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공항 검색대에서 걸린 황당한 물건 TOP 10! 게시자: WatchMojo Korea 1년 전 8분 8초 조회수 474,389회

MIDDLEBURY, CT--( / ) March 19, 2014 -- Addivant today announced the completion of the first phase of capacity expansions at Gulf Stabilizers Industries (GSI), the company’s joint venture in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Once completed, the production capacity of hindered phenolic antioxidants, ANOX® 20 and ANOX® PP18 and, phosphite antioxidant ALKANOX® 240 will double to 10,500 metric tons.

GSI's Board of Directors also announced that plans are underway to expand production capacity of the ANOX® NDB® product line to 24,000 metric tons per annum to meet growing customer demand for a range of new, higher performing products.

GSI is a joint venture between Addivant and Zamil ChemPlast, one of Saudi Arabia's leading industrial manufacturing companies.

“We have worked closely with our customers in the Middle East since 2001, when we were the first additive company to invest in the region. Today, GSI remains the only local manufacturer of antioxidants and we are committed to support our customers with innovation, security of supply, and overall value” said Peter Smith, Addivant CEO and GSI Chairman of the Board.

“The rapid expansion of the Middle East polymer industry over the past two decades has been impressive and it will continue in the years ahead with the downstream markets playing an increasingly important role. Smith added, “With our breadth of specialty additives and formulation capabilities, we will continue to support our customers in the growth of applications in the automotive, packaging, agriculture, building and construction, and medical markets”.

”ALKANOX® 240, ANOX® 20 and ANOX® PP18 represent key building blocks of our ANOX® NDB® blended products, which are today’s preferred additive solution for customers in the region”, stated Adel Alghassab, Zamil ChemPlast President and GSI Board Member. Alghassab added, “By investing in additional capacity and new technology, we are confirming our long term commitment to growth in this sector and support for our local customers in terms of supply and technical innovation”.

ANOX® NDB® enables multiple polymer additives to be incorporated in non-dusting physical forms. These forms are proven to increase productivity, reduce production costs, advance final product quality, and improve workplace health and safety. Using ANOX® NDB® also eliminates the administrative and logistics costs of purchasing individual raw materials.

About Addivant

Addivant is an innovator in the field of polymer additives, developing customized solutions that provide customers enhanced application performance, safe handling, and reduction in cost of use. The company is recognized industry-wide for its extensive portfolio of specialty additives including antioxidants, light stabilizers, rubber additives, polymer modifiers, metal deactivators, polymerization inhibitors, and intermediates. Addivant is an international company, with 11 plants on five continents, as well as research, manufacturing and sales facilities around the globe. Addivant maintains its global headquarters in Connecticut, USA, with regional headquarters in: Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia; Basel, Switzerland, and Shanghai, China. Addivant is an independent portfolio company of SK Capital. Visit for more information.

About Zamil ChemPlast

Zamil ChemPlast is one of the largest industrial companies in Saudi Arabia, currently engaged in the manufacture of specialty chemicals, plastic processing, industrial rubber products, and a variety of other products; with manufacturing facilities in Al Jubail, Dammam, Jeddah, Rabigh, and Egypt. Zamil ChemPlast has a balanced portfolio of chemical and plastics and offers a diversified product range established through successful joint ventures. Zamil ChemPlast is 100% owned by Zamil Group with its headquarters in Al Khobar, KSA. Visit for more information.

ANOX®, ALKANOX®, LOWILITE®, LOWINOX®, NAUGARD®, NDB®, OCTAMINE®, POLYBOND®, ROYALTUF®, ULTRANOX® and WESTON® are brand names of AddivantTM.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

ARLINGTON, VA.--( / ) February 19, 2016 -- More than 200 성인용품쇼핑물 companies representing 20 countries have already signed up to exhibit at the second-annual CES Asia™ 2016 () as it returns to Shanghai May 11-13 클리토리스자극 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Owned 구슬팬티 and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ - formerly the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® - and co-produced by Intex Shanghai, CES Asia serves as the 바니몰 ARLINGTON,event for the Asian consumer technology market for global brands TOPTOY and budding startups alike.


“CES Asia brings together major companies and top level executives 티팬티후기 from a confluence of different influential 키노사다리작업 industries that all touch 스쿨미즈 “CEStech space in some way,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer 뉴맨가격 Technology Association. “Companies 야한란제리 want to 키노사다리ㅏ be a part of CES Asia as we continue to build strong momentum and gain a reputation as the 전신망사스타킹 “CESfor businesses to expand their presence in the growing Asian marketplace.”


CES 먹튀폴리스심바 Asia provides exhibiting companies 레즈용품 CESincredible 만냥몰 CESto present their latest innovations to key industry leaders, buyers, media and decision-makers from Asia 고군분투토토사이트 섹시한여성속옷 CESaround the world.


The 55토토 CES Asia show floor will span 40,000 gross 섹시스타킹 Themeters (20,000 net square meters) 온라인릴게임사이트 of exhibit space showcasing top tech across the themes of connectivity, innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT). The 섹시산타복 Thetechnology industry will be represented at CES Asia across 안전놀이터모음 15 product categories from 3D printing and smart home to vehicle technology and wearables. More, the recently announced Startup Park () will be home to the latest ideas and innovation from budding entrepreneurs. Exhibiting companies are a global snapshot of the tech industry and represent 20 countries around the world, including:


하녀복 · 알콜솜 Belgium


· 병원 코스프레쇼핑몰 · 먹튀검증센터


· 제복 · 한의원 China 먹튀중개


성인용품바나나 · 성인용품 Denmark 미녹시딜


러브샵 · 콘돔 Finland 치아염소산수 치아염소산수


러브82 · 바나나몰 성기보조기구 · 싱귤레어


· 흥분재 · 인공눈물 인공눈물


· Hong 공진단 NPG · 성인용품점


텐가사용법 · 레즈성인용품 · 알보칠


콘돔지갑 · 낙타눈썹 텐가추천 · 남성성인용품추천 남성성인용품추천


쎅시팬티 · Netherlands 비아그라퀵배송 비아그라퀵배송


섹시우 · 온라인약국비아그라 Norway 비아그라먹으면크기 비아그라먹으면크기


· 비아그라약국판매가격 비아그라약국판매가격 망사옷 · 비아그라한알가격


코슬리나 · 비아그라100mg효과 비아그라100mg효과 Singapore 비아그라필름 비아그라필름


성인용푼 · 비아그라탈모 섹시티팬티 · Korea 비아그라자주먹으면


홍콩콘돔 · 남자콘돔 남자콘돔 Sweden 단련크림


딴지몰 · 비아그라크기변화 비아그라크기변화 펀펀조이 ·


김해성인용품 · 도깨비콘돔 빠나나몰 · 돌출콘돔 돌출콘돔


· 듀오덤 United 야한옷 · 부루펜 성인요품 · 일회용알콜솜


· 남자성기 · 러브링


Influential brands will be at CES Asia to build momentum in the Asian marketplace, a sampling 약국비아그라 of 섹스젤 which is outlined below. The 한국라텍스필링핏 InfluentialExhibitor 정력에좋은음식 Directory will be 맨파워비뇨기과 available at in the 여성성인용 Influentialweeks.


UNIDUS · 요도염증상 19TIME ·


콘돔인터넷구매 · 콘돔도매 · 롱텍스


· 네노마정 네노마정 바나나몰사이트 · 우성사료 우성사료


세종성인용품 · 마이크로롱텍스 마이크로롱텍스 성인용품배달 · 아미노로직스


섹스의자 ·Cobra Electronics


롱콘돔 ·Continental Automotive 부부용품 부부용품 Holding


케어허콘돔 · 블랙젤 블랙젤 Escort 사가미러브미골드 사가미러브미골드


큰콘돔 · 부부캠프 부부캠프 러브팬더 · 팔팔정가격 팔팔정가격


여자섹시속옷 ·하자몰 · 시알리스가격 시알리스가격 Brands 씨알리스효과


성인용품가슴 · 엠빅스 엠빅스 Hisense


남자정조대 · Huawei 비아그라지속시간 비아그라지속시간


· 시알리스부작용 이색콘돔 · 사정지연젤 사정지연젤


· 커플장난감 · 비아그라정품 비아그라정품


LINGERIE · 팔팔정지속시간 성인용품1위 · 발기부전원인 발기부전원인


· 남성확장링 · 콘딜로마


특이한콘돔 · 20대발기부전 해외성인용품 · 발기부전증상


· 성기구판매 시즈마 ·


성인용품속옷 · 잠자리횟수 잠자리횟수 Pioneer 성기단련기 성기단련기


본디지테이프 · 자위중독증세 SAIC-GM/OnStar


여성섹시속옷 · 성인용품온라인판매 · 성기링


성인용품텐가 · 비아그라시알리스 Speck 성기확대기 성기확대기


중국성인용품 · 성기확장기 Twitter 비아그라약국 비아그라약국


남자성인용 · 비아그라처방 비아그라처방 Voxx


SM클럽 · 비아그라복용법 비아그라복용법 부산성인샵 · 성도구 성도구


Visit for 잠실성인용품 Visitinformation and to register 남자제복 Visit 팔팔정효과 CES 성인남성용품 Asia 2016.


Note: Journalists traveling from outside 코리아그라비아 of China 케겔볼 Note:require a J-1 or J-2 visa. 조루증치료법 For questions about exhibiting at CES Asia, 여자성인용품 contact Brian Moon at bmoon@CE.org or +1 703-907-4351.


About 여성토이 About 오카모토제로원 확대콘돔 About 함몰음경 함몰음경 Association: 아침발기


Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, formerly Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, is the trade association representing the $287 billion U.S. consumer technology industry. More than 2,200 companies - 80 percent are small businesses and startups; 1MM콘돔 Consumerare among the world’s best known brands - enjoy the 성인용품링 benefits of CTA membership including policy advocacy, market research, technical education, industry promotion, standards 콘돔파우치 Consumerand the fostering of business and strategic relationships. CTA also owns and produces CES® - the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer 씨알리스정품 technology. Profits from CES are reinvested into CTA’s industry services.


About CES 홍대성인 About 강신단


Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ and co-produced by Intex, CES Asia is the premier event for the consumer technology industry, showcasing the full breadth and depth of the innovation value-chain in 유니더스롱러브콘돔 the Asian marketplace. Key global 정품비아그라 businesses come to this new event to 야동 grow and reinforce their brand by showcasing the latest products and technologies to CE industry 몬스터콘돔 Ownedforeign buyers, international media and a limited number of consumers from China. Attendees have exclusive access to some of the largest brands from China and around the world, while celebrating the innovation that defines the CE industry.


About 휴지킹 휴지킹 콘덤 About 여성전용성인용품 여성전용성인용품 Shanghai:


Intex Shanghai Co., Ltd is the sub joint venture company of 딸타임 CCPIT (China Council for 현자타임즈 the Promotion of International Trade) Shanghai, which started 1992 and jointly invested by Shanghai Hongqiao E&T Development Zone United Development Co., Ltd., CCPIT Shanghai and Istithmar P&O Estates FZE. Intex owns venue in Shanghai, and manages various exhibition venues outside of Shanghai, and also organizes and co-organizes about 10 international trade shows in China as a prominent producer of international tradeshows. Intex Shanghai is the vice chairman of SCEIA, the Deputy Director of CAEC and the 6974TV member of UFI, and has a stand-out reputation in 경찰수갑 Intexdomestic exhibition industry. Find Intex Shanghai online at




예스젤 · pornxs pornxs 성인용품꼬리 · Pervclips Break


March SM용품 EXDOLL March 폰 허브 Park HOTSCOPE 미니콘돔 MarchUT youporn youporn


여성흥분 ·Technology & Standards Spring Forum


홍콩특급 April analdin 4-8, San Diego, TUBXPORN CA


· CONDOM CONDOM CES 유두자극기 ·the 듀렉스 여성콘돔 ·


성인란제리 April 울트라씬 러브팬다 April AV WOW Washington, DC 골뱅이


· 베스트초이스 바나나몰성인용품 · 씹구멍 Patriots 타운19 Dinner 사정지연콘돔


뉴맨 April 분수넷 러빙바운서 April 콘돔판매 콘돔판매 Washington, 야동파일 야동파일 DC


어른들의장난감 ·이벤트란제리 · 미미 Asia 2016 여비서 - Register


미스홍콩 May 일본텐가 May Shanghai, 텀블소 China


· 일본체육복 · 일본콘돔 일본콘돔 Summit 성인용품SM


June 콘돔모양 21-24, 성인속옷 JuneAviv, Israel 야왕


슬림2000 ·Innovate!


September 성인용품남성 SeptemberSan 서울성인용품점 September 성인장난감 플레져플러스 September 돌기콘돔


콘돔대량구매 · 후지라텍스슬림2000 후지라텍스슬림2000 러브용품 ·2017


January 라이프스타일콘돔 JanuaryLas 딸친구 Vegas, BANANAMALL January 고구마 고구마


View 폭딸넷 source version 구속용품 Viewbusinesswire.com:Korea SM수갑 Newswire distributes 소라넷일탈 your news across every media channels 콘돔크기 through the industry’s largest press release 쪼이고닷컴 Viewnetwork


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