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가짜 발기부전 치료제, 무엇이 문제인가? 게시자: 헬스조선 Health Chosun 8년 전 15분 조회수 60,255회

ANSAN--() October 17, 2012 -- Various environmentally friendly products are getting the attention to solve the environmental pollution and global warming which have emerged as a serious problem all over the world. Among them, LED (light emitting diode) lighting is one of the flagship products to help save energy and protect the environment with excellent luminous efficiency.

It consumes relatively less electricity; thereby, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels since it has a high luminous efficiency unlike the existing incandescent lamps. It can also reduce emissions of carbon dioxide as much. Actually, incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, etc. account for about 15 percent of the overall carbon dioxide emissions in the world; thus, the world is inhibiting the use of them. As a result, the LED lighting market is gradually expanding globally.

The domestic LED lighting market in South Korea have seen a gradual development of the large and small companies starting the early 1990s. Among them, the growth of SUNLED Corp. (CEO Sung Hun Lee, ), a manufacturer specialized in LED lighting and founded in 2003, has been the most prominent.

SUNLED Corp. is a subsidiary of DAP Corp. who has the multilayer printed circuit board production technology in the area of printed circuit board (PCB) production for mobile handsets. Since LED lighting is based on printed circuit board, SUNLED Corp. entered the LED lighting market with the excellent PCB technology of DAP Corp.

Currently, the company possesses COB scheme that is the high efficiency lighting production technology, which is differentiated from the package type production technology of the other companies. It is the high efficient lighting production scheme to maximize the effect of heat dissipation with the molding technique in resin after bonding LED bare chip directly to the heat sink by omitting the packaging process at the minimal cost.

With this technological competencies, SUNLED Corp. provides a variety of products such as LED high ceiling lighting, security lighting, streetlamp, fluorescent lighting, slab lighting, light bulb, etc. Its products offer power savings of up to 85 percent as well as 50 000 hours of use time; thereby, being very economical. Moreover, there is no fluorescent material such as ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves and mercury, and no flicker of light; thus, it is an environmentally friendly product that can be used comfortably by eyes and bodies.

In particular, as for high ceiling lighting, it consists of the reflect type; thus, it has the equivalent brightness as the existing methyl halide lamp of 250W. However, the average energy consumption is only about 100W; thereby, being efficiently leveraged in places with high ceiling such as factory, gas station, etc. In addition, it has the features such as instant lighting, instant re-lighting, etc.

“SUNLED Corp. will lead the initiative to spread the LED lighting through providing excellent features and reasonable price in accordance with the modern society in which the importance of the environment has been highlighted,” Sung Hun Lee, CEO of SUNLED Corp. said. “Going forward, we will embark on overseas markets such as Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc. as well as the domestic market.”

SUNLED Corp. has been recognized for its superior technologies and products through acquiring ISO9001, which is the quality management system certification, the venture company certification, the inno-biz company certification, the electrical appliance and material safety certification, etc. (Inquiries: +82-31-492-5830, sales@sunledcorp.com)SUNLED Corp. shines with COB technology as leading the evolution of LED

OSAKA, 바다이야기환전 바다이야기환전 JAPAN & JERUSALEM--( / ) December 28, 2015 -- Takeda 성인영품 OSAKA,Company Limited (TOKYO: 4502) and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries 텡가 OSAKA,(NYSE: TEVA) (TASE: TEVA) today made the below follow-up announcement regarding the overview of their new business 노라보까 OSAKA, 에탄올 in Japan, which was initially disclosed on November 30, 2015 in the press 콘세이 release 정제수 titled, “Teva and Takeda establish unique partnership to meet the wide-ranging needs of patients and growing importance of 알보칠 generic medicines use in Japan”. []


· The new business venture, to be established in or after April 2016, will deliver Teva‘s high-quality generic medicines and some of Takeda’s long listed products to patients and healthcare professionals in Japan, leveraging Takeda‘s corporate 성기커지는 ·and unique distribution network in Japan and Teva’s wide product portfolio and cutting-edge business efficiency.


· The major long listed products of Takeda to be transferred to the new business venture in FY2016 are 성인코스프레 ·TAKEPRON and BASEN. Total sales of the products to be transferred in FY2016 시알리스가격 were 125 billion yen in 가터밸트 ·which was 7% of Takeda's 성인용ㅍㅁ ·revenue. 텐가가격 As a result of the transaction, Takeda’s FY2016 revenue is estimated to decrease 비아그라부작용 by approximately 50 billion yen, 비아그라처방 based upon current assumptions. LEUPLIN remains at Takeda, as a product of Takeda Oncology.


· The new business venture, to be owned 51% by Teva and 49% by Takeda, will consist of Teva Takeda Pharma and Teva Takeda Yakuhin. The details 황진단 of establishing these companies by an absorption-type company split are outlined in a separate release issued by Takeda to file to the Tokyo Stock Exchange: “Takeda Announces Details of New Business Venture with Teva in Japan - Splitting off 전신망사 (absorption-type split) of Takeda‘s Long Listed Products Business and its Subsequent Succession by Teva” (herein called 카터벨트 ·TSE 섹스오래하기 ·[]


· 누리그라 Takeda anticipates that the transaction will be both EPS and cash flow accretive in FY2016 and over the long-term, due to growth of the generic business and the addition 시알리스복용법 of products from Takeda and Teva to the new business venture. The new business venture will be instantly accretive to Teva‘s non GAAP EPS in 2016 여성오르가즘 ·beyond. Some additional details about the financial impact of the transaction are outlined in Takeda’s TSE Filing, and all will be incorporated into Takeda's FY2016 forecast which will be communicated in May 2016.


· Photos/Multimedia 중국야동 바나나콘돔 · 서양야동 Available:Korea 한국라텍스 ·distributes 클리토리스자극 ·news across 엔조이24 every media channels through the industry’s 텐가제품 largest press release 바나나성인몰 distribution network


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