로모임 동성애첫경험게이야오이 배우 WWWSEXVIDEOCOM 물료섹스성인 지아이조 1인어아가씨아가씨 성방폴더 포르노나이스 쇼킹성인 듣기 사진 여수 쇼핑몰모델반윤희 동물
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